As Simple As Black And White?


Author’s note: This tale includes lesbian and interracial incest and a spot of violence (non-sexual). The story is probably fictional. Thoughts expressed are not necessarily those of the author. All sexual acts involve live humans of age 18+. Not everything is obvious at once; you might want to read it twice. I welcome your constructive feedback.


The tall black girl’s name tag claimed she was Dora. As she rang-up my purchases at the stop-n-rob’s battered register, she asked, “I seen you a lot, fella, ever since I started this job – d’y’all live around here?”

“No, I’m down from Fontana. My aunt’s house is nearby. I gotta look after her.” I eyed Dora’s buoyant boobs filling her tight uniform blouse and paid in cash.

“Wow! So you come all the way here to Long Beach, like what, every two-three days, and you’re always buying her groceries and shit?”

“Yeah, I’m a good nephew, and there’s nobody else around.”

I hoisted the bag holding milk, bread, lunchmeat, eggs, a few veggies – nothing too fresh but not too old either. At least this corner gas-n-food joint has pretty fast turnover. And unlike the usual ‘convenience’ store sales, mine didn’t include cigarettes, booze, jerky, or Lotto tickets.

Dora called out as I pushed open the security-bar-covered glass door, “See ya next time, fella!” I waved back at her and got a bright smile in return.

I walked down the residential block to Aunt Vanessa’s tidy expanded “California Bungalow”, still standing from the 1920’s, surrounded by a tall pyracantha hedge. My scruffy old Volvo was parked in front. I unlocked the hedge gate, threw the latches on her door’s five locks, relocked once I was inside, unloaded the food in the kitchen, and tip-toed to the furthest bedroom to check on Nessie.

As usual, my aunt was asleep. I woke her and got her cleaned, dressed, and fed. I did not know how long I could continue. She slept more and more. Eventually, she would have to be institutionalized – there was no way to avoid it. It was only a matter of time. The paperwork was already in process.

That was Tuesday. I returned on Thursday for the same routine. Well, not quite the same.


“Does your aunt ever go shopping or anything?” Dora asked when I brought my first armful of foods to the counter.

I brushed my sandy hair from my eyes. “No, she never goes out. She has problems.”

“What kind problems? D’ya mind if I ask?”

I went to the back of the little store to look at canned goods.

“Her name’s Vanessa; I call her Nessie ’cause she’s sorta like the Loch Ness Monster – just as hidden, and maybe near extinction. You won’t see Nessie outside. She’s got extreme agoraphobia, paranoia of outdoors and open spaces. And she has some kind of narcolepsy, always sleeping unexpectedly. And there’s a few other problems. Her life is all inside her house.”

“Wow, that’s the shits. What are you…”

Dora was interrupted when the store door opened and two sloppily-dressed Latino guys entered. They looked around nervously, and then pulled snub-nosed revolvers. They pointed the barrels at Dora. I don’t think they saw me in the back of the store at first.

“Okay beetch, open the focking register, empty eet, NOW!” the taller one yelled.

The shorter one saw me then and waved his gun at me. I was just ten feet away.

“Hey, mericón, get your faggot ass up here, no tricks now!”

I put my hands in the air. I saw Dora looking at me. I jerked my head to the side.

“Huh? What?” Dora asked, startled.

Both slime-bags looked at her when she spoke. That was my cue. I was next to a shelf of canned slop. I pitched a can of overpriced chili con carne underhand rather hard. It bounced off the back of the shorter guy’s head. His partner spun towards me, just in time to receive a can of his own, dead-on to the middle of his forehead. Both went down, fast.

I hurried up front and kicked their heads, hard enough for concussions but not fractures, probably. Then I kicked their revolvers away from their limp hands.

“I already hit the alarm button,” Dora breathed. “Cop’ll be here quick.”

I kicked the assholes’ heads again, just to make sure they wouldn’t get up anytime soon. A black-and-white rolled up front maybe forty seconds later, with a second just behind. The first cop through the door had his service revolver out; his partner held a shotgun at the ready. Dora and I stood quietly, she behind the counter, me in front, both with our hands quite visible.

“Hey there Dora, having fun without us, huh? What we got here? Oh, it’s Luís and Ferdé!” The first cop grinned as he holstered his piece and kicked the pistols on the floor toward his partner.

“Hiya there Teddy. These dickless dipshits cruised in, waved their little toys around. But my friend here took care of them.” Dora looked over the counter and down at the floor. “Dennison’s chili, huh? I knew that shit had to be good for *something* besides a laxative. Hey guy,” she laughed at me, “that was pretty good throwing!”

“I’m Isparta Escort the star pitcher in my softball league. I don’t usually throw beanballs, but there’s a time for everything,” I admitted.

The second cop had safed his shotgun and called an ambulance. The backup fuzz stood nearby looking useful. As paramedics hauled the cuffed turds away, the first cop, Teddy, who looked to be Cambodian, asked Dora, “Does your friend here have a name?”

I carefully pulled I.D. from my wallet and passed it over. “I’m Rory Cooper.”

Dora did a double-take. “Cooper? That’s my name too! What’s happenin’, cuz?”

Picture us: Dora was WAY darker than café au lait, and I was almost as light as vanilla ice cream. Dora looked about a decade younger than my thirty-five years and she almost matched my six-foot height. We were about equally thin. We both looked to be in good shape. But we sure didn’t look related, not with our skin tones and not much with our faces.

Officer Teddy glanced up from my I.D. “You’re a long way from Fontana, Mr Cooper.”

“My elderly aunt lives nearby. I’m pretty much her only caretaker for now.”

“Well, you just take extra care of your own self. Messing with punks like these can be hazardous to your health, even worse than smoking. Hey Dora, gimmee a pack of Camels, okay?” He pocketed the smokes, then looked at me again. “Cooper, Cooper… you any relation to old Vanessa Cooper Nelson on Walnut Street? Been here forever?”

I was impressed by his local knowledge. “Yeah, that’s my aunt.”

Officer Teddy whistled tunelessly and shook his head. “You got your work cut out for you, I gotta say. How’s she doing now?”

“Not great. And I’ve got to get back to her pretty soon. You need me here any longer?”

“Well, a statement from you would be good, but I bet the surveillance cameras will tell all we need to ice these shitheads for a while. Naw, get going now. If we need anything more, we’ll get in touch with you. Good luck with your aunt.”

“Hey Rory, can we talk?” Dora asked.

“I don’t have time today. You here Saturday? I’ll be back.”

Dora came out from behind the counter. “Yeah, my shift is over at 4:00 then. Look guy, I gotta thank you. Those shits could have *hurt* me. You saved me!” She hugged me. She felt good.

“Get a room!” Officer Teddy ordered as he closed the store door.

All the cops and robbers and medics and guns were gone now, and it was my turn to go. I scooped up my grocery bag. Dora had added the two slightly-dented cans of meaty chili. “Souvenirs,” she laughed.


Earlier than usual Saturday, I shopped (getting another hug from Dora) and tended to Nessie. I was back at the stop-n-rob at shift-change time. Dora wore her uniform out the door.

“How about we go down to the harbor and have some decent coffee at the Lighthouse, maybe a snack, too?” I asked her.

“No, how about we go to my place and get to know each other better?” she replied innocently.

“Sounds like a plan. Need a ride? Here’s my car.”

I held the passenger door open for her, then slipped behind the wheel. Dora directed me to an apartment building not far away – just the usual two floors of stained stucco cells lurking stiffly around what had once been a swimming pool. She led me up the outside stairs to her triple-locked door.

Dora’s rooms were bright, neat, colorful, small, and smelled floral. Her bed was large, soft, clean, and had just the right bounce. I learned this right after Dora shucked-off her uniform. She pulled down my cargo shorts and boxers and shoved me onto my back. My head hit the pillows. Yes, I bounced. She quickly finished removing my footwear and lower clothes.

“I *really* want to thank you, Rory! You *really* saved my ass. Now it’s yours, all yours. The rest of me, too.” Her dark brown face’s ruddy mouth descended on my rising pale cock.

My penis stretched out to its full length with her encouragement. Dora pulled back briefly. “Hey, that’s pretty good for a white guy! Most of the brothers got nothing on you.” Her mouth returned to my anatomy.

Dora licked around my little head, and up and down my sensitive underside, and all over my stiffening member, with her eyes locked onto mine all the while. Our eyeballs were still bound together like an opto-electronic linkage when she swallowed me entirely. I involuntarily closed my eyes briefly and moaned. But only briefly; I watched her lovely lascivious performance with great interest.

Dora deep-throated me slowly and firmly, then faster, then change-of-pace. Her lips bumped my pubes and my dickhead must have reached her larynx when I shuddered, “Dora, I’m gonna…” She sped up her pace, but more shallowly, with my head in her mouth and her tongue working me furiously. And I blew.

And blew. And blew. Four, five, seven or more great spurts, I wasn’t counting. I was just drained dry. Dora smiled up at me and visibly swallowed my load.

“That was just for starters, white boy. Isparta Escort Bayan It only gets better!”

Dora’s idea of “getting to know each other better” seemed to consist mainly of fucking me to death. What a way to go!

Dora slid her long lithe dark body up beside me. I held her head in both my hands and kissed her passionately, with full tongue, tasting a bit of me in her delightful mouth. I didn’t mind.

I wasn’t a hot young kid. I took a while to rejuvenate. Dora’s hands, then her mouth again, assiduously applied, brought me back to partial attention. I wanted more.

“Get up here on top of me, girl. I want to taste you too.”

Dora swung her strong tight legs around and straddled my head. She lowered her pussy onto my questing tongue, and inhaled my cock again, deep and sweet. She fit onto me in a perfect 69 – not too heavy, not too light.

I licked around her swollen wet labia. Oh fuck me, what a great flavor! I probed into her velvet tunnel and gathered her aromatic juices, then turned my attention to her already-stiff clit, more a knob than a nub. I circled around, swirling.

“Oh. Oh yeah. Right there, oh, oh…” she moaned around my dickhead.

My tongue brushed up, down, back, forth, circling, crossing.

“Oh fuck. Keep doing that. Oh fuck… oh,” still mumbling and sucking.

I kept doing that. Dora continued groaning, sighing, wriggling.

I reached between us to her delightful breasts. I massaged those wondrous deep brown boobs, and then started tweaking her excited ebony nipples as I applied more suction to her clitoris. Dora groaned louder.

More pressure with my lips and fingers. Sufficient feather-fast flicking of her fleshy taste bud with my tongue. My attentions had the desired effect. Dora’s body tensed; her sucking stopped; my cock fell from her mouth; she inhaled.

And she screamed. Long and loud. Music to my ears! Well, as much as I could hear with her strong thighs clamping my head. I eased-up a bit with my hands and mouth but continued stimulating and rocking her till she rolled off me, panting and sweating and gasping.

“Oh fuck, Rory, you are *SO* gonna get a great reward now!”

Dora swung around and full-mouth kissed me with desire and desperation.

“Yeah, I am!” I whispered, rolling her onto her back and moving between her spread knees. My cock slid smoothly into the velvety smoothness of her dark carnal trap. We both grunted with pleasure. She wrapped her long taut legs around my waist and her athletic arms around my neck. We fucked.

We fucked in myriad positions. No, I won’t list them all; use your own imagination. But after a couple hours, I was quite fucked-out, and happy.


Dora didn’t reward me just that once. I stayed-over that night, and many other nights when I was in and around Long Beach and didn’t have to be at home 60-odd road miles (100 klicks) northeast.

Hers was a mixed neighborhood, multi-colored and not very rich, like mine. Not quite a slum, nor a ghetto. I didn’t get *too* many sullen glares from ‘brothers’ when we walked to her door.

After only a very few of our hot horny sessions, Dora popped the question.

We lay on her sweat-soaked sheets and cooled down from the last orgasms. She looked into my flushed face.

“What d’ya do that lets you get down here every couple days? You work part time or something? You got a home to go to?”

“Yeah, I have a home, and a full-time job. Home is an WWII cottage under the flight path of Ontario International, damn jets overhead all the time. It’s not exactly quiet. I don’t mind being elsewhere, like right here.” I leaned in and nibbled her puffy nipples. She breathed, “Mmmm…”

“My job – well, my company finances construction projects all over the area. I’m officially a Compliance Engineer, which means I drop in unannounced and do quick checks on paperwork and progress. Gotta keep them honest, yeah? So I’m a corporate snoop and nobody at the sites likes me too well. But I get to pretty much set my own schedule and itinerary.”

“That’s awful convenient, ain’t it? You can get down here whenever you need to or want to. I’m glad.” She squeezed my shaft sharply to express her appreciation.

“Well, I can only juggle things just so much. That’s why I miss a day here every now and then, like if I have to drive further or probe deeper.”

“Probe deeper, hmm? You probe pretty well. You got a girl in every town, maybe? Good for hot deep probing?”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell! Not that I have much to tell right now. You don’t really *want* me to tell, now do you? Or ask?”

“Yeah, don’t ask, that’s probably safer. I don’t have many recent stories either. No good ones, anyway. But are you all alone now like me?”

“I can tell you this much: No, no current relationships, not outside your bed here. I’ve got an ex who left a few years ago, thought I was too boring and unambitious and dutiful, and spent too much time and effort on my aunt. She traded me in for a flashy Escort Isparta con-man. No loss.”

“My last guy didn’t work out too well either, that’s all I’ll say. But you seem to be working out just fine! So far, anyway. How far you wanna go? Where we going?”

I thought about that. I had been thinking about it a bit lately. Were we a ‘we’? Were we going anywhere? We had only seen each other in the store for a few months, and known each other in bed for a couple weeks. Dora felt good to me, physically and emotionally and mentally. But this was still so new…

Dora watched my face closely. “Before you answer, I gotta tell ya that I know stuff about you already, just from being with you. You’re no player, no jive-ass bullshitter. You’re a straight-shooter, but you’re careful. You’d rather not talk, than tell lies. You try to avoid hurting folks unless they fuckin’-A deserve it. Then you stomp their skulls. You’re strong and calm and smack-on. I really like all that. I really like being here with ya. I feel good with you.”

I don’t know what expressions Dora saw my face broadcasting. She must have like them – she kissed my mouth and said, “Talk about it later, yeah,” then moved to my cock again and brought me back up, horny as a rhino and twice as hard (but not nearly so grey).


I walked into the food-n-gas-mart the next Friday evening to pick up Dora. She came out wearing her nicely-filled-out work uniform and carrying a small duffel.

“Change of plans. My fuckin’ landlord is finally fumigating the building, gonna kill all the weak cockroaches anyway. And I got tomorrow off. So, we’re going to your place for the weekend. Hope you keep it clean, dude. I don’t wanna hang in some filthy bachelor pad, y’hear?” She punched my arm.

I was not totally surprised, nor unprepared. I had expected a “you’ve seen mine, now show me yours” and now was the time.

I held open the passenger door. Dora threw her duffel in back and scooted her bubbly butt inside. She gave my cock a squeeze and said, “Home, Jeeves,” before I closed the door.

I drove the Riverside Freeway to (hopefully) skip the worst L.A. and Inland Empire traffic. As usual, that almost worked. We still had plenty of time to chat in the jams. Highway traffic follows the laws of fluid dynamics, which means, ya gotta go with the flow. Sometimes that flow is slow and viscous.

“Here’s what’s happenin’ tonight, white boy. We’ll eat these Hostess pies to give us strength.” She waved a package at me. “We’ll park at your house and go inside. If it’s not too disgusting, we’ll shower – and ONLY shower, no fucking in the stall, y’hear? Then we’ll get dressed and go to your favorite Mexican joint for some good tacos. Then we’re going clubbing. You better pick the right clubs, not too slow, not too nasty. So take your dancing shoes.”

And that is what happened. Fortunately, I kept my house tidy.

We staggered back through my front door sometime after the last club’s two-AM closing hour, footsore and sweating and laughing and horny and not too awful drunk. I peeled off the minimal body-hugging dress Dora had managed to pour herself into. She rid me of my light clothes almost as fast. We fell into the shower for a nice scrub-and-rub session.

We only had strength for one good long fuck then. We made up for that in the morning. Well, late morning. Well, till early afternoon, actually. We were in no hurry, and I had Margarita mix and microwave burritos in the freezer – no need to go out for nourishment right away.

A little food and drink, then back to sucking and fucking. In bed. On the floor, the big couch, the kitchen table. On the backyard picnic table behind cheap bamboo screens. Jumbo jets low overhead provided nice rattling subsonic quakes. Santa Ana winds blew the smog toward San Diego. A good afternoon…

More scrubbing and clubbing that night. More recovery Sunday, then back to Long Beach with Dora. I had to make an early start in Barstow the next day.

“How about I help you with your aunt before you head back home? Or is that too much like introducing me to your family?”

I had thought about this also. Most of my relatives were far away and did not much interact with me or Vanessa. Nessie was pretty non-judgmental when she was conscious. I had no problem with Nessie knowing about Dora.

“Yeah, it’s time you met Nessie. You’re almost next door to her. C’mon, I’ll show you her world.”

We stopped at the store for the usual supplies, and then performed the entry ritual at Vanessa’s house. Dora was impressed by the security system I had installed. She eyed the barred doors and windows.

“Holy shit, ain’t *nothing* coming in here uninvited, right? Maybe a truck.”

I shook my head. “Truck can’t get to the house. Those pyracanthas around the front yard are the extra sturdy PAIN AND TERROR BUSH variety. One row stops a truck. Two rows stop a half-track. Nothing bigger than a mouse gets through them. Same as at my place.”

“Whoa, that’s some damn heavy-duty security! You get off on this stuff?” Dora asked with raised eyebrows.

“I’m not paranoid, just prudent. Prevention is better than having to fix things and people later. It’s not perfect but it slows them down enough, especially without a panic button to push like you have at the store.”

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