At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 05



Bethany Rothwell posts up and down on her father John’s prick, rubbing her tits together and spreading her legs wide to give the rest of her family a perfect unrestricted view of the incestuous penetration. Her mother Lauren and grandmother Audrey are sitting either side of her brother Kyle whose erect cock has remained almost permanently rock hard throughout his grandmother’s birthday party which has been going virtually full throttle since before lunchtime. When the Rothwell Family Sex Club have one of their regular get-togethers, which is every day, they can keep going for hours, such is their enthusiasm for showing their love to one another in the best possible way.

“Aaaagh!” screams Bethany, as her cunt becomes slicker and her father’s prick goes in a little easier, “fuck me hard, dad. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, honeybunch,” John manages to murmur, his words coming out in a rush, his breathing heavy as he continues to exert all the expertise his years of fucking experience have taught him, “your cunt feels so good round my prick.”

John grunts again as he continues to press his thick rod deeper into the tight willing receptacle of Bethany’s cunt, determined to give his daughter as good a fucking as those he had given his mother earlier in the day. Bethany is in paradise now, she has been looking forward all day to her turn to be on the receiving end of a nice hard fatherly fuck, having bided her time knowing that the day was in her grandmother’s honor and content to sit on the side for awhile until John was ready for her. There was no way she wanted to steal Audrey’s thunder on this, her special day, but now the hours of waiting are over and Bethany is determined to enjoy herself to the full and give her father just as much pleasure as he is giving her. And the fact that her relations are watching all adds to the young lady’s heightened sense of excitement.

Though the Rothwells suck and fuck together every day, they have gone into overdrive on this occasion, having set the whole day aside for Audrey’s birthday, ensuring she has plenty of sex and also as a mark of respect to the much-loved Frank, Audrey’s late husband, who is with them in spirit if not in body. John has been fucking Audrey every day of his life since he became a consenting adult a quarter of a century previously, but today he had been determined to give his mother a fuck to remember as his father would have wanted. John knows Frank would have been really proud of him had he been there watching his son fucking first Audrey and then Bethany and the party is as much for Frank as it is for Audrey’s birthday.

Audrey is feeling really shagged now, having enjoyed a non-stop series of birthday fucks in both her ass and cunt one after the other from her son and grandson, not to mention the heavy pounding her granddaughter had given her with the strap-on Bethany had borrowed from her mother Lauren. It has been one of the best birthdays Audrey can remember, apart from the fact that Frank is no longer with them, John and Kyle having pulled out all the stops, both of them veritable fuck machines whose missions in life were to get as much pleasure from their bodies as well as giving maximum pleasure to each other.

Audrey isn’t the only one feeling tired. Lauren, too, had earlier that day been the all-too willing receiver of several hardcore fucks from her son Kyle in both her ass and cunt and she, too, is quite happy now to relax for a bit and watch her husband and daughter going at it like the true sex sluts that they are. Kyle, however, still has plenty of life left in him and as John continues to fuck Bethany, he stands and moves over to his sister, his cock so hard it points directly to the ceiling. From behind, Kyle can feel his mother and grandmother’s eyes taking in the unobstructed view of his tight bare ass cheeks and he grins impishly over his shoulder at them, knowing how much his mother Lauren, especially, is a real fetishist for the visual delights of his perfectly-moulded and well-rounded buttocks.

“Fucking hell, Beth,” Kyle says, moving up close to his sister, “you are one hell of a sex mad bitch.”

“Mmmm,” is all Bethany manages to say, her eyes closed as she enjoys every divine thrust of John’s stiff pole splitting her cunt asunder. While her eyes stay firmly closed, she opens her mouth and Kyle doesn’t waste a second as he slides his own impressive hard-on into another of his sister’s holes, muffling her screams.

“Oh yes, Kyle,” cries Lauren, watching intently from the sofa, having moved up closer to her mother-in-law in the space recently vacated by Kyle, “that looks great. This is better than any hardcore porn movie.”

“Nothing like the real thing, eh mom?” grins Kyle as Bethany lets his cock fall out of her mouth and starts to go down on his balls. “Oh yeah, Beth,” Kyle continues, transferring his gaze to his sister and smiling down affectionately at her, placing his hands on her head, “get those big balls in your mouth.”

Kyle’s balls are exceptionally Kars Escort large, bigger than John’s, and just why he can’t explain. Bethany slurps her tongue around the large sweaty sacs, and then almost chokes as she tries to get the whole of her brother’s silky scrotum into her mouth in one go. The sounds of his daughter gagging on his son’s balls spurs John on and, a few moments later, he lets out a groan as the sensations of orgasm start to wrack his body, rising upwards to plant his seed deep in Bethany’s pussy …


John and Kyle stand naked by the lounge table during a break in the procedings, their cocks still semi-erect, as they polish off the last of the cheese and pickle sandwiches from the magnificent spread that Lauren and Bethany had worked hard preparing that morning for Audrey’s birthday party.

“Great party, eh dad?” says Kyle.

“Sure fucking is,” replies John, “and it ain’t over yet.” John pauses for a moment as he swallows the last of his sandwich. “Sorry, shouldn’t talk with my mouth full.”

“You don’t do too badly talking when your mouth’s full of my cock,” laughs Kyle.

John laughs with his son and puts an arm around his shoulders. “I’m really proud of you, Kyle,” he says, “you really know how to suck and fuck and that is a gift. Your grandfather had it, too, its such a shame he’s not here, it would have really made the day complete.”

“Gee, dad,” says Kyle softly, seeing the sadness in his father’e eyes, “he was a great guy but none of us are immortal,” Kyle goes on, displaying a wisdom beyond his years, “we all have to go sometime but we’ll never forget each other, will we?”

John looks at Kyle with renewed respect. “That’s very true, son,” says John, laconically.

“Its what we do when we’re here that counts,” says Kyle. “Parting is awful but life goes on so we must sing as well.”

“Bloody hell, Kyle,” laughs John, “I didn’t realise you were such a philosopher.”

“Not really, dad,” says Kyle, taking a sip of wine, “and we certainly made gran sing today,” he grins, nodding towards Audrey who has decended into a semi-comatose state and is gently dozing on the sofa, a combination of too much wine and too much sex.

“Yes,” says John, glancing at his half asleep mother, “and I hope you’ll make me sing later, too.”

Before Kyle can reply, Bethany sticks her head through the door of the kitchen. “You two,” she says, in whispers not wanting to disturb Audrey, “come in here.”

John and Kyle put their wine glasses down on the table, which now looks as if a bomb has hit it, all the drinks and refreshments having been raided during the course of the party, and follow Bethany into the kitchen where Lauren is putting the finishing touches to Audrey’s birthday cake.

“Bloody hell, dad,” laughs Bethany, “that was such a great fucking you gave me, I think I’m going to have to learn how to walk straight all over again.”

The two naked men giggle as they move in close to their likewise naked womenfolk and Lauren strikes a match to light the three candles on Audrey’s cake.

“Couldn’t you get the right number, mom?” asks Kyle, grinning from ear to ear.

“Don’t be rude, sweetheart,” says Lauren, “it doesn’t become you. John, d’you want to carry the cake in? After all, she’s your mother.”

“Sure,” replies John, taking the plate in his hands. “One of you go and wake her up.”

Kyle sticks his head through the door and calls across to his grandmother. Audrey stirs as she shakes herself out of her reverie, realisation coming back to her.

“Where is everyone?” she asks.

The question answers itself a few moments later as her family return from the kitchen, John carrying the cake aloft in his hands as they start to sing the birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Audrey, happy birthday to you!”

John, Lauren, Kyle and Bethany sound more like a cat’s chorus than a family choir. They all love music and their tastes are across the board from classical to rock and pop, something else Kyle and Bethany too have inherited, but music is not something they excel in themselves.

“What a racket,” laughs Audrey, sitting up, “come back the von Trapp Family Singers!”

“Yeah, and the Patridge Family,” laughs Lauren.

“Come on, mom,” says John, placing the cake on the table, “come and blow your candles out.”

Audrey drags her tired fucked body over to the table and stoops slightly to obey her son’s orders. Everyone applauds as the three candles all go out in one go.

“I see you didn’t put the exact number on,” Audrey says, smiling brightly.

“No gran,” says Kyle, “we couldn’t afford that many.”

“Kyle!” scolds Lauren, “what did I say to you just now? You’re not too old for me to still put you across my knee, you know.”

“Oooh, mom, that’ll be fun,” laughs Kyle, “maybe a bit of spanking action wouldn’t go amiss at the parties neither.”

“Yeah, Kyle” laughs Bethany, “mom only said that since Kars Escort Bayan she’ll do anything to get her hands on that cute ass of yours.”

“You’ll know all about it if she does,” says John, even though he has never been on the receiving end of a spanking from his wife. Lauren with her eternal ass fetish much prepares to kiss and lick male butt cheeks rather than slap them …


“Children, children!” cries Audrey, giggling like a schoolgirl as she listens to the light-hearted banter going on between the various members of her family. “Kyle’s like all of his generation these days,” she continues, “they think they’re going to be young forever. You’ll find, quicker than you think, my lad, that that won’t always be the case.”

“Yes,” says Lauren firmly, nodding her head in agreement, “it’ll creep up on you before you know it, as it does with all of us.”

“Sorry, mom, sorry gran,” says Kyle, “I was only joking.”

“I know you were, sweetheart,” replies Audrey, “but its true what we say. One of these days, you’re going to be in your forties and fities too. And I just hope you’re still as fucking mad about sex as you are today.”

“Don’t worry, gran,” laughs Kyle, relieved that the atmosphere has lightened a little after his somewhat mild telling off, “I’ll never lose my love of sex. Its what I live for.”

“Good,” says Audrey, “I’m pleased to hear it, its what all of us Rothwells live for. And now I want to say something to all of you. I want to thank you for making this day so special, it has been a great birthday party and those fucks I got I will remember for the rest of my life. But let’s not forget absent friends, I want us all to raise our glasses to Frank since to-day is as much for him as it is for me.”

“To Frank,” the entire family chorus as they raise their glasses and sip their wine, then Lauren starts to slice the cake and they all take a piece and munch on it hungrily. Bethany goes across to the CD player and takes out the one of Patsy Cline, which had finished seemingly hours ago, and slides in the one of Buddy Holly she had wanted to put on earlier.

As “Oh Boy!” starts to echo round the room, Bethany grabs Kyle’s hand and takes him to the centre of the room. “Come on, little bruv, let’s make this a real party. Come and have a dance with your old sister. This is supposed to be a party, after all.”

“Yeah, sweetheart,” says Lauren, “life ain’t just about sex, you know.”

“Could have fooled me,” says John, succinctly.

John, Lauren and Audrey watch as Kyle and Bethany start dancing in the nude to the rock ‘n’roll music of, unbelievably, half a century earlier, poor Buddy having died as long ago as 1959 though his music still sounds as fresh and invigorating as it did when it first saw the light of day, all those long lost decades ago. He died tragically but what a legacy he left behind him for future generations to enjoy.

Kyle’s semi-erect cock is bouncing up and down and Bethany’s tits are juggling around below her neck as they continue their naked jiving in front of their parents and grandmother. Buddy has moved on from “Oh Boy!” and is now extolling everyone to “Rave On” and Kyle and Bethany are doing just that. Lauren moves round to get a closer inspection of Kyle’s naked ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he lifts Bethany’s hand in the air and she twirls underneath his arm while John goes to sit next to his mother, both of them clapping their hands in time to the intense pulsating music.

“This is a great family,” Audrey says, her arms around John’s shoulders, “Kyle and Bethany are two fantastic people, you and Lauren have really brought them up well.”

“Thanks, mom,” says John, smiling at his son and daughter who are still dancing as if at a disco, the only difference being that they have no clothes on, “I’m mighty proud of both of them.”

“Yeah,” says Lauren, whose eyes have been firmly fixed on Kyle’s naked ass swaying as he dances in time to the music, “they are certainly chips off the block, all right.”

“Rave On” suddenly comes to an end and Buddy changes tempo as he goes straight into “Listen to Me”. John jumps up and takes Lauren by the hand.

“This is our song, honey,” he says, folding his naked wife into his equally naked frame, “would you like to dance with me?”

Kyle and Bethany collapse on the sofa to get their breaths back as their parents begin to sway in each other’s arms to the beautiful ballad with its haunting demonstrations of Buddy’s acoustic guitar technique. Lauren nuzzles her head into John’s shoulder as the two swoon about the room to the sounds of a softer, more gentle Buddy Holly, just as they’d done on their first date almost a quarter of a century earlier and when they’d danced to the very same record. John was already doing threesomes with Frank and Audrey by then and all of three of them were keen members of a naturist club which was where John had met Lauren. And so it was, perhaps, not surprising that the lady who was to become Escort Kars John’s wife was only too keen to join John and his parents in some truly hot and horny sex sessions, their love of making love having been happily handed down to Kyle and Bethany …


Lauren is busy in the kitchen making some coffee as the party starts to wind down. Her husband had given her another good fucking after they’d danced together and no doubt she would get a bit more attention when they were finally in bed alone together. Audrey’s birthday party has been in progress now for nearly twelve hours, the clock on the kitchen wall showing ten minutes to midnight. Still, at least there is no fear, Lauren giggles to herself, of any of us turning into pumpkins when the clock chimes the witching hour.

Lauren returns to the lounge, with the coffee pot and cups neatly arranged on her best silver tray which only came out the cupboard for special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas. She places it on the table amongst the ruins of the refreshments she and Bethany had made that morning and had laid out so carefully but which had now all been eaten.

John is feeling very pleased with himself, having licked, sucked and fucked all the ladies of his family in one afternoon and evening of hot scintillating taboo sex. Now there is only one person left who has not been on the receiving end of his prick, at least not today though Kyle has many times taken his father in his ass in the past three years when he became the latest and, as it stands, last member of the clan to join the Rothwell Family Sex Club.

“So,” says Audrey, who is still half awake, half asleep yet sensing that John and Kyle are ready for each other, “are we going to have the pleasure of a gay show, boys?”

“Yeah, dad, you said in the shower this morning you wanted me to fuck your ass,” says Kyle, “I think this will round gran’s party off really nicely.”

“You boys have so much energy,” says Audrey, “I’m absolutely bushed. Hurry up and get on with it if you’re going to as I must go to bed soon.”

Kyle and John do not need any encouragement, as befits the true sex machines that they undoubtedly are, both men are as much into their gay sides as they are their straight. One of the joys of being bi, Frank had always said, was that you get the best of both worlds and neither John nor Kyle were going to disagree with him.

Lauren hands out cups of coffee to Audrey and Bethany, then pours one for herself before sitting on the sofa with her daughter and mother-in-law, all of them eagerly anticipating the finale to what had been a perfect day of music, laughter and sex. Kyle places John on his hands and knees and stands behind him, smearing some KY onto his fingers which he then rubs in his father’s asshole. Then Kyle slowly but surely places his cock at the entrance to John’s fuck box while John’s wife, mother and daughter watch with keen unwavering eyes.

John starts to push back to meet each thrust of Kyle’s prick. Audrey is overcome with pride and happiness as she watches her son getting fucked by her grandson and just wishing, as she had all day, that Frank was there to watch too. He would have been as equally proud of John and Kyle today as he always had been in the past.

“Yeah, fuck that ass, son,” says John as Kyle ups the pressure and begins to fuck with gusto, “give it to me hard.”

Kyle grunts as he pushes his prick deeper into his father’s ass. As the head of his cock makes contact with John’s sphincter, the walls of John’s ass tighten around his son’s prick. Kyle has his back to his female relatives, letting them have a good view of his clenching bottom and his cock going in and out of John’s asshole as his middle-aged male parent spreads his legs wider, his excitement aided and abetted by the fact that he and Kyle have such an enthusiastic audience.

“That looks so good,” says Audrey, “you are such a fucking slut, John, letting your son treat you like that. What are you?”

“A fucking slut, mom,” gasps John as Kyle’s balls slap hard against his widespread legs.

“You sure are, dad,” gasps Kyle, surprising himself with his energy after almost twelve hours of non-stop sex, “a horny fucking incestuous slut.”

John’s face is creased with pain and pleasure as Kyle continues to pump his father’s ass for another ten minutes or more, all the while Audrey, Lauren and Bethany looking on as the show hots up. “I was going to suggest putting a porn film on earlier this evening,” says Audrey, “but now I can see that won’t be necessary.”

“Sure fucking won’t, gran,” says Bethany, “this is better than any porn movie will ever be.”

“You can’t beat the real thing,” says Lauren who is busily fingering her fanny.

Audrey opens her mouth to say something else but closes it again, the words remaining unsaid, as Kyle’s head goes back, he pulls out his prick and with a loud “aaaagh!” shoots his fourth load of the day over his father’s ass cheeks. The first spurt hits John’s right buttock and the second his left, even before the first spurt has had a chance to start running down, before Kyle lets fly with several more lavish helpings of rich incestuous spunk until John’s ass cheeks are smothered in the rich creamy syrup of his male offspring.

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