She was sitting on the bottom step, sipping beer from a plastic cup. A sheer blouse clung to her back in the humid night air, her bra jutting out of the smoothness. Long legs, glazed in summer heat, dropped out of her short skirt and angled back beneath. She looked blue in the moonlight. Her dark hair reflected the moonlight. She was alone.

“Hot night.,” I said, trying not to startle her. It didn’t work. She spun her head around with a gasp that froze time.

“God, you scared me!” she put her hand on her chest like she was trying to muffler her heart beat.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I smiled crookedly, “You just seemed lonely out here.”

“We’re all a little lonely.” She turned back to the woods and had another sip of beer. Laughter echoed out the windows of the house at their back. The deck beneath them shook with the pulse of dance music.

” I suppose you’re right,” I said, “Sorry to bother you.” I turned back towards the party.

“You’re not bothering me,” she replied turning back to me. “Have a seat if you want. I think I could use the company.” Blue fingernails patted a spot next to on the wooden step as she slid over and stretched her legs out in front of her. I took it.

“I’m April.” She offered her hand. I shook it softly.


“Ben right?” she interrupted, “We have Lit together.” The faces of my Tuesday Lit class ricocheted through my mind like shards of glass in space.

“Ahh, you sit near the door right?” She nodded her affirmation. “I didn’t recognize you without your glasses.”

“Yeah, I hate those things.” She smiled again, her bright eyes catching mine for a second before disappearing into the bottom of the beer cup. In class she was always attractive, but mousy. Her clothes were always comfortable, but hid the voluptuousness that I was witnessing on these steps. In class she was a schoolgirl, here she was a women.

“So tell me, ” I said, freeing my linen shirt from the bunches where it stuck to my back, “What brings you out here by yourself. I mean there is a party going on in there.”

She nodded and stared back into off into the distance, pondering her reply.

“I felt alone,” she said, “Surrounded by all those people, guys trying to feel me up or trying to dance with me, girls sneering at my outfit.” Her blue nails smoothed her skirt across her thighs. Ordu Escort “Even the people ignoring me completely, making out in the corner or just having a good time. It was like I was standing in a empty room and I could her their voices echoing like at a rock concert or something. I just had to get out.” Her voice trailed off, like she was going to cry. But she turned to me and laughed. “Or maybe I’m just crazy and drunk.” She finished her beer in an impressive gulp. I had another so I gave it to her. Her blue nails clacked the metal top before popping it open with a fizzing snap. “You must think, I’m nuts,” she giggled, pouring the contents of the can into her cup.

I smiled wistfully. “No, I think I understand what you mean.”

She turned to me with a nuclear smile, “Yeah right. You’re just trying to get in my pants.” She laughed.

“Well of course,” I replied, “but I know what you feeling. Like feeling naked in a crowed place or being choked by simple air. I’ve felt it too, I think.” Our eyes connected and shared the truth we’d just realized.

We sat there together quietly drinking our drinks, sharing bits of history, sipping each other like beer. I could feel ourselves creeping closer together. As we finished our drinks, the thumping from the house grew louder. April tossed her cup aside at stood up, smoothing the wrinkles from her top. Her bra stood out prominently through the sheer fabric accentuating her slight sloped breasts She offered her hand. “Dance with me,” she said. It wasn’t a request.

She pulled me into the house and through the mass of people to the dance floor. Together we squeezed ourselves into the throng. Sweat filled the air, the pounding of the techno vibrated in our ears. April’s hips found the rhythm immediately, swaying and orbiting like a planet around the sun. My hands found her hips, and the pulled my own body into the music. Song after song her body found the beat and drew me closer to her. I explored the smooth fabric covering her back and shoulder, and soft skin beneath the hem of shirt.. I leaned close to her neck to smell the intoxicating mixture of flesh and heat. She pulled me closer with each note, her hands squeezing my ass, and grinding my growing erection into her body.

We swam through the crowded dancers until we found ourselves boxed into the corner of the room. Ordu Escort Bayan April pushed her self against the wall and pulled me close to her straddling my knee between her things. The heavy trance beat began and she slouched down, letting the wall support her and rubbed her crotch against my thigh. I felt the sizzling wetness dampen my leg, and noticed her nipples poking rings through the lace bra. She pulled me closer embracing me, our hips in concert, sliding in circles on my thigh.. Her breath grew ragged and she moaned softly into my ear. Her skirt rose slightly with each beat revealing the crotch of her panties. I slid my hands beneath, feeling the smooth damp satin, pulling her tighter against my thigh. In my head, the room had cleared its was just us, the music our connected heartbeats, grinding together. She gasped suddenly and clung to me tightly. Her body began to shake against mine. Her grinding quickened into heavy shocks. A lusty groan escaped her lips, before bringing them to mine a deep kiss. Our tongues danced as she shuttered against me. The rhythm pushing us together.

We clung to each for another song, swaying to our own deeper melody. She brought her lips to my ear, “I have to pee, ” she giggled softly and pushed her way out of the corner dragging me behind her by my hand.

Miraculously the line for the bathroom was short. She slid through the door. I stopped outside to wait for her. “No, ” she said popping her head up the door to see if anybody would notice. “Come in.” I stood there frozen dumb. She grabbed my hand and yanked me inside. The bathroom was tiny containing a rusty tub, a vanity and the commode. “Lock the door,” her voice was a throaty whisper. I spun the lock and turned to look at her, wondering why she wanted me there. She slid her hands up her thighs and slid her panties down her legs. I caught a fleeting glimpse of her pussy, all small dark crown of curls above a glistening pink robe. She sat down on the toilet, her knees together, her sheer white panties stretched between her ankles. The tinkle of her stream echoed off the porcelain.. He eyes never left me. The bulge in my shorts hadn’t subsided since the dance and now in this moment of implicit intimacy, began to grow again. In erotic spurts, her peeing stopped. I watched carefully as she tore toilet paper from the role and spread Escort Ordu her knees to wipe herself. He eyes met mine as slid the paper across her pussy and dropped it into the commode. I held my breath in wonderment.

She reached out again, and instead of taking more paper, took a hold of my belt loop.. Blue nailed fingers found my zipper, and with a quiet rip opened my fly. I gasped as she removed my rigid member from my pants, caressed it with her fingertips, and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue tickled around the tip tasting the saltiness that had dried on the tip somewhere between the dance floor and now. Her tongue washed up and down my shaft. I took a deep breath to steady the tremors that were weakening my legs. I slid my hands down her shoulder and beneath her breasts fondling them gently as her hand sliped down my cock and coddled my balls,

“Hey, anybody in there?” some guy called, followed by heavy pounding at the bathroom door. Our heads spun towards the door and than at each other. April looked up, flashed that plutonium grin and slid her hand between her own thighs. Her other hand brought me deep inside her mouth. I groaned as my member pushed past her lips.

More pounding rang through the tiny room. I tried to respond, but the swirling of April’s tongue left me breathless. Her fingering quickened, she lifted her hips of the toilet, bucking her hips in rhythm with her thrusts. She squeezed my cock with the other sending shiver down my legs. Her vacuum grew tight around my head as her blue fingernails jerked my shaft..

“Hey, man! Hurry the fuck up, other people need to use the bath room too.” The pounding was growing harder, nearly shaking the rickety door to the jambs. My tremors heightened and my cock begin to swell. She gasped, feeling my cock leap in her mouth and began to suck right on the ridge of my head. The groans of her own pleasure were now audible too. With an explosion the room dissolved, like a bomb had fell and consumed the two us. The world froze as the orgasm surged down my muscles and through my nerves. The room was silent. I looked down and saw my cock in April’s mouth, and both her hands holding her pussy, our bodies pulsing in the same quake. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. I melted away.

“Come on man!” the pounding was incessant. April stood, yanked her panties up, and wiped a glisten from her bottom lip.. I slipped my shrinking member back into my pants. We kissed quickly and she unlocked the door.

“What the fuck man?” the guy yelled. I just smiled at him as April and I left the bathroom hand in hand. He couldn’t help but smile back.

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