Aunt Alexis and I Ch. 02


Waking up next to any beautiful woman is a brilliant thing. You remember happily the things you have done with her (and to her) last night and no doubt are looking forward to repeating some, if not all of them. But I was having an experience, though similar to this, far more erotic. I had just woken up to find myself naked, with my Aunt Alexis’ arms around me, and then finding her also to be naked. Her curly blonde hair was draped across my chest and I could feel her firm tits pressed against my side. Having had some sleeping time to recuperate, I found myself getting hard quite quickly.

In another minute, no doubt sensing my increased breathing, my aunt awoke from her slumber and smiled up at me, seemingly feeling similarly pleased with the previous night’s events. Since the point where the last chapter had finished, I had cum another time. My aunt and I had first had mind-blowingly good vaginal sex, and while we were doing so she had me film some of it while I was pounding her, so we could each keep a copy when I left. This culminated in a brief period of ’69-ing’ during which we both came. Her juices were nothing short of delicious and I had lapped them up with the eagerness of a man starved and enjoyed every drop fully.

I had then offered to bring her to another orgasm with my tongue and she had enthusiastically agreed. I spent a wonderful 20 minutes licking her fine womanhood before enjoying another of her orgasms. This time she pushed my head against her while she came, meaning that for the entire (and it was quite lengthy) orgasm my tongue penetrated her deeper than I thought was possible, and I could feel the insides of her pussy spasm as I eagerly licked up her fresh juice. We had been so tired after that, that we fell asleep in each other’s arms contently and had slept well, dreaming of one other.

Now I had awoken to a beautiful Saturday morning, more beautiful than any day I had seen because it would be the first full day of my being my aunt’s lover. Anyway, I digress. Not long after my aunt had woken up she began to sensually caress my body, making my cock strain and ache to be touched.

“Morning Aunt Alexis” I chirped to her. “Thanks for last night, it was great- the best sex of my life for sure!”

“Mine too” she purred. “Now, how about we take a bath together. We can have a little fun while we’re there if you like. But you can’t cum. I want you to save that for a special treat later.”

“Alright. You stay here; I’ll go and pour one. See you in a minute.”

So the bath was poured and I made sure to add plenty of bubble bath with the idea we could rub each other with them. Before very long it was ready and I called my aunt through. Directly she came through, walking with a great swaying of the hips. I followed her into the bathroom, watching her round ass closely as I did so. When she stopped I came round the front of her, held her in my arms and kissed her. My hands wandered down her back and onto her firm ass cheeks and I squeezed them lightly as our tongues shot from our own mouths into that of our partner’s. We broke away and, as she put one foot up on the side of the tub to step into the bath, I slapped her behind playfully.

“You naughty boy. For that you can go down on me before I go down on you.” She said in a playfully stern tone. I gladly agreed. She continued to clamber into the tub and then, once she had slid into the warm, soapy water she beaconed to me to join her. I climbed in and sat opposite her to start with.

“Come behind me so you can lather my back.” Said Alexis, and we manoeuvred so that I was sitting behind her with my legs outstretched, alongside her own. I applied some soap to my hands then rubbed it sensually all over her back, taking my time to cover every inch. While I did this I carefully kissed her neck. “Ohh that feels so good” she purred. “Now, move onto my front”.

I slithered my hands round to the front of her body, massaging her shoulders on the way past. I then slid my hands down over her upper chest and begun to massage her voluptuous breasts. I spent a while lathering her tits all over, especially stimulating her hard, excited nipples. I then moved my Kars Escort hands down and massaged the top of her legs, before sliding my hand to her crotch.

Here my fingers met her wet, neatly shaven pussy. It was already dripping with her juices when I started to rub her, and the amount of fluid kept increasing. Soon she was quivering with pleasure as her piercing blue eyes rolled back. In about 10 minutes she was on the brink of orgasm, and by beginning to slide my fingers in and out I pushed her over the edge. She came hard and it lasted for what seemed like ages. When she had finished she moved her hands round to the back of my neck and pulled my face over hers.

“Thank you” was all she could mutter through her subsiding pleasure. We lay for another couple of minutes and I continued to massage her magnificent tits. Then she said: “OK, it’s your turn now”. And we changed places so she was sitting behind me. She gave my back a similar treatment to that I had given hers, before moving to my front via my shoulders. She did, of course not spend so long on my chest as I did hers and before long her hand gravitated towards my straining cock. She took it with a firm grip and begun to pump with the same steady but fantastically pleasurable motion as she had done the previous evening, rotating her hand at the wrist to stimulate every square inch of my manhood. This continued for a while, just until my precum began to overflow from the tip of my head. At this Alexis stopped.

“Don’t you remember? I said you couldn’t cum until I’d given you your special treat.”

We sat in the bath a while longer, finishing washing each other before we both clambered out and started to dry each other off. She went first, starting with my hair, drying from behind me, and then worked her way down my body. I felt her tits brushing against my back as she reached round to dry off my front. This only made my cock strain and bulge even more than it was already. When she reached my waist, she came round to my front and got on her knees. The drying continued until all the droplets of water had been swept away. Once she had finished she set the towel to one side and then ran her right hand up my leg to my balls, then slowly started to massage them.

“Don’t get too excited, you’re not having your treat yet.” Alexis murmured. With that she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around it. I thought I was going to burst right then but she quickly popped me back out of her mouth and said: “Although on second thoughts, perhaps now would be a good time to give you your treat”.

“And what sort of a treat would that be?” I inquired.

“Oh, a very special one.” She started, turning round as she said it so that she was now on all fours on the bathroom floor with her wet pussy pointed right at my cock. “How would you like to fuck your Aunt’s ass?”

“Oh- w-wow.” I stuttered. “Are you serious?”

“Completely.” she replied.

“I’ve never had anal sex before.” I said.

“Aw, that’s alright sweetie, auntie will guide you through it, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing before long. Although, to be honest, I’ve only ever had anal about 3 times before, and none of them was with your uncle so…”

“You’ve not done it for a while then? Since the divorce I mean?” I said, finishing her sentence.

“Well, even before the divorce I wasn’t getting very much action, you know.”

“I see… can I start now?”

“Well, yes – but be careful, like I say I’ve not done anal for a while now. There’s a bottle of oil in the cabinet over there, use that for lube.”

So I went over to the cabinet, found the oil, and then popped the cap open and poured some on my cock, before kneeling down behind my Aunt, who was now down on all fours, back arched, and her ass in the air ready to receive my waiting length. I poured some of the oil down between her ass cheeks, letting it run over both her holes.

“You ready?” I checked.

“Yeah” she replied.

With that I moved forward so my slippery cock was pushing against her asshole. First I moved my cock up and down a little, making sure we Kars Escort Bayan were both well lubricated. Then I gripped my cock just below the head, pushed it against her hole and moved my hips.

With that the head of my now raging cock began to slide slowly into her waiting hole. It was really very tight- she was clearly telling the truth when she said she hadn’t done this much! Gradually I stretched her hole out to suit my girth. She moaned while I did so, punctuated by the occasional slight gasp of pain if I tried to push too quickly.

Before long the head of my cock was completely inside her tight ass and I asked her if she was ready to take my length.

“Oooh yes baby, please take me” came the reply, and I duly began to push the rest of my shaft into her hole. She took every inch. Every single inch of my raging cock and she loved it. I start to gently thrust in and out of her, feeling her virtually unused hole stretching out around my length. In a couple of minutes I was fucking her almost in the same way I would her pussy, though still being a little more gentle to make sure I didn’t hurt her.

“Aaahh, God! You’re splitting me in two!” she groaned.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” She said through clenched teeth, “I love it!”

So I continued fucking her right there on the bathroom floor, for the whole time thrusting in and out of her from behind, swapping between a more traditional ‘doggy’ position and laying down over her just moving my hips to push myself as deep into her hole as I could. It felt unbelievably good.

I guess I lasted about 10 minutes in her ass, which considering how good she felt I was quite impressed with. When I was ready to cum she told me to do it inside her, the very idea of which sent me over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. I shot a huge load into her ass, continuing to thrust in and out as I did so. I kept slowly fucking her afterwards until I felt myself start to go soft. I pulled out, bringing a small gasp from my partner as I did so.

I sat on the edge of the bath to cool off and while I sat there, Alexis hardly moved. I left her where she was, breathing heavily with her face and chest to the floor, her arms spread out around her head and her ass in the air, her hole now gaping and dripping with my cum. All she could manage to do was whisper “Thank you” softly as I sat down.

We stayed there, recovering from our mutually intense experience for a few minutes before she started getting up. She then took a quick shower while I went and put on some clothes. When I was ready, I went through to her room and sat on the bed, finding her finishing off drying her hair. I went over to her, and without a word took the towel off her, placed it on the bed and lent in for a kiss. We kissed very deeply and tenderly, our tongues plunging in and out of each other’s mouths. When we parted, I thanked her for letting me fuck her ass.

“Well, thank you, too. I think I really needed that.” She replied.

With that she got dressed, and while she did so I went and got some breakfast ready.

Since this forms an account of my sexual relationship with my Aunt Alexis, I will leave out most of the detail of the next couple of hours since she went out to do some shopping, leaving me with another deep, lingering kiss. I stayed at the house and watched TV until her return. When she got back she put the shopping away into its various cupboards then made us some lunch.

As we sat down to eat she spoke up. “I must say, I’m starting to feel very horny again- fancy another round after lunch?”

“I sure do!”

I had been feeling horny since she left the house earlier and my cock strained at the very mention of further sex with her. Just then the doorbell rang. I got up and walked through to the hallway, then to the front door. I grabbed the key and opened the door to find my older cousin, Lucy, standing there in front of me.

“Oh- hi!” I said, rather surprised to see her. She seemed surprised to see me too.

I invited her in and closed the door behind her, pointing her through to the dining room where my aunt was. I watched Escort Kars her delicious, round ass move away from me whilst I locked the door and followed her through to the dining room. She was a few years older than me; I was 18 at the time and she was 24. For as long as I had been a teenager I had found her attractive.

She was quite tall with a curvy frame, wavy ginger hair that fell to a point just below her shoulders. She had a hint of freckles on face and pale skin. Her natural tits were of a very fair size indeed, and they juggled around in the tight and quite small top she was wearing over her bra, which her breasts were spilling out of. She wore skin tight jeans around her ample ass. I thought she looked very sexy indeed.

She sat down at the table, and my Aunt quickly went to prepare her some lunch. While she was gone I explained my presence at my Aunt’s house and why I was staying over and my cousin explained hers. She was in the area and had decided to drop in to see how Alexis was, since she doesn’t see much of her, as my cousin was living in another town to the rest of the family. I found it hard not to stare at her tits, but I managed to keep my eyes off them for the most part. Although when my Aunt returned and joined in the conversation Alexis seemed to notice I was looking at them.

She was sat across the table from me, next to Lucy, and after a short while I felt my Aunt’s feet playing around my crotch. I soon started to get hard. Alexis was smiling in a sexy way at me over the table, and I smiled back. Lucy seemed to notice there was something there between us, but at the time probably thought nothing of it.

It transpired that Lucy had actually come over for some emotional support, having just broken up with her boyfriend and feeling that she wanted to talk to someone other than her parents about it. The reasons they had broken up were numerous, the main one being that she had discovered he had been cheating on her.

“I wondered why he wasn’t as interested in sex as usual… now I know why” she said.

After a little while we decided to move through to the lounge where we could be more comfortable. As we left, something very unexpected happened. My Aunt left her mobile phone on the table by mistake and went to leave the room.

“Hey, Aunt Alexis” called Lucy “you’ve left your phone!”

Quite what happened next I’m not sure. Perhaps she accidentally pushed the ‘on’ button or perhaps she intended to flick the phone on to check the time, but anyway it came on. What flashed up on the screen, to my shock, was the video of me and my Aunt fucking last night!

“Oh- gosh!” said Lucy “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…” she tailed off. By now my Aunt had returned to the room. “Hey…” continued Lucy “this is dated yesterday- and that’s you Auntie- in your room! So… is there something you guys haven’t told me or what…”

“Well” explained my Aunt “last night your cousin walked in on me masturbating and I’ve just been so horny since the divorce that… one thing led to another.”

“Gosh” replied Lucy… “Looks like he gave you a pretty good time!”

I was very embarrassed and anxious as to what she’d do next but I saw she was smiling at me. “I know it’s kind of wrong, but it’s very hot to see you two fucking like that is very hot” she continued.

“He was very good indeed.” Alexis admitted. “The best I’ve had in a long time- it was very liberating, actually.”

“Hmmm” pondered Lucy. “Like I said my boyfriend wasn’t as bothered with me towards the end of our relationship which has left me pretty horny lately… I could use some good sex, so…” She took a deep breath and then ventured further. “If it’s alright with you two, what say we go upstairs and see if you two can’t liberate me too.”

My Aunt and I looked at each other, smiled, then enthusiastically agreed. I must admit I didn’t really have any inhibitions or hang-ups about what I was about to do. I’d always been attracted to my cousin and I’d already fucked my Aunt so why not fuck her too?

I followed the two women upstairs and into my Aunt’s room, then watched in awe as Lucy pulled off her tight little top, unfastened her bra and threw it off, letting her glorious tits fall into their natural positions on her chest. They were perfect- natural and round with small, pink nipples to punctuate the pale, delicate skin.

This was going to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

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