Aunt Emma Ch. 02


I felt my heart skip a beat and I knew Rebecca would be reacting in the same way. It was… beyond belief. I might be sheltered, but I knew what penises looked like from sex ed and stuff like that. This… this wasn’t a penis. This was…

… a cock. A big, black cock. The ones I’d seen – that I’d foolishly giggled at and thought were impressive – were nothing, absolutely nothing compared to this. If I’d had a ruler, it would have been longer than it, easily a foot in length, arrow-straight and hard as rock. Pointing right at me. I felt my mouth literally watering as I gazed at it lovingly.

“You touch, you want to?” he said, his English not perfect… but he got his point across. However, I was frozen in place, just mesmerised by the thing sprouting from him.

“Here, let me show you how,” my mother said and before I could do anything she was on her knees and wrapping her mouth around the apple-sized head of that superweapon phallus. I watched in awe as my mother lavished it with her tongue, sucking and licking at it like she was… worshipping it. It was the only thing I could describe it as – like she was at an altar giving thanks for the bounty she had received.

For a second, she pulled away.

“Oh FUCK!” she bellowed. “Oh fucking hell, I missed this! Just… so fucking amazing. God, I LOVE black dicks!”

Then she resumed her feverish ministrations, coating the whole, vast length with saliva, even the pendulous balls. She seemed to particularly like going to town on his nuts and he seemed to like her doing so. She slowly ran her tongue from his sack all the way up to the tip of his penis, took one, long last suck at it and then looked at me.

“Your turn, Stephy,” she grinned, grasping it at the root and pointing the cock right at me. I gulped, so afraid yet so, so turned on. My pussy was going crazy and was wetter than I’d ever known it to be.

“I’m… I’m scared, mummy,” I whimpered. “I… I want to, but… it is just so big…”

“That’s what so fantastic about it!” she said. “Trust me… an intimidating cock is the best kind of cock! It’ll stretch you so, so sweetly and fill you up like… like I don’t know, just like you’re so fucking satisfied. Come on, honey, come suck this big fucking black cock!”

I slid off my stool and stood motionless for a second. Then I inched closer, eyes lock on the cock until I was almost touching it.

“Come on, we all know you want to…”

I did. I did want to. Desperately, but… but fuck it.

I got down on my knees and put the huge head, just about, in my little teenage mouth.

“Yeah!” I heard Emma holler. “That’s it, girl, suck that fucking cunt-wrecking dick!”

I soon lost myself in my task, swirling my tongue around the enormous head and then descending to kiss and lick the entire shaft, bathing it with my mouth as best I could. The scent of him, everything about that moment, how amazingly hard he felt – it was all driving me wild. I could never imagine doing this to a small, white dick now. It would just be… wrong. It wouldn’t be worthy of my attention. Fuck white boys, I was black only now!

But, of course, I wasn’t. Not yet. My pussy was still virgin territory and they all knew it. I knew it too and the thought of this monster entering me filled me with lustful dread, if that’s a thing. Like scared but in a good way. That was for later on – at that moment I was entirely focused on giving this monstrous phallus the oral worship it deserved.

I felt rather than saw someone kneel next to me. My eyes slowly fluttered open and I saw my sister, Rebecca, eyes big like dinner plates, chest heaving, gaze fixed on the cock I was salivating over. I gave it a long, wet smooch right on the head then pointed it at my sister, who tentatively reached out and put her dainty little hand on the shaft just below mine. I grinned and started to jack the guy off and, following my lead, Rebecca did the same.

“Two little sisters jerking me,” the man said, chuckling. “Such pretty, delicate little girls… it will be our utmost pleasure to fuck you both.”

I gave a shudder of excitement at his words and my sister gave out a tiny moan. She was obviously as horny as me… but then, of course she was. We were both stroking a black man’s enormous dick… who wouldn’t be horny as fuck doing that?

Rebecca reached her other hand up and cradled the man’s gigantic balls and I couldn’t help but marvel at how small it look as it hefted the giant nutsack. I wondered just how much sperm was churning away inside…

Unable to resist, I planted my lips back on the cock, sucking greedily at the length while we both still jacked it off. Suddenly I felt other lips on the head and I knew Rebecca had joined me. Our mouths met sporadically as we pleasured this man and, somehow, we found ourselves making out, tongues entwined, hands still on the cock, lost in our new lustful feelings. Just a few minutes ago, the thought of frenching my sister would have been crazy to me… but now it was just such a fucking hot, Kars Escort sexy thing to do.

“Girls,” I heard my mother said. “It’s time.”

We broke our wet kiss and looked up at her. She reached out and we stood, reluctantly letting go of “our” cock that we had shared. My mother helped first Rebecca and then myself out of our nightgowns and then there we were – naked except for our panties, nipples hard as bullets, both of us as horny as anything, five black men gazing at our nubile, young bodies with their own greedy eyes. They wanted us and we wanted them.

The man who we had serviced took hold of my underwear and I yelped as he tore it in two, tossing aside the shredded material and leaving me completely nude now, my neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair my only “protection” against the big, burly men who sought to ravage my innocent vagina.

The man stroked his fingers gently through my little bush, sending more shivers of excitement through me at his touch.

“Nice… but really, Emma, I expected you to have the girls shaved,” he said. “Always better if our skin meets theirs when we go all the way inside them.”

“I’m sorry,” Emma said, looking genuinely upset to have displeased this man. “I just… there wasn’t much time. We should be thankful they’re like their mother and me, sluts to the core! The other one ran off…”

“Get a razer and everything you need,” he said, forcefully. “We shave them now.”

Aunt Emma scuttled off to fetch everything while the man did the same to Rebecca as he did to me, discarding her ripped panties without a thought. To our surprise, Rebecca’s pussy was utterly devoid of any hair, completely smooth.

“Aha, excellent,” Bisimwa purred. “I think maybe this girl is already slut, yes?”

We all watched as he sucked his middle finger once then slipped it into my sister’s little pussy. She gave a little gasp as he went in, but she was sopping wet already that there was no issue about not being lubricated or anything.

“Ah no, even better,” he said, slipping his finger out again. “She is still with hymen in there. Excellent, excellent. Here, girl, suck your sister’s juice off me.”

He presented that same finger to me and, without thinking, I obeyed him, taking it in my mouth and tasting my sister’s vaginal secretions for the first time. I saw my mother grinning at me out of the corner of my eye as he withdrew, clearly delighted with how this was all going.

Aunt Emma came back in, took one look at Rebecca’s naked pussy, shrugged then got down between my legs. She had a can of shaving foam which she quickly lathered me up with and then, ever so gently, she began to strip me of my pubic hair. She was remarkably efficient and within a minute or two, I was as the men wanted – hairless and soft.

“Perfection,” one of the other men said, drinking in my nakedness with his eyes.

“And now… we fuck.” Bisimwa said. “Where does your mother want us to deflower her little girls? Outside? It is a lovely day, after all… or maybe she is kinkier than we think… yes, yes, I think so. She wants… “

“I want them to be fucked for the first time in their own beds, Master,” she said. I raised my eyebrows at her use of that word… but then it made perfect sense. These men were completely in control… and I too wanted to serve them, to put myself entirely at their mercy.

“Good, good, let us go. I think… birthday girl will be first. But which cock, my dear? You get to choose the man who has the honour of taking your maidenhood.”

“Wow,” was all I could say as he nodded at me then stepped back to the other males in the room, taking his place in the line. The other four men hadn’t disrobed yet, but now they did so, revealing toned, muscular bodies that most men would kill to have… and they were all naked now, all for me… I groaned as their cocks sprang forth from their chocolate, charcoal coloured bodies… all for me… oh my God… all for me… so big, so fucking big… all of them… for me…

“I can’t… all so big… Mummy… I don’t know which one!”

“Well, perhaps…”

“Ah, Fi, I just thought,” Emma said, interrupting. “It is our Stephy’s special day, after all… perhaps… maybe we can make choosing slightly easier…”

She whispered something in my mother’s ear and I saw her eyes open wide with shock… then her mouth form into a devilish grin.

“Ooooh, yes, yes! I love it… and I think…” she looked me up and down, at my heaving chest, at my slick pussy… “Yeah, I think she can take it. She’s a slut, just like us.”

“Mmm, yes… honey,” Emma said, turning to me. “I know it is difficult… so why pick just one? Pick two… and let them both take your virginity at once!”

My eyes goggled and I looked at the men again. Good God, she… she wanted me to take TWO of them inside me at once? I was struggling to imagine even one going in me… but two? Suddenly, out of nowhere, an incredible surge of excitement and pleasure washed over me. My knees buckled Kars Escort Bayan and I had to put my hands out to steady myself on the table next to me.

“Oh fuck…” I groaned. “Oh fucking… I think I just… just came!”

“Holy shit, you ARE a fucking slut!” my aunt laughed. “Cumming just from thinking about two cocks inside you! Right, let’s get this shit going, no delay. You’re definitely ready, girl.”

With that, she took hold of my hand and dragged me to the men.

“Pick two now and let’s go,” she said.

I looked up at them and then chose Bisimwa and Sanogo, the first because he was in charge and I wanted him to dominate me. The second… I don’t know why.

“Ha,” Emma exclaimed. “You do realise you just picked the two fattest, longest cocks here, right? You really relish a challenge, girl!”

I looked down at their cocks and yes, she was right. It was pretty marginal stuff – they were all enormous – but I had indeed picked the ‘biggest’ subconsciously. I licked my lips… this was going to be epic!

Emma dragged me along again and our group all filed up the stairs to my girly girly bedroom, all pinks and fluffy toys and everything. Normally I’d have been embarrassed by men being in there… but now I saw that the decor and the ‘fluffiness’ of it contrasted deliciously with the sordid, depraved acts we were about to participate in. It was wonderful.

“Let’s get you primed,” Emma said and pushed me to the bed. I watched as she spread my legs wide and dipped her head between them… then I cried out as her tongue began to pleasure me, greedily lapping at my cunt and running forcefully over my clit. Over and over again, she would start with her tongue on my asshole and then run it all the way up over my dripping wet slit and flick it repeatedly over my engorged clit before going down again. It felt incredible and the fact it was my aunt doing this made it even more exciting, so utterly dirty. I loved it. It could only have been better if it were my sister or my mother… but oh, I had that thought and, almost telepathically, I felt Emma stop and my mother took over. I spread my legs wider for her as she dipped her tongue into my cunt, tasting my flowing juices.

“You want a go at her, Becky?” Emma said to Rebecca, who was watching all this, surrounded by naked black men, with an expression of confused awe. I realised she’d barely said a word since this had all started just a few minutes before. Her nipples were as hard as mine and I could see her pussy was puffy and wet. She was obviously hugely turned on…

“I… I…” she stammered.

“Come here,” Emma said and turned Becky’s face towards her, pressing my sister’s lips to hers and… oh, I came so fucking hard right then, flooding my mother’s face with my liquid. I grabbed the bedspread under me, tearing at it feverishly with my hands as I gasped and yelled, waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

“Holy fuck,” I exclaimed eventually, out of breath, repeating those two words as I came down. My mother grinned at me from between my legs.

“She’s ready,” she said and I don’t think she was wrong – in fact, I’m not sure it was possible to be naturally more slick and wet than I was right then. My mother moved away and then I felt hands pulling me up.

“Wha… what’s happening?” I said, confused. I’d expected a man to mount me and… oh, right… I was about to get fucking double vaginally penetrated as my first ever sex act! It was crazy… but I was so fucking horny now, more so than before I climaxed on my mother’s face. Fuck… now if that’s not the sign of a fucking slut whore then…

Bisimwa lay down on my pink, soft bed and pulled me back onto him. I straddled him, facing him, hands on his muscular chest. I gulped as I felt his cock against my rear end… it was bigger than I had imagined!

“Uh-uh, girl, turn over,” he said and eventually I twigged. Turning to face away from him, I leaned back and watched, hands braced on the bed, as the second man got on with us. Fuck, his cock was gigantic too… how could they both fit in me?

“Okay, I’m going in first,” Bisimwa said. “Then Sanogo will enter and we will rest at your hymen… we will then pop it together and… well, I think you will enjoy it. It might hurt a little, but I think that won’t last very long at all, my dear little white slut.”

“Okay…”I whimpered, still looking at those frankly ludicrously sized dicks between my legs. I lay back, my head next to Bisimwa’s. I felt his lips kissing my next and I relaxed a little. I raised my legs and then felt his big hands on them, holding them up and wide apart. I could feel his cock, so huge, against my skin as Sanogo got into position. I looked between my legs and saw Emma take Bisimwa’s cock in her hand and guide it towards my pussy. I shifted slightly and felt the bulbous head against my labia, pushing… stretching…

“Oh fuck!” I gasped as the head popped. “So big…”

I’d never had a boy inside me before and here I was taking this Escort Kars monstrous thing… and I knew a second, equally gigantic phallus was waiting to push in alongside Bisimwa’s! Aunt Emma grinned at me from between my spread legs.

“Oh boy, your little pussy already looks full up! I don’t know how we’re going to fit another big, black cock up in there… but hell, we’re going to try!”

With that, she guided Sanogo’s own throbbing penis towards me and I felt it pressing hard against… I don’t even know, but it was against, pushing me insistently… but there was no room… until… oh my God, I felt myself opening up even more! I couldn’t breath, my hands clutching the bedspread beneath us… my cunt opened slowly… slowly… until…

“Holy fuck, it’s in there!” Emma said as the second head slipped in suddenly. I couldn’t make a sound, I just lay there as the two men pushed into me. I felt them nudge my hymen simultaneously and knew this was it… I was going to lose my virginity to two black men, two black men with cocks that were about 12 inches long… my pussy was stretched surely to the max… and they were waiting. Shit, they were waiting for me!

“You need to tell us what you want, girl,” Bisimwa said from next to me, whispering in my ear. “You gotta beg…”

Beg? My mind was struggling to cope with everything… yet my mouth started to make the words, like my body had taken over.

“Please,” I found myself whimpering. “Please… do it.”

“Do what?” I heard Emma say.

“Fu… fuck me!”

“Come on, you need to want it more than that!”

“Fuck me, please!” I said, with growing conviction as my body grew more accustomed to the dual invasion. “Come on… I’m ready… I want you to bust… to…”

Both cocks twitched inside me and I felt an enormous surge of pleasure through my body.

“Oh fuck… that… come on, fucking BUST MY HYMEN!” I shouted, enervated now. “Shove those fucking big cocks into me! Oh God, this is going to be… FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME… AAAHHHHHHHH!!”

They pushed simultaneously, thrusting in with no remorse and bursting my maidenhood in one ruthless shove. I lost all coherence as pain mixed with utter pleasure, the former sensation giving way almost instantly as the two men pushed in as far as they could, splitting me wide and starting to fuck me!

I was raving like a lunatic as they began to really pound me. I’d heard about people’s first times with sex… but I’d never heard about anything like this! This was crazy… and I fucking loved it! It wasn’t long before both cocks were up to the balls in me, something that blew my mind. The cocks were so big, so long… and yet I had them both in me to the roots! Over and over they pounded into me and I felt orgasms like i’d never imagined before sizzle and pop inside me, shredding my nerves and causing every muscle in me to contract and spasm with every mind-blowing climax.

It was all becoming too much for me. After all, I’d never experienced anything like this – even the most seasoned porn starlet would be in two minds about taking such prodigious cocks into her pussy at the same time… but I also didn’t want to stop. Something had changed within me and what I wanted more than anything was for these studs to just pound the motherfucking shit out of me for as long as they could!

And I realised something else too, a thought solidifying as my pussy was stretched beyond all recognition and the two men mercilessly fucked orgasms out of my petite frame.

I wanted them to cum inside me.

“Oh fuck yes, come on, fucking… fucking cum in me! Please, I want your fucking sperm… fucking shoot it in me!”

Even with all the grunting and panting and screaming… I heard audible gasps from my collected relatives, standing there watching me being so beautifully defiled. The men seemed spurred on by my words as I repeated the same refrain over and over, begging them now to fill my womb with their ejaculate.

I heard one groan and he announced he was about to cum!

“No! Both together, please!” I wanted them to splatter my cervix at the same time. I just knew it would trigger the most powerful climax yet.

He growled, but I knew he – somehow – could control himself until the other was ready. Luckily for all, the other wasn’t too far behind and with two blood-curdling roars, the two men slammed their cocks into me, both to the absolute limit inside my cunt, the tips of their dicks pressing hard against my cervix… and they came simultaneously! Normally (so I know now) you can’t feel it when a man cums in you – it is pretty squishy in there and so the injection of a small amount more isn’t going to make you feel it.

But this time… I tell you, I felt it. It was like this hot torrent of jizz flooding my womb, squirt after squirt filling me up. I screamed and almost blacked out as each blast triggered an orgasm in me, one on top of the other until my cries were soundless, my eyes rolled back in my head as I lay there quivering, unimaginable pleasure flowing through every inch of my body.

Then, slowly, they slipped out… their cocks still, astonishingly, rock hard. I had learned the hard way – and the best way – that black men were gods in bed… and I knew this was just the beginning.

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