Aunt Kit My Hot Date


Mom barged into my bedroom on Saturday morning, pulled up the blinds noisily and said it was almost midday, that Coach Raymond had phoned complaining I’d missed the soccer team selection meeting.

“Oh crap,” I groaned and said I would have been dumped from the squad.

“No he said you’d be on the bench and would be used only if the team faced humiliation in a thrashing.”

Mom turned to commiserate and that’s when she saw the ice-pack on my head,

She rushed over presumably to attend to me and she kicked over her best crystal bowl from the hallway table that I’d dumped into at my bedside at approximately 3 am and 4:15 am.

“What’s that?” she asked rhetorically, knowing that her cherished wedding gift from her late grandmother had been sent spinning across the polished floorboards.

I practically saw flames erupting from her nostrils and said with a groan, “It’s your ugly glass bowl from the hallway.”

She asked ominously what the contents were from the bowl that now had the floor half-awash.

Again I replied honestly, “A mix of pizza, salted peanuts, 3-flavour ice-cream and beer consumed earlier and the about one-third of a bottle of Bourbon all in various states of digestion.

My mom Gretchen who’s no fairy, weighing in at about 190 lbs. advanced on me with her slapping hand raised and winding back.

“I blurted half-helplessly, “Bess dumped me last night when Michael Reed gave her the come hither look and aghast I began drowning my sorrows.”

She halted, her scowl transforming into a big smile.

“That slut has dumped you? Oh Shaun I’m deliriously happy,” said my other who is prone to mood swings. However this was a rapid swing of gigantic proportions never before witnessed.

Her slapping hand was disarmed and used to hold my chin softly as she kissed my cheek murmuring “I’m so happy, so happy. Omigod this is even better than sex.”

I smiled up at her, pretending I hadn’t heard that last bit. I knew she had it in for Bess who was all tips and ass and constantly telegraphed what her main recreational interest was.

Mom sighed.

“Then who are you taking to the office annual dinner tonight? You told me you’d boasted to your IT work group that you would arrive with the hottest date they’d ever seen?”

“Oh Christ,” I said in despair. “I have 6½ hours to find a hot substitute; it’s Saturday and finding even a half-likely female still unattached for the evening will be impossible.”

“Please moderate your language in my home,” mom said, although we both knew dad alone had purchased the house almost 15 years ago.

Mom offered to help out and I nodded.

She returned ten minutes later and said triumphantly, “Kitty has agreed to be your partner tonight.”

I was shocked.

Kit as most of us called her apart from her parents, mom and her husband, was mom’s over-sexed step-sister who’d just arrived home from France where she’d been locked in a ‘corrective facility’ of some type that no one would talk to me about.

Uncle Ben, who at present was down south on business, had mortgaged the Eskişehir Escort house to pay the outrageous fees. Earlier this week he’d announced to the relieved family that Kitty had been reformed and her behavior was now exemplary.

I took that to mean that my aunt no longer attempted to engage in sex with anything that moved whereas mom told dad that Kitty (who at 29 is only four years older than me) had been stripped of the degenerative psychological condition brought on by being overly spoilt in her upbringing by her drug-dependent bird-brain mother and mum’s low IQ father.

A supervisor at the city’s sewage treatment plant, his pride became inflated beyond belief when approaching retirement he’d sired one more child.

It took a paternity test result to prove to doubters who included all of my family that indeed my grandfather was the father of the already over-indulged infant.

Perhaps not unexpectedly my mother became one of the over-indulgers when as a baby Kit was left at our house to play with younger me and no that didn’t lead to us playing doctor and nurse as our favorite game.

Actually Kit developed into becoming the queen and I was relegated to become her serf and the target for her to throw my toys at. Oh and yes we used to bath together until the time when mom noticed I was developing the start of a boner.

And now a new problem with Kit loomed.

I was about to announce that I would rather die than take Kit to my law office’s annual employees’ dinner hosted by the partners. But before I chose my words carefully to unleash mom told me to stay in bed while she attended to me mess on the floor.

Understandably I had no wish to reject her arrangement with Kit and be clouted with the steam mop.

* * *

My date Kit came out to me waiting in the cab and I boggled. I was so impressed I jumped out and held the door for her.

“Thank you darling,” she said, and didn’t try to kiss me working her tongue. In fact she just patted my shoulder affectionately.


It was the first time I’d seen my young aunt since her returned from France as apart from mom she’d wanted to be left alone.

Kit’s face remained looking quite unremarkable. But her usual dull hair shone, I’d noticed her stomach appeared flat and her tits had replaced puffiness with shape and her neck was thinner.

“Gee you look healthy and have lost weight,” I said to please her.

“Oh darling,” she said, leaning over and dropping a gentle kiss behind my ear. “You’ve noticed because this dress is so tight.”

“Here,” she said, grabbing my hand and slapping it on to her nearest tit. “Feel how hard and improved in shape me breasts have become.”

Our cabbie lost concentration in driving momentarily to stare in his rear mirror and had to brake violently to avoid ramming the car ahead stopping for a changing traffic light.

“Your nipple is hard.”

“Yes darling. I’m excited because it’s the first time I’ve gone out without my husband since I returned home. I know you adore tits and nipples.”

The driver Eskişehir Escort Bayan behind us blasted his vehicle horn because our open-mouthed driver hadn’t been aware traffic in front of us had moved off.

Antonio’s Restaurant had been booked out for our office event and in the journey I quietly allowed my interest in my former almost despicable aunt to permeate into my loins.

My pants were already slightly tented went I stepped from the cab. I turned and as she slid across the seat she hitched up her white and laced trimmed dress to step out and I got a ringside view of thigh to a little above the stocking tops.

I turned away to whack my growing erection into submission.

Kit took my arm, pulling close against me, and said conversationally, “I suppose you’ll be interested in being offered sex. Gretchen told me that slut Bess dumped your last night.”

“Oh um,” I said inadequately.

“Well I’m available if you need me.”

“I said hoarsely, “Kit.”

“It’s okay, I’d keep my mouth shut and ask that you do the same. The French clinic managed to reprogram me but refrained from totally removing my desire to have sex. Your uncle hasn’t attempted to push in since I was discharged from the clinic. I’ve noticed that Ben and Mrs van der Westhuizen two apartments along from us appear to have firmed their friendship. Her big tits would attract him.”

“Um Uncle Ben might believe strongly that your transformation may have left you in a delicate condition for a while as you readjust.”

“Yeah he’s said that, several times but I still have a pussy that wants to be used in the social sense darling.”

“I-I’m your nephew.”

“But nephews have cocks that usually are in working order darling and remember that technically I’m only your half aunt.”

“Yeah but what difference does that make?”

“I have no idea Shaun. I suggest you forget semantics and switch to thinking about staying the night at my place and doing your bit to return me to normality in my enjoyment of sex.”

“Me?” I blurted although I accepted the allegations that if I banged her I would be contributing to her well-being. Christ unless I was careful this smooth-tongued woman could convince me I should attend church and financially support the poor.

I heard her call “Are you with me Shaun?”

I got my mind back on track and idiotically asked was she talking to me.

“Honey I do believe there are no other Shaun in the neighborhood at the moment. Come on, let’s enjoy ourselves robustly. Your mother suggested that I acted up to give the impression we are lovers who told I would be your hot date.”

“Oh that’s good.”

“She added that if I allow you to touch me sexually she’ll probably castrate you.”

Shaun managed a grim grin.

* * *

At 10:30 I assisted my aunt out of the cab at the entrance to her apartment block.

She had been a hit with the people at our table and many of our workmates came over during the night just to check her out. I reveled in her deception and she kept me alert by occasionally Escort Eskişehir reached under the table and squeezing my dick.

Big decision time had arrived and my focus intensified to be on a par with a Doberman Pinscher on patrol of the house with a wild party going at the neighboring property.

“Are you coming in?”

I was aware of the principle element of the law relating to incest in our state, although I’m only one the IT guys in our law office, and my respect for the law kicked in and attempted to over-ride my lusty thoughts of penetrating my aunt’s vagina.

“I-I would like to but…”

She scowled and didn’t appear in the mood to accept rejection.

“Shaun pay off the cabbie or else I’ll create such a scene.”

“Okay, okay,” I said to allow my natural moral weaknesses to control my mind and influence my instinct.

Closing the apartment door Kitty kicked off her shoes and said she they shouldn’t have sex unless I was totally comfortable about hitting the straps with her.

However she moved to end my procrastination.

She grabbed a handful of my precious soft groin section and smothered my face with wet kisses and then penetrated my mouth, her tongue seeking mine.

Oh yes, my hot date was on fire.

Kitty purred ‘Good boy” when she felt my cock stiffen in her cupped hand.

Eventually Kitty, breathing heavily, eased back and said, “Go home Shaun. This is your last chance to disengage.”

She stepped away, our eyes locking.

My voice thickened as I growled, “I wish to rumble passionately.”

Emitting a high-pitched cry as if signally she was hungry, Kitty dropped to the floor and held me firmly behind the knees and waited.

It was my turn to display emotive action.

I pawed at my belt, released it and dropped my pants and underpants in the one gigantic tug and I lied, “I can smell pussy.”

Kitty released a pent-up “Ah” as she eyed the offensive weapon before licking it with measured delicacy, activating the hair on my nape to help trigger my desire into almost raging lust.

“You’re heating up,” she giggled, and then attempted to swallow the full length of my already dripping cock.

We were both well-primed with alcohol and so what followed was jointly accomplished rather clumsily and primitively on the floor with her clothes strewn beside us.

She assured me it was unnecessary for me to wear a condom and as a result we both achieved a sweaty peak that left us in a mess of sweat and other fluids.

“Are you replete?” she asked, as we panted with chests-heaving and remaining in a tangle of legs and arms as if we wished the physical and emotional relationship to continue.

“Yeah you’re a great fuck as I had long suspected you would be,” I said in genuine tribute. “Let’s stay here on the floor as I’ll be ready to go again soon.”

“And no recriminations?”

“None at all, at least not on this side of tomorrow but even then I’ll be swaggering around knowing I’ve had access to the woman who is the best fuck in the city.”

“Oooh my dear boy, how precious you. Tonight has been a big step forward for me to regain my life and I’ll be a better person for it, my descent into incest notwithstanding. But darling please don’t write this off as merely a one-night stand. I wish to continue as your hot date.”

I gaped. Hot diggity!


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