Aunt Victoria


Darren couldn’t believe his shitty luck. At first, he was certain he’d have the ranch all to himself for the entire summer. Mom and Dad were going to Europe for the summer and he would have one party after another. That was before he found out that Aunt Victoria would be spending the summer at the ranch.

Victoria was not your typical aunt. There were many reasons for this, but the most obvious was that she was younger than Darren — by five full years! Mom and Dad were both 21 years old when Darren was born. Five years later, Darren’s grandfather surprised everyone by announcing his third wife was pregnant! At the time, Darren’s grandfather was 54 years old. Everyone thought he was crazy. And Victoria was born.

Darren never spent much time with Victoria growing up. For one, Darren lived in Pennsylvania farmland. Victoria lived out in California. The last time they had seen each other was five years ago, at Dad’s 40th birthday party. At the time, Victoria was a 14-year-old chubette. Darren was 19 at the time and, other than hello and goodbye, never said a word to her the entire weekend.

Now, five years later, Darren was a beer-guzzling 24-year-old who still acted like he was 16. A big, strapping farm kid, it was hoped that Darren might make it to the NFL after a decent career at Penn State. But he hurt his knee and he was never big enough for the NFL anyhow. He had been an undersized 240 pound lineman. Now he was pushing 300, but most of it was in the gut.

Victoria was at some stupid art college in the Northeast. She was always the crunchy type. Darren remembered seeing photos a few years ago when she went to dig toilets in Central America. Darren’s grandfather, God rest his soul, was a hippie and his final child wore tie-die shirts and listened to the Grateful Dead. At least that was Darren’s recollection.

Darren came to find out that Victoria was somewhat of an art prodigy. She was supposedly skilled at painting scenes of nature. When Darren’s Dad found out Victoria was struggling with summer plans, he invited her out to the farm. Darren remembered overhearing the conversation and cringing. “You can sleep in the loft in the farm,” he promised. “It’s so beautiful in our neck of the woods, you should have plenty of inspiration for your paintings.”

The day Mom and Dad headed to Europe, Darren helped Dad with the luggage.

“Darren, Vicki is coming tomorrow. I trust that you’ll be nice to her?”

“Of course, Dad,” Darren said. As far as he was concerned, as long as she didn’t bother him, he wouldn’t bother her.

The next day, a car pulled up and a striking young brunette got out. Darren raised his eyebrows. Aunt Victoria had grown up. She wasn’t fat anymore; she was like 5’7″ now and her face was noticeably thinner. She had long, straight black hair. The hippie he remembered was still there; she had these big, goofy earrings and a pierced nose with a little diamond stud. It was hard to tell what her body looked like because she wore this goofy lime-colored sun dress.

After an awkward hug, Darren gave her a quick tour. She had an aloof quality that Darren found somewhat annoying, but also somewhat intriguing.

Later, Darren gave her a tour. She wore jeans and Darren couldn’t help but be impressed. The chubby little girl had been replaced by a Woman. Victoria had feminine hips, and a narrow waist. Darren couldn’t help but sneak peeks at her ass and her luscious mound of Venus. He had to admit that she was highly fuckable.

When Darren tried to make small talk with her, she was evasive and short with her answers. “I’m really here to work,” she said. “My art is very important to me.”

“Oh, well, I certainly will make sure you feel at home, given how important you are,” Darren said sarcastically.

Victoria stopped and stared at him. He felt like she was undressing him with her eyes. “Yes, thanks Darren. I appreciate it.”

“Just make sure you stay out of my way and we won’t have any problems,” Darren retorted.

Gosh, she acted like she was 38, not 19. Darren vowed to do what he could to loosen her up.

Those first few days went by quickly. Victoria generally kept to the barn. They didn’t see much of each other. Darren went through his usual routine, making a half-assed effort to find summer work, while drinking lots of beers and jacking off whenever he could.

One evening, he arrived home after playing pickup basketball. Something smelled delicious in the kitchen. Darren walked in and found Victoria busy cooking away. “I thought it would be nice to have dinner together,” she said. “I’m making a quinoa and vegetable casserole.”

“A what? I don’t eat that shit,” Darren said.

“There’s leftover steak. Let’s just eat dinner together,” Victoria just about pleaded.

Fine, thought Darren. He’d throw her a bone.

The dinner conversation was strained. Victoria found herself irritated with how standoffish her older nephew was. He was downright childish. It occurred to her that, although she was younger, it was fitting in a way that she was an Aunt. Victoria had learned Gaziantep Escort quite a few things about men in art school. She was not intimidated by them; in fact, she felt totally comfortable around them. She knew they had weaknesses, and a dork like her nephew could be exploited if she played her cards right.

“So like, what do you do all day long,” she said, as they neared the end of the meal.

The question caught Darren off guard. “I dunno,” he said. “Play sports, look for a job, drink beer, kick ass,” he smiled. “I do fun stuff; I don’t sit in a fucking barn all day long painting shit,” he said.

“Right,” said Victoria, moving to clear her plate. Victoria had already gotten a good read on Darren. She knew that he was trying to get a rise out of her and there was no chance of that happening. It was she who would get a rise out of him.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked, though she already had an answer.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Darren countered.

“Currently no,” she said, smiling as she washed her dinner plate.

“Wash this too, make yourself useful,” Darren said, motioning to the table and going upstairs.

“No problem, nephew,” she said.


“I said no problem, nephew.”

“You’re a wise ass.”

“Look, Darren, just take it easy okay. Otherwise you can clean your own dishes.”

“Whatever—okay fine, thank you for cleaning my dishes Aunt Victoria,” he mocked.

“That’s better,” he heard her say as he stormed upstairs.

Darren came away feeling oddly manipulated by the situation. He also felt something else—arousal. Something about the way Victoria called him her nephew made him hot. The girl had a mouth on her.

The next morning, Victoria worked on her painting. It was a simple, elegant piece. She was painting the corner of the barn. She found it fascinating, the contrast in textures between the old wood and the hay. That’s what she was good at, the subtleties. It was how she won that big award at the art festival this spring.

She felt the call of nature and headed to the main house. Inside, on the first floor she heard a noise coming from the bathroom. It was Darren. He hadn’t heard her come in. It didn’t hurt that she was barefoot; in fact, all she was wearing was a sun dress and a comfortable pair of g-string panties. She turned her head to listen. He was making grunting noises. A smile came across her face. Then, what she heard next was unmistakable.

“Yes, Aunt Victoria. Yes, whatever you say, Aunt Victoria.”

He was whacking off and fantasizing about her! Not only that, but he was fantasizing about being bossed around. Victoria had no idea why, but she seemed to have this effect on men. Her last boy friend was totally submissive and loved it when she dominated him. She had enjoyed it too. It gave her a feeling of power. But now the stakes were much higher! Her own stupid nephew Darren was fantasizing about her. The summer just got a whole lot more interesting. She took a few moments to gather her thoughts. What the hell, she thought. It would be fun to teach him a lesson. Hopefully he won’t freak out.

Knock knock. “Darren, are you in there? What are you doing?” she said, struggling to hold in a laugh, as she heard frantic rustling sounds on the other side of the door.

“I’m in here! I’m IN HERE!” Darren said. “I’m just—I’m just taking a shit. Give me a second.”

“It didn’t sound like you were taking a shit,” she said. Oh, you’re ruthless, she said to herself. But it was too fun and Darren deserved it.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” He yelled.

She decided to wait. She would make him twist in the wind.

“Darren,” she said again.


“Darren, you’re 24 years old. Don’t you think you’re getting too old to be jerking it in the bathroom?”


Now she was scared, so she turned and went back to the barn.

Darren was stunned. She knew. He went to his room and got under the covers. This was a terrible development. He kept running over the events in his head. She had insulted him. How could he ever face her again? She was going to be there for two and a half more months! Yet, every time he thought of what happened, he felt unmistakably aroused. This was so fucked up.

At the very least, he would avoid her for the rest of the day. Then, maybe by tomorrow, she would know not to speak about it anymore.

That evening, he was drinking beer in front of the TV. Victoria never came in the main house in the evening. She either went out somewhere, or meditated. Darren didn’t know and Darren didn’t care. That’s why he was surprised when the door opened and in walked Victoria in those tight jeans, boots and a t-shirt. He hadn’t seen the boots anymore. It gave her an aura.

“Mind if I join you?” she said.

“Whatever,” Darren said, feeling his face go red.

Neither of them said a word for ten minutes. Darren was watching a baseball game. A commercial came.

“Don’t you think we should talk about what happened?”

Darren Gaziantep Escort Bayan sighed. He felt his face turning bright red. “I don’t want to,” he said. He couldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Look Darren, it’s okay. So I caught you masturbating. It’s only natural. Boys masturbate.”

Darren felt the world closing in on him. He felt an urge to flee, but he remained cemented to the couch. She was at an angle to him, sitting on the love seat, leaning back, legs crossed. Now she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward.

“Look at me, Darren.”

Darren didn’t move. He just stared at the TV.

“Okay, you don’t have to look at me, but listen to me and then I’ll leave, okay.” She paused and waited for him to say something, but he was quiet.

“Okay,” she began again. “What I found interesting wasn’t the fact that I caught you masturbating. It’s what you were saying. I think your exact words were, ‘Yes, Aunt Victoria, whatever you say, Aunt Victoria.”

That was it. Darren got up, prepared to storm out.

“Wait one second,” she said.

Darren froze.

“Sit back down,” she said.

Darren felt himself sitting back down.

“Good,” she said. Then, while she had momentum, “Darren, do you fantasize about being bossed around by me? Tell me the truth, Darren. It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you and I’m not going to tell anyone about it.”

Darren’s body was covered with sweat. He struggled to breathe normally. What was happening? It was then that he felt his groin begin to twitch. He couldn’t say a thing. He was frozen, like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.

Victoria continued. “How would you like to call me Aunt Victoria from now on? It’s okay, Darren. I’ll allow you to do it.”

Finally Darren spoke. It came out all scratchy because his voice caught. “Okay.”

“Okay what?”

“Okay Aunt Victoria,” he said, his head throbbing as much as his groin now was.

“Have you ever wondered what it might be like to get bossed around by a girl, Darren? You might enjoy it. I’m pretty sure I could make you feel pretty damn good. I mean, let’s be clear. I’m not going to touch you; we can’t have sex or anything like that, but I could, you know, supervise your masturbation.”

When Victoria said that, she felt it in her vulva. She was amazed at her own brashness. And she knew she had her older nephew. She had him. He had no chance. She had the upper hand now and wasn’t going to let go. She watched, as he put his head in his hands and tried to contemplate her offer. She loved the way she was shattering his world.

“I don’t know, Vic, um, Aunt Victoria,” he said. For the first time he looked at her. He felt her eyes pierce his soul.

“Take your pants off, Darren,” she said.

He was yanking his pants down almost immediately. Victoria couldn’t help but chuckle. “Acknowledge me when I give you a command, Darren.”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria,” he grunted.

Darren’s pants now off, he looked down and felt himself overcome with embarrassment as he saw the tenting.

“Come over here,” she said. “Stand in front of me.”

Darren’s knees almost buckled as he stood in front of his Aunt. She looked quite pleased with herself as she leaned forward and looked at his face, then his groin, then his face again.

“For the rest of the summer, you’re going to do what I tell you to do. Aren’t you, Darren?”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.” Darren couldn’t believe how thrilled he felt.

“Do you want to take off your underpants, Darren?”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“Well, guess what? I don’t want you to take your underpants off right now. You’re going to have to learn delayed gratification. Okay?”

Darren was confused. But he just said, “Yes, Aunt Victoria.” Just the act of addressing her as Aunt Victoria gave him a twinge. In fact, every time he said those words, he felt a throb.

“I can see you’re confused,” she said. “I think I’ve made my point for the evening. You can go back to watching your silly baseball game. Tomorrow morning I want you to bring me coffee and eggs for breakfast in the barn at nine AM sharp. Come with your underpants and nothing else. If I’m happy with the way you’re acting, I’ll allow you to masturbate in front of me, under my terms. Got it?”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“Good,” she smiled. She locked her eyes on his. “Darren, I see you as extremely undisciplined. This is your golden opportunity to learn a few things about yourself and have a lot of fun. But if at any point you don’t show proper respect for your Aunt, then I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the summer. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, Aunt Victoria.”

“I didn’t think so.” She stood. “One more thing — I’m sure you’re going to have the urge to masturbate when I’m gone. You don’t have my permission to do that. Do you understand?”

Darren looked down. Victoria was probably 140 pounds. That made her half his size. Yet here she was, bossing him around. But how could he not touch himself tonight? It seemed impossible. “I-I Escort Gaziantep don’t know. I’m in pain,” he admitted.

“Come with me,” she said.

Darren followed her to the kitchen. She removed a soft ice pack from the freezer. He stood there while she slid her hand inside his waistband and dropped the ice down his front. He was disappointed that she didn’t look down. For some reason, he wanted very badly to be exposed in front of her.

“Sit on the couch with that for a while,” she said. “Press the ice pack up against your blue balls and the pain should diminish. Good night, Darren. See you at nine.”

He watched as she slid open the screen door and went back to the barn.


After a fitful night of sleep, Darren woke much earlier than he was accustomed to. He prepared eggs, toast, coffee, and orange juice and at 8:58, carefully made the walk across the field to the barn where his Aunt was waiting. He entered to find her wearing a loose-fitting turquoise sun dress, the straps showing her smooth upper arms and the low cut of the dress showing some nice cleavage. Both she and the painting she was working on were impressive.

She smiled when she saw him. It amazed her how easy it was to work boys once you gave their appendages a little bit of attention. “Good morning, Darren.”

“Good morning, Victoria.”

“Come on, Darren. Let’s get off on the right foot. Call me my proper name, please.”

Darren was surprised she would be this formal early in the morning. But he corrected himself. “Good morning, Aunt Victoria.”

“Put my breakfast on the bench over there.”

She made him wait for a few minutes while she touched up the painting and then she sat down and began eating her breakfast. “Not bad, Darren. The eggs are a little rubbery, but better than I thought.”

“Thanks Aunt Victoria.”

“So, I can tell you’re excited to get started, but first I want to get you a little worked up. Do 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups.”

Darren slumped. He was about to say, “Are you kidding me?” but he thought better of it. So while his Aunt ate breakfast, he began doing his exercise. In no time he was a sweaty mess.

“You’re really out of shape, huh?” Victoria said, sipping on her coffee, looking quite relaxed. She counted out his progress. “Nope, you didn’t reach the ground on that push-up, Darren. That doesn’t count. You’re still at 23.”

By the time he was finished, he was exhausted.

Victoria put her painting aside and put up a fresh canvas. “I suppose you want to masturbate now,” she said.

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“Then ask me nicely.”

“Can I masturbate, Aunt Victoria?”

“How are you supposed to masturbate with your underpants on, silly?”

Darren moved to remove his underpants, but her voice, surprisingly shrill and commanding, stopped him cold.

“WAIT. Did I give you permission to remove your underpants?”

“No, Aunt Victoria.”

“Good. Darren, remember this all started because you want me to boss you around. Remember?”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“Then smarten up and know your place. Ask me if you can remove your underpants and masturbate your penis.”

Darren cringed, but he did as he was told.

“Yes, you have my permission to remove your underpants, but don’t touch yourself until I give the command.”

Down came Darren’s underpants, and out popped his penis.

“Come stand in front of me so I can inspect you. God, you’re hairy,” Victoria said. “And I see your penis is very excited this morning, Darren.”

“Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“I want to sketch you,” she said. Darren was instructed to lie in the hay and turn onto his side so he was facing Victoria. “Here’s how this will work,” she said. “I want to totally control your masturbating, which means you have to get very good at following my commands precisely, like a good soldier. Each time I say ‘stroke,’ you’re permitted to tug your penis up and down once. If I say ‘free stroke,’ that means you’re allowed to stroke yourself vigorously at will until I give the command to stop or do something different. Understand?”

Darren felt a huge thrill. “Yes, Aunt Victoria.”

“Good. I thought you’d like this game. Now, don’t let me catch you stroking without my permission or I will ask you to put your underpants back on and it will be game over for the rest of the summer. I’m the boss. Understood.”

“Yes Aunt Victoria.”

“I want to hear you say it before we begin. Who is the boss?”

“You’re the boss, Aunt Victoria.”

“Good boy. Okay, she was peering out from one side of the canvas. Let’s begin. Stroke………….Stroke stroke……….Stroke…………………………………………….Stroke.”

Darren struggled to comply. He had a tremendous urge to jerk himself, but his young Aunt was calling the shots. She was so infrequent with her commands, that he felt his blue balls returning with a vengeance. The game went on for 20 minutes. At one point, she went several minutes without saying a word, and Darren ached.

Finally, she took the canvas and walked over to him. She showed him her work. It was remarkable. She truly was talented. There was Darren, unmistakably Darren, choking his own chicken, his face twisted in concentration. She had signed her name on the bottom. “This is for you, Darren. I call it, portrait of a stroker.”

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