Auntie’s New Tenant Ch. 02


Sending out a big thank you to everyone who commented on the original story. I hope you like the sequel just as much. ~~ BrettJ


Daniel Talbot was eagerly waiting for the arrival of his sister. Aunt Katrina had given him the day off from his chores, although he had made sure everything around the house was perfect. He wanted his sister to be impressed and he also wanted to show his gratitude for everything the sensual Katrina had done for him.

He chuckled to himself as he remembered how nervous he had been when he first heard the news that he’d be going to live with his aunt. Katrina had made an impression on him at an early age as being elegant and intimidating, regal and somewhat aloof. That was the image she wanted to project to the world. Only those closest to her learned the truth.

That truth presented itself almost from the get-go. The woman who picked him up in the sporty little MG looked young, leggy and hot and walked with the slinky style of a supermodel. She seemed to be much more easy-going than he remembered. She put him at ease with her dazzling smile and she was never short of compliments when he did good work around the house. As a result, he did his best job each and every time. Every plant was tended to, the lawns were mowed to precision and he tackled any chore she asked without grumbling.

It was hard to ignore Katrina in any fashion, because she moved like the dancer she had once been. She had gone dancing with her second husband a number of times until he traded her in for a younger model. Was he an idiot?, Daniel often wondered. His aunt was the foxiest woman on earth. She didn’t like much older than his sister, who was in her early 20’s, although Daniel knew that she was in her 30’s.

Denise was due to arrive any minute and he couldn’t wait to see her. The promises that Katrina had made to Daniel had him excited all week. As a thank you, each and every fuck he shared with Katrina had driven her to the point of exhaustion. He wanted to thank her for the kinky adventure they were about to undertake and the ones they had already shared.

Some might think it was wrong for a young man to be fucking his aunt, but they were damned fools! Both he and Katrina believed you took your pleasure where you found it, of course, it had been Katrina who had taught him that particular lesson. She made no apologies for being a hedonist or for having the sex drive of 3 women. It had cost her two marriages, but she just picked up the pieces and found new lovers to inspire further desires. Daniel had been the latest of many.

What surprised them both was their chemistry in bed. Katrina believed that she would add Danny to her parade of lovers and he would keep her satisfied at home. She didn’t count on his being an exceptional pupil and having the stamina he had. He was also very smooth and confident in his movements, due to his own not-inconsiderable dancing skills. If Katrina made a move, he was able to pick up on it. It was also an asset that he was young, flexible and in terrific shape.

Daniel didn’t think he would find his aunt as sexy as he did. Katrina was up for anything and she had the most energy of any sexual partner he had ever been with. They enjoyed each other’s company, had gone dancing a number of times and swam together every day. Yet it was bed where they complimented each other most. Her hands would move all over his body and their touch would send him skyrocketing. He was glad they hadn’t hooked up the first night he arrived and had gotten to know each other. He loved learning all the naughty little things about Katrina and it had been fun almost catching her with a lover. He adored the sexy little whimpers she made in bed and the way her nails would dig into his back whenever he fucked her on top. She knew that he liked her to talk dirty and she could be the filthiest of sluts, yet when it was over, she was back to being Katrina again.

Katrina’s arms encircled him now as he looked out the window. “You’re not being like yourself,” Katrina chuckled as she nuzzled his ear. “You’re normally very patient.”

“That was before,” Daniel sighed. Before referred to the time before Katrina revealed to him that it had been Denise she was in bed with that evening, that she and Denise had been lovers as well and that Denise had expressed a desire to fuck her younger brother. All of that had been before.

Katrina had been the happy beneficiary of her nephew’s lusts, also fueled by the fact she had arranged to make it all happen. Her motives weren’t entirely altruistic, she had long desired an opportunity to make love to Deborah, Denise’s lover and an acquaintance of her own that she had never bedded. The timing had never been right for her and the Japanese-Hawaiian beauty, but there were no obstacles in their way this time.

“They’re HERE!” Daniel yelled like a little kid as a sporty little Hyundai pulled into the driveway. He practically ran out to greet his sister, sweeping her up in his arms. Denise was giggling hysterically when he Gaziantep Escort put her down.

“Whoa little brother, let a girl breathe,” Denise laughed. “I guess you’re not so little anymore, are you? What a handsome fucker you are, right Deb?”

WHOA was the thought going through Danny’s mind as he saw his sister’s roommate for the very first time. He had never even seen pictures of the woman and what a shame that was. She was tall and willowy, with ash-blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Daniel was reminded of the first time he saw Katrina, Deborah just knocked you over with her beauty. Wearing a snug pair of shorts and heels, with a low-cut white blouse, Deborah was a visual feast. She seemed to have legs that went on forever and Daniel could easily see why Deborah and his sister were not just “roommates”. She was exotic and beautiful, but what did this beautiful creature see in his older sister?

Then Daniel had the good sense to step back and look at his sister. WHOA again! Where had she gotten that body? In 3-inch silver heels, she was a few inches taller than her lover, she’d had a lovely wave put in her blonde hair and was perfectly coiffed and made up. Also wearing a short skirt and gauzy top, Daniel noticed his sister was just as foxy as her girlfriend. He picked up their luggage and took it indoors, looking up to thank the heavens the girls were staying for a 4-day weekend.

Katrina brought out a nice bottle of wine as the two women settled in. Denise and Deborah were both fully aware of Daniel’s relationship with Katrina, so she snuggled against him on one couch while they shared another. Daniel knew he’d be hearing lots of interesting stories this weekend and seeing sights he had never even imagined. It blew his fucking mind that he would be in bed with all 3 of these women this weekend. Then he thought better of that, he might be jumping the gun. He had no reason to assume that Deborah would want to go to bed with him, maybe she was only into girls?

“Relax studly, I’m not going to jump your bones … yet,” Deborah chuckled, putting an end to that lingering thought.

“Not before I do anyway,” Denise snickered. “Right Danny?”

Daniel nodded and smiled confidently. Before becoming Katrina’s lover, he would not have been so self-assured and known that he could please his bi-sexual sister. But now, he knew that if he could keep up with the sex-goddess that was Katrina, he could handle any woman. “I hope you can handle me, sis,” Daniel bragged. “Once I get my groove on, I don’t let anyone get off the ride!”

“Listen to the cocky little bastard,” Denise said as she gave her girlfriend a peck on the cheek. “We’ll see about that, lit … Daniel.”

Karina sipped her wine and licked her lips slowly, giving Daniel a quick kiss as well. She leaned over and said to her niece, in a soft, dulcet tone “He’s that good, sweetheart.” She placed her hands on Daniel’s arms and said “He almost exhausts me.” Daniel thought if he was a rooster, he would have been crowing by now.

“You know, this weekend isn’t all about sex,” Daniel smiled.

“It isn’t? Okay Denise, let’s get going,” Deborah joked.

“How’s your new life sis, are you meeting new friends, what are you up to?” Daniel asked. Denise and Deborah filled him in on their life together, their new place and sexy friends. It seemed to the younger man that most of their friends were women and from the descriptions, hot women If they were as hot as his sister and Deborah, it boggled the ever-lovin’ frickin’ mind!

“How’s Mom?” Denise asked, voicing the question that had lingered in the air.

“We spoke with Dad yesterday, nothing’s changed,” Daniel said with a sigh. Although Penny’s drinking is what had been one of the reasons for his leaving home and ending up in this wonderful relationship, he still wanted his mother sober and healthy again. “He wants her to go to rehab, but she refuses. I honestly think he’s contemplating divorce, which is sad, because he really loves Mom.”

“I know he loves Mom, we all do,” Denise said, almost in tears. “I don’t know why a sane, rational woman could throw everything away for alcohol, I don’t.”

“Your mother is ill honey, it had been building for a long time,” Karina said, going over to her niece and giving her a comforting hug. “I’m glad that you trusted me enough to live here and that you’ve found someone who loves you. Cling to your loved ones and draw strength from them.”

Daniel watched his aunt-lover deal with the situation and his admiration grew. Not only was she the sexiest woman he had ever met, she was smart and practical. She knew when there was a time for fun and a time for serious and kept everyone where they needed to be.

“I think we’re getting too serious, so why don’t we all have dinner and lighten the mood?” Karina smiled. “I’ve made a lovely lasagna with home-baked bread, there’s a nice dessert and we can enjoy some more of this lovely wine,” She told them.

They all sat around the dining room table Gaziantep Escort Bayan and enjoyed a lovely meal. Daniel took in the sight of the three beauties he’d be spending the weekend with, each different in her own way. It saddened him to think that his mother couldn’t enjoy an evening like this, that one drink turned into many drinks. He knew there was an inner demon in Penny that couldn’t be silenced, so he concentrated his efforts on being witty and charming, partially to keep his sister from drifting back into melancholy.

Dinner was fabulous and dessert and coffee topped off a fabulous evening. They all continued to laugh and talk and as the evening went on, it was clear what was on everyone’s mind. Denise was sitting near her brother, she just took his hand and led him upstairs. The siblings could hear the high-heeled footsteps of Karina and Deborah following behind them.

They reached the bedroom before anyone else. Using a dimmer switch, Denise set the lights to match their mood. She perched on the side of the bed and smiled. “So, you’re sure that you can handle your big sister?” She smiled as she licked her lips.

“Older maybe, but not bigger,” Daniel replied with a macho swagger. He knew Karina and Deborah had now joined them and were watching his actions. He began undressing, taking off his shirt to reveal a body even more buff than before, made lean from swimming and tan from working outdoors every day.

Deborah whispered something to Karina that Daniel couldn’t hear. It must have been cute, because his aunt giggled.

His shirt off, he pulled Denise close and he kissed her. At first, he kept the kiss sensual the way Karina liked, but then he let his passion flow through his veins. Denise began kissing him back and her body responded in kind. This confident young stud was her brother? Her nipples were stiff against her blouse and all she wanted to do at this moment was rip off her clothes, climb aboard Danny’s cock and fuck him senseless. She adored Deborah and their life together, Deborah was so sexy and demanding, but dammit, it had been a long time since a cock had been the object of her desire. She whimpered as he broke the kiss, but with remarkable speed, Daniel made short work of her blouse. He marveled that she didn’t wear a bra but her breasts were so perfect and delicate, she didn’t need one. He kissed each nipple and Denise shuddered.

Karina’s dark eyes watched Daniel with pride. She could feel Deborah’s hot breath on her neck and couldn’t wait until those lips were on the rest of her body.

Denise lifted her hips so that her handsome brother could slide her skirt down her long legs. She had caught him staring at her legs several times tonight and was glad that she liked to dance and swim and keep them toned. They were her lover’s favorite feature as well and knowing how sexy Deb’s legs were, she always felt pleased to hear that. She smiled when her brother saw she wasn’t wearing panties either, just her naked body had been underneath her clothes. Knowing it pleased him as much as it had pleased her aunt and Deborah made her feel empowered. Denise liked to think of herself as a sexual woman with all the privileges that entailed.

Despite all that, she felt like modeling clay in the hands of her brother. Aunt Karina had taught him well, he had the most beautiful hands and he was using his mouth to arouse her more each minute. Her skin was tingling and her nipples loved having him pluck on them. She caught Deborah and Karina watching them, Deborah’s arms around her aunt’s waist. She winked at both of them, knowing they’d join them in bed shortly.

“My turn baby,” Denise told her brother. “You’ve got me so fucking wet, let’s see that cock. It’s going to be in my pussy as many times as I can get it away from those two bitches, so lemme see what it is I’m getting.” She gasped when he tugged his pants and boxers down … her last boyfriend had been nowhere near as large as Danny and neither were any of their sex toys.

“Fuck, what a humongous cock!” Deborah said in a voice Daniel did hear. He had no basis for comparison and only worried about using it properly to satisfy Karina. As she constantly praised his increasing sexual prowess, he just did his best each time and was rewarded with fucking intense sex and a few marks on his back that were like a badge of honor to the young man.

Sucking it into her mouth, Denise almost gagged at first. She relaxed her throat and took more of him in, laving it with her tongue while caressing it with her hand. He was long and wide, how fucking cool was that? She bobbed her head up and down noisily, wanting to put on a show for Deb and Karina. She knew both of them were unrepentant voyeurs. “Ho-lee FUCK sis,” Daniel gasped as his sister throated him.


“Oh yeah, I think my head’s gonna explode,” Daniel panted as he ran his fingers through her thick blonde hair.

“You didn’t cum,” Denise pouted.

“He’s well trained and can hold it,” Karina bragged. Escort Gaziantep “Our record is two hours, he fucked me from 11 until past 1 AM and didn’t cum once until then. I could not say the same,” Karina chuckled.

Denise pushed her younger brother on his back as Karina and Deborah joined them on the king-sized bed. “I’m going to see what this big fucker can do in my cunt,” Denise grinned as Karina and Deborah slowly got out of their clothes. Her sexy body wiggled and moved down on her brother’s cock, Daniel himself groaned. His sister had an incredibly snug pussy and he wasn’t quite sure if he would fit. Daniel looked to his right to see Karina and Deborah loving each other up. Karina had such a blissful look on her face, he wondered if she wore the same expression when he fucked her?

Daniel knew that he couldn’t pay too much attention to Karina and her lover, he had his sister to deal with. Using the skills he had learned from Karina, he began to tantalize his sibling with all the tricks he knew. “Oh!” Denise gasped as her head snapped back. “You ARE good, you little fucker, keep that up,” Denise groaned as she slammed her body back down against his throbbing cock. Daniel found himself wondering how much of his sister’s sexy little trick had been taught to her by Karina as well.

Denise screamed and thrust herself down upon Daniel’s cock, her body released and it wasn’t hard to see that she had just enjoyed one hell of an orgasm. She kissed her brother and then leaned over and shared a passionate kiss with Deborah. Karina was between the exotic young woman’s legs but Denise’s scream caused her to lift her head and smile at everyone. She moved away from Deborah and yanked Denise to her. “Let’s keep this little fuckfest going, Deborah, you want my nephew to fuck you?”

The exotic beauty smiled at Daniel. “With the way he just made my baby cum, you bet I do! Come here handsome, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Daniel couldn’t believe he was really going to the fuck the exotic Deborah. She had captivated him since her arrival and she had the sexiest voice and was smart and funny. She was also smoking hot and as Daniel watched his sister and Karina move into a sixty-nine beside them, he was practically drooling for the opportunity to fuck the gorgeous Hawaiian.

Deborah did not disappoint, she took his cock deep into her mouth and began sucking on it. She had the sexiest smile, as if tasting her lover’s pussy cream on his cock was an added treat. Her tongue whirled around his cock, she throated him right down to his balls and then she swung herself around. Now her pussy was available to Daniel and he ate her until her juices were pouring from her cunt. When she was gasping for air, Dan figured he’d done a great job at making her cum. She turned around and presented her body to him. “Fuck me from behind, you motherfucker!” Deborah snarled. “Make me feel it, drive it deep.”

“He’s actually an aunt-fucker, but you’re close enough,” Karina chuckled. Daniel grabbed Deborah by the hips and gave her just what she wanted, a deep, solid fucking. She groaned as she was impaled on his thick shaft, then she began to move around so her body pulled him in as deep as he could go. Karina and Denise were still making out like crazy, but they were also watching the initial fuck of their respective lovers.

“Give it to my baby good Danny, the gorgeous slut can take it!” Denise encouraged her brother.

“Yeah baby, give it to her Daniel, she’s such a sexy little whore!” Karina shouted.

“Oh yes, I am, such a slut, a whore for cunts and cocks!” Deborah groaned as Daniel pounded her pussy with his cock. She fucked him back and felt a white-hot heat in her pussy, it had been years since she’d felt this kind of sexual inferno and even longer since a man had brought it out. Daniel was a very good fuck, confident and masterful as well as giving. He was moving his hips back and forth and letting her adjust to his girth, now Karina and Denise had joined them. Deborah’s face was covered with Karina’s perfect cunt while her girlfriend sucked her tits and ran her hands over her brother’s toned body. The evening had turned into early morning, yet no one was tired. They all kept fucking and sucking, trying to wear out the young man who was taking such good care of them.

Karina wrapped her long legs around Daniel’s back and had Denise lay her juicy snatch on her face. While her nephew was fucking her, Deborah was egging him out.

“God, what a hot young stud you are Dan, fuck them all!” She hissed. “Cum in your aunt’s cunt and we’ll eat it out of her pussy, that’s what I want! What do you think Denise, should we do that for these nasty, kinky people?”

“Yeah, eating cock juice out of auntie’s cunt, that’s something we’ve never done!” Denise moaned as her aunt’s tongue went in deeper. “Fill the slut full Danny, give her a big load of cum and we’ll lick it all out!”

Daniel had learned the valuable lesson that his female relatives knew what was best, so he surged forwards a few more times and let go of his load. Once he had cum as much as he could, Deborah kissed him and pushed him away gently. She went down to Karina’s cunt and began eating her, to be joined by Denise a moment or so later. From the howls he heard from Karina, she was cumming and cumming and cumming …

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