Ava Pt. 01

Adriana Chechik

My name is Ava, i’m 20 and I developed at a pretty young age. Got my period at 11 I had a pretty voluptuous figure for my age. Something that was embarrassing because I’m quite shy & all the attention I got from boys & even men was something I didn’t know how to handle. So I just ignored what I didn’t understand & kept mainly to myself. This is the story of my initiation to the world of sex by my father before my 19th birthday.

My parents are Val 59 she’s 21 yrs younger than my father. The fact that this was a ‘forced’ marriage was very apparent because they used to fight a lot & at some point in every argument the topic of it being a “forced marriage” would always crop-up.

When I was old enough to understand, it kind of hurt, cause I felt at fault. Thought I was the cause of all the stress & unhappiness, they both felt they had given up their lives because of me. Guess this cause me to withdraw into myself & turned me into an introvert. The kind of child that tried to please her parents & hoped that her obedience & quiet character would earn her their love.

We weren’t a rich family & sometimes it was downright scary. When we couldn’t pay the electricity bills or the mortgage and when the lights were cut off or worst, when there wasn’t enough food to go around.

Had to make do with hand-me-downs from friends & neighbors, try to make do the best I could with what I had.

My father didn’t have any close family left on his side & my mom’s relatives stopped talking to her after she got pregnant & was forced to marry my dad, they didn’t like him for obvious reasons.

So there was no hope or help from that end.

My dad used to work construction but he had a work accident a few years back & after that just couldn’t do manual labor like he used to, finding work was very hard for him.

Mom having left school before getting her degree, had no other choice than taking odd-jobs like cleaning or waitressing which didn’t pay much. Her current job was working at a hotel as a maid where she did loads of overtime trying to make more money.

A few months before my 17 birthday I don’t know what ‘broke the camel’s back’ but their fights turned into WW3. Later that week mom & dad sat me down, told me that they were getting a divorce. I of course broke down & started to cry. Because I didn’t want my family to break up, even though it was far from perfect.

My mom wiped my tears what’s more it’s for the best. I know you are frightened & worried but what you must always remember is that it has nothing to do with you. The only good that came out of this marriage is you”.

My father nodded his head in approval, sitting on the other side of me, hugging me to offer comfort he added “Yes. “This has nothing to do with you. we just don’t work. But the only important thing you should know and understand is that no matter what happens, we are both here for you & always will be”.

This talk didn’t make things any easier but the fact that they showed a united front did lighten the load, a bit.

A few weeks later my parents informed me that because of the divorce and mainly because of the monetary problems they were selling the house & that mom was moving back to her hometown with the notion of making amends with her family. Returning to school to get a degree & last but not least hoping to get a better job, enabling her to move up in life & if everything worked as planned, they would then share custody over me.

Dad said “you see baby, no one is giving you up. We both love you. We know it’s going to be a big change & tough at first. But we are hopping that the money we get for the sale of the house will help.”

Later I also found out that we, dad & I would be leaving the city & renting a 2.5 bedroom cottage in a rural part of some small town. Which was pretty far of & not near my current school so I would also be losing what few close friends I had?! (Another downer).

Dad also got a consulting job at an old work-buddies new construction business, which meant that some more of the monetary burden would be lifted off my parents ‘back’.

The rest of the months flew by, before long mom packed her stuff, kissed & hugged me goodbye. Both of us crying & promising to call, keep in-touch as much as possible.

A few days later our (dad’s & my) stuff were packed on a rental truck. We were off to our rustic cottage in the middle of nowhere.

It was more a shack then something magical as I’d envisioned, it would be. But I guess with the monetary situation being what it was, it shouldn’t have been such a shock. Inside the place wasn’t much better, but it was a roof over our heads, so that was something.

I Giresun Escort of course took the smaller, half bedroom. Which could fit only a small bed & an even smaller cupboard, nothing else. Not that i had a lot of belongings.

We settled in & got into a routine pretty soon. Dad worked, got home then cooked dinner & worked on the house or the yard.

Me, after a day of studies used to get back & do my homework, afterwards help with the dishes or the easier jobs lending a helping hand when needed. The first few months were very tiring as we had a lot of work cut out for us, trying to make this small run-down place into a home & getting used to everything new.

Life was good, which came as a pleasant shock especially compared to what i was used to before. No more arguments or harsh words. Dad & me got along great, even when mom phoned she’d chat with dad if he picked up the phone, before handing it to me.

There were times when i wondered & wished that maybe, as the saying goes “distance makes the heart grow fonder” & maybe just maybe they would get back together & we could all be a happy loving family like you see in the movies or TV. But as time passed i understood that, that dream wasn’t likely to come true, especially when mom told me that she met someone a while back & that she really liked & was moving in with him.

A week before I turned 18 I had just finished school & started taking a prep-class for college. Got a phone call from mom, she wanted me to come live with her, as she & her new guy had rented a huge house. I didn’t want to uproot myself & gave her some lame excuse. She said that as i was visiting on my birthday week with them, we would re-visit the subject then.

The main reason was that i didn’t want to leave my dad all alone in that small house in the middle of nowhere, he unlike my mother hadn’t found someone new. I would feel disloyal.

At the start of this week the weirdest most embarrassing thing happened, I was in bed trying to fall asleep. Had a headache which didn’t help the situation, so took some pills and was rolling from side to side trying to sleep but couldn’t drown out the rural night sounds which being a city girl all my life were pretty annoying & hard to drown out.

I heard the bed creaking & groaning the sec I got in, but it was a pretty old hand-me-down bed so it wasn’t a surprise that it was ‘groaning’. But tonight without warning I found myself half way on the floor. I shrieked in fright, my dad burst into the room a few sec later wondering what happened. When he saw me he burst out laughing.

He laughed so hard he doubled over holding his middle, with tears in his eyes. After the initial shock I felt largely embarrassed & started to laugh too. “Daddy!!” I cried, “Stop laughing at me” I pouted. “this is so, not funny”.

He wiped away the tears coming forward to help me up. “Yeah you are right. Sorry honey. But the look on your face was so funny & cute I couldn’t help myself” he said & started to smirk.

I made a face at him which made him start laughing again. “Stopppp Daaaaaaddy” I pleaded.

“Sorry, sorry baby-girl.” he said with a smile. “Well guess that that’s, with your ‘baby’ bed. Not a baby anymore ahh.” He winked “well what now” he rubbed his chin thinking out loud checking the bed “this is a total wreck. The sofa is a no go, as it’s so lumpy & also falling apart. Will be no wonder if I hear another crash in the night.” he started to laugh all over again. I just made a face.

“Well baby-girl, sorry but you will have to sleep with me for a while. Until I’ve got enough cash to buy you a new bed” he kissed my forehead with a smile & told me to take my pillow or whatever else I would need for the night.

I got into his bed before him and lay under the covers, he slipped in beside me & after a while I heard his even deep breathing, indicating that he was asleep. Sleep that evaded me the nights before came with a force tonight. And I was out before I knew what hit me.

In the morning I had a really hard time getting up & dad had to call on me 5 or 6 times before I even heard him, reluctantly pulling myself out of bed. My body was sore but I guess that was because of the fall, so didn’t think much of anything & seeing as I was pretty late rushed along cause dad was my ride.

Had a rough day keeping up, just glad it was the last day before the weekend cause was so sleepy & tired, headache was better, but now my body was aching. Couldn’t think of anything better then a nice long shower & an even longer nap.

Was pretty wiped out by the time I reached home at 04:35. Dad wasn’t home yet. Went to take Giresun Escort Bayan a long warm shower working the grime, tiredness & ache from my body. When was washing between my legs felt & saw a large amount of slimy discharge.

Had seen much of the same on my panties said that in addition to the blood sometimes there is per-menstrual discharge & also post menstrual discharge that is slimy & milky in color or transparent.

The area was also a bit sensitive to the touch so thought maybe I was going to get my period soon, as this must be P.S. Symptoms. Thus thinking put thoughts of it out of my mind & just wanted to dive into bed & sleep forever, but knew that if I did that there was a good chance I would sleep the weekend away & I had homework & housework to finish. So got out of the shower & started on that. Was busy working on my essay by the time dad walked in.

“hi kiddo” he said cheerfully, kissing my head “working hard, I can see” talking & walking on his way to his room. After a while heard the shower & later on he strolled into the kitchen to fix us dinner.

“How was your day’ he asked flipping on the radio humming along to the song that was pouring out of it.

Looking at him was amazed at the one-eighty, just a few months – weeks ago he was so depressed & down. Looked a 100yrs old not his age at all. He wasn’t what u would call a looker. Had shaved off all his hair at quite a young age as he was balding. He was quite pudgy in the middle, with a round big beer belly. His shoulders & arms were strong & wide, legs were muscled too. But that was because of all the work he did around the house & what he used to do when he worked construction.

Height wise was around 5’9. I was almost 5’5 & if I kept growing, i would reach him or even pass him. He was 58 & looked his age, but the change I guess was internal. I was worried what with the new man in mom’s life, how he would take it. But i guess the divorce & all the changes that came as a result of it, contributed to this positive change in him.

I felt literally blissful at seeing this, I felt my heart sore. The reasoning behind their separation wasn’t me, felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders.

Even if you tried you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, I was so happy . We laughed & ate, was pestering him, trying to find out if he (like mom) had met someone new, but he just gave me this mysterious smile & didn’t answer.

Later on we watched some TV. I was pretty drowsy & before long was already dozing in front of the TV. So my dad woke me up & ordered me to bed.


I always had a thing for young females. Their tight smooth satin skin, their innocent virginal nipples & pussies. Young bodies that were ripe for the picking. Life as a bachelor was the bomb & up until Aveline’s pregnancy I was living the life. Even though up until this day I think she got knocked-up on purpose. Guess she thought that would stop all my cating around & turn me into a honorable, reliable man.

Guess I felt more sorry for the kid she was carrying then her, that’s why I married the bitch. But I learnt from my mistakes & the sec I could, got myself fixed as to avoid further paternity situations.

Goes without saying that marrying her didn’t stop my sleeping around, if anything I just couldn’t stop myself & was ready to fuck any young thing that was willing or stupid enough not to know what’s what. Wasn’t even worried enough to cover it up. Guess that’s what drove Aveline around the bend. Well no love lost there, the only guilt I felt was over the kid, she was a small little thing all skin a bones. As quiet as a mouse. Tried not to fight when she was around but being around Aveline just brought out the devil in me & all hell would break lose.

As time passed that little angel started to blossom & at quite a young age her body started to change & fill out. She already had round B cups & her behind was filling out nicely too. It astonished me that her body was as hot, damn even hotter taking into consideration her age, her bloody mother wasn’t that hot at the age of 18 when I’d first set my sights on her.

As the months & years passed by, her body became more voluptuous which was astounding & mouth watering in my eyes.

Whenever I looked at her I got a hard on, she didn’t have to wear anything revealing or skimpy for me to get turned on. Her tits kept getting bigger & bigger, was wondering if & when they would stop growing. Poor girl being as slender & young as she was would start having back problems. Would laugh to myself while other parts of me would get so hard & start oozing pre-cum, readying me for penetration. Escort Giresun

Ohh if only I could. But she was much too young & even though her body was ready for some hard cock I knew that her mind might not yet be. What’s more I didn’t want to risk things, being in a volatile situation as it was with her mother. Had to be very careful how I acted around her

Her body wouldn’t quit hard, painful & ready. She was driving me insane with desire.

When she had gotten her period, which was confusing for her as her mom hadn’t bothered to take the time and teach her a thing about the changes a girl/teen/woman goes through. I wondered if I could take things into my ‘own hands’ but I wouldn’t stop at talking.

Years later when things came to an end at long last with Aveline I was relieved & thrilled. Relieved to see the back of Aveline & thrilled to be able to start a new life with Ava.

She was all woman & in other parts of the world she would be wed & having some guys babies. But had to take my time & not rush into anything. The thought of ‘educating’ her kept popping into my mind, a thought that would conjure up visions of her young sensual body. I would get a painful erection.

The main thing that any girl/virgin is scared of is not the losing of the virginity per say but the pain & I wanted her initiation into the world of sex, to be as painless as possible.

That would help her, except her future with me with better ease. So I had to take this slow & think things through. The way to ease entry is by making the hole bigger, flexible if you will. Skin after all is like elastic & the more you stretch it the more it will ‘give’ & extend.

That basically was my game plan. Of course it was going to be torment for me. Something that would take time but in my mind it was going to be worth the wait. I bet I would find ways for her to make it up to me, when the time came, I smiled to myself.

After the move, there just didn’t seem to be any time, the house needed more work than i initially thought & as winter was around the corner wanted the everything to be well insulated & livable, before it got too cold. Add that to the new job & all my plans had to be put on hold. But now that we were all alone and the first piece’s of the plan had gone into motion, i wasn’t worried and knew sooner or later everything would work out just fine.

The first ‘lesson’ opportunity came a month later. After her 18th birthday, she had gone that week to celebrate with her mother (a mini vacation) & spent some days at some lake swimming even though it was cold, so when she got back home she already had the flu.

I know you will want to, but try not to judge me too harshly, I am no saint the illness & short vacation, plus drive had drained her young body, so all I had to do was wait until i was sure she was asleep, to start.

Snuck into Ava’s room. She had pushed all her blankets off & they were lying on the floor in a heap. Guess she was hot, my poor baby. She was lying on her left side both palms under her head with her knees bent a bit.

Sat on the bed & touched her forehead, she was cool but saw that her t-shirt was soaked with sweat, guess the fever broke. Good was glad, went to the bath room wet a washcloth & brought an additional dry clean one also. Removed Ava’s wet t-shirt, she mumbled in her sleep a mild protest that brought a smile to my lips. Then I got her panties off. Now she was on her back naked & beautiful as ever, her tight young skin smooth & glowing begging to be touched.

Took the wet washcloth & rubbed her young hot skin. Her body was that of a sex kitten full & round, ready to please if only she knew how hmmm.

I kept moving the washcloth over Ava’s breasts I ached to sink my mouth on them. Such un-fatherly thoughts I had.

Watching those beautiful nipples get hard. I moved my hand lower and lower cleaning her smooth flat belly & further down to the mound of her beautiful pussy. Which had a fine sprinkling of jet black hair covering it, another indication that she was primed & ready for the taking mmm.

My cock was hard as a rock the things I wanted to do to her little pussy ‘Oh God give me strength’.

My hand was visibly shaking when I started to gently push her legs apart. She opened like a beautiful untouched flower, the labia majora first & then the inner delicate labia minora layers. I thought I would ‘faint’ or fall forward & start fucking & eating out her perfect little cunt like mad, not minding if I woke her up.

But I loved her & wanted her to love fucking me, so I bent forward smelling her sweet virginal pussy that was shut tight. The vaginal entrance was a tight line which meant that she hadn’t even fingered herself or stuck a tampon into her hole yet. ‘OH MY GOD’, this was like walking on sacred ground, what a gift. Had been with other young virgins before, but their hole was visible, small but yet you could see the opening.

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