Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 08


Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who stands naked in front of the hotel bathroom mirror. She’s wearing only a pink thong. Her hair is tied into a tight ponytail. She arches her back which lifts up her huge tits. She laughs while shaking them and then grabs for her favorite lipstick off the counter. Her fingers twist open the stick top and she gently spread’s it over her lower lip.

It’s the end of October and Ava’s at a wrestling tournament which is out of town. She checked into a hotel opposite the university campus. She had watched Timothy (20 yrs.) on Friday night who lost his wrestling match. He stands at 5’9″ and weighs 157 lbs. His body frame is thin who has no prominent abs or shoulders. She noticed his strong, ripped legs though.

Timothy got a hotel room on the first floor with his girlfriend. They had been fighting and he was “partying” because he lost at this tournament. Ava watched him from the upper, second floor railing, opposite his room. She can look down and see everything. His girlfriend left their room Saturday morning and was carrying her bags.

On Saturday afternoon. Ava waits until Timothy steps out of his room. She gets his attention and waves down at him. He waves back and she quickly lifts up her Rize Escort t-shirt. She’s wearing no bra underneath. Her tits jiggle at him as he freezes on the spot. His eyes grow big and his mouth opens in shock.

She yells down at him, “I’m in room 210. Come by tonight.”

Later Saturday night in her room. The big screen TV is playing ESPN college wrestling. The volume is turned down to a whisper. A desk lamp on the table is turned on high. It shines over the room.

Timothy and Ava are near the door. She’s wearing her pink thong and is on her knees. He is standing with his hands leaning against the wall. His jeans and boxer shorts are pulled down to his ankles. His shirt is laying on the floor.

Her left hand is wrapped around his 6-inch cock and her right-hand cups his balls. Her lips are covering his cock-tip and she’s licking forward and backward really hard. His eyes look down and watches everything she does.

Timothy responds, “Shit…! Like that… Just… Like that… Oh, shit!!”

Her left hand pushes down to his thick, black crotch. Her lips then go down his shaft halfway and then back up.

“Oh, Shit…! Shit… Ava… Shiiiiitt!!” he says.

Her lips pull off his cock and she move’s Rize Escort Bayan down to his balls. Her warm mouth takes in both of his testicles and her tongue move’s them around.

Timothy jerks his head and he takes a quick breath, “Shit…! There you go… My girlfriend never does it… There you go… Suck on my balls.!!”

Ava’s mouth moves from one testicle to the other and sucks it gently. Her left-hand strokes his cock up and down.

He looks down and keeps breathing hard, “Uh-Shit…! Uh-I think… I love you… Shit, that feels good!!”

Her mouth goes back to his other testicle.

“Ohhh… Shittt…! Shit. Shit.!” He yells.

Ava pulls up her mouth and both of her hands lift off his hard shaft. Her right hand grabs a condom from the floor. She tears it open and quickly slides it over his cock. He looks down at her and breath’s hard. Her lips quickly slide down his shaft. It’s wet and ready to fuck.

She stands up and wraps her arms around his neck. They both French-Kiss deeply. He pushes her back against the wall. His hands pick her up by the waist and her legs wrap around his lower back.

They keep kissing as his left hand grabs his cock. His cock-tip searches for her blonde Escort Rize pussy. He finds the wet hole and slowly slides it in. Both of his hands wrap tightly around both of her buttocks. His strong legs hold her lower back, up against the wall.

He begins thrusting up using his thighs. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her. Her big tits press against his chest.

Her pussy drops down onto his cock.

He screams, “Shit.! Shit.! Ohh.! Shit.!”

“Timothy you’re so strong” she says into his ear.

His legs keep holding her up against the wall.

He yells, “Shit…! Love your titties…! Shit.!”

Her pussy keeps dropping down onto his cock.

It’s too hot for him, “Shit, I’m cumming fast. I’m cumming!!”

He thrusts up one last time gripping her buttocks a little harder.

He explodes under her beautiful body, “Uh-Uh-Shiiiiiitt.! Shiiiitt.! Shit!!”

Timothy’s orgasm ran up his buttocks and both his knees buckle. They both fall to the floor as his cock slips out.

She drops next to the wall and he hits the rug and rolls onto his back.

They both breathe hard and he asks, “You okay?”

She answers, “Yeah baby, are you?”

He nods his head “yes” and then lifts up his legs with both of his hands. He pulls off his jeans and boxer shorts.

“Shit, I never did that before. I held you up though” he says with a smile.

She replies, “You can try it again when you’re ready.”

They both laugh.

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