Baby Boy Ch. 03

Hard For

In Chapters 1 and 2 of “Baby Boy,” Amber accidentally seduced her son Jake, who’s obsessed with her enormous tits. When last we left them, Jake had just finished fucking his mother on a lounge chair next to their pool, when they turn to see Jake’s father (Amber’s husband) standing only feet away…

Mark, who had been married to Amanda for 20 years, couldn’t believe his eyes. There was his beautiful wife, naked on the lounge chair. And there was his son, Jake, on top of her pounding away at her pussy. It took him a few seconds to realize what he was seeing. Jake was naked, and his wife’s enormous tits—-which was one of the main things that attracted Mark to her—-were bouncing wildly between them. When he finally took the scene in, he managed to yell out.

Jake and Amber turned to look at Mark at the same time. Amber’s smile faded quickly, as did Jakes’. Mark dropped his briefcase and began walking toward them.

Amber looked up at her son and didn’t know what to say. She was feeling a lot of emotions—fear and shame at being caught by her husband, along with pure lust at the amazing fuck Jake had been giving her just moments before. She didn’t want him to stop thrusting into her juicy cunt, which was nearing orgasm again, but before she could say anything, Jake pulled out and stood up. He faced his father.

As soon as Mark approached them, Jake stepped forward and grabbed his father (whom he outweighed by about 30 lbs.) by the arm and flung him to the concrete next to the pool. Amber shouted a bit, surprised by her son’s force.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mark asked, stunned by his son’s strength.

Jake didn’t know why he had grabbed his Giresun Escort father like that, but he felt protective, like a boyfriend would if a man approached his girlfriend in a violent manner. Jake was stunned and looked down at his dad. Mark couldn’t help but notice that Jake was enormous and still hard. His cock stuck out like a proud flagpole, and it was coated in juices. As Jake stood there, shaking in anger a bit, his cock pulsed and bobbed and shook just a couple of feet from Mark’s face.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mark asked again. He started to get to his feet, but Jake pushed him back down with a light kick to the shoulder.

“What does it look like, dad?” Jake said sarcastically. “I was fucking mom. Until you showed up.”

“I see that! But what the fuck are you doing that for?” Mark spat back. He looked over at Amber, who had sat up and pulled a towel across her naked body.

“And you!” Mark shouted. “Fucking Jake? Fucking our own son? Right here in the middle of the day? What kind of whore are you?”

Jake wasn’t going to stand for that kind of talk. Before Amber could reply, Jake leaned down and punched his dad across the face. Mark’s head hit the ground and he blacked out.

When he awoke a few minutes later, he was still next to the pool. He could hear a soft moan coming from nearby. When he opened his eyes and his vision cleared up a bit, he sat up. He turned to see his wife still on the chair, her legs wide open, and Jake with his mouth planted firmly on her pussy. He was slurping loudly, and Amber’s eyes were shut. She was loving it, obviously. Her round, tan tits were vibrating slightly with each thrust Giresun Escort Bayan of Jake’s tongue.

Neither Jake nor Amber were paying any attention to Mark.

Mark moved to stand up, but he quickly realized that wasn’t an option. His hands were tied together, as were his ankles. The knots weren’t very tight, but tight enough to keep him from moving. He collapsed back, grunting as he did.

At the sound, Jake pulled back from the world-class licking he was giving Amber’s pussy, and turned to his father. Amber moaned in disappointment when Jake pulled away, but when she opened her eyes, she saw why: Mark was awake again.

When he’d passed out at Jake’s punch a moment ago, Amber had shrieked in surprise. When Jake confirmed that Mark was out cold, he turned to his mother.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to knock him out, and I don’t know why I did. But I guess I just didn’t want him to ruin our fun.”

Amber looked from her son, to her passed out husband, then down to Jake’s throbbing cock, still coated in her juices. Then she smiled up at Jake.

“I love you, baby boy. You protected me. Just like a good boy should.”

“What should we do now?” Jake asked. Amber thought for a moment. Her husband would be awake soon, and they’d have to answer some serious questions. So they might as well finish up before dealing with Mark.

“Run to the garage, baby boy,” she said. “Grab that rope off the shelf and come back.”

When Jake returned with the rope, still naked and still with his hard cock flopping around, Amber instructed him to tie Mark up.

“Not too tight, but enough to keep him put,” she said.

Jake Escort Giresun went about tying up his father. As he did, his hard cock slapped against Mark’s face a couple of times. Jake and Amber both laughed at this.

“Slap him with your cock, baby boy,” Amber said, half-jokingly. Jake obliged. He squatted over his dad, grabbed the base of his enormous dick, and slapped the wet cockhead against his dad’s lips a few times. Amber erupted into laughter, and Jake followed.

“OK, enough of that, baby boy,” she said. “Let’s get back to our fun now.”

And that’s what they did. Jake dove face-first into Amber’s open legs, and began making violent thrusts into it with his tongue. He knew by now that gentleness was not his mom’s style. He lapped like a hungry puppy at his mom’s cunt for ten minutes before Mark woke back up. When Mark spoke out, Jake pulled back to talk to him. This was going to be fun.

“Before you say anything, dad,” Jake said, “you need to understand something. Mom is mine now. Not yours. She’ll never be yours again.”

“But you can’t—” Mark began. But Jake cut him off.

“Shut up! Everything is mine. These lips are mine,” Jake said, and licked his mom’s lips. She kissed back, still unwilling to look at her conscious husband.

“These hands are mine,” Jake said, and placed one of Amber’s perfectly manicured hands around his engorged cock.

“And most of all, these tits are mine.” And with that, Jake nodded his mom. She sat forward, grabbed one of the absurdly large tits with both hands, and held it up to her son’s face, encouraging him to suck it.

Jake did. Mark watched as his own son wrapped his thick lips around his own mother’s enormous nipples. He was in shock. He couldn’t believe it.

And he couldn’t believe what was next…

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