Bachelorette Party


I came to with a splitting headache. Glancing around the darkened room at the bodies lying all around me, I tried to make sense of the last few hours. Courtney was getting married tomorrow, of that I was sure. But where was she? Looking around at the sleeping women surrounding me, I couldn’t find her. Until I heard a moan from my left, and the arm that had been lying still on me moved. I glanced over to find Courtney curled against my side. Shit, what had happened last night? As I tried to sort through my scrambled mind, Courtney’s had slowly caressed my hip, moving up my side before brushing against my breast. I gasped at her touch, thinking she must still be sleeping and dreaming of her fiance Mark.

“Why don’t you lay back down,” she said sleepily. I looked over quickly to see her looking up at me through drowsy eyes. Her thumb slowly stroking over my nipple. My breath hitched with every brush and my nipple hardening at her touch.

“Courtney, what are you doing?” I tried to push her hand away but she pinched my nipple, eliciting a sharp breath from me. She sat up and the blanket we’d thrown over ourselves in the night slipped from her shoulders revealing her perky breasts, nipples hardening in the cool morning air. My jaw dropped open and I swear a bit of drool fell from my lips. Courtney, Tekirdağ Escort my best friend, had always been a secret crush for me. Long legs, beautiful brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect pouty lips. The image of perfection.

Suddenly, it all came flooding back to me. Last night was Courtney’s bachelorette party. We’d all got rip roaring drunk at a local bar and made our way back to Amanda’s apartment, too tipsy and tried to make it to our own homes safely. Nicole had suggested we play Truth or Dare and in our stupor we all agreed. One thing lead to another, and we were suddenly recreating our makeout parties from high school before we’d all had boyfriends.

Courtney continued to toy with my nipple, leaning in and planting soft kisses on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan at her touch. I felt her smile against my skin. She let her hand drift down my stomach to tickle the lips between my legs. I involuntarily spread them for her as she drew designs on my thigh, her kisses moving from my shoulder to my neck. I reached my hand up and palmed one of her breasts. They fit perfectly in my hand and I loved feeling the weight of them. I wasn’t sure what was happening between us but for the life of me I couldn’t stop it. Didn’t want to stop it.

She pushed me slowly Tekirdağ Escort Bayan onto my back and straddled me, her hands coming up to hold my neck and her lips softly brushing mine. I grabbed her hips, savoring her taste while she sucked on my tongue. I moaned into her mouth, arching and grinding against her. I wondered what it would be like to have her kissing my pussy instead of my mouth.

She trailed her kisses down my throat to my tits, sucking a nipple into her mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair, holding her there as she sucked harder, flicking her tongue over my already too sensitive nipple. I sucked in a breath, my pussy getting wetter with every touch. I never knew her skin was so smooth or that she was so talented with her mouth. She sucked hard before popping my nipple out of her mouth with a loud smack. Courtney gave me a quick kiss on the lips before sliding down between my legs. She gently pushed my legs apart and looked at me as she spread my pussy lips and lightly ran her tongue up my slit. I gasped and writhed, almost cumming for her right then. Her tongue was firm and probing, sliding in and out of my cunt. Her lips were velvety soft, adding with the warmth of her breath I was turning into a puddle for her. I gripped the back her head, pushing Escort Tekirdağ her deeper. She giggled, deep in her chest before plunging her tongue into me. I moaned loudly, arching and grinding hard against her tongue.

She grabbed my ass, holding my pussy to her mouth. I threw my head back, letting out a guttural moan as she worked my clit. Her mouth was magic; sucking, licking, flicking, working me over and bringing me right to the edge. All too soon, she left me wanting. I glanced down and saw her grinning.

“I want you to cum for me. I want to taste you, have your pussy spasming on my tongue.” Before I could even answer, her mouth was on me again and she was taking no prisoners. She tongue-fucked me hard and deep, gripping my thighs and not letting me get away from her. She kept eye contact, and I could tell she was loving this as well. I squirmed and writhed, gasping for air, wanting a break but begging her not to stop.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” I yelled. My orgasm ripped through me as she continued to lap at my pussy. When the ride was over, she sat up, her lips glistening with my juices. She crawled up my body and kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself. Suddenly, we heard keys in the door and looked to see Amanda’s husband watching, his hardon straining against the jeans he was wearing. His eyes bugged out as he watched us.

“Am I interrupting something,” he stuttered. Courtney and I looked at each other, before collapsing in a fit of giggles that woke the other girls. I wanted so bad to return the favor but I suppose it would have to wait for another time.

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