Anthony loved watching Tina as she walked past his office window. She was petite but with a plump and tight behind that he had smacked more than once as she willingly bent over his desk… in his imagination.

“Hi, Anthony.” Tina said with a cute smile as she slowed down while passing in front of his open office doorway.

Anthony returned the smile. “Hi, Tina.”

She fiddled with the hair behind her ear and adjusted her glasses as she paused her stride – as if trying to come up with a plausible reason to come into his office. She then gave a quick wave before walking between the rows of cubicles to go to lunch. Anthony watched her through his glass office wall, not taking his eyes off her backside until she entered the elevator.

“Damn.” He said to himself as he returned his attention to organizing his desk before leaving for lunch.

“Hi, Anthony.” Patricia said as she stood in his doorway. “Am I disturbing you?”

Anthony glanced up from his desk and then intentionally returned his gaze to his desk. He knew if he looked much longer his eyes would end up on her breasts. “Oh, no. I’m just getting ready to head to lunch.”

“So am I. Did you want to get a bite together?”

“Umm… ” He said, glancing at – and trying not to stare at the body of the very shapely Patricia. “I am eating lunch with Sonny today.”

“Oh.” Patricia said softly. “Well… maybe next time.” She then averted her eyes and headed toward the office elevators.

Anthony tried not to watch her as she walked away but her hips – caressed by her beige skirt – were simply too inviting. Though she dressed very professionally, she couldn’t hide her voluptuous figure.

He smiled as he fantasized about Patricia’s ample bottom sitting naked on his desk – him standing between her juicy thighs – and gliding effortlessly inside her soft pussy. He often wondered if his desktop sat low enough for him to lay her back onto it and take one of her large breasts into his mouth.

He almost felt guilty about thinking of Patricia in such animalistic terms as she was a very sweet, take her to meet mom type of woman. But his libido – and lack of sex – was ramped up to an unusually high peak.

“You work too hard.” Leticia said as she leaned against Anthony’s doorframe.

He quickly turned from the elevators back toward his busy office doorway. “Hi.”

“Is that smile for me?” She said as she sauntered toward his desk.

“Umm… sure.”

Leticia – wearing a skirt that was a bit too tight and short for the office – sat on the front corner of Anthony’s desk as she crossed her legs. “You don’t sound sure.”

He couldn’t help but briefly glance at her body before looking back up at her beautiful, bespectacled face. He then chuckled. “Umm… uhh… “

Leticia’s seductive gaze sent chills through him. Her shapely legs, encased in dark stockings and displayed on top of his desk, made him wonder if he would be able to leave the office without the front of his pants revealing Leticia’s affect on him.

“Well… “Leticia said as she slid off of his desktop and eased toward the door. “… let me know what I can do to make you smile.”

A dumbfounded Anthony stared at Leticia as she left his office and joined the board moving toward the elevators. He finally shook his head and returned his eyes to his desk. “Damn.”

Anthony finally straightened his workspace to his liking, closed his laptop, rising from his desk just as Sonny arrived.

“I counted two hot women leaving your office, you lucky motherfucker.” Sonny said. Anthony laughed as he continued. “I wanted to stand back and see how many more would throw themselves at you but we only have so much time for lunch.”

Moving toward Sonny, Anthony said, “You missed Tina.”

“Oooh, shit. I love that cute little ass of hers.”

“Don’t we all.” Anthony said as he and Sonny moved toward the elevators.

“It’s funny, in five years I don’t remember you getting so much attention.”

“Well, I was married up until five months ago. And until a month ago no one knew I was divorced… and Leticia has always hit on me. She’s just more intense with it now.”

“Leticia hits on everyone.” Sonny said as Anthony nodded. “So, are you ready to get back in the game yet?”

Anthony looked at Sonny and shook his head. “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

“Who said anything about a relationship?” Sonny asked as they entered the elevator and paused their conversation.


“I’m not that guy.” Anthony said as he and Sonny exited the ground floor elevator with a few other co-workers. “I can’t just go out with someone to have sex with them. And… “

“…and you don’t want a relationship because your fucking divorce just happened.” Sonny said. “You know, your nuts are going to explode.”

Anthony laughed. “I don’t think that’s a thing.” His expression then grew more serious. “Though sometimes it feels like it is.”

“I bet.”

“Mr. Garmon!” A young lady called out to Anthony just as he and Trabzon Escort Sonny had reached the revolving exit door of the office building. He looked back over his shoulder to find Christie – the office building receptionist – waving at him.

“I guess this is number four for you.” Sonny said. “And all before lunch.”

“Shut up.” Anthony said as he and Sonny made their way to Christie’s desk.

“How are you, Mr. Garmon?” Christie asked with a big smile.

“I’m good, thank you.”

“You’re looking good in that suit.” Christie said. “You work out, don’t you?”

Anthony nodded and smiled, trying not to imagine Sonny’s expression as they stood right next to one another.

“I wish the guys my age took care of themselves the way you do. Either that or I’m just attracted to older men.”

Christie said with a wink as she handed Anthony a sealed yellow business envelope.

Anthony chuckled as Christie coyly smiled at him. “So who’s the envelope from?”

“Mr. Graves. He said you would need it for the meeting after lunch.”

“What meeting?” Anthony asked. Christie shrugged. He looked back at Sonny, who was obviously clueless. Anthony’s phone then vibrated. Reading the incoming email, he said, “Ah. I guess I have a meeting after lunch. Thank you, Christie.”

Christie nodded at Anthony. As they continued to gaze at one another she gave him another wink. He then chuckled and shook his head as he and Sonny headed back out of the office building.

“Number four.” Sonny said to Anthony as they walked.

“Shut up.” Anthony said, still smiling.


“It’s like watching a buzzsaw attack a cow.” Anthony said, grimacing as he watched Sonny eat his half-pound double cheeseburger.

Sonny ignored his friend, swallowing enough of his burger to speak. So, when’s the last time you fucked someone?”

“Janice.” Anthony said.

Sonny swallowed his food hard, completely clearing his mouth for the first time since their burgers arrived. “You haven’t fucked anyone since you and Janice split?”

Anthony shook his head.

Sonny lowered his voice to a near whisper. “You haven’t had pussy for half a year?”

Anthony shook his head.

“Shit, man. How are you functioning? Shit!”

“It’s been a long time, I know.”

“I don’t see how you can walk straight. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything.”

Anthony chuckled. “I do think about sex a lot. A lot.”

“You gotta get over Janice, man. Forget that bullshit she did.”

“I’m over her. It’s not about the past. I just… I was married for 10 years. And I’ve been single for the past five months and it’s been great. I’m not ready to give that up.”

“You don’t have to get married to fuck, Anthony.” Sonny said as he continued devouring his meal.

“I get that. But I don’t… Look. I’m not trying to be in any kind of committed relationship… situation. I like being free.”

“What about Janice? Didn’t you say a little while ago that she came over looking to get dicked with no strings?”

“First of all, ten years brings all sorts of intrinsic strings. Plus, her looking to get dicked with no strings is why I left her ass in the first place. There’s too much bad blood there.”

“I don’t get it. You have multiple hot chicks at work constantly throwing pussy at you. Pick one and have fun. You don’t have to answer the phone the next day.”

“You know that’s not me, Sonny. Plus I work with all of those women. Hell, Patricia and Tina are subordinates. You want me to fuck them and then ignore them? Can you say ‘awkward workplace tension’?”

Sonny nodded. He then – having just taken a big bite of his burger – mumbled something.

“What?” Anthony asked.

Sonny chewed down his food enough to semi-audibly say, “You need a hooker.”

Anthony recoiled. He stared at his friend.

Sonny finished swallowing his food before saying, “You know… a hooker. An escort. A prostitute. A call girl.”

“I got it, Sonny.”

“You need someone who’ll fuck you and then split. You know what they say: ‘You don’t pay a hooker for sex, you pay her to leave.'”

Anthony shook his head. “That’s not me, man. And that’s not what I need.”

“You just got out of a rough relationship. You don’t want a no-strings hook-up for… whatever reason. You don’t want to date because you aren’t ready to jump into another relationship. But you have needs, right?”

“I don’t… I don’t think I could… “

“Hookers meet needs, Anthony.” Sonny said with a smile. “And you’re talking about a professional. What better way to have your needs met than by a pro… with no strings attached?”

Anthony paused before shaking his head. “That’s just not me.”

Sonny shrugged as he continued to devour his burger.

After several seconds, Anthony asked, “Have you ever been with a prostitute?”

Sonny – his mouth full – looked up at Anthony and smiled big as his teeth and jaws worked rigorously.

Anthony chuckled. Trabzon Escort Bayan He then mulled the conversation. “Paying for sex.” he said to himself.

He looked back up at Sonny who shrugged and smiled… and continued to eat.


Anthony sat at his desk at home, staring at the screen of his laptop. He had typed into the search bar the URL of a website Sonny gave him where local escorts advertise – though he hadn’t pressed the ENTER key. It had never occurred to him that there was a place on the Internet for such a thing.

After more than several nervous seconds of contemplation, Anthony hovered his finger over the keyboard. He finally forced himself to quickly rip the bandage off and press the key.

The first thing he saw was an Adult Warning page attempting to swear off anyone too young or offended by explicit content. He began to wonder what type of pictures the escorts were posting. He quickly read through the legal jargon – as if it were required – before clicking through to the website.

Next, he saw a menu with several US cities. Choosing his own city, the very next picture he saw was of a woman in lingerie on her knees holding a selfie stick behind her so as to show off her ample backside. Her face in the picture had been blurred and, in the corner of the picture, it said Verified.

Anthony studied the picture, getting aroused at the sight of the woman’s butt. Though, to be fair, a stiff wind blowing past his crotch was enough to get him hard. He then scrolled to the next picture of a woman, shot from the waist up, who was wearing an open blouse with no bra underneath. Her face was also blurred.

The next profile picture was of a woman standing completely nude and leaning against a shelving unit with her breasts creatively obscured by her arms. Her face was not blurred, though she was looking away from the camera.

Anthony continued to scroll and enjoy the picture show until he remembered the purpose of his visit to the site. He then paused on one profile in particular. A woman whose face was not shown at all but whose body he found particularly attractive. Her full, shapley, bare breasts were on display, though she wore a pair of sexy panties obscuring her privates and barely clinging to her curvaceous hips. Her name was Brandi Rose. He clicked through to her profile.

He was immediately greeted with the same profile shot of Brandi and a link to see more pictures. He scrolled through several different scenes of Brandi in – and out of – various skimpy outfits. He noticed that her face wasn’t in any of them. In a couple of shots he could make out her lips – which were nice – but that was it. He nodded, considering that anonymity would be important for the young lady to protect.

He then looked at Brandi’s profile details: 5’7″, curvy, in her 20’s, DD cup size… Below that was a short paragraph about Brandi. Apparently Brandi was passionate, playful, funny, and irresistable. She also assured that her pictures were all real and recent and that her curves were in all the right places. There was also a link to a contact form and an entreaty to be shower fresh when you met her.

Below her introduction were her rates which started at $300 for one hour. Anthony’s eyes bugged as he quickly tried to calculate how much money Brandi must be making – depending on how many clients she was seeing. He then continued to scroll to the bottom of her page which provided her email, phone number, and twitter handle. “Twitter?” Anthony said to himself. Escorts on Twitter was another reality that hadn’t occurred to him.

Anthony returned to the pictures of Brandi, moving through them until he came to one that had earlier caught his eye. She was lying face-down on a bed wearing only a bra and no panties. He rather enjoyed the view of her behind as he studied her body. He then took a deep breath and moved back to his city’s main page of the website.

He continued to scroll through the various women on the site, clicking through to the profiles of those to whom he was particularly attracted (though there weren’t really many completely unattractive women that he had seen). Their rates varied – some approaching $1000 an hour – as did what the women were willing to do for said rate (though almost all made it clear that the rate was for their time and companionship and anything that happened beyond that – hint: sex – was between consenting adults and independent of payment).

Continuing to study profiles, Anthony found himself frequently googling initials and slang that he found on the site and with which he was unfamiliar. He found that GFE = girlfriend experience, BBBJ = bare back blow job (without a condom), DDF = drug / disease free, and A TRIP TO THE GREEK ISLANDS = anal sex. There were many, many more.

After an hour and a half, Anthony had grown bored of ogling women – though he did come to the realization that he had discovered a rather unexpected source for jerk-off material. Despite his dick still being hard and Escort Trabzon him still not wanting any kind of relationship with a woman, he decided to close his laptop without seriously considering soliciting anyone.


Leticia’s skirts were typically tight and usually rested at her mid-thigh. Technically this was against the office dress-code. However, with her longevity at the company – and the men in power’s reluctance to be the one to tell a woman she is dressing too sexy – she pretty much wore whatever she wanted.

Anthony typically had no complaints as he enjoyed the aesthetic. They were also co-workers, so it wasn’t in his purview anyway. He, however, was horny to distraction the past couple of weeks and Leticia’s body was straining his concentration to the breaking point. Particularly that day as she sat in front of him in his office for their meeting.

He made the unfortunate misstep of bringing his chair from behind his desk and sitting in front of her so it didn’t seem like she was reporting to him. As she sat with her legs crossed, her skirt was raised much higher than her mid-thigh. They both carried their phones to take notes but she seemed to be taking many more notes than he was. His mental focus was elsewhere. It was all he could do to not stare at her or mentally spread her legs and imagine the incredibly sexy panties he assumed she must have been sporting.

Wearing a slight smile as her thumbs recorded the last of what they had mentioned in their conversation, Leticia said, “Are you going to remember all of this? You don’t seem to be taking many notes.”

Anthony, his heart racing and his forehead warm, said, “I’m sure you won’t mind emailing me your notes. Thanks in advance.”

Leticia slowly looked up from her phone. “So you want me to do your homework for you?”

Anthony looked at Leticia, straining to keep his eyes forward as they begged him to return to her legs. She looked back down at her phone. “I’ll send them to you.”

Anthony then stole yet another long glance at Leticia’s shapely thighs and curvy hips. He imagined Leticia sliding off her panties and placing her legs on his shoulders. He could smell the sweet scent of her as he moved his lips closer and closer to her center. His tongue grazing her clit and making her twitch and gasp. He could see the wetness beginning to part her wanting lips even before he massaged them with the tip of his tongue.

Anthony’s eyes rose from Leticia’s thighs to her eyes, which were already looking at him. He froze. She smiled. “You seem distracted.”

“Um… ” He ran his fingers over his face and through his hair, averting his eyes from her knowing gaze. “… I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m… sleep deprived. Tired.”

“Really?” She said, staring at him and holding her grin.

Anthony nodded as he rose from his chair. “Yeah. So… if you could get me those notes.”

Leticia remained in her seat. “Yeah. I can get you whatever you need. Is there something else you need that I can give you?”

Anthony paused in contemplation. A man doesn’t often have such a clear signal from a woman. It was obvious that Leticia wanted him at least as bad as he wanted Leticia. Or, really, as badly as he wanted just about any warm female body. He really was as horny as he had ever been in his life. Maybe overly-flirtatious Leticia was the one woman who would not be seeking attachment. Still, he wasn’t sure he wanted to go down the rabbit hole of an interoffice escapade.

Leticia rose from her seat and moved to within inches of Anthony. Looking up at him, she said, “Well, I emailed you the notes. Let me know what else I can give you.”

Anthony grinned, finding himself unable to speak.

Leticia then said, “Oh, and watch your pants.” She looked down and pointed toward Anthony’s crotch before leaving the room.

Anthony watched her as she adjusted her skirt before walking out of his office and back toward her own. He then looked down at his pants and the significant tent that his throbbing erection had formed. “Oh god!” he said, quickly moving his chair back behind his desk and sitting in it.

Anthony took a few deep breaths, trying to calm his heart which was still racing from all the pheromones he and Leticia were subconsciously slinging at one another.

“Are you OK?” Patricia said, watching Anthony’s deep breathing exercise as she stood in his doorway.

“Oh, I’m fine.”

“Were you meditating? Because I can come back… “

“No, seriously.” Anthony quickly said. “I’m fine. Thank you.”

Patricia nodded. “Well… there is a new salad place around the corner I was thinking about trying out today. I thought maybe, if you were free… “

“He’s free.” Sonny said as he entered the office. “Hi Pat. What’s up Tony?”

Anthony shook his head slowly. “Don’t call me ‘Tony’.”

“Oh, you don’t like that nickname? You know… it slipped my mind.”

“No it didn’t you ass… um… jerk.” Anthony said, censoring himself as he glanced at Patricia who was pretending to not be paying attention to the exchange.

“Yeah, Pat, he’s free. I was just coming by to tell him I couldn’t make lunch today.”

Anthony looked suspicious. “You couldn’t text me?”

“We’re in the same office, Tony… I mean Anthony.”

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