Bad Decisions Ch. 04


(All characters portrayed in my writings are 18 years and older.)

Chapter 4 – Under the Stars

“See you guys later!” Kat shouted to her friends as Patrick followed the pathway away from Denise’s apartment, pulling his jacket a little closer as the leaves rustled in the night breeze, the cold cutting through his jacket so easily that he felt like it would’ve made no difference whether or not he had worn one. “So.” Kat chirped looping her arm in with his and sidling up to him once they made it into the parking lot, and in her mind, away from any prying eyes that might question their closeness due to their relation.

“So.” He replied, keeping his hands buried firmly in his pockets while Kat hummed some tune next to him, eyes closed which resulted in him leading her, though when he thought back about how much she had drank, leading her would’ve been the only option in any case.

“You finally gonna drive again?” She asked gleefully and he sighed, knowing full well that there was no other option, but still remembering when he drove in the wrong lane the first time, then the second, and he really didn’t want to make it a third, especially after the warning the policeman gave him the last time in lieu of a ticket.

“I really don’t have a choice do I.” She shook her head in response, “It was rhetorical.”

“Don’t care.” She shot with a grin, and went back to humming her song.

Moments later they arrived at the car, and with a sigh Kat and fell against it, resting her face against the roof that he could only imagine was like ice, but she didn’t seem to care, and then again she never seemed to care about much in any case.

“Alright, where are the keys, Kat?” He asked and she groaned.

“Why are you in such a rush?”

“‘Cause it’s cold? ‘Cause it’s three in the morning? I mean, did I mention it’s cold?” She laughed and rolled to face him.

“Fine, they’re in my back pocket.” With a smile she stuck her hands in her jacket pockets, and eyed him slyly as he sighed and stepped forward.

“Which one?” She shrugged, “Kat?”

“I dunno.” She giggled, and he sighed again and thought; ‘at least one person is enjoying this.’

“Fine.” He said and reached around to her back pocket, smelling her perfume that was now mingled with the smell of weed and liquor, and one of those things he didn’t care much for. “It’s not in this one.” He sighed and began to move his hand, feeling the curve of her ass through the jeans and fighting the temptation to squeeze it as he began to check the second pocket, only to come up empty there too.

“Oops.” Kat replied with a wicked grin as he stared at her.



“Where are the keys?”

“Who knows?” She replied and tiptoed to give him a kiss, her lips cold against his, the liquor strong on her breath, her tongue pushing into his mouth, carelessly and fervent for a moment, before she fell back down, and rocked back against the car eyeing him as if she was considering something, “Here, and now.” She Giresun Escort eventually said.

“What?” He knew what she meant, but refused to accept it.

“Fuck me, right here, right now.” A clear attempt at her trying to be commanding, but the best she managed was to sound like a spoilt child demanding that she get her way.

“It’s bloody, winter, Kat.” Her face lit up at the statement.

“Technically, it’s fall. You can even check the calendar, winter is going to be much, much worse, so this is it for us and outdoors.” She paused before adding with a sly smile, “For now.”

“It’s cold.”

“And I’m horny.” She practically whined the statement and he sighed.

“Can we at least get in the car?” He got a shake of her head in response, “Why?”

“Because.” She grabbed his jacket and pulled him, a little too hard and he had to quickly brace himself against the car, hands landing with a thud and she giggled, “I dunno, we’re young?” With that as her reason she kissed him once more, and he was pretty sure he could get drunk off of the vodka on her tongue. Or at least drunker than her kisses would normally make him anyway.

“Why are you like this?” He questioned through the kiss, a giggle came in response before he grabbed her thighs and lifted her onto the car’s hood, the giggle changing to a gasp, most likely the coldness of the metal had gotten through her jeans and whatever else she was wearing under them.

“What, you no like?” She giggled again, her hands fumbling with his belt as her onslaught of drunk kisses continued.

“Maybe.” He replied pushing up her shirt and tugging the bra out of the way so he could take one of her nipples into his mouth, the already hardened nub, touching his tongue like a frozen chocolate drop as he enclosed it in his mouth, flicking the cold away with his tongue as she moaned lightly by his ear.

“Yes.” The word came in unison with her undoing of his pants and fishing out his dick, before she pushed him out of the way and slid off the car. Seemingly less interested in her foreplay as she dropped into a squat and took his stiffening cock into her mouth, the warmth offering a much needed respite from the cold air as she rolled her tongue around him. Then thrust him back into the cold as she slid back to the tip and poked her tongue under the foreskin as she looked up at him. Her eyes correcting his earlier thought, this was her foreplay.

“Cold?” She asked, false coyness in her voice as she began to jerk him off, the air peeling away any remaining warmth that her mouth had left with him.

“What do you think?” He replied bluntly and she grinned.

She always grinned, always teased, always got her way, he thought. Not complaining, since he knew that he was always willing enough to oblige, but right now he wished she’d cut the games, but then she wouldn’t be Kat if she did.

“Well, you can have my mouth, but, you gotta use it.” She smiled wickedly and kissed the tip of his dick, “Like, really use it.” Giresun Escort Bayan She continued before taking his cock back into her mouth as she placed her hands against his side, and for a moment he couldn’t believe it, dead of the morning, drunk, and she wanted him to face-fuck her.

“I swear, you are such…” He grabbed her ponytail, “A slut.” He gave a thrust then repeated, her tongue pressed against the underside of his dick as he continued, “You know that?” She managed an eager nod as he paused before continuing his attack, keeping her ponytail gripped tightly as he rammed his cock down her throat, her fingers digging into his side as he did, but not pushing him away, not just yet.

No instead she just squatted there and accepted him, taking his dick right down to the balls, even when water came to her eyes she continued. Only deciding to stop when she gagged for the second time during the ordeal.

“See, you can do it.” She said giddily as she used her hand to break the trails of saliva that played connect the dots with the tip of his dick and her mouth.

Patrick smiled wryly in response, knowing full well that she was talking about him being rough with her. Up until now he never was, always trying his best to show restraint, even when she egged him on.

Maybe it was the little bit of liquor he had, maybe it was the cold pushing him to want to get in the car, but maybe it was just her, bring out that ‘primal fury’ she’d gotten into claiming he kept caged inside him.

“Whatever, Kat.” He replied smiling before grabbing her ponytail once more and using it to lead her from her squatting position, to standing before he turned her around and pushed her forward onto the car, “So, here and now?”

“Mhm.” She replied, proceeding to do his work for him and pulled down her pants far enough to reveal her ass and the lacy panties she wore, that really left very little for the imagination.

“Oh, you came out intending to get fucked tonight huh?” He asked pulling the panties aside and she giggled. He knew that was the best response he was going to get at the moment, and teasing wasn’t high enough on his agenda in this weather, for him to prod her for more, so positioning himself against her lips he made the first thrust into her.

“Mmm.” She moaned as she slipped in, a moan almost escaping him as well as her warmth engulfed him.

Normally every time he touched her, got into her, it felt brand new, like he was doing it all again for the first time. But tonight, that all went through the window. Instead he took a firm hold of her waist and after withdrawing gave a deep thrust, eliciting a slight gasp that quickly returned to a moan from her, then with another thrust followed more of the same.

“Shittt.” She whimpered as he continued, hands moving from her waist and up her back to keep her pinned to the hood as he pounded into her. Pushing her further across the hood until she was on her tip toes, ass basically raised to him under the night sky, practically Escort Giresun begging him to go harder.

“You like this?” He asked but got no response, and he asked again, this time his hand led the questioning, a slap ringing out in the night against her ass cheek and she almost squealed the answer.

“Yes I fucking like it!” She shot and he thrusted firmer, hell-bent on emptying everything in his balls into her pussy. Then almost like she heard his thoughts, she said through ragged breaths, “I want you, to bust on my face.” All he could offer was a thrust in response as he pounded away, trying to keep his climax at bay but felt it creeping up through his shaft.

“Fuck.” He whispered and Kat threw her ass back against him now, adding her own momentum to his thrusting, impaling herself on his dick.

“I, want, your, cum.” She paused on each word, moaning all the way until he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Kat, I’m going to cum.” He groaned, giving her barely enough time to slip off of his dick and get to her knees, before his load shot out like someone had released a bent hose. The first pulse landing with a splat on the side of her face, the rest hitting her square across the front as she turned in time to get the facial that she desired. Then opening her eyes she looked up at him, cum dripping off her face and onto her jacket, some onto the ground, but she was just smiling.

At first he thought it was the liquor, but then she hopped up and pulled him down for a kiss, and he soon found out otherwise as she pushed the bits of cum that got into her mouth out into his. Giving him a taste of himself before she fell back against the car, laughing gleefully as he sputtered to no avail, seeing as whatever she had offered had been mostly swallowed already.

Yet as she stood there laughing he found himself smiling along with her, before he stepped forward and grabbed her ass, planting a kiss on her lips as his dick brought itself back from completion and began stiffening once more against her exposed thigh.

“Can we get in the car now?” He asked, the idea of going home slipping out of his mind now, he just wanted to be anywhere out of the cold so he could finish what they started, and she nodded, “Where are the keys?”

“Here.” She smiled and pulled them from her jacket pocket, and with quick succession he unlocked the car and they moved into the back seat, quickly discarding her pants so she could straddle him. Passion quickly overtaking the teasing and the games.

“Fuck.” He rasped as he began to pulling off her jacket.

Then a slight knock came against the glass, jumping both of them almost out of their skin, and the gasp that came from outside was a clear indicator that they weren’t the only surprised parties.

“Shit.” Kat whispered before reaching across and rolling down the window, still bottomless and Patrick still inside her, “Hi, Denise.” She grinned sheepishly at her friend, whose eyes widened in disbelief at the two of them before she managed a feeble response.

“Hi, Kat… Patrick.” She said turning towards him and there and then he wished he could disappear.

But with his best smile he looked at Denise and managed, “Hi, Denise.” All the while the little voice continually yelled “fuck”, in the back of his head.

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