Bait And Switch


story inspired by an otherwise worthless bit of internet spam

I am something of an old hack when it comes to internet dating. At least some of that expertise lies in my earlier days of blind dating, and my ability to turn even the worst situation into something positive. I am genuinely interested in people, and now that I’ve begun to make contacts through the internet, the variety of women I have met, and yes, even slept with, is truly amazing. I have encountered everyone from the business executive type, to the bland housewife looking for a thrill outside the home. You never know what you’re going to get, and of course sometimes you do run into that 300lb heifer. But, as with any other kind of dating, you can always walk away. I’ve actually discovered that many heavier girls are great at giving head, so I always stick around even if she isn’t all that great to look at.

The previous day though, I ran into a babe that really took the cake. I was apparently the first guy she had chosen to meet by way of online, and she had invited me to her house for a rendezvous. It’s pretty unusual for a first timer to invite someone into their home like that, but at least she’d made a safe decision with me. I’d have to tell her to be more careful next time, and that usually you’d meet your online date in a public place like a cafe or movie theatre. I was also a bit concerned about what I was getting into to, but I didn’t think I really had all that much to worry about.

My concerns were definitely brought into fruition though when I finally laid eyes on her. She looked as though she were once attractive, and fairly recently too, but her general caste now was anything but beautiful. Her naturally blonde hair was coarse and ill managed. Her face, though pleasant and smiling, was ashen and wane. Her figure, unusually thin, looked wasted and unhealthy. She was young, but one couldn’t escape the conclusion that the effects of drugs were eating away at her once athletic body. She was dressed to thrill alright, in a tight fitting, thin blue dress that dropped short of the knees.

The first thing she said to me was if I was ready to party. I kind of scratched the back of my head in mild embarrassment and admitted I didn’t really party very much.

She smiled and said, “today is a day to celebrate, you know?” I had to take her word for that.

She invited me inside, and I got a first look at her apartment. It was a single room bachelor, with a small table, hotplate, and a mattress on the floor rather than a full bed. I had a sense she once had a lot more stuff, but probably sold it away for reasons that were becoming increasingly obvious.

“You have any smack,” she asked me, her tone as conversational as if asking me for a cigarette or a drink.

I quickly explained I wasn’t a drug user at all and turned to leave, but she begged me to stay, tugging on my arm.

“It’s alright,” she assured me. “You don’t have to do anything. I can get some for myself. You have any money? I can pay you back, you know, with sex.”

Saying nothing, I started to walk out, but was then struck by a thought. Why not take advantage of her? A cruel idea, I openly admit, but at the time I didn’t have a very high opinion of her at all, and was annoyed to have been dragged into her little den like this.

“Yeah, Van Escort OK, I’ll sleep with you,” I told her, turning back.

She giggled with glee and then asked me for money again.

“Sex first, than maybe,” I said.

“That’s not how it works,” she replied, a frown creasing her face for the first time that afternoon.

I simply turned and walked out the door. There was a moments pause, and then she came after me. She actually followed me all the way down the stairs and out to my car, begging me to stay. She seemed so distraught by my leaving, it was a pathetic sight. Playing my card to the last moment, it was only after I put my keys in the car door than I finally relented, looking her in the eyes and agreeing to come back upstairs. Naturally, we would play this out my way.

Even as she locked the apartment door behind us, we still hadn’t exchanged names. I guess that obviously wasn’t important, but it seem a bit surreal. I’d never been in a situation like this before. I didn’t expect anything in terms of a really great sexual experience, but the thought I was toying and exploiting this hapless addict gave me a thrill of power I’d rarely had before. I felt inexplicably wicked.

She let me grasp and fondle her small, soft breasts as she unbuttoned my shirt. She evidently wasn’t wearing a bra, as I could feel her nipples perfectly beneath the fabric of her dress. When she got to my waist, her clever hands wasted little time undoing my jeans and pulling free my growing erection.

I have to say, at this point, a spot of worry crept over me. Putting my manhood in the claws of this woman… Just what sort of disease was I likely to pick up? I nearly always had safe sex, and had naturally thought to bring a 3-pack of condoms. Even so, I think this was the first time I’d ever given myself sexually to someone I didn’t completely trust. At least she didn’t have any obvious cold sores, I told myself as she knelt down and began to work her mouth around my cock.

I gently caressed her thick hair as she sucked the head of my cock between her lips. I could feel her tongue against my glans, and was content to let her work her magic on me. She probably had a lot of experience giving head for drug money, but I pushed that thought aside for now. Instead, I rose into full and tense erection, my pants now down around my ankles and my shirt discarded on the bare floor. She pulled back, and I could see the glint of saliva over my penis. She smiled at my reaction.

“No complaints so far, huh?”

“Not yet,” I assured her, having her stand up again. I bluntly pushed the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders, hoping to let it drop to her feet. As it turned out, the dress went on the other way, but she still let me take charge; gathering up the hemline so I could pull the garment up and off. Now the thin gangly wench was nearly naked, apart from a slightly stained pair of white panties She took a seat on the mattress and pulled them off herself while I untangled my legs from my jeans and shoes. She looked on with a sly grin as I took one of the condoms from my pocket and quickly rolled the sheath over my erection.

I joined her now on the mattress, my hands sliding naturally towards her small breasts, and the lean curve of her hips. She too reached towards my cock, but Van Escort Bayan I pulled back, resting on my heels as I deliberately parted her legs and cupped her pussy in my hand.

I fondled her cunt between my fingers, bending down to take a closer look. In fact, I was looking for lesions or lice or any other unpleasantness, but thankfully she looked clean beneath her sparse curls of pubic hair. She still had that vaguely unpleasant odor that many women do between the legs, but that was hardly a concern. Instead, I was now more interested in seeing just how hot and bothered I could get this shady little minx.

She probably expected things to progress quickly, that I would want to fuck her right away, come within a few minutes, and that it would all be over. I decided I wanted to play this out for much longer than that. I pried apart her coral shaded labia and exposed the tender end of her clit beneath it’s foreskin. Kissing and teasing the insides of her thighs, I rubbed that spot between two fingers in a slow but insistant motion. She peered anxiously down the length of her body as I moved by lips across her open cunt and tasted the flesh. I then moved more purposefully, scrapping my tongue across the top of her cunt, where her helpless clit lay barely hidden. She made a soft sound in her throat, laying down completely as I settled in. Using one hand to firmly separate her labia, I sucked at her clit, lashing the now hardened organ with my tongue between breaths. I flatter myself that while my cunnilingus may not be the absolute best, my art has risen to the point I can judge a woman’s arousal, and can inevitably make her orgasm. Shifting two fingers well inside her now wet and loose vagina, it came as no surprise when, after several minutes, the wench began to gasp out loud, and I could feel the tell tale contractions on my invading digits.

I didn’t stop there, though I did cease my direct assault on her now very sensitive clitoris. Instead, I continued to massage her vulva, inside and out, while looking up at her. Her eyes were firmly shut, hands tightly clenched into fists by her sides. Her pale skin was obviously flushed from the intensity of her orgasm.

“No complaints?” I asked.

She shook her head, blinking up at me.

I crawled up over her, and with a very simple movement, thrust my penis inside her open and inviting cunt. Between the lubrication of the condom, and her own natural juices, it was effortless to fuck her in deep, quick strokes, my hands braced somewhere over her shoulders. Her eyes closed again, she accepted everything I did to her, giving in to the sensations of well practiced intercourse. This kind of sex, where the women lies like a log while I do all the work is typically very dull (with someone I care about, it’s a forgivable sin, but not when I’m supposed to be paying for it). I only permitted her a few more minutes of this before I pulled out and forceably turned her onto her stomach.

Evidently well aware of my intentions, she rose up on all fours as I took her now from behind. Her ass was pleasantly soft against my pelvis as I fucked her, reaching around her body to brazenly caress her breasts, and then down her side until I was rubbing her clitoris. Her breathing had become ragged and intense once again, and she may well have Escort Van even climaxed. I have to admit, with the condom, I couldn’t tell for sure. But I did know that I wouldn’t have long to go myself.

Still, I wasn’t going to let her go so easily. I pushed her down onto the mattress, turning her slightly so that I was lying on my side, entering her at a shallow angle from behind. I pawed at her body, even kissing and sucking at the nape of her neck. Her leg rose to give me easier access as I continued to fuck her silly.

My strength and resolve coming to an end, I breathlessly told her I wanted to come. I rolled onto my back and quickly rolled off the condom. I think she was momentarily confused, until I pulled on the back of her neck towards my tense and throbbing organ. This she understood. Wrapping her lips around my length, she used one hand on the base of my cock to pump me while she sucked and licked at my glans. There was no way I could stand that for more than a few moments. My hips rising off the mattress, I groaned vocally as I spat my load of semen thickly into her humid mouth.

It may have taken me some minutes to regain my breath, but I never lost my wits. Even as she went to the sink to spit out my ill tasting load and rinse out her mouth, I began to dress, preparing to leave.

“So, I guess that was alright, huh,” she said hopefully, padding across the floor to pick up her discarded dress.

I didn’t say anything at first, only smiling slightly as I finished with my shoes and made for the door.

“Hey, hold on a fucking second,” she yelled, coming right after me.

She screamed at me for her money, attracting the attention of her neighbors as I came outside to my car. By now I naturally had had enough, and in full view of these people, yelled back that I thought she was a slut, not a whore.

She shamefully went back inside, and I drove away. I guess I should say she deserves what she got, and that abusing drug addicts like that is pretty damn cool. At the time, I definitely felt that way. It was only a little later I began to have some regrets. I really didn’t know anything about her story, and I usually take great pains to get to know my dates. I mean, I really didn’t know anything about how she came to be in such a state, or what her future plans might be. There’s nothing I could have done that would have saved her. Any money I’d given her would have only went to one place, whether I’d fucked her or not.

As I occasionally drive through that neighborhood, I would look at that apartment, and the rough outline of a plan forms in my mind. She had been so heedless at accepting my online date and inviting me to her apartment. If she were still making those kinds of mistakes, then it just may be possible she could be tricked again. Only this time, instead of sexually exploiting her, I would take her away and, basically, forceably de-tox her. It sounds mad, but the image in my head, of her tied to a bed, sweating and helpless, while I looked over her and waited, was something what wouldn’t go away. The story, as it stands now, rests on that point of decision. Prudence says I should let things rest as they are and go about my life. Some other part of me eggs me on, to take this road not traveled, and potentially better someone’s life (or really fuck it up).

A pointless epilogue to what might otherwise be a banal and unsavory story? Perhaps. I doubt if I could argue the point. But, whatever else happens, I think my days of casual existence is definitely over. Having done what I had, things must change.

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