Beach Condo Indecency


When Kim and I married, her younger sister and brother were naturally both in the wedding but so was her brother’s new girlfriend Shannon. Rick, Kim’s brother, is the baby in the family and was 18 at the time. He met Shannon in his senior year of high school when she was only a sophomore so Shannon was a mere 16-years-old at our wedding. Kim was 23 when we married and I was the grandpa at 28.

Kim was always competitive with her younger sister, a middle child, whom I found to be always manipulative and conniving so we never really got along well. I was relieved when she graduated college then took a job out-of-state so that we only had to endure her during holidays.

On the other hand, during the following years Rick and Shannon and Kim and I got along more like four friends rather than family. We often double dated or just hung out together at our house grilling out, watching a football game or a movie sometimes trying a new wine or just enjoying a favorite bottle. So it was no surprise when Rick and Shannon asked Kim and me to be in their wedding six years later.

Rick and Shannon had seemed almost like the perfect couple from the very start which I found odd since Rick, the proverbial ‘tall dark and handsome’ type, was extremely extroverted while Shannon was the polar opposite being extremely introverted. Kim and I were also both introverted which is one of the reasons why our circle of friends was barely more than Rick and Shannon.

Of the four of us, Shannon and I seemed to get along the least. For the longest time I had thought she was merely tolerating me though I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it was because Rick and I got along so well, he and I had many common interests and were more like best friends rather than brother-in-laws. She seemed to be very competitive when it came to Ricks time so I thought it was possible irritation on her part when we spent time together watching a football or baseball game, or hanging out at a bar having a few beers.

I had always found Shannon to be quite lovely. She was, not only diametrically the polar opposite of Rick in personality, but also in stature. Kim’s father is tall and thin, standing over six feet in height, and all of his children have inherited his physique. Rick is no different at a thin six feet tall while Shannon barely makes five-foot, two inches. But she makes a stunning presence at five-foot, two with thick, light brown hair that falls to her shoulders in curly locks, creamy almost perfect skin with nary a mole or imperfection of any kind, deep blue eyes set just right in a face like a porcelain doll which dimples in just the right places when she smiles.

While being physically different from Rick, Shannon was also physically different from Kim. Kim is five-foot, five inches tall and thin like a swimmer. Kim has long, dark brown hair with dark brown eyes to match in a classically beautiful, square jawed face. While Kim is a bit flat chested sporting only an A cup, Shannon was blessed with perfectly round C cups which, at her age, stood up perkily. What Kim and Shannon did share in physique, was a flat belly and a tight little bottom that would make the blood of any man race to his genitals.

Rick and I ourselves are quite different physically speaking. Rick, as I have mentioned, is tall, thin and strong. He shares in the family features with dark brown hair and eyes the same as Kim and is ruggedly handsome. I am a mere five-foot, nine inches in height, barrel chested and stocky. I am usually in the gym once or twice each week but I don’t need to be. My job was physically demanding at that time so I stayed in shape naturally with a muscular chest, strong arms, shoulders and legs. On my off days, I often enjoyed mountain biking and sometimes Kim joined me. Also, every so often, Rick and Shannon joined us for a trail ride.

A year after Rick and Shannon got married, Kim and I rented a condo near Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach for a ten day, nine night vacation in May. The condo complex is right on the beach, separated into two low slung buildings only three stories tall running parallel with each other and a peanut shaped pool and hot tub in between. It was also only a short walk to Apache Pier. Our condo was on the second level with a perfect view of the pool, the beach beyond and Apache Pier beyond that. I had been fortunate that this condo belonged to a friend of my family who rented it to us on this particular week due to the fact it would be in disuse and they rented it to us at a very reasonable rate. Since the condo had two bedrooms, we invited Rick and Shannon to come along. It was Kim’s idea as an early one year anniversary gift to them and they happily accepted.

The condo was laid out the usual way a beach vacation condo is, the entrance led directly into the small kitchen with the kitchen appliances on the left, a small, two seat table against the right hand wall and a breakfast bar with two stools on the opposite side separating the kitchen from the living room with a balcony through a sliding glass door beyond that. An entrance way from the living room, almost where it meets the kitchen, leads to the two bedrooms and the bath on the right. Giresun Escort The bath is straight ahead, the main bedroom is to the left and the spare to the right. Kim and I took the main bedroom which had a door leading to the same balcony accessible from the living room and a king bed. Shannon and Rick’s room had two twin beds which they quickly pushed together to make one.

It was the very first morning of our much needed vacation when Kim woke early. The sun was not up yet but the sky was illuminated with the soft light of impending dawn. The evenings were still comfortable in early May so we had slept with the curtains and windows open to dose to the sound of the surf lapping at the sand and the spray of the ocean mist. I woke not long after that to the feeling of a hand stroking my morning wood and a soft, wet tongue licking my ear.

Kim and I had always been over sexed, it was one of the things that attracted us to each other, and sex two times per day on the weekdays and three times each day on the weekends was not unheard of for us, even after seven years of marriage and the two years we had known each other before that. In fact, judge us if you will, but we fucked on the very first day we met even though she had a boyfriend at the time. Two days later she dumped the boyfriend then moved in with me a week after that. But that’s another story entirely. Suffice it to say, even though we both remained very sexual creatures, nine years together had made our sex life rather vanilla. In fact, to me at least, it was beginning to feel like a necessary chore done simply to relieve our carnal urges. I would be lying if I said I didn’t often fantasize about other women while Kim and I were making love, old girlfriends, missed opportunities, or women that I know from work or that I have met elsewhere like my favorite restaurant or cashier from the grocery store. Often her eyes are closed now during our love making leading me to believe she is doing the same and fantasizing about other men. That doesn’t bother me as I have never been the jealous type and neither has she. She always said, whet your appetite out if you must but always come home to eat.

I don’t know if it was the sound of the ocean, the cool breeze blowing on our bodies from the open windows, or the fact her brother and sister-in-law were sleeping a mere twenty feet away but Kim woke with an amorous mood she has not been in for a very long time. We had made love that night and fell asleep naked so when Kim woke first the next morning, obviously feeling hot and bothered, she decided to wake me by stroking me and licking my ear. I had been laying on my right side with her behind and reaching over me but now, groggy and not yet registering what was happening, I rolled over on my back to look at her. She didn’t even wait to see if I was fully conscious yet, and in fact I was still in that state where I had yet to register where I was, being in a different place and sleep not fully eradicated from my mind, when she threw her leg over my midsection, grabbed my full erect cock and pointed it at the center of her hairy triangle, lowering herself onto me and sending me from sleep into sexual bliss.

Kim was riding me and slamming up and down on my cock so hard I was worried Rick and Shannon would hear us. Our movements were making a slapping sound that echoed through the whole room each time I raised my hips to meet her downward thrusts. Kim is always very vocal during sex and she was trying hard to suppress it on this morning but not always being successful. Every now and then a loud moan would start to come from somewhere deep inside her which she would quickly stifle but I feared it could still be heard beyond the walls of our room. Fortunately we were both so turned on that it didn’t last long. After a few minutes we both exploded in orgasm with me sending plumes of cum inside her pussy and her grinding down on my pelvis with her hand in her mouth to smother her cry as she came with two giant orgasms and one smaller one.

Afterward, as we lay there with a sheen of sweat being cooled by the breeze through the open window covering both of our bodies and the sky becoming ever lighter, I suggested we get out of bed, make some coffee and enjoy the sunrise from the balcony. She agreed and reached down to the floor. The night before, I had tossed the basketball shorts, T-shirt, and boxer briefs I was wearing on the floor before we made love. Now Kim tossed me only the shorts and she pulled my T-shirt on over her naked body with nothing else. I pulled on my shorts not even bothering to look for the underwear.

As we exited the bedroom, I knew Kim was going to head for the bathroom first. She was going to want to pee and let my cum drain out of her pussy and into the toilet. At least that was the routine I was hoping she would follow this morning. Being the only thing she was wearing was my T-shirt, if Rick should wake, I hardly think she would want him to see my sperm running down his sister’s thigh. Then again, she does know how to surprise me with how much of a freak she can be when she is feeling amorous. I was already surprised that she would wear only my T-shirt this morning. It would Giresun Escort Bayan not be unusual if it were only the two of us but to wear only my shirt with her bother around seemed to me a bit risqué. I don’t know why, but for some reason that thought turned me on and I was beginning to feel a bit horny again already even though I had cum not five minutes before.

If the inappropriate thoughts about Kim and Rick weren’t stirring my loins enough, the sound we heard as we exited the bedroom certainly did. Kim stopped in her tracks as we both heard Shannon’s low, rhythmic moans coming through their bedroom door directly in front of us. Until that moment, I had never thought of Shannon in a sexual way. Yes, I had admired her womanly features and found her utterly attractive but she was only 16 when we met and I had been a man of 28; not to mention deeply in love with my wife. Even though Shannon was now all woman at 23, I guess I still saw her as the child I first met in my mind’s eye and she was never even one of my fantasy women when Kim and I made love. That all changed in a flash as I heard her sounds of lust coming through the thin door that separated us. Suddenly, at light speed, images and imaginings flashed through my mind; what does Shannon look like naked? Is her pussy wooly, trimmed or completely shaved? Does she like to be slammed or to make love slowly or both? Are her orioles small or large, pink or brown and do her marvelous tits bounce while she is getting slammed? Is she easily brought to orgasm? Does she like it when Rick inseminates her or does she prefer him to pull out and spray her with his jizz? Does she like to suck him off and have her pussy eaten out?

All of these things were going through my mind when Kim spun towards me, her hand covering her mouth to stifle a laugh, her cheeks burning red and her eyes sparkling with a mix of eroticism and surprise. She pointed past me to our bedroom to indicate she wanted us to go back in. I’m not sure if she was trying to signal she wanted to get back inside before Rick and Shannon discovered they were caught by us or if the sound of their lovemaking made her as horny as it made me and she wanted another round of hide-the-sausage. Either way, I had something else in mind so I blocked her path back through our bedroom door and smile mischievously at her. Her hand was still over her mouth when she looked down and saw the tent my cock had made in my shorts then she looked back up at me with shock and questioning in her eyes. I grabbed her hand that was not covering her mouth and led her into the kitchen/living room then pushed her back up against the wall just around the corner from Shannon and Rick’s bedroom. We could still clearly hear them going at it. I lifted my T-shirt Kim was wearing and exposed her bush. She looked me in the eye with surprise and shook her head no. I put my right index finger to my mouth to indicate we need to be quiet. She shook her head no again and then, finally dropping her hand from her mouth, she whispered, “They’ll hear us.”

“Not if we keep quiet. As long as they are making noise they won’t know what we’re doing,” I whispered in reply.

“You’re so bad,” she whispered back but now she had that naughty look in her eyes that I used to see years ago before we were about to do something extra kinky. It was the same look she had nine years ago on the same day she cheated on her boyfriend and fucked me, a complete stranger to her at that time.

Kim was now all onboard with what we were about to do and she leaned in and kissed me deeply while she pushed my shorts down only far enough to expose my full erection. Pulling her shirt up a little farther to expose her tummy, she leaned back against the wall and pulled her left leg up high to rest on my right shoulder as I faced her. Her pussy now fully exposed, I could see even in the early morning light it was positively dripping and not just from my cum blast a few minutes ago. I moved in close then guided my cock up and inside her hungry hole. We kissed as I slowly began fucking her. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Shannon whose soft lips I was kissing, whose tongue I was now tasting, and whose supple body I had just penetrated. As I listened to Shannon’s moans growing louder through the door, I imagined it was her young body writhing against mine as she enjoyed every inch of hardened flesh I could pump into her.

I don’t think I had pumped Kim’s pussy three times before she started to cum and with more intensity than she has in a long time; if ever. As she started to orgasm, she broke the kiss and stared deeply into my eyes. A moment of guilt flashed through me. Could Kim see it in my eyes? Did she know I was imagining I was fucking her brother’s wife while listening to her have sex? What was going through Kim’s mind at this moment? Obviously it was something juicy. To my recollection, she had never come this quickly. One thing was certain, the risk of getting caught while having sex to the sound of family members fucking was definitely a major driving force behind the thrill we were currently enjoying.

Kim had placed both hands on my ass and held me in deep while she came. Her face was Escort Giresun beat red with the exertion it was taking to keep from crying out in her pleasure. When her breathing returned and her panting slowed, I began my in-and-out rhythm again. This time I was revisiting a memory of Shannon last year at the waterpark with Rick, Kim and me. I was thinking on her white, skin tight bikini; all the exposed alabaster flesh and the idea that only a thin piece of material kept all the world from seeing her heavenly treasures. Only a few more seconds elapsed until I heard Rick make a loud groan and I knew that was my queue. As Rick pumped his cum either in or on Shannon, my balls began to unload their second stream deep in Kim’s pussy.

My cock had just emitted its last spasm in Kim’s vagina when we heard Rick and Shannon’s bedroom door open. Kim still against the wall, my shorts down and dick still inside her, if they came into the room we were caught. Kim’s eyes were wild with panic. I just pushed her tighter against the wall and signaled for her to be quiet. The bedroom door closed again, a heavy foot fall then the bathroom door closed. I heard the clack of the toilet seat being raised then a heavy stream of urine hitting the water in the bowl. Rick had to piss and was on a mission so he never knew we were there. Actually, I had to piss like crazy at this point and was ready to burst. Hearing his piss hit the bowl was not helping my predicament in that regard. However, this gave Kim and me time to recover before discovery. I pulled out and then pulled my shorts backup while Kim pulled down her shirt. Unfortunately, due to the fact we fucked vertically, as soon as my cock dislodged from her pussy, gravity took over and a huge stream of cum ran out of Kim, off the head of my dick and pooled on the tile floor at the beginning of the kitchen area where we were standing.

Kim quickly pushed the hem of my T-shirt she was wearing up to her crotch to stem the flow then did a funny, half walk, half stumbling run into our bedroom and quietly closed the door. I was about to go into the kitchen to grab a paper towel to clean up our cum puddle when I heard the spare bedroom door open again. Shannon walked into the room wearing a T-shirt and a pair of long, plaid, men’s pajama bottoms. If I hadn’t been so worried about the cum puddle, I would have found this amusing. Was she trying to look as non-sexual as possible? Trying to throw off the scent of the sex she just had? That would be so like her. Her reputation was that of the prim and proper. The “always the good girl” persona she worked very hard to create and protect.

“Good morning,” I said to her as I put my barefoot over the cum puddle, all the while hoping I wasn’t going to slip and fall in my own jizz. She had been looking forward towards the balcony and the beach beyond when she turned in surprise at hearing my voice. If she was surprised to see me standing there bare chested she didn’t show it. She returned my greeting then I mentioned I was about to make some coffee and asked if she wanted any, she said she did, said something about the gorgeous sunrise and turned to go out on the balcony. As soon as she did, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a few paper towels then wiped up my creamy little mess and tossed the towels in the bin under the sink.

I loaded the coffee machine, placed four mugs on the breakfast bar and grabbed the creamer from the fridge we had bought along with other groceries on the way in the previous night. I placed a sugar bowl with the creamer and mugs on the bar counter while the coffee brewed. Rick soon emerged from the bathroom, also bare chested, wearing blue shorts. I heard the bathroom door close almost immediately afterwards signaling Kim’s entrance into it; placing my biological needs on a further hold. Fortunately, Kim didn’t take too long and came out wearing another one of my T-shirts she must have pulled from my luggage. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had put on panties or was still going bare beaver. The thought made my cock twitch again. Fortunately, the urge to pee was over riding the urge toward the erotic so I quickly excused myself and dove for the bathroom.

Our morning progressed as normally as one would expect which seemed somehow incongruous with how it began, them ignorant of the fact we heard their erotic activities, us hoping they were blissfully ignorant of our lustful act while listening to theirs. We were lounging around, drinking coffee and making plans for our day, Rick and Shannon sitting at the breakfast bar, Kim sitting on the sofa and me in the chair opposite her. Rick went into the kitchen to get more coffee and asked Shannon if she wanted some. She told him only a little then she got up and followed him into the kitchen to get the creamer out of the fridge again. I was looking at Kim the same time she was watching them and when Rick turned to say something to Shannon and both had their backs to us, Kim looked back at me, quickly pulled up the hem of the T-shirt, opened her legs and spread open her pussy with two fingers from her left hand. I looked at her face in surprise and she was giving me those lustful eye expressions; widening them a couple of times quickly. If nothing else, my wondering if she had panties on or not was answered. Then she removed her hand and pulled the shirt back in place and closed her knees before Rick and Shannon returned to the breakfast bar. Kim was still staring at me with a flushed face and a mischievous grin.

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