Beach Vacation


I woke up in a sweat. Whatever I had been dreaming must’ve been good. As I pulled my pajama pants off and kicked them onto the floor, I glanced over at the clock. 2 a.m. Wow. What a vacation this was turning out to be. Here I was, young, single, and looking ten times better than last summer, staying in a hotel I could never afford, right on the beach, and I was in bed at 2 in the morning.

I lay back down, promising to myself that I’d stay out late tomorrow night, and pretending it was jet lag that made me so tired. I’ll wear my new dress, and those sandals I bought last week, I thought. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by noises from the room next door. I groaned. I was on vacation with my roommate, Jackie, her boyfriend, Greg, and his roommate, Travis. My room was in between Travis and the other two. I knew from experience that this meant for me a month of sleepless nights.

I put a pillow over my head as the marathon sex I’d become accustomed to during the two semesters we’d lived together began. Not that I’d deny the girl sex, I mean, she was lucky to be with Greg at all. I love her, but he’s out of her league. She’s rich, and petite, and quiet, and smart, and sort of cute, but really plain, while he’s tall and blonde and smart and charming and president of like, every club in the book, and on the basketball team. Not to mention the boy’s stamina is out of this world.

On that note, I decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette. Since it was the middle of the night, and I could see no people on the beach outside my window, I didn’t bother putting back on my pajama pants, which left me in a tank top and panties. I pulled my hair up into a knot on top of my head, grabbed my Camels off the table and stepped out onto my tiny balcony.

“Shit,” I said aloud, realizing that I’d forgotten my lighter. I turned to go back inside, only to find the sliding glass door locked.

“Shit!” I said again, slightly louder.

“What’s the matter?” Travis’ voice made me jump, and I dropped my cigarette. Bending down to get it, I cursed myself for being stuck out here with nothing on and only Travis to rescue me.

Travis and I had never gotten along.

As I stood back up, I caught him checking me out and against my better judgement, Zonguldak Escort stretched, giving him a better view of the body I’d spent all winter working on. What am I doing? I thought. But I couldn’t help myself. I hated him, but he was hot.

“I’m locked out,” I answered finally, satisfied to see him drooling over me.

“Uh huh. Want to climb over to my balcony and go through my room?”

“Lot of good that would do me, with no room key,” I answered, as I leaned forward (sexily of course) for him to light my cigarette.

“Hm. Guess you’ll have to call the front desk.”


We smoked in silence for what seemed like ages.

“So what are you doing here? I thought you’d be out fucking a total stranger by now.”

“Haven’t seen anything I liked yet,” (I took offense to that) “And there’s stll time.”

Silence again. I finished my cigarette and tossed it.

“So can I use your phone?” I asked.

“Yeah, c’mere,” he tossed his cigarette and reached for me. I clumsily climbed over the rail that separated our balconies and he helped me down. I thought that maybe he kept his hands on my sides for just a split second longer than he should have, which boosted my confidence right back up again.

We went inside and I stared at the television, pretending to watch what was playing. I was stalling. Partly because I knew I’d never get to sleep with Jackie and Greg fucking all night long – and they would be – and partly because suddenly I was uncontrollably attracted to Travis.

“Hey would it bother you if I hung around for a bit? Jackie and Greg are-“

“Yeah I figured they would be by now. That’s why I fought you so hard for this room,” he winked at me. Chills went over my entire body. I climbed onto the bed, and under the covers.

“Make yourself at home,” he smiled.

“Well, it’s cold,” I lied.

Travis stripped down to his boxers and climbed in next to me. I stared at him, hardly able to keep myself off of him. I prayed he was having the same trouble. He had messy dark hair and pale green eyes that pierced you. His skin was tanned, which showed off his muscular arms and abs and legs. The image of what he’d look like on top of me, tense and sweating and fierce, Zonguldak Escort Bayan flashed through my mind and awakened something between my legs.

We lay there in silence for about three years. Finally, he spoke.

“Are you falling asleep?” I took this as my chance to stay there for even longer, and didn’t answer. “Leyna?” he whispered in my ear so close, I could feel the moisture in his breath on my ear and neck. I pretended to be asleep, and made a tiny noise and cuddled closer with my back against him. I could feel him getting harder against the small of my back, and pressed against him.

He stayed quiet for a moment, and then I felt his arm around my waist. It was so comforting and gentle, I wanted to just melt into him. His arm tightened and I was up against him again. I could hear his breathing begin to stagger and grow heavier as he held me tight.

This was all I could take.

“Travis,” I whispered, terrified that he’d let go of me. But he didn’t. His mouth moved closer to my ear, and he kissed it, whispering my name. By this time I was sure I’d pass out at any moment just from sheer ecstacy.

“I want you, Travis… Mmm I want you so bad..” I moaned as I begin grinding against him slowly. His grip on me tightened and I felt the muscles in his strong arm tense up against my chest.

“God, I want you too, Baby, you feel so good!” he breathed into my ear. His words alone drove me crazy. I turned to him and he pulled me into him, kissing me passionately and pulling my panties down. I frantically pulled down his boxers as he tried to remove my tank top and get out of his boxers at the same time. We rolled around on the queen sized bed, kissing and panting and grinding. Then he stopped suddenly, and got over me.

“Wait, I want to enjoy you,” he smiled, kissing me gently on my lips and working his way down.

He was so thorough, taking each nipple into his mouth slowly, circling and teasing them with his tongue until I wondered if I’d climax before he had a chance to touch me. Then I felt his strong hands on my thighs, pulling them apart, and running his fingers up my leg. I shivered and giggled. He smiled up at me.

“Damn I’ve been wanting you for months. I’ve been dreaming Escort Zonguldak about this ever since I found out we’d be on this trip together,” he spoke as he explored my body, lingering in the spots that made me jump, and teasing the spots that made me moan. I closed my eyes and drowned in his words and touch. “Now I’ve got you for a whole month all to myself.”

“Oooh, that feels sooo good,” was all I could bring myself to say.

He pulled himself on top of me. “I want to make you feel good.”

“I want you inside of me so bad,” I moaned, wrapping my legs around him. I could feel his hardness up against me and I grinded against it. By this time, I was wetter than I’d ever been and before long, he was able to slip inside of me without needing me to guide him. It just happened.

The moment I felt him, I squealed in delight and my hips began to buck against him, almost involuntarily.

“Oh my god, Leyna, you feel so good, baby,” he grunted. But I was almost too far gone to even hear him. He hardly had to move at all, I grinded my hips into him, desperately needing as much of him in me as I could get.

When I slowed down out of exhaustion, he took the opportunity to switch places with me, positioning himself under me.

“Now this is a better view than the one through my window,” he laughed.

I bathed in his attention and showed off my breasts and tummy, arching my back as he took a firm grip of my hips and pounded into me.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum…” he said, between thrusts, but I hardly heard a word. I was nearing climax myself and realized that at some point I’d reached down and begun playing with my clit. My fingers moved faster and I grinded harder as Travis’ body tensed up, and I saw that fantastic look come across his face, as he came into me. Halfway through his orgasm, that dizzying feeling exploded between my legs and spread throughout my entire body like lightening.

Travis sat up and took me in his arms as I shook with pleasure. Exhausted, I fell next to him on the bed.

The next thing I knew, I woke up to the phone ringing.

“Mm, answer it,” Travis said, without opening his eyes.

“Hello?” my voice was scratchy from the night before.

“What the hell are you doing in Travis’ room?” Jackie’s voice squealed into my ear. “Oh my god, you didn’t!”

I laughed. “I did, and you’ll excuse me, I’d like a few more hours of sleep before I do again.”

I hung up and settled back into bed in Travis’ arms. This was turning out to be a pretty good vacation after all!

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