Bedtime Blow


[This is my first attempt at writing. I have been reading LitErotica for quite some time now. Though the stories I’ve read here generally have dialogues and intense erotic moments, this story shies away from these concepts a little. Being my first attempt, I would appreciate any comments that readers would like to offer so that I would know how I did and how can be it improved upon. FYI: English isn’t my first language and the story contains incestuous content]

The ticking of the clock was the only sound filling the closed room on another cold night. He lay there on the bed, impatient, waiting in anticipation for her to move. The instant she began to turn over and face him, he closed his eyes, pretending to sleep in the middle of the night. As expected, he felt a finger poking his arm, a way to check if he was sleeping. Soon he felt a little shake; he kept still. Slowly her fingers reached his crotch, her thumb caressing his cock from over his shorts. Her palm wrapped around it, making it twitch and grow. He felt a cool breeze as his shorts were pulled down followed by a warm touch of a gentle hand on his now semi-erect cock. Now fully hardened, he felt it move as she started to stroke his cock. This was the moment he was waiting for. But now that it had arrived, his heart pounding, he didn’t know if he could go on and confront her. As the stroking gained speed, his mouth went dry. Feeling apprehension and pleasure at the same time, he mustered up the courage and spoke up, “Nidhi….”


Growing up in a conservative country like India isn’t always easy. The societal norms always stand in the way of experiencing freedom and independence. Having a partner before marriage is still frowned upon. Considering this, obtaining sexual satisfaction is much rare. Nidhi and her brother Raj, younger to her by 3 years, grew up in this conservative lifestyle. Though both had had partners before, sexual encounter never came their way.

Nidhi is an adventurous girl by heart, whose wings were clipped by the conservative upbringing. Always ready for new experiences, she had to make do with restricted freedom of choice. Just a little thick and average height, her busty bosom and pudgy butt made her the sexy thing to look at. While Raj, a tall guy, with average looks and shy by nature, is the type of person who seems to disappear in the background. Having an older bossy sister added to him being subservient and one who hardly speaks up.

When Nidhi’s, now 26, marriage got finalised, it was a joyful occasion for her family and herself. Then came Covid-19 and it was postponed. Locked down in the house, she missed her fiancé. They kept in touch over voice and video calls, and sexting came along with it. Hatay Escort Consequently, her sexual urges started to get a hold over her. It needed an outlet which was difficult to achieve when stuck behind closed doors with three family members. Though her parents slept in a separate room, Raj shared the bed with her. Unable to control and in desperate need of man’s touch, she finally let her urges take over on the night of 1st April.

The lockdown had not been kind to Raj. Reeling from a break-up a couple of months before Covid, the pressure of work was leaving him tired. Dealing with the same situation as Nidhi, masturbating was getting tricky in a closed home. He hadn’t had wet dreams for years now. Hence, it came to him as a surprise on the night of 1st April where he experienced a warm sensation on his crotch. He woke up to find out he had jizzed in them. Though surprised, he slept it off. It started to take a weird turn when he started getting successive wet dreams over the next couple of nights.

Usually a deep sleeper, Raj was awoken when he felt a little shake. He opened his eyes partly and thought he was still dreaming as he saw a hand touch his dick. Puzzled, he opened his eyes fully and realized that it wasn’t his imagination. He saw the hands tugging on his shorts and pulling out his cock. The sensuality he felt on the touch was quickly overcome with a feeling of shock. As it wasn’t a dream, these hands couldn’t be of anyone else but his older sister. The hands began stroking his cock while confusion and arousal reined over him. Powerless to decide what to do as her sister gave her a handjob, he pretended to be asleep. As he edged closer and began to stir a little, she put his dick back into his shorts, while still holding it. He spurted out cum while the hand held its grip. As the hand retracted, he opened his eyes again. From the corner of his eyes, he saw in the dark as his sister licked off his fresh cum from which had fallen on her hand and turn around to sleep.

It was an uneasy night as he kept thinking about what he had just experienced. His older, bossy sister had been giving her handjobs these past few nights. A sense of lust started taking over his initial feeling of shock. He saw his sister lying next to him and his eyes ogled her big ass. He knew what he was feeling was wrong and yet he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

The next day, he started to think about confronting her. He knew he could only ask her only at nightfall. As these thoughts whirled inside his head, he couldn’t avoid looking at his busty sister with lust. He would steal glances of her ass as she worked around the house. He would look at her ample breasts when they had a chat. Lust prevailed that day Hatay Escort Bayan and he decided to check again that night that this wasn’t a one-off event.

He lay awake, pretending to sleep. It all happened as he predicted. She tried to check if he’s asleep. At that point itself, Raj’s dick began to get stiff. Next thing he knew, he was being jerked off by his sister. Once he came and his mind became clear, he knew this had to stop and he had to find out what was going on. For the next couple of days, although he kept lusting for her sister, he kept a check on it by sleeping on his chest all through the night. He tried his best to control his desire and curiosity, but he started to lose command on both and decided on facing her that night. Lying restless on the bed for a couple of hours in the night, the clock’s ticking was the only sound he heard. Then he felt a finger touch him….


When Nidhi heard her name, she was scared stiff. He knew this was bound to happen sometime or the other and yet she didn’t know what to do. She faced her brother hoping he was speaking in his sleep. But she found was his face staring right back at her.

For a while, none of them spoke. They both sat up on the bed. Nidhi broke the silence and explained in a low voice how she was missing her fiancé, how they have been sexting, how she was horny all the time and ended up doing what she did.

Raj heard this patiently and as she finished, he had only one question in mind, what now? Nidhi suggested that she won’t repeat it and asked him to forget. Raj had rarely seen her sister weak like this. Given that he was already horny by now and knowing this was the most opportune moment, Raj raised himself and lowered his shorts to Nidhi’s surprise. His now semi-erect cock stood right in front of Nidhi’s face. After a moment of hesitation, Nidhi’s hand reached his cock and she started moving her hand up and down on it. His hand reached her head and he pulled her hair back.

No words were spoken, but she realised what he was expecting. She kissed the head of his now stiff cock and realised there is no stopping this now. Raj felt her sister kissing the head of his dick followed by vigorous kisses on his shaft from top to bottom. He felt her tongue lick his penis starting from the bottom all the way to the top. Kissing her way down again, this time she went further and kissed her balls. Unable to resist, she sucked and took one of it in her mouth as she felt Raj flinch. After s while, she let it go with a *plop* sound and licked her way up to his cock again.

She kissed the bulb of his penis once again and then lowered his cock a little as she parted her lips. Her hand reached its base Escort Hatay as she kissed the tip. Her puckered lips opened wide as she took in the incestuous cock. Soon, Raj felt his hard cock buried half-way into her hot salivating mouth. She wasted no time sliding forward and backward on his pole. Raj felt overwhelmed as the head of his penis was licked all over inside her sister’s mouth. She continued this for a while, trying to moisturise his dick to get it further inside her throat. She pulled off to take a breather and left a trail of saliva from her lips to his cock. Raj looked down to see her licking all the way to the hilt of his cock as she made it clear that she wanted all of it.

As he felt the warm, wet insides of her mouth again on his pole, Nidhi’s hands wrapped around Raj’s waist. For his part, Raj pushed it further inside her as he heard Nidhi’s moans turn into gags. Instead of letting loose, Nidhi tightened her grip, making him thrust deeper till it made her choke. Raj went in with the flow as he edged towards his orgasm and tested her sister’s boundaries. Nidhi pulled back after a couple of seconds, panting, gasping for breath. Heaving, she held Raj’s cock and started stroking it as she knew it was about time for his little brother. She looked up to see his brother shaking his head in negation. Feeling powerless against this dominating version of his younger sibling, Nidhi quickly enveloped her mouth around Raj’s slick, wet cock, taking it in as much as she could. She kept on stroking the rest of it with her hand as her head bobbed up and down.

Raj’s stomach muscles got tighter and he arched his back as he felt bursts of semen filling Nidhi’s mouth. Nidhi struggled as she tried to take in the warm cum, stuffing her mouth completely. Pulling out his now flaccid penis, Raj saw Nidhi stifling a cough and placing her hand over her mouth. He expected her to rush to the washroom to spit it out; instead saw her tilt her head above to look at him. He heard a gulp as Nidhi swallowed his cum and opened her mouth to breathe. Or so he thought. Hungry for more, Nidhi stuck out her tongue and started to clean off his cum-covered soft dick. Her tongue ran all over it and she ended with a kiss.

Time appeared to stand still as Nidhi kept breathing a little heavy, looking up at his brother and licking her lips clean of his cum. Raj, with his shorts still down and facing down, let go of Nidhi’s hair and caressed her head as if appreciating her effort. They heard the creak of a door opening and realised one of their parents were up. They quickly went to bed covering themselves with their blankets. Raj pulled up his shorts and Nidhi wiped her face clean. After what seemed to be an eternity, another creaking sound signalled closing of the door.

Not knowing how to face each other, both of them pretended to sleep. As Nidhi was about to fall asleep, she felt her brother’s lips on her forehead as he kissed her goodnight. They both slept excited as this was only the start.

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