Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 21


We heard footsteps in the corridor, and I hastily got back into my seat, Beth tugging her uniform straight. “Everything OK in here?” we heard a voice, and a security guard came round the corner, torch in hand.

“We’re fine,” Beth smiled. “Not seen you up here before?”

“It’s a big place,” he shrugged. “But we try and get around as much as we can.”

He looked at our uniforms. “You’re students, right?”


“You managing OK on your own, all night?”

I nodded. “The patients are all asleep, and we can get the on-call doctor if we’re worried about anything.”

“Good stuff. Well, I’ll be on my way, then.”


When he’d gone, Beth grinned at me, her eyes dancing. “If he’d been a minute earlier, that’d have been a very different conversation.”

“True,” I laughed. “Now, we were going to look for stuff for my trousseau?”

“Only if they’ve got it in both our sizes,” teased Beth…


When we got home the next morning, Tim blinked at the enthusiasm with which we almost-dragged him into the bedroom. “Did you two have an imaginative night, then?” he teased.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I breathed. “But if half of what we thought up comes true, you are going to be a very happy man.”

“Can’t wait,” he grinned. “Give me a clue?”

I threw Beth an amused glance. “It’s a maths problem – if two nurses is fun-squared, what are four of them?”

Tim’s eyes widened. “I’d say, more than I can handle.”

“Don’t worry,” chuckled Beth. “As long as you remember to put the plus signs in the right places, it all works out nicely.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Tim shook his head, smiling. “But I’ll join in the equation if you want.”

“Oh, we definitely do,” I nodded. “Next week, right, Beth?”



When Saturday came, Beth and I napped for the morning, then showered and dressed. “Off somewhere?” queried Tim.

“It’s a surprise,” I grinned, raising my eyebrows.

“OK,” Tim held his hands up. “I’m sure I’ll like it, whatever it is.”

“Oh, bound to,” I teased. “Come on, Beth.”

We walked into town, and Beth looked at the screen of her phone. “Down here, it says.”

She stopped at the door of the shop. “Are you sure about this, Alice? I’m afraid of it hurting.”

I touched her hand reassuringly. “I’ll go first – if you really can’t, just say.”

We went inside, and the girl behind the counter looked up. “Is it Alice and Beth?”

“That’s us,” Beth ventured, sounding braver than she obviously felt. “You’re Amy?”

A nod, then “OK – well, if whoever’s first can sit down here, lift up your top.”

I sat in the chair, tugging my t-shirt out of my jeans, while Beth looked on anxiously.

Amy pulled on disposable gloves, then poured clear liquid from a bottle onto a cotton pad from a sterile packet. “This’ll feel cold,” she warned, then carefully wiped the skin around my belly button with the pad. “Brr,” I nodded.

She reached for the needle, and I saw Beth’s eyes widen. “You can sit down too if you like,” Amy invited.

Beth took the chair next to me, unable to take her eyes off the needle as Amy pressed it against my skin, then through. I managed not to make a sound – if I’d let Beth guess how much it stung, I was sure she’d not go through with it herself – and caught my lip between my teeth as the tip of the needle reappeared. “Wow.”

“That’s the hard part,” Amy nodded. She reached into the steel tray beside her. “You wanted this one, didn’t you?”


The bar slid easily through the new opening in my skin, and Amy removed her fingers. “There.”

Beth leaned closer. “Wow, Alice, that’s Kars Escort so pretty.”

She took a deep breath. “OK, I’m convinced. After all, we don’t want Tim to know the difference when he -“

She halted, her face warming, but Amy just smiled. “None of my business what you two do with your ornaments,” she chuckled. “OK, Alice, that’s you done – you remember what the website says, right? Don’t fiddle with it, use salt water if it does get a bit inflamed, and it should be fine in a week or so.”

Amy stripped off her gloves, putting everything she’d used aside and getting fresh gloves, another tray. “Beth?”

Beth took my place, and Amy went through the same process again. Beth gave a quiet whimper as the needle pierced her, and I squeezed her fingers. “It’s OK,” she breathed. Amy slipped in her bar – Beth had chosen clear crystal to my dark red – and we were done.

We thanked Amy, paid, and I let my t-shirt fall back into place. “Now we just have to let him discover our little secrets.”

“I wouldn’t mind some lunch before we go back,” Beth suggested.

We went to the burger place – “Mm, I can’t resist the one with bacon in,” enthused Beth – and shortly we were sitting at a table near the window, Beth teasing me by stealing one of my French fries when I wasn’t looking. “I’ll get you back,” I promised.

When we got home, Tim was just finishing the washing – “Your uniforms are nice and spiffy again,” he grinned. “Am I allowed to know where you went yet?”

Beth shook her head. “But you’ll be able to guess later.”

“If I don’t die of curiosity first,” Tim chuckled.

“We’ll give you a clue,” I said. “The sooner we get to bed, the sooner you’ll know.”

Tim pretended to look worried. “Another toy?”

“Hmm,” said Beth, “there were a couple of things in that box we’ve not tried yet. But no, not that.”

“You’ll just have to wait,” I wagged my finger at him. “Now, we treated ourselves to lunch out, so we’ll treat you – what would you like us to make for dinner later?”

Tim’s choice was Beth’s lasagna, and we pottered around the kitchen finding ingredients, pulling down pans, then chopping, peeling, stirring a sizzling pan. Finally the pasta was layered with meat sauce, cheese, sliced boiled eggs – “That was Grandma’s special ingredient,” grinned Beth – and we slid the pan into the oven. “Right, what can we do for an hour or so?” I wondered.

Beth smiled suggestively. “While we’re spoiling Tim for the day, there’s a treat which somehow we’ve never got round to giving him.”

I pretended to scratch my head. “I thought we’d done most things that two girls can do with a man?”

Beth grinned. “Are you kidding? I suppose that wasn’t in the book we bought, was it, but there are quite a few more things we’ve not tried yet.”

“Mm.” I felt a thrill run through me. “We’re on days this week, aren’t we – that means we have our evenings before bed. Want to see what we can tease Tim into doing with us?”

“Oh yes,” Beth breathed. “Can’t wait…”

She leaned out of the kitchen doorway. “Tim?”

“Hm?” I heard.

“Want to come in here a minute?”

Tim appeared, and Beth draped her arms over his shoulders. “Dinner’s going to be a while yet, so…”

She put her hand flat on his growing erection, and Tim gasped. “Mm – what did you have in mind?”

Beth’s fingers worked at his belt, then his zip, freeing his hardness from his boxer shorts. “Alice?”

I joined her, both of us kneeling, and Beth darted a kiss on Tim’s hard tip. I followed suit, and Tim gave a murmur of pleasure. “Mm, this feels amazing already.”

Beth took Tim deeper into her mouth, and I wondered what Kars Escort Bayan I was supposed to do when it was mostly her turn. My eyes fell on the soft pouch hanging below the base of his shaft, and I reached to cup it, feeling almost fearful of the hard-yet-softness of the two rounded shapes I felt within, my fingers hesitant of hurting him. Wondering how he would feel this, I kissed him there, then – oh! – carefully moulded my lips round one of the shapes through the soft skin, taking it into my mouth.

Tim’s reaction was a deep breath in, then “Alice… I can’t tell you how tender that feels…”

Beth moved back, letting me take her place, her fingers now cupping his soft pouch as I’d done. I took his shaft between my lips, and he groaned. “Your mouth and Beth’s feel different somehow.”

“Good,” chuckled Beth, “it adds to the experience.”

I let my mouth wrap round his hard tip, while Beth’s tongue moved wetly up and down his shaft. “Oh,” gasped Tim, “that’s exquisite.”

Beth smiled, and I thrilled as her lips collided with mine, both of us now kissing, tonguing his tip, then down one side and the other of his shaft. “Does one of us get to have him come in our mouth?” I whispered, and Beth shook her head. “Watch.”

She wrapped her fingers round him, alternating her mouth on his tip with moving back a little, lips parted, tongue waiting, while I lapped at him again. “Oh – mm -” Tim gasped, “I’m nearly -“

Time seemed to slow as I watched him visibly stiffen, then the first spurt of creamy fluid arcing to splash on Beth’s tongue, her lips. Her fingers were still on him, and she moved him a little, the next spurt hitting my cheek, catching the corner of my mouth. The final spurt was directly between my lips, and Beth grinned in triumph as I swallowed. “Mm, perfect.”

She placed a final kiss on Tim’s tip, then turned to me, our still-glistening lips meeting, her tongue probing for mine. “Mm…” I managed, then drew back a little. “If we don’t stop now, I think dinner will burn.”

Beth smiled, reluctantly getting to her feet, drawing me with her. Tim wrapped his arms around both of us. “Thanks, girls, that was… fantastic.”

He paused. “Mm, something smells good – is that dinner?”

Beth pretended to roll her eyes. “Alice, he’s only interested in that one thing and food – what are we going to do with him?”

I grinned. “We feed him, then let him take us back to bed, of course – what else?”

“No complaints here,” chuckled Tim.

We sat down to eat, and he nodded. “You’ve outdone yourself again, Beth.”

“And we’ll even do the dishes,” I offered.

Very soon the kitchen was tidy, and Beth glanced at Tim. “We’ve deprived you this afternoon, keeping our clothes on, haven’t we…”

He threw her an amused look. “Um, remember before dinner? I don’t think I could say I’m deprived. But I did wonder.”

“All part of the surprise,” I teased. “Now, come into the bedroom and we’ll let you undress us.”

We reached the bedroom, and I glanced at Beth as Tim took me into his arms. “Jeans first?”

She nodded, and Tim looked a little puzzled for a moment, but kissed me gently, then knelt to undo buttons, draw my jeans down, let me step out of them. I felt his lips soft on my mound through the cotton of my panties, then he buried his nose between my thighs for a moment, breathing in deeply. “Mm…”

He hooked his fingers through the elastic of my panties, looking up for confirmation, then drew them down, again kissing my mound. “I’m so glad you both decided on smooth for a while,” he whispered.

Beth cleared her throat softly, smiling. “My turn?”

Again Tim knelt, helped Escort Kars her unclothe, and as he pressed his lips on her mound, she breathed in deeply, her fingers pulling him into her. “Ohh…”

“Patience,” I teased. “Do you want to let him see now?”

Beth nodded, and Tim moved back a little, waiting. Beth grinned at me, and we both lifted our t-shirts up, off over our heads. It took Tim a second to notice, then his mouth dropped open, and he leaned closer to Beth’s now-bare stomach, her jewel sparkling in the light. “Wow…”

He turned to look at me. “And ruby red, mm.”

“‘Fraid you’re not allowed to play with them yet,” Beth said. “A week or so?”

Tim nodded. “But in the meantime I’ll definitely look for ones with real stones.”

He flashed his eyebrows at us. “Maybe there are some with a little bit of gold chain, too, then you’ll really look the part as exotic concubines…”

“Mm, I like the sound of that,” Beth breathed.

She glanced at me. “Remember what we said the girls in the harem do while they’re waiting to be called?”

I stepped into her waiting arms, kissing her softly. “You mean like this…?”

Tim watched as Beth drew me towards the bed. “You want me to help?” he enquired with a smile. “I can just watch and enjoy, if you prefer.”

He grinned. “And don’t forget the mirror.”

“You’ll know when we want you,” promised Beth.

She turned back to me. “You remember the time we used our toy on Tim?”

I felt a thrill as I recalled thrusting into him. “Mm, yes. Then what we did after I’d swallowed his stuff…”

Beth nodded. “So…”

She laid across the bed, glancing over to the mirror to check the reflection, then drew me down onto her. “Mmm… I can feel your piercing between my breasts.”

“Me too,” I half-moaned, burying my head between her thighs and breathing in the scent of her arousal. I couldn’t hold back, starting to use my tongue on her, and I felt her mouth on me in response. I turned my eyes toward the mirror for a moment, and gasped. “God, Beth, I can’t believe how sexy this looks.”

I felt her nod, then her tongue was on me again, and I lost myself in our shared pleasure, enjoying the feel of Beth’s breasts on me, mine pressing into her stomach, the slight sharpness of her piercing against me only adding to the sensation.

I felt myself beginning to climb towards my release, and I moved more urgently on Beth, taking her nub between my lips and suckling gently. She gasped, but took her mouth from me for a moment. “Remember we were going to tease Tim into trying something new?”


In the mirror, I saw Beth turn to look at Tim, who’d been watching us with obvious enjoyment from the other side of the room, his eyes moving from the bed to our reflection and back. “Tim?”


“You feeling ready again yet?”

He chuckled. “Are you kidding, watching you two?”

Beth flashed her eyebrows at him. “So I think Alice…”

I watched in the mirror as Tim walked towards us, kneeling behind me. Then I closed my eyes, giving a quiet cry of ecstasy, as I felt his hardness against my entrance, sliding into me, and at the same time Beth’s lips and tongue resume their touch. “Oh – oh god…”

I pressed my mouth between Beth’s thighs, trying between gasps to return the pleasure I was feeling from her mouth and Tim’s thrusts, and I felt her push her hips up against me. “Mm,” she moaned, “oh – yes – now -“

A wave of pleasure swept through me as Beth shuddered underneath me, warmth wetting my lips, and I felt the unmistakeable sensation of my own spurt of warm liquid splashing her tongue, running down… In the haze of pleasure I’d almost forgotten Tim’s so-satisfying hardness still moving in me, but as he felt us tumble into our climax, he cried out, thrusting hard into me once, then again, and filling my depths with warmth, then leaning forward, wrapping his arms around me, kissing my back softly. “Mmm…”

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