Big and Beautiful


Alice Cranie was having her nightly crisis of confidence. Sitting in her Yorkshire flat flicking through television channels, never focusing on anything in particular for too long. She had with her a tub of Chocolate Ice cream which she could easily polish off when in a depressed mood which now seemed to be most of the time. At 26 years of age she was what you would call quite a big girl, although she preferred the words ‘curvy’ or ‘voluptuous’ as they just sounded so much sexier. She had green eyes and naturally very long eyelashes. Her skin was fairly pale and freckly and she had large pouting lips but a small nose which all covered a roundish face and was accentuated with long light brown hair. Her Breasts were full (a D cup) and heavy but not sagging, she had a complex about her Bum and her legs and made some effort to keep both toned to a degree. On this occasion it was not so much her body that was causing her crisis of confidence but life in general; she worked in a bakery by day which was a comedown from her previous job as an estate agent where the turbulent economic times had meant she was made redundant. As a result of her reduced salary, she could no longer afford the price of her two bed roomed apartment alone.

Her flatmate was a student at the nearby University his name was Danny Trent and his parents were clearly filthy rich, paying all his fees including the rent Alice put on the room. Danny evidently worked hard on his body, regularly going to the Gym and being an accomplished squash player. This body was accompanied by a sweet face that made him look younger than his 20 years.. He was also a big hit with the ladies and That was evident from the groans and moans coming from whatever vacuous blonde he Kastamonu Escort had in his room right now. Alice often found herself staring at that body when he came out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel and began to think how happy she could be is she was armed with sub-zero intelligence and the unfeasible combination of skinny body and enormous breasts.

Danny showed his latest conquest out of the house and made the usual empty promise to call her. He had always had things his own way and so in many ways never felt satisfied he admired his bossy flatmate who gave him boundaries he had never really had before. He showered up and plonked himself on the sofa next to Alice who he thrived on winding up.

‘The new diets going from strength to strength then’ he knew this was a touchy subject. Alice replied;

‘Don’t start just keep it zipped’. Danny’s reply was predictable and often used,

‘well the young lady who just left is very pleased that I decided not to keep it zipped if you know what I mean’. Alice knew deep down that Danny was only feigning arrogance to get a rise out of her but she always took the bait,

‘a very satisfying relationship im sure’.

‘Well she was very satisfied as you could probably hear seeing as you were holding a cup to my door’. Alice chuckled;

‘Don’t flatter yourself, i have far more important things to do than listen to you huffing and puffing on your life-size Barbie doll, and she’s going to be even more satisfied when she learns the rest of the alphabet’. Quick as a flash Danny retorted;

‘Jealousy is not a pretty emotion ally wally’, He knew she hated it when he called her that and he continued ;

‘I sometimes Kastamonu Escort Bayan get kept awake by the sounds of you having sex, that vibrator of yours is quite loud’. This genuinely annoyed Alice as it was largely true. She rarely went out on the town due to her lack of self esteem and when she did go out the same lack of confidence prevented her from trying to chat up any men. She simply got up in a huff and went to bed knowing she had allowed herself to get wound up again.

The following morning she found her flatmate in apologetic mood vowing to cook her something nice for dinner that night. She accepted as she knew Danny was a pretty good cook. Alice’s day at the bakery was the usual painstaking affair with a clock seemingly reluctant to move fast enough. When she returned to the flat she was surprised to see the table already set and dinner almost ready,

‘It’s a nice beef casserole, hope you’re hungry babe’. Alice hated words like babe and love but let it slide. Dinner was delicious and the two flatmates soon resorted to light hearted banter. After pudding Alice asked why Danny had gone to all the trouble that he had.

‘Well i felt bad about being such a tool to you all the time and to show how grateful i am for you putting me up’ Alice found this rather sweet,

‘it’s no problem, you’re just about bearable i guess’ she laughed at her own joke and bent over to kiss her flatmate on the cheek, Danny however responded with a passionate kiss on the mouth, she felt his tongue exploring in her mouth and his hands roaming all over her body, she was stunned by this and pulled away;

‘WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING???’ she screamed and then slapped Escort Kastamonu him and followed it up with an icy glare, However her resolve melted away with three clichéd but effective words;

‘I love you’ Danny blurted out with tears in his eyes. Alice stood still for a good minute before grabbing his face and peppering it with kisses; they resumed snogging for a while before Danny lifted her onto the table. He removed her jeans and her knickers before kissing up and down her thighs for what felt like an eternity to Alive before eventually proceeding to eat her out, his tongue was driving her crazy she could her the squelching as she became wetter and wetter, it was a mere 5 minutes before her breath became ragged, she was wiggling profusely from the pleasure, so much so in fact that Danny had to hold her still. She arched her back and came hard, coating his mouth and tongue with juices which caused her to blush from the embarassment.

Several minutes of snogging followed before Danny went to his room without explanation, this made Alice sure he was having second thoughts and her insecurities returned, until that is, Danny himself returned stark naked and Alice gasped at the 10 Inch piece of meat standing proudly in anticipation of what was to come, the cause of so much pleasure for those bimbos he had seduced previously.

‘I just don’t like undressing in front of people’ Alice giggled and lunged at him kissing his toned muscular body all over before he grabbed a bottle of lubricant and smothered it all over his penis and then hitching her up and entering her. Alice was in heaven, Danny was fucking her slowly but using all of his length, then she groaned loudly as he began to speed up, it wasn’t long before Alice screamed out his name over and over as orgasm after orgasm crashed into her Danny thrusting so hard, putting her in so many positions then she heard Danny utter a grunt and felt him unleash a torrent of cum into her sodden pussy. After the Orgasm subsided Alice wondered where they would go from here.

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