Biker Rally Bang


Tina was on her way up to get another beer, and she runs into Craig her old friend from Jefferson High School.

“Hey girl,” Craig says a little excitedly, “What up?”

Tina responds with a sly smile, “Not much just enjoying the party and getting a little drunk.” She then asks, “How are things hanging with you?”

Craig snickers at this and answers, “Good.” And looks down at himself grabs his dick and says, still as big as ever.” Craig then winks at her.

Tina giggles and comments on this, “So I’ve heard.” and winks back.

Craig clears his throat and asks, “So are you still seeing are you still seeing Chris?”

Tina responses a little agitated, “Nope we broke up long time ago, I think he’s seeing Theresa now you know the high school slut.”

Craig frowns at this remembering all to well Theresa and the bullshit she pulled on him. “Yeah I remember the little bitch.” Craig had caught her doing his best friend Jack in the backseat of his car when she disappeared in the middle of the prom. He was royally pissed and beat the shit out of Jack and she got accidentally got a black eye when she steps in the middle. Craig spent a few days in jail over this and has not spoken to either one for 10 years.

“Sorry,” Tina says apolitically, “I know it a sore subject.” She looks down at the ground hiding her sadness.

“It’s ok that was a long time ago.” He grabs her chin and smiles lightening her mood.

“Hey now how about another beer you glass looks about empty?”

“Sure sounds good.” She smiles back at him feeling a little better.

Craig goes up to the bar and grabs a couple more beers.

Tina watches as he walks away admiring his cute ass. She thinks to herself dam he always did have a nice ass. Craig did not know that back in high school Tina really liked him but knew he was dating Theresa and could not tell him.

Craig returns with the beers and hands her one of them.

Tina then asks him, Kastamonu Escort “Craig, are you still seeing that girl Lisa?”

“Nah dumped her a while back.” Craig responds but does not go into details.

Tina takes the hint and doesn’t ask anymore on it. “Change of subject.” She interjects, “I was thinking about getting my tat reinked, what ya think?” She pulls down her leather halter top exposing her whole breast.

Craig clears his throat again and looks at her tat very closely, “It won’t hurt.” Her tat is a heart with an arrow though it covering the left side of her breast. It’s a bit faded but not bad. He then grabs her breast coping a feel.

Tina giggles and replies, “Later.” And winks at him

Craig smiles too himself not expecting that kind of response and feels himself getting aroused and thinks to himself oh yeah definitely later.

They filter out of the beer garden and head for the band that’s playing some Guns n Roses. Craig checks her out from behind thinking to himself oh yeah she still got it her ass tight as ever. She’s wearing her tight jeans and a leather halter top, her red hair free flowing all the way down her back. She turns around her features still as pretty as they were ten years ago. Her bright green eyes spackling with fire and he knew he was getting lucky tonight for sure.

She smiles at him. “What are you thinking about? ” She asks with a glint in her eye. “Not much just admiring the handwork.” He answers grinning at her sheepishly.

She laugh and looks at her own butt, “Yeah still got it.” They laugh together now.

“So come on now give the turn,” She replies with a sly little smile.

He laughs heartily and replies, “Ok girl.”

He does a slow turn and she checks him out. He’s wearing his new leather vest he just bought. Craig is 5’11” 195 lbs with long black hair down too the middle of his back it’s pulled back in a braid, a banda is wrapped around Kastamonu Escort Bayan his head which displays the Harley symbol. He’s wearing blue jeans worn from age and biker boats. Craig is a little rough looking but, with his goatee his scars are hardly noticeable. His eyes are almost clear blue which glint in the sun to make them appear lighter.

“Hmm nice,” she moans softly feeling herself getting moist.

He smiles a bit wickedly and responses, “OK girl lets go.”

She giggles. “Go where?” She asks him a little unsure.

“To my tent where else,” He demands.

Tina follows him too his tent without a word.

Craig pulls her in and too him a little roughly. He then starts kissing her softly at first then hard as his urge rises.

She responds just as fiercely wanting to fuck him for a long time.

He pulls the tie from her top with one hand as he slides his other one though her hair. He lowers his head too suck on her already erect nipple.

Tina moans softly in his ear. Tina grabs his dick though his jeans and squeezes it. Dam she thought too herself he is big this is going to hurt a little.

Craig unbuttons and unzips her jeans sliding his hand down the front of her pants inserting his fingers in her and rubs gentle on her clit with his thumb at the same time.

She cries out with pleasure as he works his fingers in and out of her feeling her get wetter and wetter.

Craig pulls down her pants he wants to taste her.

Tina moans louder as Craig slides his tongue across her clit in a T motion. She starts to feel her legs giving a little and shakes.

Craig feels this and helps her down to the bed, he then strips her boots off and the takes her jeans completely off. Craig then slips between her legs and puts them on his shoulders. He then starts licking her sweet pussy in the T motion again. He stops a min. and mumbles, “Dam girl your pussy taste good.”

He Escort Kastamonu then separates her lips and licks and sucks her clit pulling it deep into his mouth. Craig can feel she’s close to cumming and sticks his finger deep in her and starts banging her hard.

Tina cries out in ecstasy as she feels herself cumming hard over his great oral sex and starts shaking uncontrollable.

Craig can taste her sweet cum in his mouth and can’t wait to feel that tight pussy. He undoes his pants freeing himself he lowers himself on her inserting his dick in her gentle. Craig knows full well how large his 91/2 inches 2 inches around can hurt a woman if not done slow.

Tina slowly accepts his size feeling another orgasm building.

Craig lowers down and kisses her deep as he pushes the rest of his dick deep in her.

Tina catches her breath and moans deeply sounding of she was in a little pain, “uhhh.”

He asks her, “Are you alright?”

“Yes don’t’ stop,” she begs him in a pleading voice.

Craig slips his tongue deep in her mouth.

Tina can taste herself on his tongue and caresses his tongue with hers as he fucks her slowly. She can feel herself cumming over and over pushing her to the brink of a major intense orgasm she had never experienced before. She then demands him, “faster Craig God baby faster.”

Craig complies and feeling himself on the verge of letting go does not argue on this.

Tina starts to moan in such a way it almost sounds like a cat. Craig now understands why her Ex called her kitten.

Craig is slow close to cumming that he can’t hold back much longer. This is when Tina starts to tighten down on him so hard that it felt like he was in a vice. Craig cries out loudly, “Fuucckkk!” and releases his full load deep inside her

Tina cums so hard on his cock it causes her head to spinning a little.

Craig pulls out slowly and comes down beside her and pulls her too him. He whispers in her ear, “Dam girl that was awesome.”

Tina’s breathing slows down and she replies, “Yeah it was,” and snuggles down in his arm and falls fast asleep.

Craig lays there a while and watches her sleeping, and thinks too himself no way is she getting away this time.


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