Birthday Drinks


I walk into the pub, and there you are. Medium height, short brown hair and brilliant green eyes, you look as wonderful as always. We’ve known each other for five years, since we were thirteen, and finally I’m old enough to have a legal drink. 18 years old at last. You’re sitting there with two beers in front of you, it was your idea to catch up, for birthday drinks you said. I know I look good and I can tell you think so too because I can see your eyes roaming my body, nodding in approval. I’m short at only 5″2 with curves I know some girls would kill for, 12D breasts, a curvy round arse and my brown hair has grown since you last saw me, it reaches past my nipples now. Plus, I’m wearing a tight, black dress that shows my body off fantastically.

My foot is resting against your leg and my hand is on your thigh, my fingers running up and down your inner thigh. We’re talking and laughing, my other hand strokes your arm as you say something funny. I’m chewing on my bottom lip and playing with my tongue piercing, rolling it between my lips. We’ve finished the first round of drinks and I go up to buy the second lot, as I walk away I can see some old guy at the bar grinning at you, he’s Kastamonu Escort wishing you good luck- wishing he was as lucky, I can see it in his eyes. I come back to our table with our drinks and we sit for another half hour, finishing our drinks before deciding to walk back to my house, I only live a couple of houses down.

Your arm is wrapped tightly around my waist as we walk home, I turn my body towards yours and kiss your neck as we stumble down the street clumsily. My head is half dizzy from the alcohol, and half dizzy from the way your hand is moving closer and closer to my arse. As we get inside my house I pull you closer to me by your shirt and kiss you deeply, wrapping my hands around your waist as you push me up against the wall. You kiss me down my neck as you take my dress off, then down my collarbone, pushing my bra away as you suck on my nipple. I lift one leg and wrap it around your hips as I slide my hand down and rub your dick through your clothes, you put one hand on my thigh and then slip your fingers under my lacy thong and lightly rub circles around my clit. I lean my head against the wall and arch my back as I take my bra off so you can Kastamonu Escort Bayan suck my small nipples properly.

Then I push you away and swap positions, taking your shirt off and getting on my knees to undo your jeans. I take your already hard cock out and lick it up and down before flicking my tongue, and rolling my piercing around the head. Slowly, I start to take more and more of you in until all of your hard cock is in my mouth, right down my throat. I stay there, moving my head back and forth slightly so you’re fucking the back of my throat. Coming up then taking your balls in my mouth as my hand works on your dick.

You lift me up and push me onto my bed and as you take the rest of your clothes off, I slip my thong off and start fingering myself before you come towards me and kiss up my thigh. Pushing my hands away you slide two fingers into my wet pussy and start licking my clit, sucking on it gently then flicking it with your tongue. My hands are in your hair as you take one finger, cover it in the juices from my pussy and slowly push it into my arse. I gasp and start rocking my hips as you start working your tongue harder. All of the Escort Kastamonu fingers you have inside of me are pushing in and out, as I start to moan and hold your face closer as I cum all over your face.

You kneel up and roll me over so I have my arse in the air for you. Taking your dick in your hand you slide it up and down my slit and crack, letting it get covered in my cum you slowly push it into my pussy where you can still feel it pulsing from my orgasm. I sit up and lean against your chest as I rock up and down, you place your hands on my tits and kiss down my neck before pushing me back down. You take a bottle of lube and rub some all over your dick and into my tight arse, using one hand to spread my cheeks you slowly slide the head of your cock into my butt, letting me get used to it before sliding more in, eventually having all of you inside me before pausing again. As I wriggle my butt you pull out a little bit before thrusting back in. In and out you go until your pushing all of your dick inside me in one, smooth go. I start moaning and lifting my firm arse higher as you use both hands to spread my cheeks so you can see yourself fucking my tight hole.

You lean over my body and hold onto my tits, thrusting faster and faster. I move one leg up so you can get better access and I can feel your balls slapping against me as you cum into my arse. You sit back up but leave your cock inside me so you can watch your cum dribbling over you cock and down my crack.

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