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Growing up in a village in England everybody seemed to know everyone else and sisters Danni and Karen couldn’t have been more different.

They lived at home with their parents in a beautiful large house. Twenty year old Danni was loud, brash , in your face and thought to be promiscuous and her reputation was that she was an easy lay. She was nice looking, and she had a sexy curvy body and knew how to show it off to get what she wanted.

Karen Who is 2 years younger than Danni was the very pretty, quiet, shy sister that everyone fancied but nobody could get near her. Karen’s best friend all through school was Phil, they were the same age and in the same class at school. They secretly fancied each other but their shyness never allowed them to reveal their true feelings for each other. They spent all their spare time together and would often visit each other’s homes usually to study.

Karen’s mum would constantly tease them about getting together, “you two would make the perfect couple.” She would often tell them.

One particular Friday evening and Phil was at Karen’s house, they had something to eat then as usual they went to Karen’s room to study. They were flirting with each other as usual but they were both too shy to do anything about it. As usual their time together ended with a friendly wrestle and a tickle fight.

Phil went home a while later and was kicking himself because he wanted to kiss Karen but didn’t know how to approach it.

When he woke on Saturday morning he looked for his books to study but remembered he’d left them at Karen’s house.

Phil texted Karen asking if he could pick the books up later, Karen replied saying “I’m going out with mum to do Christmas shopping, Danni will be at home so she will sort it out for you xx.”

It was a cold day and Phil put on his coat for the 15 minute walk to Karen’s, it began to snow and made him feel even colder, he arrived at Karen’s and rang the bell, Danni answered the door and invited him in.

“I’m just about to have a hot drink, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes please, it’s freezing outside.” Said Phil, as he took off his coat.

“When are you going to date my sister Phil, she fancies you a lot.”

“I’m so shy I don’t know what to do.”

“Have you dated a girl?”

“No, I’ve not even had a proper kiss.”

“Really, you’re 18 and you need to learn, you’re a good looking young man and need to get started.”

Phil was staring at Danni and wondering if she was offering to help him. Danni was dressed in a night shirt and was clearly not wearing a bra as her large tits moved freely beneath it and it was unbuttoned enough to show a lot of cleavage.

Danni saw Phil staring at her tits as she finished making the drinks.

“Do you like my tits?” Asked Danni

“Pardon.” Replied Phil as his face reddened.

“I said Do you like my tits?”


“Would you like to see them?”

Phil’s cock was stirring in his pants as the realisation of seeing his first real pair of tits suddenly hit him.

“Let me teach you to kiss, and then I will show them to you.”

Without waiting for a response Danni walked up to Phil grabbed his face and put her lips to his, he froze and didn’t know what to do.

“Relax, open your mouth and I will guide you.” Said Danni.


Danni continued to teach Phil and a few minutes later he was clearly enjoying it, his cock had hardened as proof and his nerves were settling down.

They stopped kissing and Danni said “did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was amazing, thanks Danni.”

“No problem, any time you need help just come to me.”

“Can we kiss some more please Danni?”

They spent the next 15 minutes kissing, Danni showing Phil how to use tongues and biting each other’s lips. Phil’s cock was hard and Danni noticed it, she was getting turned on herself as the wetness in her panties grew and she knew she had to have Phil.

Suddenly Danni grabbed the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it over her head, “a deals a deal.” She said.

Phil was open mouthed as Danni stood in the kitchen in just a small pink thong.

Her breasts were big and firm with just a little sag and her areola were a dark pink colour and her nipples were hard.

She moved closer to Phil, her tits looked absolutely beautiful close up. She took his hand and put it on her breasts. Phil was shaking with nervousness now and his cock had become uncomfortably hard in his jeans.

“Feel them, stroke them, lick them, taste them.” Said Danni.

“Oh my god, they’re amazing.” Replied Phil as he used both hands and gently cupped them, felling their weight and softness.

Instinctively he rolled her hard nipples between his fingers.

Danni put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face towards her tits, she rubbed them in his face and Phil was shocked and not sure what to do. “You’ve so much to learn,” she whispered.

Then Danni placed her hand underneath her right breast lifted Isparta Escort it and offered it to Phil,

“Lick my nipple, then suck it.” She demanded.

Phil obeyed and sucked on her tit like a hungry infant.

As he sucked on her tit Danni unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him.

She stroked his chest as he fed on her tit. Feeling a little more confident he cupped both her breasts again and sucked each of her tits in turn. Then he raised his head to hers and kissed her enjoying his new found confidence.

Danni moved her hand down his body and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. “Mmmmm that feels nice you naughty boy.” She said as their lips parted.

He played with her nipples as they kissed again. Danni felt the wetness between her legs and touched herself to confirm there was a huge wet patch in her panties.

“Are you happy to continue Phil, I know I have a bad reputation in this village but I can promise you I don’t get up to anything like what people say.”

“I’m very happy to continue Danni, if we end this now I’ll be more than happy but I’m prepared to do anything right now.” He replied as his youthful testosterone surged through his body.

“Well, I’ve so much to teach you and we’ve got plenty of time.”

Danni continued to caress his cock through his jeans, she undone the button on his jeans, pulled down the zipper and slid them down his legs, Phil kicked off his shoes and helped Danni completely remove his jeans.

“I can’t wait to see your cock.” She whispered.

She pulled his boxers down and his hard cock sprung out as it escaped the passing waistband.

“Ooh yes, I like it.” She said as her hand wrapped around it, it was soaking in pre cum and Danni rubbed his natural lube up and down its length.

A thought suddenly hit Phil, “I think I’m about to lose my virginity, I’d always dreamed it would be with Karen but it’s going to be with her sister.”

He felt something wet and warm on the end of his cock, he looked down and saw it disappear into Danni’s mouth. Her hand caressed his balls as her mouth moved gently and expertly along his length.

“That’s amazing Danni, but I think I’m about to cum.”

Danni stopped and stood up, “not yet I’ve plans for that load of cum in your balls.”

She removed her soaking wet panties and added them to the pile of clothes on the kitchen floor.

“Next lesson.” She said as she sat on the edge of the kitchen worktop.

Danni lifted her legs up and put her feet on the worktop also, opening her pussy and showing Phil his first real life vagina. She was slightly hairy but trimmed and well groomed and Phil was desperate to experience the taste, aroma and feeling of his first pussy.

Her natural juices were slipping out of her and coating her arse hole.

Danni took Phil’s hand and placed it on her pussy, then using two of his fingers she put them inside her, immediately his fingers were coated in her juices, she pulled them out and sucked them clean, “mmmm my pussy tastes delicious.” She said as she returned his fingers to her pussy, this time she took them out and offered them to Phil, “your turn.” She said as he looked at them hesitantly. He could smell the sweet tangy aroma of her pussy and stuck out his tongue, Danni wiped her fingers on his tongue and put them in his mouth, he sucked hard on them.

“Do you like it?” She asked.

“Mmm yes it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted but it’s really nice.”

“Good, get your face between my legs.”

She pushed his head down onto her waiting hungry pussy and held it there guiding him and telling him what to do, she shown him how to finger her g-spot then shown him her large engorged clit and explained how she likes it to be licked and sucked. Phil was a quick learner and Danni felt her orgasm rising, “finger me and lick hard on my clit.” She demanded.

Phil followed her instructions and Danni received an amazing shuddering orgasm as she screamed loudly. Phil looked on horrified he thought he had hurt her.

“I’m absolutely fine, don’t worry.” She said as she pulled his pussy soaked face towards her and they shared a loving passionate kiss.

As they hugged Phil could feel his cock against Danni’s pussy lips, he naturally started to move it up and down the length of her slit reaching her clit, Danni reached down and took hold of his hard cock and guided it to her entrance, it slid inside her easily and Phil gasped as he lost his virginity. They both knew he wouldn’t last long and Danni said “just do what feels natural, start slowly then slam it into me hard.”

He had only just started the slow strokes when he unloaded stream after stream of cum deep inside her.

“I’m so sorry Danni he said, it felt so amazing I couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t worry it’s your first time and you will last a lot longer in the future, I’ve had an amazing time and I hope you did too.”

“Oh yes, definitely I’ll never forget it and I can’t wait for my next time.”

“Well, Isparta Escort Bayan it’s still early why don’t you come to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable.”

They picked up their clothes and Danni took his hand and led him upstairs.

They spent 3 hours in bed and Danni taught Phil so much more including her on top and doggy style. Each time Phil shot his cum deep inside her wet pussy.

Eventually they were both tired, and despite his youthful exuberance Phil couldn’t manage any more. They dressed and returned to the kitchen and had another hot drink.

“Phil, let’s keep what we’ve done today a secret, I’ve really enjoyed it but I love Karen so much and hope what you’ve learned today will give you the confidence to get you two together, Karen talks to me about you a lot, she definitely fancies you and if you ask her out or kiss her you won’t be rejected.”

“I’ll never forget it Danni, you were truly amazing and I thank you so much. I will never tell anyone, I promise.”

On the walk back home Phil felt different, he had a new found confidence and promised himself that at the next opportunity he was going to make a move on Karen.

He didn’t have to wait long. That same evening he texted Karen, he was curious as to whether Danni had told her about their get together earlier.

“How did your Christmas shopping go today.xx”

“Very good thanks, Danni said you called for your books and had a cup of coffee with her. I hope she looked after you.xx”

“Yes I got my books and Danni was nice to me.xx”

“That’s good, can I come over your house tomorrow so we can finish this study session.xx”

“Yes of course I’ll see you in the morning.xx”

Phil couldn’t get the memories of his sexual encounter out of his mind, the only regret being it wasn’t with Karen, and it was obvious that Danni had kept their secret. He was now desperate to see Karen.

Sunday morning arrived and Phil was awake early, he texted Karen saying, “I hope you’re still coming today, I’ve missed you. xx”

She replied, ahh that’s cute you’ve never said that before but I’ll be there in about an hour. xx”

Sure enough Karen arrived on time and Phil was waiting at the door to greet her.

Phil took her coat and hung it up then hugged her, only this time Karen noticed it was a longer than usual and a lot closer hug than she’s used to. “That was nice.” She said.

Phil just smiled and they went to his room to study.

Karen started to take her books out of her bag, but Phil said “leave them until later.”

He grabbed Karen and started tickling her, she laughed loudly and fell onto the bed, Phil followed her and pinned her down. She looked up at him and they went quiet and stared into each other’s eyes, Phil slowly moved his face to hers, Karen sensed what was going to happen, their lips met and they finally shared their first kiss.

They kissed for a couple of minutes then stopped, Karen was smiling “you don’t know how long I’ve waited for that kiss.” She said.

“Me too, it was amazing and I want to kiss you all day.” He replied.

“Let’s forget the books and make up for lost time Phil.”

They kissed and cuddled for what seemed like hours, their tongues in each other’s mouths, gently biting and licking each other’s lips. They quickly discovered what each other enjoyed.

During the next few weeks they spent more time together than ever before, there was a lot more kissing and then one evening while laying on Phil’s bed Karen said “Phil, I love you so much as soon as we get a chance will you make love to me.”

“Oh god yes Karen it’s my dream and I would love to make love with you.”

Arrangements were made to meet at Phil’s home the following weekend as his parents were away.

Karen prepared for the loss of her virginity with nervousness and excitement, she bought some new beautiful underwear makeup and clothes for the occasion. To top it off she bought some new expensive perfume.

On Saturday morning she woke early and felt nervous, she was unable to eat as she felt a little sick but she showered and dressed.

When her mother saw her she said “wow Karen, you look amazing are you going somewhere special?”

“Yes mum, I’m going to spend the day with Phil.”

“It’s great that you two are in love now but just be careful.”

Her mum had realised that perhaps this would be the day that her baby becomes a woman.

“I’ll be fine mum, I’ll see you later.”

Karen hugged her mum and left the house for the short walk to Phil’s home.

Karen arrived at Phil’s and he met her at the door, she removed her coat and Phil saw her new outfit and make up. “You look absolutely beautiful.” Said Phil. They kissed passionately as soon as the door was closed. Phil held Karen’s hand as they walked to his bedroom. They kissed again as soon as the bedroom door was closed.

“I’m very nervous Phil, but I want this so much.”

“Me too sweetheart, it’s our Escort Isparta first time and it’s going to be amazing.”

They kissed once again and laid together on Phil’s double bed. This time things were different, Karen could feel his hard cock pressing against her and reached down and stroked it through his jeans. It was the first time she had touched him there. Phil responded by putting his hand up her jumper and touched her tits through her bra. His cock was very hard and Karen said “let’s remove our clothes and get more comfortable.”

Phil removed Karen’s jumper then pulled his own over his head. As he wriggled out of his jeans Karen removed her skirt. Phil stared at his beautiful girlfriend laid on his bed in her pretty soft satin underwear, “wow, I’m the luckiest man alive.” He said.

Karen smiled and said “I’m glad you like it.”

Their nerves seemed to diminish now that they were mostly exposed to each other.

Phil rejoined Karen on the bed, he leaned over her and they kissed, he immediately started to stroke her breasts as Karen once again took hold of his cock through his boxers.

Karen then put her hand inside his boxer shorts and touched his naked cock for the first time. Phil reached around Karen’s back and unhooked her bra and saw her amazing boobs. He checked the label in her bra it told him they were 36C, her areole were large, pink and slightly swollen and her nipples very hard. Despite laying on her back the firmness of them allowed them to stand proudly on her chest.

“They are amazing Karen, I’ve dreamed of seeing these for a long time.”

Karen giggled and replied, “From now on they’re all yours darling, help yourself.”

Karen continued to stroke his cock and felt his pre cum leaking from the tip of his cock. Phil feasted on her tits, he caressed them, kissed them, licked them and sucked them. He couldn’t stop smiling and looking over her perfect body, she was now naked except for her panties. They laid there exploring each other’s body and kissing, Karen was stroking his cock and massaging his balls, she started to pull down his boxers, “take these off, so I can get at you.” She asked. Phil helped and they were removed easily.

Phil stroked down her body and reached her pussy. He cupped her pussy lightly massaging it through her panties then gently slid his hand inside and felt her smooth shaved pussy, he gasped at the feeling he was experiencing, her hairless pussy was a stark contrast to the only other pussy he’d touched, her sister’s.

Using his fingers he stroked up and down the length of her pussy between her lips. His finger was inside her pussy lips, sliding in her juices, and she was even wetter than he had imagined. He started moving his fingertip around, sliding just a few millimetres up and down each time. Karen closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she moaned in contented ecstasy.

He felt her wetness and tried to push a finger inside her, her still intact hymen prevented him going any further. “Don’t worry baby, it’ll be okay.” Said Karen.

With Karen’s help Phil slipped her panties down her beautiful legs over her feet and now they were both completely naked.

Phil was kneeling between Karen’s open legs and admiring the beauty of her perfectly hairless smooth wet pussy.

He leaned forward and kissed her mouth, then her neck, he continued his journey down towards her pussy stopping to pay attention to her tits, he then gently licked and kissed her belly and was impatient to reach her pussy.

He kissed all around her pussy taking in the sweet intoxicating aroma it exuded, but he couldn’t wait any longer to taste her virgin pussy. He licked up and down the length of her pussy slightly parting her lips with his tongue, she tasted much better than her older sister he thought. Using two fingers he parted her lips wide, and admired the pink wetness inside her. He licked as deep as he could and French kissed her pussy, his nose rubbed her clit as he kissed her pussy, Karen suddenly screamed and grabbed Phil’s head as an orgasm ripped through her young body.

“Oh my god that was amazing Phil, now please let’s make love.”

Phil’s cock was rock hard and dripping copious amounts of pre cum, Karen took hold of it and put it between her pussy lips, Phil immediately pushed but nothing happened so Karen then put the tip of his cock at her entrance and said “don’t worry what happens just push.”

Phil done what Karen had asked and with some resistance he eventually slipped inside, Karen gasped and winced at the pain but that quickly turned into pleasure as she felt the love of her life inside her, immediately Phil felt the tightness but their combined wetness allowed him to slip all the way in.

Phil laid on top of Karen and despite his face being covered in her cum they kissed passionately, it did not take long and Phil shot his cum deep inside her.

“I’m sorry baby, I’ve wanted this for years and it’s the most amazing experience of my life.”

“Don’t worry Phil, I’ll never forget it, it was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

They spent the next hour laying in Phil’s bed, both naked just cuddling and holding each other.

“My life cannot get any better than this.” Said Karen.

“I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Replied Phil.

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