Black Man’s Paradise: ATL


My wife Astrid Ashford Thomas has such an awesome big ass. I just can’t seem to stop thinking about fucking it. If you saw her fabulous heart-shaped ass, you’d know how I feel. She’s got one of those thick ghetto booties that seem to be made for fucking. At the age of fifty, she’s still fine-looking. A six-foot-tall, thick-bodied and large-breasted black woman with skin the color of chocolate. She’s a sex addict who doesn’t want to get cured. That’s part of the reason why I married her.

I was sitting at the kitchen table in the nude. My name is Luther Thomas and I’m a six-foot-two, big and tall black man in his forty eight year on this planet. My wife and I live in a nice mansion in the city of Atlanta. I’m a graduate of the Morehouse School of Medicine. I’ve got my own practice in West Atlanta. As for my wife, she’s a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. She works for a civil engineering firm in the city of Marietta, Georgia. Our twin sons, Julian and Melvin, are incoming freshmen at Morehouse College and Lane College, respectively. Like their dad, they chose to attend historically black colleges. As for our daughter Marianne, she’s a junior at Boston College. Since they all moved out, Astrid and I got the house all to ourselves. We be having all kinds of naughty fun together.

Feeling suddenly frisky, I got up and walked up to Astrid. She was naked and standing there, sipping a coke while surveying the sandwiches warming up in the microwave. The sight of this big beautiful black woman’s thick booty jiggling slightly as she leaned over turned me on like you would not believe. I cupped my wife’s plump butt cheeks with my hands. Astrid laughed, and turned around. I planted a big kiss on her lips. Astrid put her arms around and kissed me back. Hot damn, my woman was hot. I caressed her plump, sexy body. My hands slipped between her legs. I slipped my fingers into my wife’s pussy. Astrid gasped, and urged me on. I twisted my fingers inside her and played with her clit. I know what she likes. In no time, I had her all wet Kayseri Escort and stuff. She was putty in my hands.

Astrid and I kissed as I played with the tender flesh of her pussy. When she came, I laughed. It’s good to know I can still rock her world. Afterwards, it was my turn to get some. Astrid kissed my lips and caressed my chest before kneeling before me. She took my dick in her hands and looked at it. My cock is eight inches long and uncircumcised. Yes, I’m a natural man. My parents never had me modified or should I say mutilated the way other parents do their sons. When our sons were born, I told Astrid that I didn’t want them modified. She understood. Like their father, they’re natural men. Astrid is a very forward-thinking and understanding woman. That’s why I still love her, even after almost three decades of marriage.

When we were in college, Astrid and I used to fool around in her father’s house. Astrid’s father, James Ashford, was a wealthy black man from Atlanta. He didn’t like me when Astrid and I started dating. I’m not a native of Atlanta. I’m from Boston. If black people in America had their own little Republic, then Atlanta would be its capital. The black power elite lives in Atlanta. Astrid’s father was a doctor. Her mother, Henrietta Jules Ashford was a college professor. She taught Literature at Spellman College. As you can see, Astrid came from black royalty. I was a poor young man from Boston who had won himself an academic scholarship to Morehouse College, the most prestigious of all the historically black schools in North America. Yet I won Astrid’s heart. And neither of us ever looked back.

I wonder what James Ashford would think if he could see his middle-aged daughter sucking on my long and thick, uncut black dick in our kitchen. Doubtless the old man would do a double take. I smiled and thrust my cock deep into Astrid’s throat. She knows how to do the whole deep throat thing. She’s learned a lot from me over the years. Recently, we’ve taken to swinging. Yes, black couples Kayseri Escort Bayan can be swingers too. Last time we went to a swinger party, I hooked up with a handsome young black man named Keith and Astrid experimented with a young Latina named Maria. Yes, I am a bisexual black man. And my wife is a bisexual black woman. Nobody knows this about us. Not our friends or family members. Only our fellow swingers.

I often hear all kinds of negative stories about bisexual black men. Society assumes that all bisexual black men deceive the women in their lives and engage in risky sexual behavior with random people. I’m not like that. My beloved wife Astrid has known about and accepted my bisexuality long before we got married. Hell, I went to an all-male private college. There weren’t any females around. I experimented with other young black men among my classmates. I recall some particularly passionate sex sessions with my roommate George. Nowadays, George is married to a Latin woman and has two daughters and a son with her. They live in Marietta, where he works as a District Attorney. We’re still good friends, though we no longer hook up.

Back in my college days, I also had sex with young women from nearby Georgia Tech and Spellman College. One time, I had a threesome with these two blonde females, Kathleen and Heidi, both of whom attended Georgia State University. When Astrid and I began dating, she was also having a discrete affair with a young black woman named Michelle. Yes, bisexuality does exist the among black men and black women of America, no matter how much they deny it.

Yeah, getting my cock sucked by my wife sure brought back memories. When I came, she eagerly drank my manly seed. Then, we did something wonderfully naughty. I bent Astrid over and grabbed some butter. I smeared the butter all over her ass crack and my cock. Astrid smiled and spread her butt cheeks wide open. She knew what was coming. Anal action. Hey, not everyone has KY Jelly handy. I placed my hands upon Astrid’s Escort Kayseri hips and pushed my cock into her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Astrid and I have established a nice easy rhythm and stuck to it for years. I know what she likes and she knows what I like. So, I fucked her nice and hard. Just the way we both liked it. I loved watching her ass jiggle while fucking her. She screamed and begged me for more. Astrid loves getting fucked in the ass. I love her so much. We went at it until I came, flooding her ass with my cum.

Afterwards, I squeezed my cock out of Astrid’s buns. My wife winced, and smiled. I knew what that smile meant. It was my turn to get fucked. Yes, I’m into the kinky stuff. Pegging is what they call it. Astrid laughed, and went to fetch her strap-on dildo. I wait in the kitchen. When she came back, I was ready. Astrid took the butter and smeared it all over the dildo, then applied some on my ass. She looked very sexy with her dildo properly strapped on. She pushed the dildo into my ass after bending me over the kitchen table. I gasped as the dildo went into my ass. Astrid held my hips and fucked me hard, just the way I liked. I told her to give it to me roughly and she did. She slammed the dildo up my ass while I stroked my cock. My wife gave my ass a hardcore pounding with the dildo and my cock got so hard, it felt like steel. I came spectacularly shortly after. Astrid turned me around, pulled the dildo out of me and sucked every last drop of cum out of me. Then, we kissed.

We spent the rest of the day making passionate and kinky love. Man, I love my life and I love my wife. We have it made. So, there you have it. I’m a black man living with my wife of more than twenty years and we’re happy together. Not all black couples are always raging at each other’s throats over petty stuff. I love my wife and respect her. My wife loves me and respects me. We’ve got a wonderful life together. We have an open relationship, with rules. We both have affairs with members of the same sex but sexual relationships with the opposite sex outside the marriage bed are forbidden. It’s a rule we established decades ago and it’s worked fine for us. Marriage is about understanding, respect and compromise. And last but not least, it’s about love. After more than twenty years of marriage, I’ve got zero regrets!

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