Bobbi’s Day of Fantasy


I am writing this because ALI ( READ ALIS FIRST MODELING EXPERIENCE!) has constantly been nagging me to and I have read the beautiful comments from her story.

Ali is one of my best friends. She is 19 and single. I am 25 and married with 2 kids. I am like a big sister to her. She always comes to me with her problems and likes to talk about various happenings in her life. Girls, you know how great it is to have another girl to confide in. We all have our down days and sometimes just need someone to talk to. This is how we are.

Not long ago Ali came to me saying she picked up this flyer, from a collectible show, saying this guy wanted some models for his portfolio. I told her to be careful, but it could be worth a call. Well she called and left messages, but did not get a immediate response. I said it was probably just as well. After we gave up, she got a calling setting a time for an interview. She said that she was having the interview in a fancy restaurant and he was paying the bill! My response was GO FOR IT! Worse thing would be a free meal.

I was anxious to learn how this interview came out. She went in nervous and suspicious. She came out EXCITED! I do not mean excited from getting a job. I mean excited, aroused, turned on, well, girls you probably know what I mean. Take your most exciting personal experience and increase it by 10!!. She talked about this interview as if she was was on a date, but that she was more turned on then she was on most dates! I found this extremely bizarre, but this was nothing compared to her later experiences!!!

A few weeks later, she called and said she was going to the photo session. I said be careful and of course she knew what I meant. Yet, she was again nervous. I mean really nervous like when you go on a date for the first time with a guy you always wanted to date, but were afraid to ask. BUT SHE WAS MORE NERVOUS THAN THAT! Girls, you have all experience FIRST DATE JITTERS. Ali was a wreck and I had to calm her down. I said this is only a photo session.


Ali was right. This was not just a photo session! She came back absolutely BEAMING!

She never really got into detail as to what really happened! I could talk to her about her problems. I could talk to her about her boyfriend and get a smile. Yet when I talked to her about her photo session she absolutely LIT – UP! I have never seen anything like it. What exactly could happen to make her LIGHT-UP? I mean mention this photo session and she became excited and bubbly. I have never seen any girls react this way to a non-event. I know for a fact I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS WAY! OH I have had many happy events – my first dates, my wedding, my kids. Yes, I have had a great many happy experiences, but I have never had a BEAMING- BUBBLY happiness I have seen on ALIS face. What exactly happened on a mere photo session?

Then Ali asked me to come with her on a outside photo session! She wanted me to join her. She said she needed me for support. She said I would never forget the the experience! SHE SAID THIS WITH A SMILE THAT I KNEW WAS MORE THAN JUST A REQUEST!!!

I was 25. I was married. I had kids. Oh I still had a good figure, but a more mature figure. I knew if I went it could change things forever. I could see from Alis beaming, that this was more than just a photo session. I knew I had to be careful!!

I was perplexed. Inside I wanted to go for the excitement. I also knew there could be pitfalls that could change my marriage. Few people knew this, but reality was, I did not have much of a marriage. I had been married 5 years and had two kids. The excitement was gone. There was no passion. Life was just routine. My husband had not been with me in months. He had his work and was constantly on the job. Whether he was at work or home – HE WAS CONSTANTLY ON THE JOB! Girls, if you are married with kids, I am sure you know what I mean. We seldom went out and when we did, there was no excitement. We were comfortable and had what we needed and the kids had what they needed, but is that what life is about? WHAT I NEEDED WAS SOME PASSION! I NEEDED COMFORT! I REALLY NEEDED SOMETHING TO CHANGE!

Now I had a chance to do something exciting, but I knew in this stage of life – I COULD EASILY DO SOMETHING I MIGHT REGRET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!?!

Ali kept begging me to go with her. I kept trying to convince myself of the dangers. For weeks I kept putting her off, but still was intrigued with the excitement. Yet, with each passing day, my life had no signs of improving and I could see the definite signs of a dying marriage. In todays society, a marriage can not last without passion. There has to be something and my marriage was quickly loosing it. If things did not change soon, I knew what was coming! When your marriage is down to a flicker of light, something has to be done! I finally convinced myself to go with Ali and see WHAT CAUSED HER BEAMING? I knew deep down my marriage would never be the same after I went, but it was headed south anyway, so WHY NOT!


I returned BEAMING!! I went with a flicker of passion. I CAME BACK WITH ROARING PASSION! MY HUSBAND NEVER KNEW WHAT HIT HIM, BUT HE NOW GOES TO WORK WITH A SMILE!!! HE has even come home early. No longer is life hum drum. There is a roaring passion, even deeper than when we first got married. I had my flame of passion rekindled from this one photo session that has brought new life and meaning into a dying marriage! MY HUSBAND HAS EVEN BROUGHT FLOWERS AND CANDY HOME! He has never done that before. I, of course, had never acted as I do now with as much passion and conviction as I have learned to demonstrate.


I will now tell you what happened that day THAT CHANGED MY MARRIAGE!

Ali said we had to meet him in a town several hours away. I took my car in case things got out of hand. With Alis bubbling tone, I was sure things were definitely going to be exciting, but never dreamed to what extent! We finally met this guy and he said we still had another half hour drive.

We went on a major highway, then to a secondary road, then a dirt road, then a less than dirt road.

I was beginning to get concerned. People could get killed out here and no one would ever know!

We drove by this small stream, took a right to some trees and he said We will walk from here so only bring a few outfits. I did not have the slightest idea where we were, But it was definitely wilderness!!

After we passed the trees, there was a meadow of tall grass several feet high. After we passed the grass, I could not believe what I saw! There was a large water wheel. This must have been 25 feet tall. A hundred years ago this must have been a major commercial business, but through time and neglect, this beautiful water wheel was buried in this forest. He showed us other breathtaking streams and small waterfalls. Here was natural beauty I had only imagined ever seeing. I could now begin to understand Alis feelings of being with this strange person. There was such peacefulness and tranquility in this place. Ali said Whatever happens is just between the two of us. As the peace and tranquility were quickly replacing my fears and apprehensions, I knew there was a lot more to come. IT WAS ONLY 8 AM!!!

Ali had brought only a few outfits. First was a simple white shirt and jeans outfit. I asked Ali where she planned on changing. She pointed to a thicket by the stream. It was not the most private place, but really who was out here anyway? Ali quickly pulled off her clothes and started changing. I noticed she left her bra off. She said

rule is no bra! I thought that was strange, but soon learned why. Ali was posing with her shirt half opened. These were teasing poses. I saw nothing trashy, just very very teasing. I began to wonder if my husband would like to see me in a outfit like that. I always wore a bra, but Ali looked so verry sexy in this simple outfit. Alis poses on this water wheel were absolutely breathtaking. The sun was just coming over the trees and reflected off Alis hair. Ali posed for another half hour in this outfit. I could easily imaging these photos being used in a magazine. They were so simple, yet so extremely sexy. I do not know if it was the outdoors or the extreme tranquility, but I was beginning to feel extremely relaxed.

Finally it was time for Ali to change into another outfit. This was a long jeans dress. As Ali started changing I could see her breasts were getting excited. I have never looked at another girl this way, but Ali was beginning to get to me. She looked at me and smiled as she slowly put on this dress. What was happening? I was not sure. I just knew I was starting to feel something I had never felt before. Again, she wore no bra. Again with the sexy, yet not trashy poses. She had on a ankle length dress with slits down the sides. I could not believe that the more she wore, the sexier she was becoming. I could now understand her beaming. She was so very sexy in her poses. Her legs were only partially exposed, but the epitome of teasing.

It had been only an hour, and I was becoming aroused at looking at my best friend! He said it was break time and time to go back to the car for more outfits. On the way back Ali said I should try posing. Even though deep down I wanted to try, I told her I was to old. Ali said OK, but smiled in a way I knew I could not resist.

We grabbed a couple more outfits and went back to the thicket. This time Ali put on a white satin shirt with a blue jeans mini skirt. Again she wore no bra and again slowly changed with a sexy smile. She knew she was getting to me and I knew it was getting harder to resist. Ali was again showing her excitement as her nipples were definitely showing the tell tale signs ( Girls you definitely know what I mean! ) and in this satin Kıbrıs Escort Bayan shirt there was no doubt! She was getting to me and we both knew it. As I watched her posing and receiving compliment after compliment, I was starting to get jealous.

Yes, she was turning me on in ways I have never felt. With each change of outfits, she was teasing me more. I was not sure what to do, but I definitely knew something was going to happen!

BREAK TIME woke me out of my erotic trance. He said it was time for a snack . He brought soda and munches. I was hoping this would cool me down. WAS I EVER WRONG!!

After break he saidÒAli, time for the swim suits. Ali had brought 2 Bikinis. Ali picked out the pastel yellow one first. She stripped totally down and stood in front of me. Bobbi, How do I look? as she slowly brought her hands up and down her hips! Ali, my best friend, was turning me on AND KNEW IT!!! She was teasing me with her teenage figure and knew I would succumb to her teasing in time. She could see I was devouring her figure with my eyes. Her long blond hair was softly over her shoulders contrasting her deep tan. Her breasts were standing straight out with her nipples begging for attention. I was sure I could see moisture glistening from between her legs, but her clean cut bush and her legs together made it hard to tell. As she watched my eyes devour her body and eventually make eye contact, she said I told you I was a true blond. It was becoming really evident that I wanted my best friend in ways I never before thought of, but how in front of this total stranger?

Another bathing suit became another round of teasing. I was in turmoil. Never had I been so turned on and afraid as to what to do.

The swim suits did not take long. Then he said Ali go get the lingerie!

Lingerie, I did not know anything about lingerie. I never asked Ali what she was bringing. I am now in a state of extreme excitement ( Girls if you have ever been in a state of extreme excitement and can not do anything, I am sure you know what I mean!)

Ali brought over 6 lingerie outfits. These were all very conservative to the knee silk outfits. Yes, some were revealing, but in a sexy sort of way. Ali put on a red one, but again changed slowly in front of me and knew she was absolutely driving me crazy. She only put on the top. I asked her why? She said they were only one piece outfits and left flashing her tail at me teasing me more. I must admit that I had never seen lingerie posing in the meadows, but was getting even more turned on. Here I was becoming extremely excited in every way and getting really uncomfortable. ( Girls, what would you do in my predicament? ) I could see how sexy these poses were to guys as well as girls since I was becoming as turned on as any guy would. I was on the brink, when Ali said


At this point, I would have done anything. I was going crazy with pent up passion. Now Ali was telling me to get into a sexy lingerie outfit and pose with her in front of a total stranger! I have not worn sexy lingerie in a long time. I picked out a blue, not to revealing outfit. I decided if I was going to become part of the posing, I would start teasing Ali for a change. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra giving Ali a strip tease show like I had given my husband years ago. I could see her hold her breath as I showed her my breasts and held them between my hands. Yes, I was turned on to the point of no return and was half expecting Ali to come and devour them. She just stood and watched so I continued with my show. I slowly unbuckleed my belt and pants. Then ever so slowly started to slide them past my hips until I was standing in just my panties. I could see Ali was becoming very turned on by her fidgeting, so I continued with removing my panties. I stood in front of Ali and gave her a show like she gave me. I also brought my hands up and down my hips and said How do you like my body? Her eyes were becoming glazed with passion, but we were not sure what to do. I started to put one the blue lingerie when I noticed there were no panties. Ali said teasingly These are really one piece outfits!

I followed Ali to the clearing when he asked what took us so long? Ali just looked at him and smiled. They were up to something. He had us posing on the water wheel, on fallen trees and in the tall grass. I was getting turned on even more. The posing, the compliments and this increasing desire between my legs was driving me absolutely crazy. I am sure they both knew this as it could not have become more obvious what was happening.

He said, go get some other outfits. We went back to the thicket. Ali gave me a very revealing transparent white outfit. I said You have to be kidding? Ali just smiled. She also had a very revealing white outfit. I mean these things are revealing as a set, but one piece seemed why bother. At this point, I really did not care. I was so turned on with pent up passion, I believe I would have done anything to anyone!

We did a few Escort Kıbrıs more poses, but he had Ali and me sitting or standing beside each other. We were touching our arms, legs and whatever with our body heat turning us both on even more. Something was going to happen real soon as neither of us could hold off much longer!

He then told me to lay on a fallen tree. He said stretch out on the tree. My breasts were so taught that it was a little difficult. However my clit was starting to really get turned on as I started rubbing the tree! He told Ali to put her hands on my butt and give me a butt message. She seemed excited about the idea. I was a little concerned, but definitely way beyond caring. As Ali started squeezing my cheeks, I was building up more passion. He said she was on her own and slowly had her fingers between my butt down to my cunt. I was soaking wet and she knew it. She brought her fingers out and could see they were totally wet from top to bottom and I was going crazy for release! She quietly said turn over. I quickly obliged.

Ali started running her hands up and down my cunt. I knew she had never done what she was about to do. We both knew where this was going and neither of us cared. She started putting her fingers inside my cunt absolutely driving me crazy with passion. Then, without warning, she started licking my cunt. Once she started nibbling my clit, it was all over. I came with such a multitude of orgasms I had never known existed. Ali just kept licking and sucking until I almost passed out. I now knew where her beaming came from. This kind of satisfaction was definitely mind blowing.

I definitely had to rest awhile to come back to my senses. Ali just licked her lips with the remainder of my satisfaction and smiled. She knew she just gave me satisfaction I had never before received! She also knew the day was far from over!

Ali then lay back on the tree and started giving herself satisfaction like it was a normal everyday thing. I admit, this is a normal everyday thing, but not usually in front of a total stranger. Yet the fact this total stranger was watching was starting to turn me on. Here was my best friend with her hands between her legs and I was watching with growing passion. She just looked at me with passion in her eyes and continued rubbing her clit and putting her fingers ever so slowly in and out of her cunt. I could hold off no longer and went to her aid. After all she had just given me satisfaction beyond my wildest dreams, I could at least do the same for her. I have never touched a girl like this before, but would quickly learn how. After all, I had done this to myself countless times. As I started rubbing her clit and slowly put one finger after another in her cunt, I was getting turned on again and knew what I had to do. I went down and started liking her cunt. The taste was uncommonly good and turned me on more. I started liking with more passion and soon went after her clit as she had done with me. As with me, she started bucking with passion and had a great orgasm . I liked and liked as she did to me. I could not believe the pleasure I was both getting and receiving from my best girl friend. How could society call this passion wrong??

Then I realized we had just put on a show for this total stranger. Strongly enough, it turned me on again knowing he was watching. Ali said Tell him FUCK ME! I said I was married and could not do anything like that.


I have never begged for anything. Definitely not this.

Ali then told him COME FUCK ME! Ali never talked trashy. Yet was this really trashy?

He walked over to her and she unzipped his pants and started to give him a blow job. She was very slow and deliberate as if she was putting on a show for me. Trouble was, it was working! She was slow and easily teasing all the way, but still giving me a show like I had never before seen. This is how you please a guy, slow and easy and with passion. I could see the passion was building and the tempo was increasing. I knew he was about to cum. He came , but she wanted me to see everything

so pulled him out letting him cum on her face and lips. Before this seemed trashy, but here it was done in complete passion and as a show for me. She liked the cum from her face and came to me. Before I could react, she kissed me leaving some of his cum in my mouth. Probably because I was beyond caring, I merely tasted his cum and got turned on by what I previously considered disgusting behavior. She then went to him and said FUCK ME!

He did not need much revival. She was on her back with her legs spread . She was ready, willing and very able. She continued saying COME FUCK ME! Over and over. She had her hands in her cunt and spread her lips. I have never seen so much desire. He came over and started teasing her like I have never before seen. He slowly nibbled her breasts one then the other. He then went between her legs and started liking her cunt, then started nibbling her clit. I could tell she was getting on the verge. She continued saying Ò FUCK ME!Ó and grabbed him to give him the right idea. He finally did start fucking her, but not fast and quick as most guys. He was slow and deliberate. He was in, he was out, he was giving me a show! He was definitely making me jealous!

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