Book Store Stories No. 01


This is a work of fiction. All parties are considered adults. Although this is fiction there is a lot of self indulgent truth from real occurrences.


It’s Tuesday morning and I’m in my office at work. Well, not really “At Work”. See, I sat here yesterday trying to do my job, but with the events of last weekend still fresh in my mind, I just could not concentrate. So now I’ll write about it. Then, I might get back to work.

I still can recall the salty taste of his cum.

Last year when I saw that TV commercial, I thought, that was my life. I’m sure you remember the guy, the one with a half of a smile saying, I have a nice family (video showing his wife, son and his daughter), I have a nice house, (video of him mowing the front lawn), I belong to a nice club, (video playing golf). Then back to his face and he says, “How do I afford all of this? I’m up to my eyes balls in debt!”

Well folks, that is my life. Oh, I’m really a happy guy. My wife is 47 and beautiful. She has taken great care of her body. She often turns the heads of our daughter’s boyfriends. So, I’m not griping at all, but there is just this one thing. I’m a bisexual and need a kinky a release now and then.

I really relish the times I can be alone and do what I need to do. Often this entails going to the local adult bookstores and having sex with the guys.

Last Friday my wife left town for a weekend visit, to her ageing parents who live three hours away. My daughter announced that she would be spending the weekend with her girl friends. My son was at college.

This is what I mean by, “My Weekend of Freedom”. I covet the two evenings alone whenever this situation arrives. It’s not often, yet often enough that I have it practiced. Practiced meaning what I do and where I go.

I made sure I had my office ready for me to leave at the proper time. I was praying no one would stop me and ask for my services as I almost ran from the office building.

Getting into my car I headed home to change clothes, trying not to get a speeding ticket. Yes, I was anxious and my cock was staying at a heightened arousal. I knew my shorts would have a wet spot from all of the pre-cum that was flowing from me as I drove.

At home I showered and changed into Levi’s and black t-shirt. Careful to remember, I did not to wear my briefs for tonight. I like the feeling of my cock laying down the side of my leg. Plus when aroused a little the fullness bulging there for other’s to notice. I’m not big by any means but I do have a seven-inch cock.

I arrived at the bookstore at seven thirty. The parking lot had a few cars in it; I parked towards the rear, well away from any by passers who might know my car. I then entered the lobby of the store.

I went straight to the DVD’s and started looking at titles that I might be interested in viewing sometime. I was just bidding for time and waiting for someone interesting.

As I browsed the DVD’s other men began to arrive and immediately walked into the Eskişehir Escort dark recesses of the hallway leading to the video booths. I went back myself.

There is something sexy about the ambiance of the adult bookstore video booths. For the first timers it can be gross place with the old cum smell and sticky floors. But once aquatinted with the shabby décor, you learn to let it turn you on. I found my cock begin to harden as I walked into the darkness of the hallway. Booth doors were opening and closing while men lined the halls waiting to be called into action. I walked the halls looking at the men waiting for that someone special that turned them on. I knew that some men wanted to only suck cock and to receive a mouth full of cum. While others wanted someone to just fuck their ass. I had done all that before. But I like to be adventuresome; I wanted something different, something that would lead me to new heights of sexual arousal.

I knew the location of the booths that had the glory holes. Instinctively, I walked towards the darkest area where these booths where located. A glory hole is just that, a hole cut into the wall of the booth that separates the neighboring booth. Thus giving the two consenting adults a way to have sex, by reaching a hand through the wall, or most often sticking one’s cock though it for oral sex. A blowjob is really the term used.

Why do they call it a blowjob? I suck, don’t you?

I sat down and fed the video machine a dollar bill. The movie started and I began surfing through the channels until I found one that suited me. I love the bisexual ones. The two bi-guys and single slut girl movies. All three of them taking turns sucking cock.

I lowered my jeans as I was now turned on enough to jack off. As I watched the one guy and the girl sucking the other guys cock. I wanted to see who got the cum.

I was about hard when the screen went black. I reached into my pocket for another dollar. As I started to feed my money into the video machine I heard noise in the booth next to me. The door closed and some giggling.

I sat back down and peeked into my neighbor’s booth. There were two pairs of jeans standing in front of the video screen. One was obviously a woman, narrow at the waist with a very nice ass. The guy was trim, himself about my son’s age. Needless to say a beautiful young couple for sure. They were feeding money to the video machine and when done I watched him unzip and pull out his cock.

I had no idea if they had come into the bookstore for a quickie or to play with others.

Quickly, I stuck my fingers though the glory hole, I wanted him before his girl friend got a hold of it.

He immediately pushed my fingers back at me. I was disappointed but then happy, when I heard his voice. He instructed me, to stick my cock though the glory hole.

I stood and stepped near the wall easing my cock through the hole. I felt his warm hand encircle my shaft as he slowly stroked it. I took a deep breath and Eskişehir Escort Bayan relaxed allowing him to enjoy himself. In less than a minute of this bliss I heard whispering and then I felt cold fingers on my balls. I thought to myself, they were both touching me. Excited even more I pushed with all my might, against the wall, giving them every ounce of cock flesh I could get to them.

In my mind I knew this one night, would be a memorable. I assure you right now, it was.

A smaller hand, which had a very light touch, replaced the larger hand around my cock. She was stroking it now. Although the sensations to my cock were the same, being stroked, my mind was spinning at the possibilities. I began fantasizing.

Right in the middle of the fantasy she let go of me and pushed my cock backwards and out of her reach.

I took the intermission to load my video machine. I didn’t want to be bothered with someone shaking my door when they saw the overhead red light out.

I sat down in my chair feeling the cold metal on my bare ass. I looked at my cock and took the pre-cum onto my finger and tasted myself. Damn, just a few minutes more and I would of squirt for them.

Just as I was thinking it was all over, the guy’s cock popped through the glory hole. Quickly, I grabbed his meat in my hand and lowered my mouth onto his shaft. With my mouth wide open I swallowed every bit of him. I knew I had to show him that I had excellent cocksucking abilities.

I hungrily sucked his cock with quick and deep thrusts. My saliva was dripping out of the corners of each side of me mouth and running down my chin. I could feel my own cock stiffen and flex, wanting in the worst way to squirt. I didn’t want to touch it in fear I would orgasm as soon as I grabbed it.

Again, suddenly and without warning his cock pulled from my mouth.

My eyes went to the hole and peered though. The girl had removed her jeans as I sucked his cock. The guy was bending her over the chair and stepping close in behind her.

I watched with my mouth open and he guided his cock, wet from my saliva into her pussy. Slowly he began stroking in and out of her. I could see he was teasing her pussy with the stroke in and them pulling it completely out of her, before replacing his meat to it’s full depth again. Filling her with her own sensations and frustrations.

I was one, well aware of being teased by this guy. Was it worth it? Damn right it was, at least for me who just wanted some hot warm cum filling my mouth, no matter how long it would take.

Shit, she got his cum. I watched as he began fucking her faster and faster. She squealed, he moaned and fell against her backside. He had filled her little pussy with cum.

I took my cock in my hand as I watched them. In a few seconds after cuming he removed his cock, trailing a long string of white cum that attached her pussy and his cock. How I wished I could have been in there with them, to catch that string of cum before it Escort Eskişehir fell to the floor.

They were whispering once again. I tried to understand what they were saying but couldn’t over the video sound track. I reached up to my machine and started turning down the volume.

When my eye went back to the glory hole my mouth fell open. Without a use for a open mouth, I shut it.

Close to their wall was her a pussy, well fucked and still dripping with cum. I heard him say, “She wants you to fuck her and to cum inside of her. I’ll eat her out after you cum.”

I stood and aimed my cock through the glory hole and waited. I flexed myself, waving, as it was my cock at them. I felt her backing into me. Her fingers went underneath and lifted my cock slightly. She moved backwards. I could feel the cum still went between her pussy lips She moved my cock around until it’s head entered her.

I had to hold still. There wasn’t anything I could do but stay hard and pressed myself against the wall and allow her to milk my cock.

At first she moved slowly. I could visualize her leaning outwards allowing my cock to withdraw and then banging back into the wall forcing my cock deep into her cunt. We fucked these way for less than I minute.

I said to them in a loud whisper, “I’m going to shoot!”

She began bucking harder and faster. I could hear the wall crunching and moaning under our body movement. The wall was flexing in my direction when her ass banged into it.

I dug my fingernails into the wood walls. I tired to bite the wall, unsuccessful of course. I released my erotic desire deep into her pussy with spasm after spasm until I started to go limp. I longed to hold onto her. To feel her closeness to be one with her. But it wasn’t going to happened with a wall between us.

She still pressed backwards into me. I think I could feel her body shivering though my cock. I definitely heard her muffled scream as she had her own orgasm. I believe her first of the night.

I felt my cock fall from her pussy and dangle on the wall. Slowing I pulled my self away from the two of them, yet still wanting more.

I sat on my chair to recover and pulling my jeans up off of the cum drenched floor. While there, I peeked over at my friends to watch them leave. As I peered to their half lit room I saw him sitting on the chair. To my amazement I watch her bare legs climb onto the sides of the chair. I bent lower into the glory hole to get a better look at what they were doing.

He looked directly at me and motioned me to come over. But I kept my eyes on them, wondering what was next. It dawned on me. She was passing the cum in her pussy to his mouth.

I jumped out of my seat, unlocked the door and swung it open. I made the two steps to their door and pulled it open. It was unlocked. As the door opened I was viewing the back of his head, his face tilted up wards catching the long white stream of cum flowing out of her cunt.

The door hit me in the ass as I stepped into the tiny cramped room of kinky pleasure. My eyes moved upward from his open mouth, trailing the stream of cum to her pussy.

I edged closer to them. I positioned myself to take in some of the cum for myself. At that very second when the first taste of cum touched my tongue I heard her say, “Daddy!”

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