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From the ranch house she had noticed him arrive back at the stables. She knew he would be hot and sweaty from mending fences the last few hours. She filled a pitcher with a cool drink and headed down to the stable to replenish his being.

After standing at the stable door for a moment watching him take the saddle from his horse she gazed at the sight of his butt in those tight jeans and the way his arms rippled in that checked shirt. Let alone the hat and boots that caught her attention. Damn, there was something about a man who had been working the range for a few hours and had the stance of what real men should really look like. She lifted the pitcher to water her drying mouth, but it was going to take more than water to parch the thirst that had started building.

Placing the pitcher on the ground she slowly walked up behind her man and slid her hands across his butt around to the front of his jeans.

“You have no fucking idea just how sexy you are do you,” she whispered up into his ear.

“Is that right, what makes you think I got more than any other cowboy out there.”

“Trust me baby, I’ve had the pleasure of this cowboy, I doubt it gets much better than what you give me.”

“I take it then if I offered you a little right now that you wouldn’t turn it down.” he said.

While massaging his groin through his jeans she said, ” Honey with me on the job, nothing gets turned down…. only up.”

With a sexy grin they turned to each other and reached for a taste of passion that was rearing to go in their lips. She pulled his shirt from his jeans and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Feeling his exposed chest made her coo in approval. Then reaching down she took a nipple into her mouth and licked around it’s edge, then tweaked its end with her teeth. She could spend hours with a mans nipple in her mouth. Feeling the texture of it on her tongue and running her hands through a hair laden chest was so arousing.

While she took pleasure from his chest he arched to feel her back and down to her butt. This chick had the cutest butt a man could ask for. And the way she gave her body and soul connected to it so freely was something he had never found in a woman before. He reached around to feel her breasts through the soft Kıbrıs Escort cotton dress and feel their weight in his hands.

She grasped for his jeans and undid the buckle and zip, reaching in she released his length and buzzed at the delight of knowing she was about to graze on it. Lowering herself to the stable floor on her knees, taking his length in her hands and tracing down it’s side with her nails. The look of intensity on her face showed a need for exploration of texture and taste.

As she incased her mouth over his shaft and her taste buds found the sweet tang of him. He groaned of pleasure feeling her there. She traced her lips over his shaft as she lowered herself up and down him. Her tongue lashed at the veins following their pathway with relish, wanting to follow their pathway to the end. She would raise to the tip and tickle the v where all veins meet and intensity was had, running her lower lip back and forth over the ripple of skin there. Her hands felt down his thighs, feeling the tightness in their muscles. Time was uncountable when taking in the view of his hardened tool and the look of lust building on his face…….

When he could take no more he guided her back up to her feet and bought her lips to his, tasting himself. His hands ran down her side and reached to bring her dress up to her waist, feeling the so soft skin around her stomach and waist. Arching round to her butt to feel the curves, then down the top of her thighs. Their mouths lost in the motion of being in a time of indulgence.

He guided her back into a stall and laid her down on a pile of hay, gently placing his body above her. There he unbuttoned the front her dress and reached for the soft silkiness of her breasts. Her nipples where standing to attention long before his mouth found them. He massaged them well with his hand, as her hand massaged his torso under his shirt. His other hand reached for the nearby skin of her stomach and down the sides of her perfectly trimmed snatch. Following the fold that lay between her upper thigh and her woman hood. His finger played with the softness of the hair on her mound. Sliding further over to the valley that held other folds he longed to explore. She welcomed his hand by opening her legs Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to his exploring advantage.

There he found the her velvet folds and felt the warmth of the juices her body had produced. Leaving her breasts he lowered himself down between her legs and gazed at her form glistening in the afternoon light. She purred in delight as he opened her lips and explored all the valleys and hills. The perfume of her sex aroused him as he ran his tongue along each fold, taking his time to trace the velvet lines that turned him on so. When at the top of a fold he didn’t touch the button sitting there begging for attention, he would trace down the next fold, lapping the juice along the way and taking delight in the taste.

Slowly he took a finger and buried it into her perfect snatch. She started to move in motion with his finger as he felt the walls of her body. He placed another finger inside and felt the muscles contract around them. He loved watching her lips open and close round his fingers, looking at the juices that collected on them, feeling the suction around them. As his fingers worked the inside of her body, his month came down again to trace along to the top of her mound. She begged him to bring her over the top, but he had plans of further titillation yet to come.

For out of the corner of his eye he had spotted a stock whip laying there. Its’ leather handle worn smooth from many hours of work. He reached over and gently traced the tail of the whip over her stomach and across that blushing skin. Slowly he took the handle and parted her sweet wet lips, the handle sliding easily inside her. She moaned at the thought of it inside her, she was always open to the mystery of what objects felt like. With a new appreciation of his stock whip he worked the handle in and out of her.

Then he felt down to her womanly button the would bring her over the top. His tongue swirled around it. His lips lapped at it at pace, the whip handle worked a pace of its own. Her hands reached down to massage his hair while her mouth let a whimpering delight escape it. When she could not take the intensity of his motions anymore her arched back quivered as she released into a powerful growl that let him know she was properly Escort Kıbrıs seeing stars right now. His balls ached at the sight of his woman wriggling under him in such intense pleasure.

She lay there in moments of intensity unable to comprehend the real pleasure that had just racked through her body. He had removed the whip handle and replaced it with a couple of fingers, he could feel the after shocks of her virginal walls pulsing around them.

Now it was time for her to bring her man the intensity that she had just felt. She got up from the hay and guided him over to the wall of the stable, backing herself up against it. She stepped up onto two buckets spaced apart, opening her sex for him to gaze upon.

In a low purring voice, she said, “Come here and fill this babe.”

He was more than ready to feel the inside of her cunt with his dick. He first knelt to taste again the juices flowing from her snatch and the perfume of her body. Moving up he licked his way across her stomach to her breasts, wanting to feel every inch of them. Then coming face to face and their lips engaged in a sexual wrestle of lust.

As their bodies pressed against each other she lowered his jeans to his knees to get a full grip of his butt. Then slowly she guided his length into her body. Past the folds into the tunnel of silky muscles that longed to drink of him. He extended around her to get a firm hold of the body that was making his balls so tight that he knew it was only going to be a moment before he filled her with himself. He rode her with intensity, pulsing their bodies against each other. She would squeeze and release her cunt muscles around him as he pushed and pulled.

His mind stood back and saw the sight of the two of them in the fucking pleasure they were feeling. As his thrust pushed her up against the hard stable wall and her teeth found his nipples biting them with pure lust, his balls could take no more. His head snapped back like a working stock whip and his dick took a plunge like the handle had, filling her with a stream of seed that had no power other than to leave his body and fill her own. His mind was in a place he could stay forever, but the intensity of that place was more than any man could stand for more than a few moments.

Gazing at each other after in the aftermath of total satisfaction, she whispered in his ear. “Baby you can fuck me with your boots on anytime.”


This is my first erotic writing out in public. I’d like some feed back please 🙂

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