Bound Ch. 07: Bound for a New Year

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For this chapter I want to give some credit to Sayankotor. I had the story pretty much established in my head and I knew how it ended. A small suggestion Sayan made to a previous chapter made me think a bit and I realized I had it wrong and had to make some amendments. This is believe is more in line with how Chinese magic would really work than my previous thought.


After the long drive, and even the ice cream, I was still more than a bit conflicted when I got home. Thinking about what had just transpired at my interview, I felt more than a little taken advantage of, even though it was my own doing. Worst of all though, I still couldn’t shake the excitement I felt from the encounter. Putting a smile on my face I strode through the door like nothing was bothering me.

“So how did it go?” Jennifer asked when I walked in the door.

“I got it!” I answered matter of factly, like there was never any doubt.

“Seriously!” she said excitedly, clapping her hands. “AWESOME!”

“BUT … My new boss didn’t expect to find someone so soon.” I continued. “and is going on vacation now for the next two weeks.”

“That’s kind of odd!” Jennifer commented.

“That’s what I thought” I said. “but I’m not used to the ‘ways’ of upper management or salesmen.”

“Yeah, they are an odd bunch” she quipped. “but that’s odd, even for them.”

I just shrugged my shoulders in response as I sat down at the breakfast bar .

“So what are you going to do for the next two weeks?” Jennifer inquired, pouring me a glass of wine.

I smiled a big toothy grin without saying a word.

“What are you thinking?” she asked suspiciously, while she poured one for herself

“Well.” I said, drawing it out. “I saw something on the calender that piqued my interest.”

Jennifer just looked at me with a quizzical look on her face .

“I know this sounds crazy but, how would you feel about celebrating Chinese New Year with me?” I asked her.

“Is this because of the corset?” Jennifer asked with a suspicious tone.

“Maybe.” I answered sheepishly, swiveling my bar stool back and forth.

“What’s involved?”

“Good food, great friends, family, a bit of cleaning, you know, to brush out the bad luck of the previous year and get ready for new luck.” I said, mentioning the few things I remembered from reading Wikipedia. “Basically it’s a time of reflection, contemplation, and thankfulness. After what you and I have gone through the past few months, I think it would be good for us.” I said.

“When does it start?” she asked

“Tomorrow is the first day.”

“FIRST day?” she asked. “How many days are there?”

“Well, that depends.” I answered. “The older, more traditional celebration is 15 days.”

“FIFTEEN DAYS!” she exclaimed then sighed. “What am I getting myself into?” she muttered.

Smiling I got on the computer and opened up the web page and summarized the first day “Tomorrow is the day to celebrate ones ancestors by visiting the oldest family members. We also need to make noise and light candles. You know, to chase away evil spirits and stuff. Technically it starts tonight at midnight tonight but I figure we’ll start when you get home from work. I don’t know about the visiting part but I’m thinking music, dancing in our underwear, wine …”

Jennifer, who was reading over my shoulder suddenly starting snickering.

“What?” I asked.

“You can’t use a broom tomorrow.” she chuckled. “It’ll be bad luck!”

“What!?” I said skimming through the text until I found it. “Well … one day won’t be that bad …” I tried to convince myself while ignoring how much dirt can accumulate in one day.

The rest of the night til bedtime we spent at the computer reading up on my new favorite holiday before going to bed. Still exhausted from the interview, it was one of the few times we went to sleep without making love first. We just slowly stripped each others clothes off before climbing in and cuddling up together while sleep took us.

“Daniel?” I heard a confused, sleepy voice in the distance, drawing me from my slumber. “DANIEL!” It said again, louder, confusion and sleepiness gone. I felt my body being shaken “Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!! Oh my GOD!! Daniel.” the voice, Jennifer’s voice, said over and over as I was being kissed all over my face. Reluctantly waking I realized my face was wet everywhere she had kissed me.

“Jennifer! What the …” I trailed off as I heard my voice. A MAN’S voice, MY VOICE!! My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly, throwing off the covers. Gone were Danielle’s soft curves and her large breasts. Replacing it was a highly toned and muscular, from all the yoga and running I imagine, male physique. My eyes scanned over my whole body in disbelief before looking up to catch Jennifer’s eyes. The look on her face seemed to be the perfect mirror image for the look on my own. She was sitting there on her knees with her hands covering her mouth in complete shock and Kıbrıs Escort disbelief before extending her arms toward me. Smiling and laughing she pounced, playfully attacking me with more kisses.

Taking the energy of that pounce I rolled her over and slid between her welcoming thighs, returning her kisses with the same excitement and passion. We were both painfully aware of the large erection I was sporting and grinding against her warm wet mound but we both ignored it until the moment where it caught the soft folds of her entrance. Then we both stopped what we were doing. It was like we were virgins again, not quite knowing if we should cross that threshold. Wide eyed we just looked at each other, not daring to move, barely daring to breath. Ultimately it was my cock that broke the stand off with a slight twitch from the warm sensation of being partially caught in … Heaven?

Jennifer felt the twitch and took a deep breath that she let out through pursed lips before reaching up to caress my face. New tears, tears of joy and disbelief streamed down her face as she pressed down and onto my cock. Taking her lead I pressed into her slowly, savoring ever inch.

My body was flooded with all the sensations I was experiencing. From her gentle hands on my cheeks and back, to her soft breasts, pressed against my chest, from the tightness of her pussy on my hard shaft to her small feet caressing my legs.

“I love you Jennifer!” I told her for the very first time as Daniel. “I have always loved you and will always love you.”

“I love you too Daniel!” she responded. “I love you SO much!” she said tears still streaming down her face.

I tried to ignore the magic of the corset for now because I knew, somehow, it was to blame. The fact that it was the first day of Chinese New Year was too coincidental. There were still so many things I didn’t understand about the magic that allowed it to do what it did. Reveling in the moment, I drew my cock nearly all the way out excruciatingly slow before ramming it back in.

“Oh!” She said with a smile on her face as the force of my thrust moved her up the bed.

Returning her smile, I drew back again before giving her an even more forceful thrust.

“Mmm!” She moaned. “That’s right! GIVE it to me!”

The next thrust was even harder. Jennifer, anticipating what was coming, met the thrust head on, driving her pussy down onto my cock. With my cock still buried balls deep in her pussy, she rolled her hips up and wrapped her thighs around me, locking her ankles behind my back and using that extra leverage, clamped down on my cock. I could barley move, she held me so tight. She may have been the one pinned to the bed but it was clear to me who was REALLY in control as she used her thighs and pussy to milk my cock.

She held nothing back as she wrestled me for control. We tossed and tussled all over the bed, first me on top, then her. The only rule we seemed to be playing by, was my cock had to stay in her. Trying to roll her back over, she grabbed my hands and with her fingers interlaced with mine, drew them over my head. Her face was right in front of mine her breasts hanging down, her nipples grazing my chest. She kissed me softly when I felt her squeeze her kegels, slowly at first but she slowly increased her speed as she watched my reaction.

“You like?” she asked.

“Uh huh!” I said breathlessly, feeling my cum swelling inside when she began rocking her hips back and forth further intensifying the experience.

I wanted to Cum, NEEDED to Cum but I couldn’t. I was caught right there at the edge and it was excruciating. I now understood how Justin felt that night in the back of the limo. THIS, I thought to myself is what Hell must be like. Caught right at the edge of the ultimate pleasure but unable to achieve it. Fortunately for me I knew, or at least suspected, as soon as I made Jennifer cum the magic would allow me to as well. Rolling her over onto her back I began thrusting in and out with renewed fervor. Propped up on my arms, I watched Jennifer’s breasts undulating with each thrust. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her body was starting to quiver. ‘That has to be a good sign!’ I thought as I continued pounding her sweet little box.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … OH GOD!!” she cried. “Fuck me Daniel!! Fuck me hard!!”

Her whole body spasmed with her orgasm and it felt like my cock exploded, I came in her so hard. Our bodies shook from the effort and experience. I was spent, exhausted, I needed sleep but I didn’t dare pull out for fear I would change back the moment I was free of her glorious confinement.

Laying down on her chest. I hugged and kissed her, this time it was my face that was streaked with tears.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” I told her over and over again, as my slowly deflating cock began to slip from her gentle folds.

“I know Daniel.” she said, returning my hugs and kisses. “I’ve always known.”

Laying Kıbrıs Escort Bayan there in bed, exhausted from the wild, Olympic sex we just had, we drifted off to sleep again. I remember thinking ‘I hope this wasn’t just a dream!’

Morning light, peaked gloriously through the blinds the next morning and I got to see it had not been just a dream. I was still me! Looking over at Jennifer still cradled in the crook of my arm I felt very warm inside. Reaching up to push some stray hairs away from her face, I gazed at her and reveled in her beauty.

I must have drifted back to sleep because the next thing I remember was a warm wetness on my cock. Looking under the covers I found Jennifer sucking me eagerly into her mouth. She choked a bit as she tried to deep throat me. She’d never tried to do that before, I wondered briefly what changed her mind.

“Good morning!” she said, taking my dick out of her mouth, a tendril of spit still connecting the two of them.

“Good morning.” I returned. “To what do I owe this?”

“I’ve always wanted to wake you with a blowjob but never did.” she said as she slid up and straddled me. “I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. Now my Love, sit back and enjoy!” she said with a soft, sweet, loving look on her face as she slid onto my erection.

Leaning down till her face was right in front of mine she gave me another small kiss. “SO! You were watching me fuck Greg the other night. Did you like what you saw? Were you jealous? Did you want it to be your cock in me? Or did you want to be me?”

“I loved it, I wanted to keep watching but you deserved your privacy.” I answered.

“And were you jealous?” she asked, coming up before sliding back down on my cock. The smile on her face was mischievous, as she gave me several slight motions that earned her a spasm of precum in her pussy. Sitting up she ran her fingernails lightly down my chest as she awaited my answer.

“I was jealous! Of everything!” I admitted. ” I wanted to be him, I wanted to be you, I wanted to join in and help you fuck him. Most of all I was just happy for you.”

“And what about now?” she asked, rotating her hips in a circle while still thrusting onto my hard shaft. “Would you help him fuck me?”

“I want to make you happy Jennifer!” I admitted. I was also more than a bit relieved to discover that while I was OK with teaming up with a guy to pleasure Jennifer I had ABSOLUTELY NO desire to team up with HER to pleasure HIM like I had the other night as Danielle.

‘Mmm! That could be interesting.” she said leaning in for another kiss. “For now though … you’re going to have to do it all by yourself.”

I kissed her, savoring her soft, full lips and darting tongue. I kissed her eyes that had wept for me and I kissed her neck that always drove her wild. Coming further up on her knees she was careful to keep my cock inside her while she presented her full breasts to my searching mouth. My kisses found those beautiful globes, first one, then the other. I licked, kissed and lightly nipped them as I made my way to her nipples. Twirling my tongue around one, I carefully placed my lips over my teeth and tightly suckled on the both of them. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hand drift down to play with her pussy as I continued toying with her breasts.

She was beginning to moan lightly from all the stimulation and I could also feel her lightly clamping and releasing on my cock while my kisses and her playing continued. Reaching down I grabbed her ass and ‘persuaded’ her to increase her movements. Her first thrust down onto me elicited a not so soft “UH!” as I lifted her for another.

Then her hands were on my face again, tilting my head back. Her eyes were wide with love and excitement. I was caught in those pools of blue as she lifted up and dropped back down several more times, moaning with each thrust. With her eyes still open, showing me the full depth of her soul, she kissed me passionately. I fought the urge to close mine and returned her kiss, hoping desperately she saw the same love in mine I was seeing in hers.

Unable to take on more of that flood of passion we broke eye contact and wrapped each other up in a big hug, her large breast mashed against my chest, our hearts beating right next to each other. I held her, and rocked her, and gave her an occasional thrust to remind her I was still in her. Sitting on her knees must have been taking a toll because she came up to move her legs, wrapping them around me before sitting back on my rod.

The passion of my soul needed another exit. ‘A more physical one than my eyes or heart!’ I thought to myself as I gave her several more awkward thrusts. She smiled because she knew what was next. Like Professional Wrestlers that almost all have their “signature move” I guess I had my own for making love and she had already set herself up.

I kissed her soft lips again as I planted my left hand on the bed. I felt her lock her Escort Kıbrıs ankles behind my back as I lifted with my legs and began rolling her over. Going with the flow, she held me tight around my chest as she kissed my lips enjoying the ride. Once I had rolled completely over she dangled there for a bit and smiled, daring me to continue. Smiling back, I set her down and gave her a hard thrust.

“OH GAWD!!” she exclaimed, through clenched teeth. “I love when you do that to me!”

“I love doing it to you.” I responded with several more thrusts that moved her up and into the headboard.

Reaching above her head, Jennifer placed her hands on the headboard and pushed down while I was thrusting in again.

“I love you Jennifer!” I said thrusting in again. “I love you SO MUCH!!”

“I love you too Daniel!!”

And then we were moving. Our bodies were in perfect sync as we met each other, thrust for thrust, each motion taking us closer. The agony of being caught on the edge was less intense this time because I knew what to expect as I continued working her to climax. And then she was crying out in pleasure as I spilled my seed into her.

Caressing her face I pushed some hair aside and just gazed at her. Before any of this happened I would have told you I loved her so much that it wasn’t possible to love her any more. This experience had changed me, changed my capacity to love. I loved her more now than I ever had and it was amazing to be able to, literally, put my love into her again.

Rolling to lay by her side, I collapsed. Drawing her to me, she snuggled up, draping one leg across mine and placed her head on my chest directly over my heart.

Combing my fingers through her long, blonde locks I thought again about the path that had taken us to this moment. Was this change back to my manly self permanent? Was the whole point of the transformation to teach about True Love? There was just too much I didn’t know.

“Daniel.” Jennifer said tipping her head back to look at my face.

“Yes my love.” I said.

“I’ve been thinking … and … all things considered … I think you need to go see your parents.” she said.

Trying to think of reasons to not go only cemented the argument that I needed too.

“Yeah.” I agreed. “I think you’re right.”

“Good! Just let me call in to work and then I’ll go pack an overnight bag.” she said, reaching over me to pick up her cell phone. After seeing the questioning look on my face “You didn’t think I would let you go without me did you?”

“I guess not, there’s just one problem though.” I stated

“What’s that?” she asked before hitting the send button.

“I have NO CLOTHES!”

“Sure you do.” she told me. “I still haven’t finished converting some of your old clothes yet so you still have like 4 pairs of jeans and a stack of shirts. We may need to get you some socks and underwear but that’s it.”

“Shoes?” I questioned. “I KNOW I got rid of all of those.”

“You’re going to think I’m crazy” she said timidly looking at the floor. “but I saved your tennis shoes. I wanted something to remember you by.”

How could someone hear that and not be overcome by emotion, especially when it is said about you. I rolled over to hover over her face and with a couple fingers tilted her head up. She had a strange, painful, guilty look on her face.

“Jennifer, I always knew you were an amazing, wonderful woman” I told her looking into her eyes. “but this experience has taught me what I knew was just a scratch on the surface and I love you more every day.”

“Thank you Daniel.” she said embracing me.

Jennifer finished her call into work and then it was a little jaunt to the store to get me some socks and some boxer briefs. (Apparently Jennifer liked the looks of those and never told me!) It should have been a nice leisurely drive to my parents house, a couple of hours away, but I was so nervous. I kept rehearsing in my head what I would say when the door opened. I tried to anticipate what they might say in response and how I might respond to that and on and on and on. It should have been a relaxing ride but I was a nervous wreck by the time we got there.

“DANIEL!” My mother exclaimed as her eyes focused on me after the door opened.

“Hi Mom.”

Her tears were hidden in my shirt as she pressed her face into my chest, hugging me, sobbing.

“I though I had lost you!” she blubbered into my chest. Composing herself she resumed her motherly role “Where have you been all these months? No call! Not even a letter or a postcard! I HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK!!” she berated me.

“I’m sorry mom.”

“I don’t want to hear an ‘I’m sorry mom!’ young man. I want an explanation!” she continued with her hands on her hips.

Thank God for Jennifer who came to my rescue just then.

“Hello Mrs. Reid.” Jennifer said as she stepped out from behind me. “I’m Jennifer, Daniel’s girlfriend.” I could tell my mom was completely enamored of Jennifer immediately by the smile that suddenly split her face. “You’re not the only one who thought he was lost.” she continued lacing her fingers with mine.

Mom seemed to snap back to reality at that moment, jumping immediately into hostess mode as she noted the bags on the porch.

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