Boys in the Band


Peter Brannaugh was sitting in his basement with four of his buddies as they jammed out on their guitars. Belonging to a band was never easy and it wasn’t made any easier by his kid sister constantly interrupting the practice.

Peter was newly 19 and looked a lot like his father. Sandy brown hair, green eyes and a tan complexion. He looked a little bit like Matt Damon, or so he was told but he didn’t think much of it. Pete’s sister, Skyla, was annoying but pretty at best. She had short light brown hair that fell completely straight and deep chestnut brown eyes. Her body was in pretty good shape, a very petite frame, but Skyla was built nicely.

That day, his nicely built sister was at home, sick from school. The ‘rents were out and at work and since Peter had break from college he knew that now was as good of time as any to practice with his friends, Mike, George, Joe and Shawn. He had invited them over around noon that Thursday and told ’em all the same thing: The parents are out, Skyla’s home but she won’t bother us and we can play as loud as we need. Oh, lunch is included.

Little did Peter know, the “lunch included” wasn’t what eluded his buddies to come over.

Skyla sat on the sofa, watching some re-runs of Kids in the Hall. It was already 2:00 and her brother had been playing since a little after noon. It wasn’t music, it was noise. Annoying noise. She got up from the couch, swept off a quilt and walked towards the foyer. Skyla’s pretty brown hair was high atop her head in a ponytail and being 18 already, she looked only 15 or 16. Her pretty white skin made her look like a babydoll. Maybe it was the rosy, healthy glow on her face…

She searched around briefly for her CD Discman, and after discovering it she put the headphones on and turned up the volume. A Sting song played to her ears. No, not everyone loved Sting, but she did because the music sounded erotic and sexy. She knew that one day when she finally was ready to pop her cherry she might do it listening to some sexy Sting song.

Skyla couldn’t hear anything over Gaziantep Escort the music, and enjoyed dancing around the kitchen. Eyes closed, hips swaying, moving all around the floor at ease. Her body wiggled around like a snake. Smooth, silky movements. Almost stripper-like. She threw one hand up in the air, and as the pace picked up, she bounced her head and slid her hand down the side of her face then down her chest and hips. Humming the beat, and singing the words, she was wrapped up in her own little world. Skyla turned quick and bumped into a hard object.

“AH!” She let out a yelp.

Shawn was laughing heartily. He couldn’t believe his eyes. This little high school girl was dancing all around like Vonda, that stripper he dated a year back.

“Whatcha doin kiddo?” he asked her, sweetly but smiling.

“Oh, ” she blushed, “…ha, getting something to drink.”

“Yeah, sure.” Shawn gave her one last lingering smile. His blue eyes pierced hers, and she looked down before turning completely beet red.

Shawn headed down the stairs, and as he galloped down the last few, he let out a laugh and said,

“Damn Peter, your sister can dance.”

“What? What are you talkin bout?” Peter asked as he tuned his guitar.

“I went upstairs to get that pick, but I didn’t see it in the kitchen. I saw your sister though. She was dancin’ up a storm…like a fuckin’ stripper dude.” Shawn laughed again as Joe and Tim joined in.

“Stripper huh? She doesn’t have a bad bod, Pete.” Joe remarked.

“Man, did you see those tits in her bathing suit last summer, Mike?” George joined in the conversation.

“GUYS! Enough, that’s my sister.” Peter was fuming.

“Ok, ok, ok.” They all chimed in.

Skyla was up at the top of the steps during that entire conversation listening to what all the guys were saying. She was red in the face, again. They thought she was hot! College guys! She’d have to give them a show. Her body was already warm with fever, but she was turned on by all this talk. Running Gaziantep Escort Bayan up the steps, she changed in her room. She put on a small camisole top and matching panties. Small, white cotton panties. After she changed, she charged down the steps and after taking a gulp of air Skyla descended towards the basement.

Skyla carried a laundry basket, with a few dirty sheets and clothes and was as silent as possible as she strolled to the washing machine.

The guys stopped playing, Peter the only one not gawking, they all drooled over Skyla as she passed them by. Her breasts swung heavily at every step, her thighs toned and sleek moving gracefully. She pulled the hair tie out of the ponytail and looked over the boys in the band.

“Hi, yall.” She greeted them warmly.

“Hey.” They all said.

Peter was glaring at Skyla. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN?”

“Huh?” Skyla replied, looking genuinely confused.

“Get up the steps! Now!!!” Peter commanded.

Skyla, a little afraid and embarrassed ran up the steps as Peter pursued her. She slammed the basement door shut, but Peter yanked it open and as soon as he saw his sister he pushed her to the ground.

Her soft skin hit the pale blue carpeting, and gave Skyla quite a burn on her naked hip.

“Ow you gay fuck…” she taunted him.

“Oh damn it Sky, are you okay?” Peter was fuming but felt bad for pushing her.

“Yeah, just get some ice.”

Peter looked at his sister’s face as she looked up at him. He had her pinned to the ground, his knee pushing her knee down and his arm was on her chest nailing her tight to the floor. That’s when it hit him that her tit was touching his skin.

“I…I’m sorry.” He whispered.

He closed his eyes and placed his lips on hers.

She whimpered and wrapped her arms around him. They rolled on the floor until she lay atop him.

“What were you doing dressed like that, Skyla? Huh?” He asked her, sounding hurt and jealous.

“I-I–i…Shawn…you and Joe. UGH! I heard Escort Gaziantep you guys. All your friends think I’m hot. I liked it…Don’t you liked the way I’m dressed? I’ll show you more Peter.”

The music was blasting downstairs, vibrating the floor where brother and sister lay.

“You’re beautiful Skyla. Absolutely. I want to kiss you all over and pop your cherry.”

“Really???” Skyla asked, eyes pleading.

“Mm, yeah.” Pete’s cock was growing harder and harder by the moment, and he was ready to really give it to his baby sis.

He dragged his hands down to her waist and pulled down her panties. Peter cupped Skyla’s ass, and felt its smoothness. Moaning a bit, he looked down and saw her bald pussy. He shot his glance up at her, questioning her.

“Do you like it?” She licked her lips.

“Oh baby, it’s beautiful.” Peter satisfied her question.

Then, Pete lifted up his hips and slid out of his elastic banded sweat shorts. His dick sprang out, a modest 6 inches. About 1 around. It was a tad swollen at the tip with pre-cum oozing out.

She spread her legs wide over her brother’s hips and positioned herself. Slowly, Skyla dropped her pussy down onto his dick. She cringed at the pain, but with a push of Pete’s hips he could no longer resist the heat. She gasped, yelled a little and gave in. After 5 strokes of pain, she calmed down a little. The pressure of his cock buried inside of her was intense, but she proceeded to rock back and forth. Luckily for the both of them, the fellas downstairs hadn’t decided to make a visit UPSTAIRS.

Peter grunted, and pumped in and out of Skyla as she rode his cock with vigor.

He couldn’t resist her dripping sex any more and exploded low in her womb. Being fresh and new at this naughty little game, it took Skyla a few moments to reach her peak but once she did she erupted and was cumming all over his short fat prick.

After all of their cumming was complete, Skyla looked at Peter lovingly.

“What are we gonna do?”

“Don’t know Sky.”


“Yeah, Yeah..Shawn..I’m finished up here.”

“Don’t think so,” Skyla retorted as she eased her body down to her brother’s waist.

Peter gaped as he felt the warmth of Sky’s mouth wrap around his flaccid dick.

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