Breast Feeding Ch. 02


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The next night, after dinner, I was standing before the large window in the sitting room and watching the sunset scenery. Suddenly, a warm body pressed onto my back. Needless to say, from the soft touch of the pair of braless busty boobs, I knew it was Rosie. Both of us stood still and enjoyed the quietness and comfort of the moment. However, Rosie’s hands did not stay idle. She began to caress me; one hand was stroking my chest whilst the other was moving to my lower part and finally stopped at my crotch. She was rubbing my penis gently. My little brother soon reacted and stood up immediately. A tent was built.

I took hold of her rubbing hand and said, “Don’t do that.”

“What!” she said indignantly, “You don’t need me anymore after you have vented your lust on that bitch, Mary?”

Mary was my mistress and it was no secret. Since I had moved in Rosie’s house, I only met her once in a nearby motel.

“It’s unfair.” Rosie continued, “She could swallow yours, but I couldn’t even touch it.”

I turned around, embraced her and tenderly kissed her forehead. “Not the same, my dear. I’m your father.”

“Father what? No big deal.” She pursed her lips.

“It’s incestuous between father and daughter. I’m contented with what we’ve done. I cannot cross the red line.”

“I’m already a grown-up daughter, dad. You needn’t give me such lesson! You diehard feudalist!”

Suddenly, she hugged me tightly and kissed me. Her tongue drilled into my mouth. It was wandering around like a snake. It was so warm and soft that I could stand anymore. My tongue was reflexively chasing hers. This was the first time I had kissed my daughter in such a manner. I was very excited, and while kissing her, I was fiercely kneading her boobs and buttocks. In response, her thighs were rubbing my lower part.

For at least a minute, we had both been enjoying the French kiss. Rosie looked up at me and with a mischievous smile said, “Is it incestuous, Dad?” I was at the moment wordless.

“Good night, Dad. Have a good dream!” She then turned on her heel and left. I was completely lost and could not make any response.

Everything was normal next day until evening. When I was watching TV in the sitting room, Rosie materialized. She was wearing nothing except a black strapless bra and a white G-string. She stood in front of me and made a 360-degree-turn.

“Dad, do I look good?”

Oh, my Gaziantep Escort goddess! The small cloth of the briefs barely covered her slightly swollen pussy, and her fully rounded buttocks were separated by only a thin strap, not to mention her attractive plump 36C boobs, which stood out from the bra like two mounds. The curves composed a perfect body. I found her very attractive.

“Marvelous!” I swallowed hard and said, “You’re extraordinary beautiful!”

“Really?” She gave a shy smile.

“Ha, ha… I now know what a fig leaf looks like.” I giggled while pointing at her loincloth.

“Making fun of me, ah.” Her face reddened as a peach blossom. “Ok, I don’t need this anymore.”

She was trying to remove her G-string.

“Don’t… Rosie.”I became a little flustered and stopped her.

“No big deal, Dad. You’ve seen it when I was little.” She, however, stopped pulling down the loincloth.

“Ok, let’s start our work.” She smiled shyly and untied her bra.

Her large rounded boobs were at once jiggling freely. Wow! What a magnificent view! Except with the G-string, she was fully naked.

Unabashedly she was putting her nipple into my mouth. Whilst sucking, my hands were also working hard dishonestly, wandering around her breasts, buttocks and abdomen. As I had strengthened the strokes, Rosie panted and gave out intermittent moans – moans of ecstasy.

As on the previous occasions, except her pussy, I had fondled every part of her mature and sensual body. Each time when my hand was approaching her labia, she would initiatively part her knees and her vagina would be open to me. But same as before, I would hold back my desire from going further because I had thought that without touching her private parts, it was far from being incestuous. “At least and at last, I’m still clear-headed.” I thought happily.

After milking, Rosie sat on my lap, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Not until that I had been flushed and begun panting, her lips moved away. She looked at me and her watery eyes were full of desire and passion.

“Feel any difference between feeding your baby and me?” I asked wittily.

“No special feeling when feeding my baby,” her face reddened and replied softly, “but for you, I was always thinking of those affairs between men and women.”

“How long have you been together with your husband?”

“We’ve had no sex life since the sixth month of my pregnancy,” she answered embarrassedly. “Almost 7 months now.”

“Do you want…” I squeezed her Gaziantep Escort Bayan already erected nipple.

“Yes. But Jo is working in another town and no other man in my house.” She bemoaned. “Are you a man?”

“What…” I looked at her bewilderedly.

“Why don’t you want me?” She sighed.

In order to avoid the seductive and embarrassing dialogues, I had to change the subject and asked, “Have any video discs at home?”

“Yes, what kind?”

“Porn?” Oh my God, I could not believe I had uttered such a word.

“Porn, ah!” She smirked. “Ain’t I better than those whores in the films?”

She twisted her buttocks on my lap, and I quickly pushed her away.

“Alright. I’ll look for them.” She walked to the cabinet under the TV set and knelt down.

As the searching went on, her buttocks were raised in the air. The firm perfect heart shape hips were swaying. Gradually her thighs were spreading open. The small strap of her T-back, which had cut into her cunt slit, revealed the shaven swollen pussy lips. God, they were glistening. My head was heated and my penis was at the moment as hard as a stone pillar.

Rosie seemed noticing my hot stares, she deliberately lifted her alabaster bottoms higher and wiggled slowly. She was, I now understood, sending the invitation. What a magnificent scene! Oh, she was seducing me! My heart was pumping fiercely. I was itching to fuck. If she was not my daughter, I would have immediately thrown myself to her attractive body, torn off her bloody thongs and bumped her juicy pussy.

After a couple of minutes, she took out several discs. As she had stood up, the glamorous posture soon disappeared, and I became disappointed. She seemed disappointed too; maybe she was really thirsty for my stone-hard cock.

She loaded a disc and then sat by me. The disc selected was filmed with the incestuous story of a family. It began with the sensual scene of a mom and her boy. The scenes were so hot and vivid that both of us were soon electrified. With a gorgeous and almost naked sexy woman beside me, I was sure that I was the one of stronger lust. I breathed heavily.

With a beaming smile, she turned and whispered softly in my ear, “Dad, feel uncomfortable?”

She put her hand on the crotch of my shorts and began rubbing my erected cock. I wished to stop her but the thrill from the penis had finally outdone my rational mind. Anyway, she had touched it before, and on the other hand, I really enjoyed the tender caress.

The flames of lustful passion Escort Gaziantep swept through my body. My hands began dancing over her body and finally stopped at her large boobs; my fingers caressed the enticing light pink areolas and squeezed the swollen nibbles gently. With an enchanting smile, Rosie greeted me with her busty boobs, and her hand was rubbing faster and the grip became tighter.

“I need to have a look of the big bulge in the shorts.” Her hand suddenly slipped through the opening of the shorts and took out my hardened rod.

“Wow! What a big cock!” She exclaimed in delight. “It’s hot too!”

She knelt down, put her face against my dick and gently rubbed it over her cheek, just feeling its heat and hardness. Her hand was clenching and moving along its shaft. This was the first time my penis had been caught by my daughter. Her touch sent shivers up and down my spine.

“Need a woman, Dad?” She jerked her head up.

“Oh, yes, you need!” She interestingly looked at my red hot cock and its swollen head, which had exited through her stroking palm.

“So fuck me!” She forcefully pulled, without my response, down my shorts. “I’ll make you happy.”

She laid on my thighs again and rolled my cock against her cheeks.

“No, no…” I moaned, “I … can’t…”

Ignoring my helpless protest, she continued her rubbing. At last, my sexual desire burnt down all my moral cognition; I needed venting my lust. I pulled down Rosie, hold her prostrate on the floor, tore down her better-than-none briefs and put my angry little brother against her anus. Obediently, she let me mount on her and initiatively parted her thighs.

Although I understood that without lubrication it was very hard to break-in, I would still prefer ass-fucking instead cunt-fucking because this would in my mind not be treated as real sexual intercourse. It would avoid the question of incest.

Her anus was very tight, and it was hard to penetrate. As soon as I had broken through, she cried out painfully, “It hurts, Dad! Why not fuck my pussy.” I, however, ignored her complaint and continued with my cock action.

The firm and plump buttocks and the tightness of the anus gave me a feeling of cunt-fucking. I fully exerted myself. Oh, the feeling was good. I was very excited and after about 30 to 40 strokes, I reached the point of eruption, a jet of hot sperms bubble out into her rectum.

“Ah…” both of us exclaimed as I had retreated my already flabby dick.

I lied down on the carpet beside her, feeling weak but relaxed. We panted and were soaked.

After a short period of quietness, the crying of Rosie’s son was coming through the air, and she immediately ran into the baby’s room, still naked. I noticed that she was a little unsteady on her feet. I thought she still felt painful as the result of the ass-fucking.

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