Brian Ch. 17

Big Tits

The following weeks were a return to normalcy. The family began to get back to the grinds of daily life. On the surface the family looked as normal as the next but under the surface was the boiling of sexual tension that sooner or later was going to boil over.

The kids started back to school with Beth starting another year in college. Her basic course load was tough but her intelligence let her still breeze through them. Brooke was back in her computer courses and she too was easily passing everything. Dylan was back in his wrestling and martial arts training. His grades in school were okay, like they normally were. This meant some he passed easily and others he was barely passing. He was the one that acted like he always did but after spending time around his mom and sister, he would go to the gym and workout room to work himself to exhaustion.

So life was back to normal, sort of. Wendy and Augie were spending more time together, like a mother and daughter should. When Wendy wasn’t at home, she was usually at her mother’s house. And her mom would spend time at Wendy’s house. They were touching and hugging each other all the time. This made the kids wonder what was up but they had their own issues to worry about.

Brian was just happy. He had his family under one roof. His kids were excelling in school, with the minor exception of Dylan but he was passing and that was just as good. When he wasn’t puttering around the house, he was either working on a computer program or working on his rebuilt Porsche. His got to see a lot of his daughters and wife, and even more of his mother-in-law. The girls had to put on enough to keep warm during the day. But at night when they came in from school they would strip down to more revealing clothes. He could tell they weren’t wearing bras or panties under their shorts or sweats. Even his wife and Augie were wearing more revealing clothes. When the temptation got too much, he would retire to the garage and work on his car or go to the gym and work out.

Only minor changes had been made in the house. Beth and Brooke asked if they could move into the same room together. They told their parents that they could help each other with their studies and that they just wanted to be closer. Mom and grandmother just chalked it up to the experience on the island. Brian knew the better and even caught a wink from Brooke when they tried to explain the reason for the move.

Dylan was all for the move. That meant he would move into Beth’s old room that was bigger than his. It also meant that he had access to the bathroom, which was adjoining the rooms. That meant he could go to the bathroom without getting dressed. It also meant that he had a better chance to see his sisters naked. Of course, with what little they had taken to wearing, they were almost naked as it was. They would just make Dylan’s old room a second guest room for visitors.

After the move the tension was there but everyone seemed happy. The girls were always together and the only times they were apart was when they had different classes at school. When they came home they were usually all over each other. They even started paying attention to Dylan, which only frustrated him more.

Wendy was the one who underwent the biggest change of all. She fawned over the girls and Dylan. She was always seen touching them, hugging, kissing and looking at them. She was the same with her mother; they were always together. Brian was in a point of sexual exhaustion. Wendy had become a sexual dynamo. By the end of the day, she was ready for bed. However, sleep was far from the reason she wanted to go to bed. When she and Brian retired to the room and the door shut, Wendy was all over Brian. Sometimes she would even let him get the light out or undressed. Depending on her mood, she would suck him or fuck him on the spot. Brian found her in the perpetual state of wetness. There were many times she would undress and he found her pussy lips red and swollen and very tender. There were times she was looser than normal and she would have tiny bruises on her tits. They looked like hickies but he hadn’t given them to her. She always said that she just bruised easy. But, she was literally trying to fuck him to death.

Of course, Brian knew what was going on with the girls. He had gotten up in the middle of the night once to get something to drink from the kitchen and passed by his daughter’s room. He could see a light shining from under the door so he knew they were awake. They must have been studying. He gently taped on the door and asked if they were still studying.

He heard a rustling of sheets and then heard from the other side of the door a quiet request to open the door. He cracked it open and saw the girls in bed with the covers pulled to their chins. He could tell something was going on. Both of the girls’ faces were wet and shiny. The girls smiled at their dad and then lowered the covers to expose their breasts to him. They were breathing heavily and they smiled at him. He knew that he Gaziantep Escort had interrupted their lovemaking. He looked at them and said that he was just checking on them since he say the light on.

He started to leave when he heard Brooke, “Did you miss us, daddy? We have sure missed you. Come sit and talk with us.” Brooke patted the covers as she gave her father the invitation.

Brian shook his head and moved into the room shutting the door behind him. His cock led the way. He sat down besides the girls and they lowered the covers to expose the naked pussies to him. He looked down and saw that they were wet between their legs. Their pussy lips were swollen and red. Beth smaller clit was just barely showing between her pussy slit. Brooke’s larger clit was sticking out prominently from her slit. As the girls talked to their dad, their hands moved down and started to stroke their pussies and clits. As they talked, they moved to the each other and began to masturbate the other while their father watched.

Even though he had just fucked their mother to sexual exhaustion for the both of them, his cock began to stir. He didn’t think he could have gotten it up again but watching his naked girls play with each other caused his cock to harden. His cock began to rise and found the opening in his boxer and began to poke its way through.

Brooke was the first to see it began to show. While she continued to stroke her sister she reached over and snaked her hand into the opening and found his hard cock. She pulled it out into the light and began to fist it. Beth watched as the hard cock came into view and she lightly stroked her sister’s long clit like it was a tiny version of her father.

“Daddy, crawl up her and get closer to me. I would like to get some of that like Book is,” Beth told him. Brian gave a sigh and then looked over at the closed door. He gave another sigh and then crawled up on his knees between the girls spread legs, placing his knees between their legs. He reached out and ran his fingers along the girls’ faces as they stared at his hard cock sticking out from his boxers.

The girls were stroking each other and each had a hand on his cock stroking him. Brooke leaned forward and kissed his cock and then took it into her mouth. She bobbed her head several times and then pulled it free of her mouth with a pop. She offered it to her sister and then looked at her father. “So that is what mom tastes like. She tastes good. I can taste the two of you on your cock. She tastes good. She tastes so good that I might have to get it straight from the source.”

Beth moaned around Brian’s cock. She was able to take all of his cock deep into her throat. She didn’t stop until she felt what little hair Brian still had around his cock touching her nose. She bobbed her head up and down his cock and then pulled her mouth free and offered it back to her sister. “Yes, mom does taste good. I agree with Book, I might have to sample it directly from the source also. I bet she really tastes good. I would like to sample the stuff directly.”

Brian didn’t think it was possible, but the thoughts of his daughters eating their mother and his wife were making him get closer to having another orgasm. The girls were alternating between sucking his cock. One would suck on his cock and the other would stroke it back and forth. They were stroking him long and hard while rubbing the other’s pussy. He could tell they were going to cum by the way they were moving under the other. He was going to cum again from what they were doing to each other and what they were doing to him.

Brooke had just taken her mouth off his cock and offered it to Beth. She let go of his cock and taken her hand from Beth’s pussy and brought both up to grip his shorts. Beth removed her mouth long enough for Brooke to slide Brian’s short down his waist until they were stopped at mid-thigh. Beth quickly sucked his cock back in her mouth and Brooke put her hands back between her sister’s legs and began to rub her clit again. Brooke watched Brian’s cock disappear in her sister’s mouth and watched in amazement as she took the entire length in her throat. Brooke moved her free hand down and scooped up her abundant cream from her pussy, coating her fingers. Once her fingers were wet and slick she moved them under Brian’s balls and found his tight anal opening. She felt him jerk and then relax as her wet fingers pushed inside him.

Beth was sucking and bobbing her head faster as she felt her dad’s cock starting to swell in her mouth. Brooke’s fingers were stroking her pussy and rubbing her sensitive clit making her ass squirm on the bed. She could feel the wet spot forming under ass as she leaked more and more pussy juice from her over heated pussy. Brooke had spread her pussy lips and was rubbing her index finger on her exposed clit sending tingles and explosions through her body. Her own fingers were busy stroking Brooke’s long clit like it was a cock. She used her fingers to grip her clit Gaziantep Escort Bayan and moved them up and down on the short piece of flesh like it she was jerking her off. She knew she was doing it right because the faster she stroked, the faster Brooke rubbed her clit.

Brooke was torn between rubbing her sister’s clit and the feeling of what Beth was doing to her sensitive clit. Brooke felt her orgasm building and she knew it was going to be close and soon. She was pumping her two fingers in her dad’s ass as she rubbed her sister and her sister rubbed her. She was watching her sister take her dad deep in her throat and then watch the cock reappear wet with her saliva. She felt her pussy starting to erupt and rubbed Beth harder and began to shove her fingers harder into her dad’s tight ass.

Brian didn’t think he could do it but he knew he was about to cum again. He thought Wendy had sucked and fucked it out of him already but what his daughters were doing to him was about to make him cum again. It was when Brooke pushed her fingers in his ass that he knew he was going to cum again. He had always liked that to happen and Wendy never did to him that much. The times she did would always make him cum quicker and much harder. He moved his hand to the headboard to steady him as he began to cum in Beth’s warm mouth. “Baby, here it cums, get ready. Arrgghhn, cumming now. Take it, suck it. Brooke, fuck my ass harder. Oh baby, so good. Suck it, fuck me. Hmmmmm, that is good.”

Beth felt the cock in her mouth swell and then erupt in her mouth. When the first blast of salty cum hit the back of her throat her orgasm rolled through her body. She moaned around the cock erupting in her mouth and she gripped Brooke’s clit and pinched it hard. She heard Brooke groan and felt her fingers push harder on her clit. The pressure only added to her orgasm.

Brooke watched as her father’s cock swelled in her sister’s mouth and saw Beth trying to swallow quickly as the juice poured into her mouth. When she saw the white cream leaking around her mouth it set her orgasm off. It also helped that Beth pinched her sensitive clit hard and it pushed her over the edge. When she heard the two moan she shoved her fingers hard into her dad’s ass and felt from the inside his body spasm, forcing the cum from his cock.

Slowly they came down from their high and Brian moved backwards to take his cock from Beth’s mouth. Once his cock was free from her mouth she turned to kiss Brooke. He could see Beth push her tongue coated white with his cum into Brooke’s mouth as they shared his cum. The girls moaned and continued to stroke their pussies as the kissed. Brian watched as the girls enjoyed and shared his cum.

Brian knew he had to get back to his bed. He watched the girls kiss and rub their pussies as they wound down from their orgasm. He stepped off the bed and brought his boxers back up and began to leave. The girls called him back and he leaned to kiss there foreheads. The girls would have none of that. Beth turned her head upwards and kissed him hard on the lips, her tongue pushing into his mouth. He tasted this cum on her tongue. Then he kissed Brooke and again shared her tongue and his cum.

As he walked out the door, he watched as the girls move into a sixty-nine position to continue to lick each other. Brian watched for a moment as the girls forgot he was standing there. He closed their door and heard them moan as evidently their tongues and fingers found the right spots. Brian continued down the hall and into the kitchen to get something to drink since that was where he headed in the first place.

After getting his drink he returned to his room. He had stopped briefly at the girls’ door and saw the light was still on. He could hear muffled moans coming from the room and then one of them moaned louder followed by the other. He wasn’t sure which one it was first but whoever it was, they enjoyed it from the sound. He crawled back in the bed naked and spooned against Wendy. She took her naked ass and pushed it against his groin and moaned in her sleep. He could feel her wetness against his cock as it slipped between her legs. She brought his hand around and placed it on her big boob where his fingers automatically wrapped around her fat nipple. He drifted off to sleep wondering just how long it would be before one or both of the girls tagged her. Surprisingly, his cock lurched between her legs.

Brian woke up the next morning still groggy from the lack of sleep. He still remembered the blowjob from the girls and the wild sex he had with Wendy. Wendy still slept peacefully beside him and he slowly slipped out of bed to not wake her. He moved downstairs and headed for the coffee pot. Once the coffee was brewing he went to the downstairs bathroom and relieved himself. When he returned to the coffee pot it wasn’t quite done but he thought that it didn’t matter, he needed the coffee. The stronger the better.

He took his cup and headed to his office to check his Escort Gaziantep email. After opening his email account he went through and took out all the junk mail. He laughed when he saw all the different emails referencing the purchase of Viagra and its equivalent. He thought maybe he should if things were going to continue to go the way things were.

One of the emails did catch his attention. He had done some work for a computer software firm and had written part of the software program and patches for several others. They were offering him the opportunity to come to the corporate headquarters for a visit and to talk over future plans and upgrades. They were asking if he would like to come over the next few days. He thought about it and then answered them saying that he would love to come down and told them he would be there in the next few days.

When he finished answering the other dribble he closed out his email, did a quick scan of the news and then closed down the computer. When he walked into the kitchen, Beth and Brooke were sitting at the table having a cup of coffee. They looked sleepy and he knew why. He just smiled and walked over and kissed them on the forehead. As he kissed Brooke last he felt Beth’s hand slide up the back of his leg and slip under the leg of his shorts. He gave a groan when she caressed his hairy balls and moaned again when she gripped them a little tighter. “I am glad I am going on this trip,” he thought.

When Wendy staggered into the kitchen, as usual she hit several pieces of furniture and cursing each time. Wendy was not a morning person until she had her coffee. You didn’t talk to her or do anything until she had her coffee. The only thing that changed that was if you woke up and tried to have sex. She would come awake but it still took a bit to get her going. Brian always told her that she would have never made it in the army.

“Honey, I have been offered and accepted an offer to go to the software company I wrote those programs for to talk with them about the final product and future upgrades. I hope that is okay with you. There isn’t anything major going on here and I will only be gone two days and a night,” Brian told her as she sipped her coffee and became a member of the human race again.

“That is okay, babe. It is fine with me. When will you go,” she replied.

“I will fly tomorrow morning if it is okay with you and be back late the next day or if it is too late, be back the next morning,” he told her.

“Daddy, would it be possible for me to go? I could get permission from my professors and since it is computer related I might even get some extra credit.” She smiled childlike at her dad and batted her eyes at him.

This was not what he wanted. He was trying to get away from everyone. Well, not exactly, he would love to spend the night with Brooke in a hotel but not sure how her mom would take it. He shrugged his shoulders and looked at her and then her mother. “Baby, if your professors say it is okay and your mother says it is okay, then fine with me. But momma has the final say so.”

Wendy was standing getting another cup of coffee and thought for a second. Wendy looked at Brooke and smiled. “Brooke, I have no problem if won’t be a problem to your father.”

Brooke jumped up and ran to her mother and hugged her and kissed her lips. When she hugged the second time she let her hands drop to her mother’s butt and she gently squeezed them. Her mother’s back was to Brian and he watched as Brooke continued to squeeze Wendy’s asscheeks. When Brian looked at Brooke she was smiling at him and then she ran her tongue over her lips. Brian rolled his eyes, knowing that he was not going to get any rest on this trip. Beth was smiling because she could see that Brooke was kneading her mother’s asscheeks.

When Brooke sat down she began to talk to Beth about what she was going to wear, the usual girl stuff. Wendy stood there and listened to the girls but her hands were shaking on the cup. Brian saw the cup moving and he knew that she was thinking about what Brooke had just done to her.

After breakfast everyone went their separate ways. The girls got ready for school and took off separately in their cars, Dylan in his usual way dropped by to say hello, grabbed a orange juice and piece of fruit and left for school; Brian returned to his computer. Wendy went up the stairs with her mind in a whirl. She thought about Brooke fondling her ass and about how much her pussy was creaming as the young nymph pushed her tits into hers. Wendy took a long hot shower to think about what happened and then finished and stepped out to dry. She dried herself and then put on a pair of sweat pants and sweatshirt. She didn’t bother putting on a bra or panties just because she liked the feel of going without. After a quick straightening up of the room, she went downstairs to look for Brian.

Brian was at his computer and lost to the world. She spoke with him and asked him questions only getting a “uh-huh”, “ok”, and “yeah sure”. She was sure that he had no idea of what she had just said. She could have asked him if he wanted to see her have sex with a donkey in the town square and he would have probably agreed. She left him there and headed for her mother’s house, cutting through the backyard and entering her house.

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