Broken Homes – Revised


Broken Homes – Revised

by JH-1

Shattered marriages lead to an idealic life style

This story is strictly fiction. As an author, I don’t have any siblings. If you like this story, or don’t, please vote. The author would appreciate. Thanks. All rights reserved.

Setting: Possum Kingdom Lake, North Texas


My sister: Sharron

Her Daughters: Tina and Trish

My Son: Roy

Myself: Jerry

(Everyone in this story is 18 or older)

This story takes place over several years, as the children grow older and have kids of their own.

My wife and I had a bad breakup. I found she had been cheating on me with another man. I had decided on another career and had been attending a school on outboard motors. When I came home I caught them. A divorce followed with our son electing to stay with me.

A little background:

Roy, my son, was still in high school about to start his senior year.

My dad had found a large log house on two acres of ground near “Hells Gate” on Possum Kingdom Lake and bought the place. The house had 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, a large kitchen / den, with decks front and back.

Over the years my sister Sharron and I had spent many happy vacations at the lake with mom and dad.

As time went on, my sister and I both married and had moved away to start our own lives and families.

After my wife and I split the blanket, dad approached me about moving to the house on P.K.Lake. Dad had heart trouble, so he and mom hadn’t been able to use the place.

He said “Since you have been to a school on outboard motors why don’t you move up to the lake and open a repair shop there?”

I thought… a repair shop right on the lake. There isn’t one. The nearest was in a small town about 15 miles away and the old man that ran it would not work on Mercury motors.

It sounded like a good idea. I was feeling at loose ends anyway, so I bought the place from dad.

When I got home that evening, Roy was studying. I fixed supper for us and while we were eating I asked him if he would like to move to P.K. Lake and live in the log home there.

Roy jumped at the chance. He would need to change schools, but he wasn’t involved in anything that would hold him where he was.

In a couple of weeks school was out for the summer. I sold the condo we were living in and moved to the lake.

Now, the rest of the story:

The log home was in surprisingly good shape so we didn’t have much to do to make it livable.

The floating boat house needed some repair though. It was covered with corrugated steel sheets and time had taken its toll, so it wasn’t in the best of shape. Roy and I quickly repaired it by replacing some sheets as required.

Dad had bought a 21 ft. Star Craft boat with a four cylinder Chevy inboard outdrive. We changed the spark plugs and a short run out on the lake showed it to be in excellent shape.

The next thing was a 20′ by 80′ shop. That would give me (4)20′ wide x 20′ deep bays so I could work on outboards and outdrives. I placed the building near the water with a concrete drive to get to it from the road that ran in front of the place. I also poured a ramp into the lake with a powered trolley so I could accept a boat from the lake.

I was about to hang my shingle out advertising the outboard shop when disaster struck.


My sister Sharron called me from West Texas to say her husband had been killed in an oil well accident. Sis was devastated. I could almost feel her wringing her hands over the phone.

“Sis, I’m coming to get you and the girls. I’ve bought the place on P.K. from dad and that’s where Roy and I live now. I’ll explain it all to you on the way back here.

I had an SUV, so I gassed up and Roy and I headed for West Texas. Several hours drive brought us to where they lived.

My sister and my nieces met us at the door and I gathered all three in my arms, telling them it was going to be OK.

In the next few days we made arrangements for the funeral and sold their home. I rented a large U-Haul trailer to move their belongings to P.K. Lake.

The trip back was pretty somber. All the girls were lost in their own thoughts. We stopped at a restaurant on the way back to eat and continued our trip.

As we headed East the landscape changed from dry, almost dessert like, to trees and foliage. My nieces hadn’t been raised here so their interest began to pick up. When we pulled in to the place at P.K. they couldn’t believe the greenery and trees that were everywhere.

The rest of the day was spent unloading the trailer and getting them situated in our log home. Tina and Trish took one large bedroom that had two beds. Their mother Sharron took another.

Suddenly it dawned on me. The place was full of family. I felt like my family had finally come home.

My sister had been watching me and she quietly said “Thank you Jerry. I don’t know what we would have done if it hadn’t been for you.”

“You’re welcome Giresun Escort sis. I know this thing is hard on all of you, but I want you to understand. With you and the girls here I feel like this place is now a home.”

We started getting the nieces transferred to the school that Roy was attending. The kids were all 18 and seniors and had one more year of high school. I told Roy to start taking the SUV when school started, so he could take his cousins.

As the summer went on everything seemed to settle down. Sharron had been making a bunch of sketches of West Texas while she lived there and she started turning them in to oil paintings. We found a gallery in Ft.Worth that started showing her work.

Suddenly her paintings became much in demand and started selling briskly.

Come to find out, the nieces were as good as their mother and started making water color paintings of the lake and surrounding area. The gallery became interested in them as well. Those watercolor paintings became as much in demand as Sharron’s West Texas paintings.


With some advertising, locally, I got my outboard motor business going. It caught on quickly and suddenly Roy and I had almost more business than we could handle. (I had taught Roy how to work on outboards and had it not been for him I don’t know what I’d have done.)

One Saturday evening late the sky got black and the thunder started rolling in. There were flashes of lightening and I told my sister and the girls it was going to rain. We had finished our evening meal and walked out on the back deck when it did start raining.

Suddenly there was a big flash of lightening and a clap of thunder that rattled the windows of the house. The lightening struck a dead tree nearby and the power went out.

My nieces started screaming. Since they had been raised in West Texas they had never seen this sort of violent weather. I told them not to worry and started lighting candles that I kept for just this reason.

The rain really began to pelt down hard and it started hailing. The hail stones were about dime size, but they quickly covered the ground.

Sharron was scared and shaking, so I told her to come and sleep with me.

Roy was talking to Tina and Trish, telling them not to worry, that everything would be alright.

We got to my bedroom and started to undress. “Hey” I said. “I get to sleep with my sister tonight.

Sis there’s something you need to know. Ever since we were younger I’ve wanted you in my bed and wanted to make love to you.”

My sisters eyes grew big and she said “My god Jerry, why haven’t you ever said anything. I would have gone to bed with you in a heartbeat.”

We couldn’t get out of our clothes fast enough.

Suddenly Sharron and I were kissing and touching one another. My hands drifted to the cheeks of her firm ass and I pulled her to me. “God sis, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too Jerry…make love to me.”

I inhaled one of her titties.

Sis gasped and said “Oh god yes Jerry I like that…do em both.”

I did.

I kissed lower until I could lick the lips of her pussy.

“OH! Jerry…you…I…oh god, don’t stop.

I didn’t. I found the hole I was searching for and plunged my tongue into her pussy as far as I could go. Her hips flew up and I almost became dislodged.

Her juices had a very pleasant tangy taste that I liked very much. I licked back up the lips of her pussy until I found her clit. I sucked it into my mouth to give it a serious tongue lashing.

My sister started cumming and didn’t stop. She finally pushed me off, saying “Oh god Jerry that’s enough. I can’t take any more.”

I kissed her and told her she tasted delicious.

“Jerry, you’ve got to fuck my pussy …NOW.”

I positioned my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly sank into her until I could go no more.

“Oh god yes” she said. “Don’t stop.”

My cock isn’t extremely long, but is rather big around. I started moving slowly, to allow sis to become used to my size. Her hips began to thrust and I knew it was time to speed up.

“Jerry don’t you dare pull out. Make me cum. I…OHHHHH, it’s gonna happen…it’s…AGHHH, YESSSSSSSS.

Sharron said “Oh god Jerry I want you to cum in my pussy.”

I was still pumping her pussy, but her words sent me over the edge. Suddenly I was flooding her hot pussy with spurts of cum. Finally the spurts stopped and I rolled over so that sis was on top.

“My god sis, you’ve got an amazing pussy. You know that once won’t be enough don’t you?”

“I hope not. Nobody ever licked my pussy like you just did. When you started lashing my clit…I just lost it. Yes I want more, a lot more.”

Sis wanted “Doggy” style, so we did it that way. I leaned over where I could fondle her tits with one hand, while I cupped her pussy with the other. I placed my thumb on her clit and began rolling it around. It sent her into a mind blowing orgasm. Several more times that night we fucked Giresun Escort Bayan each other until we both passed out.

The sun was well up the next morning when I woke up with Sharron sucking my dick.

“Sis, unless you want a mouth full of cum, you better stop. That feels too good.”

“Its pay back time bro…cum in my mouth.” She said.

That’s all it took. I flooded her sucking mouth with cum.

Suddenly I pulled my cock from her mouth and headed for the bathroom.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” she asked.

I gotta pee, before I float.” I answered.

Sis started giggling.

When I finished, I got back in bed with her. “Now, where were we?” I slipped my hard dick in her delightful pussy, balls deep.

“Oh god yes, Can we start everyday like this?” Sis asked.

“I don’t see why not. This should have happened years ago. I figure we have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Uhmmm. I definitely like the catching up part.” Sis said.

A shower seemed like a good idea, so both of us could clean up from our love making. After the shower together, we headed to the kitchen, for something to eat.

I could see a light on in the hall, so I knew the power had come back on.

As we passed Roy’s room I looked in to see the girls AND Roy, all in Roy’s bed. They were all naked. Roy was in the middle with a cousin on each side. Both girls had a hand on his cock. All three were dead to the world.

I looked at sis and raised an eyebrow. She grinned to say “You’re going to learn something about my girls. Ever since I told them you and Roy were coming to pick us up, the girls have been asking questions about you guys.

I finally convinced them that I didn’t know. If you recall, it’s been several years since all of you visited us in West Texas.

To say the least the girls are a lusty pair. From the looks of things, I’d say they found answers for themselves.”

“Well, after the time we had last night and this morning, if they are anything like their mother, lusty is a mild word.” I told her.

Sharron grinned at me and said “Don’t be surprised if my daughters want to turn this place into a nudist camp.”

I starred at her and said “Sis, you’ve got to be kidding.”

“Nope, our yard in West Texas was private enough for all of us to practice nudism. I never acted like being naked was a taboo thing where the girls were concerned.”

“Their father never knew?” I asked.

“No. I never told him.” Sharron answered.

“I know the girls want to go skinny dippin…they’ve already asked.”

Sis and I were having our morning coffee when we heard the kids all get up. They came trooping into the kitchen. All three were naked.

“Did you guys forget something?” I asked.

Roy was in the lead and said “Oh…um…well the girls wanted me to take them skinny dippin, so that’s where were going.”

I thought to myself, well they’re all 18, why not.

Both my nieces came to me to kiss me good morning. I couldn’t help myself. I just had to squeeze both bare butts.

The girls looked at each other and grinned. All three went by the table to help themselves to do-nuts as they headed to the lake. The girls had a do-nut in one hand and Roy’s dick in the other to lead him to the lake.

I looked at Sharron and said “Did that just happen?”

I told you so. Come on Jerry, let’s join them.”

I thought. Why not. My dick was hard and it looked like it was going to stay that way.

Sharron stripped my shorts off and shucked her T-shirt over her head. Holding hands we headed for the lake. When we got close Sharron said “Kids, is it OK if we join you?”

My nieces turned to say “Sure mom. We…”

They got silent, staring at my hard cock. I’m about 8″ long and nearly 4″ around.

“Girls, it’s not polite to stare.” Sharron said.

Trish said “My god mom, he’s huge. Oh…uh. Sorry Uncle Jerry.”

“It’s alright Trish and thanks for the compliment.”

I suddenly realized that being here in this naked environment was really delightful. I started studying all the girls.

I had always thought my sister Sharron was a real looker, but without her clothes on she was stunning.

I looked at her titties. I’m not much of a judge when it comes to cup size, but after last night and this morning, I knew they were a very nice handful. Her nipples were hard and sticking out a good half inch.

I also knew she was shaved from licking her pussy last night, and I do like to lick shaved pussy.

Sharron had light blond hair, but my nieces both had darker hair, almost brunette. Their titties were just right for their height and looked quite suck able. Both had shaved pussies. I figured that was their mother’s influence.

We finally got out of the lake to head for the house for some lunch. As we were walking back, my niece Trish snuggled under my arm to say “One of these days, I want your hard cock in my pussy.” She kissed me on the cheek, giggled at my expression, then skipped off Escort Giresun to join her sister and Roy.

Noticing my slack jawed look Sharron slipped her arm in mine to say “Jerry, you know Trish wants you to fuck her don’t you.”

“Damn, I know. She just told me. I’m still in shock.”

“My daughters are rather precocious aren’t they?” Sharron asked.

“You’ve got that right. I still can’t believe I’m getting to fuck my sexy sister after all these years.”

Sharron chuckled and said “Jerry both girls are starved for a man’s affection. After the last few days, seeing how you treat me, they’re hooked on you and Roy.”

“Sharron, I’ve just found out that my lovely sister wanted me to fuck her when we were younger. I’m still trying to make up for lost time and I damn sure don’t want to fuck up a good thing.”

“You won’t Jerry. I’ve always been open with the girls and if you want to fuck Trish or Tina, have at it.” With a glint in her eye she said “Just don’t let it fuck up OUR fuckin. That’s just too special.”

Sharron had just given me permission to fuck both her daughters. I couldn’t believe it. It made my dick get hard…again.

While we were having lunch, another thought occurred to me, so I broached the subject.

“Girls we need to talk. As much as Roy and I like this mini nudist camp we’ve got going on, I do run a business here, working on outboard motors and boats.

During the week and half a day on Saturday, there’s apt to be people coming here to drop off, or pick up boats and motors.

If you girls want to stay naked here in the house, that’s OK, but I can imagine what one of my straight laced customers might think if you girls were skinny dippin when they drove up. Even if they didn’t have a stroke, I don’t want to share and I won’t.

Tina said “Well dad…”

Quietly I said “Tina, what did you just call me?”

“I called you dad. That’s what you’ve become to Trish and me both. We hope you don’t mind.”

There were tears in my eyes when I said “No girls, I don’t mind at all. I couldn’t be more honored. Thank you.

Both girls came to give me a kiss. They both said they understood about showing themselves off to any of my customers and assured me that they would be careful.


Word quickly got around that Jerry’s outboard shop was located right on the lake and the business started to flourish. I was glad I had Roy to help me. It quickly became all we could handle. I thought business would slow down some as the seasons changed. It did slow down some, but I still stayed busy all the time.

Our summer was coming to an end. Roy, Tina and Trish started their last year in high school.

My business slacked off some for the winter months and it left Sharron and I more time to hone our fucking skills. I told her we would just keep doing it till we got it right.

Sharron was all for it. She did have time to start making oil paintings from her sketches though.

Graduation day for the seniors came and we saw our brood get their diplomas and throw their caps in the air. Our seniors were turned loose to wreak havoc on the rest of the world.

The following summer was a good one. The outboard business really took off.

Trish and Tina did come to me to say they wanted a good fuckin from dad. Since I had permission from their mother, I took full advantage of it.

Since our skinny dippin didn’t stop we all showed the effects of an all over tan.

That fall the kids all enrolled at Texas University at Arlington for their freshman year of college.

I knew they would all be home for Christmas break, but Sharron and I would miss them a lot. It was the first time either of us had been separated from our kids for any length of time.

The boat shop was keeping me plenty busy and Sharron spent more time with her paintings. The gallery approached her about doing some fall or winter landscapes around the lake.

One fall day I took her in the boat to several places on the lake, “Hells Gate” being one of them. The leaves were changing color on the trees and I suggested she make use of the beautiful changing colors. I told her that if it snowed this winter that some of these places would be great for paintings.

After that she would be gone every day making sketches. I was beginning to think I’d lost my lovely sister to the beauty of P.K. Lake.

Sharron never failed to come home late in the afternoon, to have our evening meal and spend time with me. There was never a night she didn’t sleep naked with me. We both always tried to fuck each other silly.

Christmas came and the kids were home from college. All of them were making good grades. I think part of it was that Sharron and I had rented them a house so they didn’t have to stay in the dorms. Nothing was ever said, but I think the girls were giving Roy all the pussy he could handle.

Sharron and I had bought them all Skidoo personal water crafts for Christmas presents.

Christmas day happened to be in the lower 80s. (Yes, that happens here in Texas.) Nothing would do but the kids had to ride the new Skidoo’s. They didn’t stay out long though. The water was a bit chilly.

Sharron gave me a large painting of “Hells Gate” in all its fall glory. It hangs over the mantle in our den to this day.

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