Brother Knows Best Ch. 1


Jenna was your average teenager. She was average height, about 5’4 or 5’5. She weighed around 125 lbs. She had shoulder length brown hair. Her hair was something she was very proud of though, it was just the right volume and it shines so beautifully. Her face was very pretty too, she wasn’t modest at all. She knew she had good looks. A lot of the guys at school had tried to date her. She went out from time to time, but she never wanted to give in to their urges.

She remembers one night she was out with this kid named Brian, he wasn’t that good looking. She felt sorry for him though so she decided to give him a chance. By the end of the night he was trying to undress her. Luckily she had enough sense to run away from him.

Jenna has never let a guy down into her pants, she’s just too shy. She’s afraid of the consequences of doing something like that. All she’s really done is kiss boys. Well actually there was one guy who had grabbed her breasts during a make out session…it was kind of strange to feel someone else’s hand on her 34c breasts. Jenna’s tits were very perky and cute…she always caught guys staring at them.

Jenna spent a lot of time at home. She was more of a loner than anything, she didn’t have many close girlfriends, A lot of the girls were jealous of her because she was pretty. So on Saturday night Jenna was home all alone. Her parents had gone out to have dinner and then catch a movie. Her big brother Jim was out somewhere…she had no clue where. He was rarely home, especially on a Saturday night. Jim was a well built guy. He was captain of the wrestling team, he wasn’t too wide in stature, but he had a nice build. A lot of girls at school pretended to be nice to Jenna so that they could get closer to Jim…but Jenna could always see right through the facade and she always blew them off.

So it was Saturday night…there was nothing on TV…what was she to do? She decided now was a perfect time to go snooping through Jims room. Jenna would always go look through his things as often as she could. She would find condoms…porno mags…all sorts of things. She looked at the porno magazines sometimes…They intrigued her.

So Jenna opened the door to Jims room, he kept it really messy and unorganized. There was underwear all over the floor. Not to mention magazines and other random objects. She looked under his mattress and pulled out his porn collection…she looked at the magazine on the top.

“Oh this is a new one.” She thought. The cover had a very sexy blonde woman with very large breasts. She began to leaf through it. She came across a series of pictures of a man and a woman having hot sex. The man was laying down on the bed while the woman was riding his cock. They looked like they were really into it. Jenna started to feel a tingle in her panties…She had played with herself from time to time…Whenever she had the urge…she didn’t really know what she was doing though. She had never given herself an orgasm. It always discouraged her, that’s the only reason she would touch her pussy…to make herself cum…but it never worked.

Jenna must have been really focused on the magazine…because she didn’t hear her brother walking up the stairs…his cell phone suddenly went off right before he walked into his room…

“Hello?…Yeah I beeped you before man. Nah the bitch had to leave early! I didn’t get shit out of her. I’m horny as hell now!” Jim said into his phone. He was right outside the door where his sister was reading his porn.

“Oh shit…what am I gonna do?” Thought Jenna. There was no where to go…hopefully he’ll go to the bathroom or something before he comes in her and catches her. What would he do if he saw her? Probably tell their parents, he’d definately scream at her though.

“Yeah so now I dunno what I’m gonna do…I’ll just stay home and whack it Giresun Escort or something, haha.” Jim said. He was still on his cell. “Yeah well lemme go Pete…bye.” He hung up the phone. His door suddenly started to pry open…Jim entered the room to see his sister sitting there reading his porno.

“Oh my god Jenna! What are you doing?” Jim was obviously shocked.

“Jim I’m so sorry. I was just…Um…I dunno.” Jenna didn’t know what to say.

Jim just stared at her…he didn’t say a word. Jenna wondered what he was thinking. He walked closer to her and stared at the Magazine she was reading. A few moments of silence went by before he started to speak again.

“So you like reading those huh?” Jim broke the silence.

“Umm…Well…yeah…they’re good…and stuff.” Jenna didn’t know why her brother had asked her that.

“Have you ever done anything like that before?” Jim questioned her. His tone of voice was calm and soothing. He didn’t seem mad at all. Jenna was wondering why he seemed so calm, but she didn’t wanna upset him anymore so she went along with what he was asking.

“No Jim…I am a virgin.”

“Have you done anything?”

“No Jim just kissing.”

“So you’ve never let a guy touch your pussy?”


“You’ve never had a cock in your mouth? Or even your hand? You’ve never felt the warmth of a mans cum in your mouth or on your face?”

“No Jim never.”

Jenna didn’t know why Jim was asking her all of this. They had never talked about anything sexual before…but the things he was saying were turning her on. The next thing he was about to say would really shock her though.

“Do you want to?”

Did he mean with him? Oh my god is this really happening? Normally Jenna would refuse immediately…but there was something different now. Maybe it was because it was her brother…but she felt safe around him. they were family. There was also something very dangerous and forbidding about this whole thing. It gave her such a rush, her pussy was twitching…

“Do you mean…do you mean with you Jim?”

“Yeah I mean with me sis.”

“But…I’m your sister…that’s wrong right?”

“No way…I’m a guy…I have needs…your a girl…you have needs…we’re family…it’s not like I am asking you to be my girlfriend or anything…I just wanna satisfy each other. No strings attached.”

“No strings attached?”

Jenna was beggining to get extremely horny. She could hardly resist.

“Ok Jim…Let’s do it.”

“Yeah that’s my little sis!”

“Ummm…but Jim…where do we start?’

“Ill handle it.” Jim leaned in and kissed Jenna…Jenna had kissed a few boys in her time but this was totally different. It was obvious that Jim was experienced…the way his tongue explored his sisters mouth was simply incredible. They were kissing for what seemed to be an eternity. Jenna felt like her legs were going to fall off…she was shaking down there uncontrollably.

Jim lifted her shirt off…she had a pretty little white bra on. Jim unhooked it with ease and threw on the floor. Her perky little tits were exposed. He leaned forward and took one in his mouth. He began flicking her nipple with his tongue.

“Oh hehe that tickles Jimmy.” Jenna was getting more comfortable with the whole situation. She was nervous before but things were getting better now. Jim took his shirt and pants off first which made things even better. Now he had a pair of plaid boxers on. There was a huge bulge in them…he was enjoying this.

He continued to lick and suck on her nipples for a bit…then gradually he went down and unbuttoned her jeans. She suddenly got a little nervous…no one has ever seen her pussy…she was kinda self conscious about it…but she really wanted to do this with her brother…hmmm…what could Giresun Escort Bayan she do? Then she had an idea.

“Wait Bro…I wanna do you first.” She was still nervous but this was better than nothing.

“Wow…ok sis.” Jim sat on the edge of his bed. He pulled his boxers down around his ankles and kicked them off. His rock hard prick was let out of it’s home. It was so nice…Jenna had never seen one up close like this before. She would guess that it was about 6 or 7 inches. Jim just stared at her…expecting her to know what to do…she wasn’t sure how she should do this…

“Jim…what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to suck my cock sis.”

“Oh…ok bro.”

“I know you know how to do it…if you’ve been reading my magazines then you should be an expert.”

Jenna’s mind drifted back to all those nights she would sneak into this very room and look through his magazines…she remembers many of the images of women taking those juicy pricks into their mouths…She knew she could do that too.

She got down on her knees and crawled between her big brothers legs. His penis was still standing straight up. Jenna closed her eyes and leaned forward…she could smell his dick as she got closer. She pressed her lips against it, it felt so hot. She opened her mouth and took it in. She went down as far as her throat would allow her. She began bobbing up and down on it in a steady pace.

“Oh man…Jenna..your fuckin’ good!” Jim was getting off! Jenna’s mouth was salivating over the thought this was her brothers cock in her mouth. She felt it getting harder and harder and she sucked him off. The head was so slick and smooth. She tasted a salty, gooey substance. Obviously this was his precum. She knew all about sex, although she never had any of her own. She continued sucking her big bro off. She never thought she would like this that much, his cock tasted so good as it ran up along her wet tongue.

“Fuck…little sister…shit!…I want this so bad! Oh my god baby this feels so good! Please don’t stop sucking me!” Jim was in heaven. His baby sister had quiet a warm and wet mouth. She began using her hand as well…the mixture of saliva and semen had created a hot suction sound.

“Mmmmm Hmmmmm…” Jenna was moaning as she took her big brothers red hot dick into her virgin mouth.

“Oooooooh yes! Suck me! Suck me again and again!”

Jenna was using her hand to jerk and suck her brother off…His moans were getting louder and he was squirming around like a fish out of water…

“I’m cumming sis!…Ahhhh fuck…YES!” Jim’s penis starting spewing cum as Jenna sucked it into her mouth. She stood still with his dick in her mouth as the first few spurts came out…then she got used to it and started sucking him again…she swallowed some of it but there was too much…it starts oozing from her mouth and coating his cock as she continued to suck him off…it was all one big wet sticky mess.

“Oh my god…you can stop now…my very own little sister just given me the best blowjob I have ever had!” Jim was obviously pleased with her performance. Jenna removed his cock from her mouth…a long trail of cum dangled from her lips…Jim leaned into her and licked it off her face…he swallowed his own fluids. This turned her on so much.

“Bro…I want you to eat my pussy…please.” Jenna felt a little timid but she knew she wanted it bad now.

“Sure sis.” Jim slid her jeans off…he put his fingers into her elastic waistline of her panties and slid those off too. She was now fully nude…so was he.

She got on the bed and spread her legs…her pubic hair was trimmed and kept nice. Jim stared down at his sister with her legs spread wide open.

“Your pussy looks so hot sis.” Jim got down on his knees just like his little sister had previously Escort Giresun done…he bent down towards her vagina.

Jenna was so excited…here it was…bam! Her big brothers tongue licked the sides of her lips.

“Oh Jim this is great!” She loved it instantly…she had no idea what she was in for though. He spread her lips wide open and licked her as deep as he could. He began to taste the wet juices her pussy was creating. His tongue began to massage her entire hole…Her legs began to quiver as she was getting the treatment of a lifetime from her own family member.

“Jim this is nice…ooooooh yes jim!” Jenna liked it so much. Then Jim licked her clit…

“Ahhhhhhhhg Oh my fucking god! Do that again!” Jim used his tongue to bathe her clitoris in saliva. “Suck your sisters pussy baby! Please do me hard!” Jim was getting worked up listening to his little sister moan and talk like that. Her moaning kept getting louder and louder as he licked away at her pussy.

“Do you like to have your big brother eat the shit outta you?” Jim said as he lunged back down to lap up his sister’s cunt.

“Oh yes Jimmy…I love it! Keep eating me more and more! Make me cum! OOOOOOOH!” Jenna’s body was writhing back and forth. She felt Jim use his tongue on her clit…he was now focused on that…he rammed his fingers up her pussy at the same time too now…this was too much to take in…”Ahhhg fuck! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is hot! Oh my pussy! Bro…uhh…please….” She felt waives of pleasure riding through her body…It was amazing…He licked up all of her juices and sucked her clit till it was too much to bear for her. He stopped and wiped his face off.

“Jim that was so fucking amazing! My pussy never felt that way before. It’s so hot.” Jenna was so excited.

“I bet…now you wanna feel something even better?” Jenna knew what he meant…he wanted to fuck her…he wanted to take that cock and ram into her tight little pussy. She didn’t know if she wanted to lose her virginity to her own brother though…but she thought about how it felt to have him sucking her clit until she came…and how is red hot cock tasted in her mouth…without giving it more thought she made a quick decision…

“I want you to fuck me brother.”

“Oh yes! This is gonna be great.”

Jim got on top of her in the bed…his dick was hard again…probably since he was eating her…he guided it to her entrance…he stuck it between her lips and began pushing it farther in…

“Ugggh it kinda hurts.”

“Don’t worry sis it’ll be fine.”

Jim’s cock was now completely inside his sisters no-longer virgin pussy. He let it sit there for a moment…She groaned and ccomplained…but soon the pain faded away…it didn’t feel so bad… felt kinda good…

“Oh Jim…I like it…”

Jim began pushing it in and out slowly…a squirting noise was made from all her wet juices that smothered his dick…

“Oh yeah…uhh…Jim…I want it harder…”

He started pumping faster and faster. His bare ass was pushing in and out of his sisters legs…

“Oh yea! OOOh my god! This is fucking amazing!”

“You like it? I knew you would!”

Moans of pleasure were heard from both siblings…Jim began thrusting his cock in and out of his siters pussy for what seemed like the best few minutes ever…finally he announced…

“Im cumming! Fuck!”

“Pull it out bro!”

Jim pulled his cock out of his sisters cunt…he shot his load all over her pussy…the semen dripped all over the folds of skin and began to leak on the bed…Jim knelt down and sucked all of his cum off of his sisters wet pussy…he watched her for a second…her eyes were closed and she was shaking and moaning…

“Ohhh fuck me! That was amazing! Ahhh”

She seems to have had another orgasm…

“You ok sister?”

“Yeah bro…that was awesome.”

“Well we better get cleaned up before mom and dad come home.”

“Can we do this again sometime?”

“We’ll see.”

The two siblings were in for quite a few more adventures in the world of incest…

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