Brother’s Girlfriend


Mary was 23 and had two children from a previous relationship when she started dating my brother, John. She’d become pregnant in high school when she was 16, foolishly married the boy at the insistence of her religious parents and immediately had another baby. The marriage lasted about as long as the second pregnancy, so my brother told me one night.

Ever notice how women who have children young snap back into amazing shape? You would never know by looking that her tight, sexy body had ever been pregnant. She had long, dark brown hair and dark eyes; small, pointy breasts that were rarely in a bra, a tight, sexy ass and a walk that almost moaned, “Fuck me.” As hot as she might have been, I didn’t really like or trust Mary all that much. I had the feeling she was looking for a meal ticket in my brother…which might be part of the reason I let myself do any of what I’m about to relate.

One Saturday afternoon I was hanging out with my brother and Mary when the phone rang. It was some band whose drummer disappeared, looking to have John sit in with them on short notice. Never one to turn down a gig, John grabbed his stick bag and split, leaving Mary and me to watch the movie we’d rented.

I pulled out my bag of BC Hydro (easily among the finest marijuana grown anywhere on this planet) and twisted up a fat spliff while Mary poured us a couple of drinks and popped the disc in the DVD player. As she bent over to insert the disc I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect ass – that inverted heart, parting where the denim covered her pussy She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and I audibly sighed, causing her to look in my direction and catch me checking out her butt. Mary grinned at me, “See anything you like?”

“You have a great ass, Mary,” I answered honestly, “Can’t blame a guy for looking…especially when he hasn’t been laid in over a month.” That was true. I’d just started seeing someone new after the end of a relationship, but we hadn’t had sex yet and I was feeling it. Mary sat on the sofa directly across from my chair.

“Don’t you worry about looking. I’ve had two kids…when a good looking man checks out my ass I take it as a compliment. You know the saying,” she winked, “you can look, but you can’t touch.” I passed her the joint and she took a deep pull.

“Oh, I can touch, Mary. I’ll be touching later when I get home. That’s the extent of my sex life these days,” I laughed. “Thank God for opposable thumbs!”

Mary exhaled and grinned. “No kidding. At least I’ve got some toys to play with!”

This conversation was quickly becoming interesting. Mary and I had never really had any private conversations, nor had there ever been any flirting between us…but here we were frankly discussing my solitary sex life and that she has some toys for her solo pleasure. I joked that my little brother must not be keeping her happy if her toys were getting a regular workout, to which she quite seriously replied that no matter how Konya Escort much sex she got, she would still masturbate at least once a day. As she took a drink, she ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. The sight of her pointy, pink tongue snaking over he lips made me gasp.

“What?” Mary asked. “Do that again…lick your lips,” I whispered. Mary grinned and slowly ran her tongue over her lips, winking at me as she did it. My hand squeezed my cock through my pants and I groaned. “Fuck, Mary…you’re giving me lots to think about.”

Mary slid one hand over her belly and cupped her breast, licking her lips again. “You’re not the only one who has things to think about,” she grinned, as her eyes obviously stared at the large bulge in my pants.

We had a few drinks and smoked the rest of the joint, the movie was pretty bad so we continued to chat a bit as we watched. Some of the conversation was just normal stuff, but both of us seemed to be directing the conversation – through jokes or innuendo – back to sex. I asked her what sort of toys she had – a dildo and small vibrator; she asked me if I looked at magazines when I masturbated – sometimes, or I read erotic stories online. I asked her how often she made herself cum – at least once a day, once 9 times “but I was young and really pushed myself,'” she laughed; she asked me the same question – same answer, except my personal best is a mere 5 in one day, “I was young and pushed myself.” She grinned. This conversation was beginning to make my cock twitch inside my pants. I could feel it lengthening along the inside of my thigh and wondered if Mary could see the effect this was having on me. I wondered if it might be turning her on and let my eyes slide down over her t-shirt where I was almost sure I could see her nipples swelling.

When I mentioned reading stories online to her she asked if I ever had cyber sex. I admitted to her that I had, which really piqued her curiosity. Mary didn’t have a computer at home and her online experience was limited to sending and receiving email at work. She asked me how I could possibly sit in front of a computer and jerk off. How do you explain to someone who has never chatted what it’s like to share fantasies online? I asked her if she had ever had phone sex. Her eyes sparkled when she admitted that she had, so I told her that it’s the same thing…just text instead of talk. She seemed to like that answer.

But I was curious…who are you having phone sex with? My brother? “No,” she whispered. All of the sudden she looked embarrassed and a bit unsure, I could feel it. “Relax, Mary,” I said, “phone sex isn’t fucking around…it’s just fantasy. I’m not gonna tell John.” Mary grinned, obviously relieved. She had been honest in the moment about having phone sex without even considering that she might be revealing an “indiscretion” to her boyfriend’s brother. She told me that she occasionally phoned one of those chat lines that are free for women. Konya Escort Bayan If she found someone who seemed fun, she would masturbate with them. I asked if she liked having phone sex with total strangers. Her grin became bigger and she almost moaned, “I cum SO hard!”

By now my cock was throbbing in my pants almost painfully. I reached down to adjust myself and couldn’t help giving my long, thick shaft a squeeze and a stroke. Mary’s eyes never left my hand the entire time and I swear I saw her nipples become fully erect in that heartbeat.

“I’d like to have phone sex with you right now, Mary,” I half joked. “If it weren’t for your brother I’d do it because my pussy’s so wet right now I can barely sit here,” Mary whispered, her eyes locked on the bulge in my pants, “but there’s a big difference between some stranger on the phone and you here right now. I can’t do ANYTHING with you, I’m dating your brother!”

Her words made my cock throb inside my pants and I could tell from her eyes that she saw the head of my erection twitching under the denim. I reached down and began to stroke my cock through the fabric, running my fingers along my aching shaft and squeezing my balls gently. “I don’t care if you are dating my brother, Mary,” I said, “I’m so hard all I want to do is take my cock out and masturbate. Knowing you’re wet just means I’ll cum that much faster.”

I could tell by the look on her face she was totally torn. Part of her was incredibly aroused and wanted to keep going, the other part of her was completely unsure about doing anything with her boyfriend’s brother. Sometimes you can just feel what someone is thinking…and Mary was sitting there wishing I was a stranger. As her hand slipped between her thighs to press against her denim covered pussy, she breathed, “I want to…if only you weren’t John’s brother.”

I crossed the floor to where Mary was sitting. It was a mistake…my immediate closeness made it all too real for her and she sat up. “No. We can’t…I can’t do this to John. You have to go.” Mary stood and pulled my arm – not hard, but enough to let me know she wasn’t going to negotiate. I apologised for making her feel uncomfortable and she quite sincerely told me, “Don’t give it another thought. We were both turned on and almost did something silly. No harm, no foul, but you should go.”

My place was only two blocks away, so I was home in a matter of minutes. I wanted to speak to Mary and make sure everything was cool, so I picked up the phone and called. She answered immediately and I said, “Mary, it’s me…I just wanted to call and make sure there’s no major problem about what just happened.”

Mary was a little breathless, “No…no problem at all. Honest. I’m just on the other line.” In a flash I knew…as soon as I left Mary got on the phone and called the chat line. I asked her if that was the case. She hesitated and admitted that she was, indeed, chatting with a man on the other line. Escort Konya My cock was instantly hard.

“Oh fuck, Mary, that turns me on. Are you masturbating right now?” “(pause) Yes. I am. I wanted to when you were here, but I couldn’t.” “I have to stroke my cock. You’re driving me crazy!”

I asked her to describe exactly what she was doing. “I’m lying on the sofa with my pants around my ankles and my thong pulled to one side. You wouldn’t believe how fucking wet it was when you walked out that door. I’m soaked! My legs are bent and my knees are spread wide open. I have two fingers sliding in and out of my pussy while my thumb is circling my clit. I’m so fucking horny. Are you touching your cock?” My cock was throbbing as my right hand stroked back and forth over the top half, thumb and middle finger touching to perfectly encircle the ridge on each up stroke. “Fuck yes! I’m so hot, Mary. Your sexy body…that ass…telling me that you love masturbating. You don’t know how close you came to having me rip your clothes off and fuck you. I’m stroking my cock right now, imagining you watching me. Would you like to watch me jerk off for you?”

Mary groaned. I could almost feel her pussy spasm through the phone line. “God, yes! That would turn me on so fucking much. Are you really stroking your cock? Did I really turn you on that much? I am so fucking horny…I’m dripping…I want to cum so bad. Stroke your hard cock for me…mmmmm…cum for me…cum on me….” Mary’s moans were becoming more intense, her breathing shallow, fast and raspy. This woman was about to give herself a major orgasm.

“My cock is so hard for you, Mary. I’m dripping precum all over my hand thinking about fucking you. I want to cum all over you like the hot slut you are…turn you on your hands and knees and fuck you hard from behind…”

“Yes! I’m a slut! Fuck me, cum on me, make me rub my clit for you…I’m rubbing my clit…I’m rubbing my clit…so wet…gonna cum…fuck…gonna cum…aaah…fuck…yes…yesss..yesyes….fuck AAAAAAAAAA My God fuck me….” Mary exploded into vulgar incoherent moans and gasps, cumming harder and louder than any woman I had ever heard. The sound of her pleasure triggered my own orgasm and thick, hot ropes of semen jetted across my belly and chest, the last of it coating my fingers as I milked the final drops from my semi-hard cock.

Mary spoke first. “I can’t believe we did that.” I could hear the worry in her voice, so I tried to be reassuring. “Mary…it was fun, no one got hurt. A bit of fantasy between consenting adults. I don’t know about you, but I just came harder than I have in years.”

“My God, me too!” Marry breathed, “I came SO hard. I literally had little sparkly lights in front of my eyes!”

We talked for a few more minutes, both agreeing that it was a lot of fun but probably not something we should do again. I agreed with her, but I knew I would soon find out if she really didn’t want to do it again or if she was working hard to appear a bit more proper than her wet pussy wanted her to be.

To be continued…

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