Brothers, Sisters , Dad


After a four-year stint in the Army, I declined Uncle Sam’s invitation to make it a career and returned home to my family and friends. We celebrated my homecoming with a back-yard barbecue attended by the entire family and a few old friends. My mother and father were there, of course, as were my two younger twin sisters Molly and Holly and my younger brother Jack. My beautiful sister Molly was a bartender and Holly was a student in her first year of college. They shared an apartment a short distance away. Jack still lived at home and worked in my father’s hardware store.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my sisters. They had been beautiful when I left home, but they had truly bloomed in my absence. Although not identical twins, they looked very much alike. Both were a little over five feet tall and their curvaceous bodies weighed hardly more than a hundred pounds. Molly’s lovely face was framed by a wreath of short, curly blonde hair. Holly’s blonde hair was long and straight. She caught me staring at her and flashed what I took as a flirtatious wink.

I quickly adjusted to my new life. Like my brother Jack, I went to work in my father’s hardware store. Jack and I had big plans for opening a lumberyard next to the store. He and I had always been good friends. Many brothers squabble and even come to blows, but we had never had a fight. One evening after closing the store, we stopped off at Dave’s Tavern for a few cool ones. It was there that Jack made a shocking confession.

Jack was usually a light drinker, but that night he was putting them away. He said that he was celebrating the bank’s approval of our loan for the lumberyard, but I suspected it was something else. After watching a few innings of baseball and shooting some pool, we took a table and ordered burgers. “I’ve got to get something off my chest,” he said. “You have to promise me that you will stay calm until you’ve heard the whole story.” I promised. “I’ve been banging Molly and Holly,” he said. I nearly fell to the floor! I thought I had misunderstood and asked him to repeat himself. “I’ve been screwing our sisters.”

If we hadn’t been in a public place, I probably would have knocked him on his ass. I had always been very protective of my sisters and wouldn’t stand for anyone harming them. Now my brother was telling me that he was fucking them. “You’re joking, aren’t you?” I asked.

“I’m not joking, Danny. I didn’t seduce them – they seduced me.” There was a pause in the conversation as the waitress served our food. “Molly walked in on me while I was jacking off in the shower. When she saw how big my cock was she said she wanted to give me a hand. I was mortified and told her to get out. She told Holly what happened and they teased me without mercy. They flashed their tits and asses at me every chance they got. They made it very clear that they wanted me to fuck them.”

I could hardly believe my ears. He wasn’t kidding. He had really done it! “They called me one day at the store and said they had blown a fuse at their apartment and didn’t have electricity. I grabbed some fuses and went over to fix it. When I got there, they called me into the bedroom. I went in and found them sucking on each other’s pussies sixty-nine style. No healthy man in his right mind is going to walk out of a lezzie show. They told me I could watch, so I pulled up a chair. They saw Giresun Escort the bulge in my pants and told me I could masturbate if I wanted to. I took my cock out and the next thing I knew they were on their knees sucking it. They went back and forth until I shot my load in their mouths. I figured as long as we had gone that far, I might as well fuck them, too. I did them both, and, man, it was great!”

My initial anger had been replaced by a burning desire to know more. “They are going to want you, too,” he said. “I told them you’re hung even better than me.” By that time I had a throbbing hard-on. “Does anybody else know?” I asked. “No. Just you, and you can’t tell anybody.”

“Well, I guess if you want to continue your sexual relationship with them, there isn’t much that I can do about it. I’m not going to get involved, though. I’m not sure that I could fuck them even if I wanted to.”

“Oh, come on. Are you telling me that you have never thought about fucking them? That’s a load of crap. I jacked off hundreds of times while thinking about it. Now most of the things I did to them in my head, I’ve really done to them. I’ve even fucked their asses! Believe me, once you see them naked and rubbing up against each other, you won’t have a problem getting it up.”

I could hardly think of anything else for days after Jack’s confession. At night when I lay in bed twirling my baton, I tried to visualize Jack sandwiched between my beautiful sisters. The prick-teasing started immediately. One Saturday afternoon I was mowing the yard wearing only a pair of brief shorts. When I saw the impish grin on Molly’s face as her car pulled into the driveway, I knew I was in for some serious teasing. As she walked toward me, she swung her hips to and fro like a street-walking whore. She walked right up to me and said, “I just love a hot, sweaty man. Why don’t we go in the garage and have a little fun?” Then she brazenly lifted her shirt to expose the finest pair of tits that I had ever seen and rubbed them against my hairy chest.

Jack came out of the house with a can of beer in each hand. “Hi, Jack, honey,” Molly said. “Seeing your big brother dressed in hardly anything has made me real horny. Want to go in the garage and play?” Jack handed me a beer and then they walked hand-in-hand toward the garage. I went back to mowing the grass, but Molly’s behavior had so distracted me that I could not concentrate and was in danger of losing a toe. The idea of my brother and sister fucking just a few feet away really blew my mind. I had to get a look. Then I remembered the small window above my father’s workbench at the rear of the garage.

I left the lawnmower running so they would think I was still cutting grass and made my way to the back of the garage. I slipped into the tall bushes and worked my way through them to the window. I spit on my fingers and made a little peephole through the layer of dust. They were fucking like two animals. She was bent over a table with her shorts around her ankles and he was fucking her from behind, slamming into her so hard that I could hear his belly slap against her beautiful ass. Each time he rammed her, her sweet cheeks jiggled as though they were filled with Jello. I freed my swollen cock from my pants and began to administer first aid.

Jack was fucking Molly so hard that each thrust Giresun Escort Bayan drove her up onto her tiptoes. When her bestial howls became so loud that they could be heard above the hum of the lawnmower, he handed her a leather work glove to bite down on. Molly came hard. She clawed at the table and tossed her hair from side to side. Then she suddenly went limp and Jack had to grab her hips to hold her up. He pulled his cock out and stepped back as she spun around and fell to her knees. Their timing was almost perfect. Before he could get his cock in her mouth, his first spurt splashed against her flushed cheek. Jack tilted his head back and bared his white teeth as he shot his load into his sister’s hard-sucking mouth. I jacked my load onto the wall.

I stuffed my twitching cock back in my pants and rushed back to the mower. Molly and Jack came out of the garage with big grins on their faces. The freshly-fucked slut came straight to me and pointed at the gob of cum on her cheek. “Do you know what that is?” she asked. I ignored her and continued mowing the grass. My half-hard cock made a big bulge in my pants, but if she noticed, she didn’t say anything.

Holly and Molly were relentless in their attempts to seduce me. I began to understand why my brother had finally given in to the saucy sirens. They flashed their beautiful tits and asses at every opportunity. Jack also attempted to recruit me into their little sex club. One of his favorite ploys was to tell me in detail about some new perversion the three of them had cooked up. For example, he once said, “They pressed their boobs together and I banged between the four of them.” I tried not to listen but I couldn’t help myself. One Friday as we were closing up the store, Jack said, “I’m going over to have some fun with the girls tonight. Why don’t you come along.” As always, I declined the offer.

That night I lay on my bed stroking my cock as I watched a porno tape featuring a man and two women. “Jack is probably doing some of the same things to Holly and Molly,” I thought. “Why should I lay here like a big loser and jack off when two beautiful women want to fuck me. I’ll just pretend they aren’t my sisters and give it to them.”

Ten minutes later I had my finger on their doorbell. “Who is it?” Molly’s dulcet voice drifted through the door. “It’s Danny,” I answered. The door swung open and my beautiful sister stood naked before me with a broad grin on her face. “You’re just in time. Jack just shot his load prematurely and I’m desperate for a real cock instead of a strap-on.” Jack and Holly were stretched out naked on the bed. Jack had cum so recently that his big cock was still oozing and twitching. Holly had a big dildo strapped to her belly and was apparently getting ready to finish what Jack started. As I began undressing, Molly pointed out Jack’s cum running down her thighs. Holly promptly crawled between her legs and licked it up, then she stuck her tongue right into her sister’s freshly-fucked quim and scooped out more.

As Holly sucked her pussy, Molly watched me undress. “Wow, you’re even bigger than Jack,” she said, as my hard cock came into view. Holly made way for me and I mounted my horny sister. Holly giggled as she grabbed my cock and planted it squarely in her sister’s cunt. One shove and we were incestuously mated. Her warm snatch Escort Giresun was slick with Jack’s juice and her own. Molly promptly locked her legs around mine and grabbed my ass. “The Army really made a man out of you,” she hissed. “Now give it to me good and hard.”

I turned my head and watched Holly sucking Jack’s cock to get it back up. She looked delightfully slutty as her head bobbed and twisted on his pole. Before it was fully hard, she straddled him and impaled herself while Molly held it up for her. Jack was content to remain on his back sucking her fruity tits for awhile but he obviously preferred to be on top. Without disengaging his cock, he rolled her onto her back.

Jack and I matched each other stroke-for-stroke. The girls soon began to huff and puff as our cocks sawed away at their pussies. Their moans and groans grew louder by the minute. Jack clamped a hand over Holly’s mouth to shut her up. Molly gagged herself by chomping down on a pillow. She was bucking so hard that the only thing keeping me in the saddle was her legs clamped around my waist. “OH, FUCK, I’M CUMMING!” Jack cursed. It couldn’t have come at a better time. His partner’s feet straightened out and pointed at the ceiling as orgasmic spasms rippled up her legs. Molly’s cunt Kegeled my cock as an orgasm shook her petite body. I shot what felt like a pint of cum into her.

My first terrifying thought as I rolled free was that I might have impregnated my sister. I was very relieved when she said that she and Holly were both on the pill. After a rest and some very skillful cock-sucking to polish our erections, I fucked Holly and found that she was every bit as lively as her sister. I had never been with a woman who came as easily as they did.

For several months, the four of us had sex together in various combinations of threesomes and foursomes. One night while having a threesome with my sisters, Holly said something that shocked me to the core. I had just given her a string of fuck-orgasms when she gasped, “My God, you fuck even better than Daddy.” I couldn’t believe my ears and asked her to repeat it. Realizing that she had committed a faux pas, she refused to say more. I decided not to tell Jack about the incident.

One Saturday night we were having a hot foursome and I was fucking Holly and Jack was fucking Molly. We had just finished and were on our backs gasping for air when the doorbell rang. Molly went to answer it. “Hi, Daddy,” she said. “Come on in and join the party.” Jack and I bolted upright and looked at each other through wide eyes. I felt woozy as the blood drained from my head. Before I could react, Dad was standing in the doorway with a grin on his handsome face. “I figured since we all knew what has been going on that we might as well get everything out in the open,” he said.

Dad casually removed his clothes and mounted Holly. The impatient slut grabbed his big cock and stuffed it into her pussy. His grin widened as he pumped in and out of her. “Whoever slopped you up did a good job,” he said. “That was me, Dad,” I said. Dad really knew how to use his cock. He varied the angle, depth and rhythm of the thrusts so that she never knew what was coming next. “Oh, Daddy, you are such a wonderful fucker,” she moaned. “OH, YES, THAT’S IT, DADDY, DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP, UHU..UHU..UHU..I’M CUMMING!” Dad continued fucking until she had a second orgasm, then he mounted Molly and gave her the same treatment. The five of us sucked and fucked until our cocks wouldn’t get hard. In spite of his age, Dad kept up with Jack and I. I learned a lot about sex by watching him in action. I’m still learning.

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