Cabin in the Woods Ch. 02

Big Tits

Author’s Note: This is the continuation of Cabin in the Woods, Ch. 1, a story about a boy and his sister who discover their lust for each other through his watersports fetish and spend a week in a cabin. If you’re not into urine, it’s best to skip this story.


The next morning I woke up and stretched, then immediately sprang to attention when my hand brushed my older sister’s ass and the memories of the past two days came rushing back: the moment of arousal when Julia held the cup for me in the car; the seemingly infinite minute when she pissed from the car on the side of the road, her asshole holding my attention; finally taking the plunge when she sucked the last few drops of piss from my cock by the lake, following it with a mind-blowing blowjob.

There had been no turning back after that, and I didn’t regret any of it. After we’d gotten back to the cabin, we’d basically fucked like rabbits the rest of the night before passing out together in bed.

I slid down the bed a little and put a hand on each of Julia’s round buttocks and pulled them apart, cock twitching as I revealed her anus. I dove right in and buried my tongue as deep as I could, taking in a deep breath as I did. She smelled- and tasted- absolutely divine. It was a heavenly mix of salty sweat and musk. I dug my nails into her butt and shoved my tongue in further, moving it in and out and tongue-fucking her ass.

She awoke with a groan, slowly stretching her legs and pushing her hips up off of the bed. “Goddamnit, Jason, this is the best way to wake up. Oooh, yeah, babe, lick my asshole.” I pulled back a moment, placing the tip of my tongue just at the bottom of her pucker, then gently licking upward over it, smiling as she crooned and her little hole tightened up for a moment, “winking” at me. I passed over it, running my tongue the rest of the way up her ass crack, which I still had spread wide with my hands.

“Spread your ass for me, sis.” I said to her. She complied and grabbed a hold of her butt with both hands, pulling the pale cheeks apart. “I love how that looks, sis.” “You’re a dirty little boy, Jay, sticking your tongue in your big sister’s butthole.” God, my 18-year-old mind could never have conceived of such a situation, yet here it was.

I placed my tongue in one of her dimples, dragged it across her skin to the other, then back down to the top of her ass, before running it slowly and ever so lightly down. When I got to her little hole, I ran my tongue around it, feeling the smooth skin of her anus crinkle and pucker. “Ooh, you’re such a tease!” Julia said. I smiled to myself before placing my hands under her hips and pulling her back hard, penetrating her sphincter and spreading it with my tongue.

“Fuck, Jay, just take me. Put that huge dick of yours in your big sister.” Well shit, who can turn down a request like that? Not this guy. With my hands still under her hips, I pulled her back and up onto her knees, causing her bright pink pussy lips to spread. Julia moved her hands so she could prop herself up, but I gave her ass a playful smack. “Uh-uh. I want something yummy to look at while I plow you.”

My older sister turned her head quickly to look back at me, flipping Giresun Escort her long, midnight black hair aside, the blue stripe shining in the sun coming in through the window. Her green eyes locked with mine and she shook her ass a little before following my light-hearted order. Julia leaned back down into the bed and reached back, again pulling her ass wide and revealing her tight asshole.

I got up on my knees and took my place behind her. I placed the head of my cock just at the entrance to her pussy, barely pushing in. I looked down at her lips spread around it, her black-painted nails spreading her ass- at my command!- and her little pink sphincter. God. My sister is such a sexy little nymph.

It took all the restraint I had not to just slam in and go to town, but I eased my cock in my big sister as slowly as I could, relishing the feeling of my shaft sinking into her pussy, warm and wet. I grunted when I bottomed out, my balls pushing lightly against her clit. “Oh Jay, you’re such a tease! Quit playing and fuck your sister!”

I grinned at that, holy shit what a slut for my cock she was. “Keep talking like that, sis, I might think you were some kind of whore.” She turned her head again and locked eyes with mine and said “I am a whore, Jay. I’m a whore for my baby brother’s cock. I’m a dirty little slut who needs to be fucked by her dirty little brother.” I smacked her ass, watched as her butthole twitched with the sting.

Julia groaned as I pulled slowly out of her, her cunt gripping my dick which now glistened with her wetness. I pulled back until just my head was inside her and took a moment to really enjoy the sight before me. My petite big sister was face down ass up in front of me, her black fingernails contrasting nicely with her pale butt cheeks. I finally gave up on holding back and slammed my hips forward, my hips smacking into her ass and my balls slapping up against her clit.

My sister yelled at the sudden thrust. “FUCK. Yeah, baby, fuck your big sister. Fuck me little brother, fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!” I complied and began methodically pumping into her. I reached forward with one hand and entwined some fingers in her hair, pulling her head back. With the other hand I placed a thumb on her asshole and felt it squeeze against the pressure.

I kept pounding into her, moaning with each pull back, Julia moaning with each thrust in. I gave a tug of her hair and pushed my thumb against her puckered back door a little harder, feeling it give way just a bit, the tip of my thumb entering her ass. Each push forward brought me closer to orgasm, to unloading my balls inside my sister.

“Fuck, Julia, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum inside you.” I nearly lost it as I felt her clamp down on me, her vaginal muscles squeezing still tighter around my cock. “Do it baby,” she gasped. “Shoot your cum in me. I need my little brother’s cum in me.” With a few final thrusts I couldn’t hold back any longer. My balls tightened up and my orgasm hit me, my hand twitching and burying my thumb firmly in Julia’s ass. My cock pulsed and spasmed as I came, a few blasts of cum shooting as far into my big sister’s cunt as I could manage.

I shuddered, then Giresun Escort Bayan finally sighed as all my muscles relaxed. “Goddamnit, sis, your pussy is awesome.” I let go of her hair and pulled my thumb out of her, but didn’t pull my cock out just yet. I was basking in the heat coming from her. She didn’t let go of her cheeks, keeping her ass spread for me. “Better than your girlfriend’s?” she asked coyly. I just groaned in response. She laughed and finally removed her hands from her ass, the cheeks jiggling deliciously back into place. Sliding slowly from her I grunted, my now over-sensitive cock squeezing out of her still tight pussy, a few globs of cum dripping out after it.

Julia turned around and crawled towards me, her black hair framing her face. She got up on her knees and gently put her hand on the base of my skull and pulled me into a sensuous kiss, her lips pressing against mine before parting just slightly, her tongue darting momentarily out against my mouth. She broke the kiss and leaned up to put her mouth next to my ear, her lips brushing my earlobe. She whispered, “Jay. I have got to piss so fucking bad.”

That sentence sent chills down my spine. My older sister, and I knew she wasn’t just telling me for the hell of it. “Oh yeah? And what do you intend to do about that?” I asked.

She leaned back and asked coyly, “What do YOU intend to do about it?” God, could she be any hotter? I’d gotten a little rush earlier when she’d done as I had asked, but now she was basically giving me the OK to give her some more orders. I decided I’d do my best to take it in stride and go big. After about 2 milliseconds of deliberation I smiled and simply said “Outside.”

Julia looked at me for a moment before getting off the bed and slowly walking out the door of the bedroom, exaggerating the sway of her hips as she went. Even though I’d just cum, I could feel my cock stirring again. She was fucking gorgeous. Her ass was hypnotizing. I got up and followed her out, out on to the front steps of the cabin. “Stand on the top step,” I told her, “and spread your legs.”

She did as I asked. I stood behind her and reached between her legs, placing my hand flat against her snatch and pressing. She moaned and holy shit was she wet. My hand was soaked. I pressed up a little harder for a second. “Jaaay,” she whined, “I’ve gotta peeeee.” She was tapping her feet and had begun dancing just a little. I smiled to myself. “All right, hold on a second more, sis.”

Sitting down on the deck behind her, I scooted forward between her legs, placing my feet down on the steps below. I scooched until my chest was directly beneath her. I grabbed a hold of her hips and leaned forward, kissing her ass. “Go ahead gorgeous. Let it go.” I kissed her ass again on the other cheek, relishing the soft feel of her skin against mine, pushing into the squishy flesh.

“You’re such a dirty shit,” she said. I just smiled and kept rubbing and kissing her ass until finally I felt the warm stream hitting my chest. Julia groaned with relief and Jason with arousal. I leaned back a little bit so I could watch my sister’s urine splashing over my chest, running down my body and over my again Escort Giresun erect cock. I sat there, entranced by the light shining through her golden pee. After the trickle had slowed and stopped, and Julia gave a huge sigh, glad to be empty, I leaned forward and put my mouth over her cunt, licking slowly from clit to hole, the mild bitterness of her piss lingering. She started to bend her knees a little bit, squatting and grinding against my face.

I pulled back and smacked her ass before shouting “To the shower with you!” She looked back down at me with an eyebrow raised before finally cracking a smile. “You’re such a loser, little bro.” To which I could only respond “Who’s more the loser: the loser, or the loser who sleeps with him?” Julia laughed and leaned down to give me a kiss on the forehead before walking back into the cabin and headed for the bathroom, turning on the hot water once she got there. I walked in behind her and we both began putting our hair up. “I’ve gotta take a wicked leak too, sis.” She looked up at me without saying anything, then simply turned and stepped into the tub, switching the water to come up through the shower head.

I looked at her, said “Uhh.” She just lifted her hand and gave me the “come-hither” motion. I shrugged and stepped in the shower after her. “So…” she put her finger against my mouth to shush me. Then, keeping her eyes locked with mine, she knelt down in the shower in front of me, wrapped one hand around the base of my hard shaft, pointing it down at her chest, and very gently cupped my balls with the other hand. Still keeping her eyes on mine, she simply nodded. I knew what she wanted, and after a moment or two of pushing was able to force a powerful jet of clear pee out past my erection, splashing against her chest.

Julia giggled and said “It’s so warm!” I just moaned, my heart pounding. A river of my urine was running down between my big sister’s tits, and droplets were splashing everywhere, causing her breasts to glisten. Julia surprised me by sticking her tongue out and leaning forward slowly, until finally the arc of piss was barely hitting her tongue. I saw her eyes light up and she leaned back for just a moment, taking a big breath and leaning forward again to clamp her mouth over the head of my cock. Totally off guard my mouth dropped wide open. I saw her throat begin to work as she swallowed the contents of my bladder. As I emptied myself and I felt the pressure abating, she pushed farther down my shaft and began sucking hard and working her mouth around my shaft, pumping everything she could out of me. Her hands never left their position around the base of my dick and the other cupping my balls.

Finally satisfied that there was no more pee, she pulled off of my cock with an audible “pop.” “Motherfucker!” I couldn’t help but exclaim. Her hands still on me, Julia just looked up and said “What?”

“You know exactly what! Do you have any fucking clue how hard I’ve fantasized about doing something like that?!” Instead of answering, Julia just ran her tongue from the base of my shaft all the way to the head, taking care to push the tip into my cock hole. Her eyes never left mine.

“Jay, I feel…I’m not sure. Closer? Like, maybe…I dunno, like maybe I’m yours now or something.” I felt a wicked grin spread across my face.

“Yeah, sis, I get what you mean.” I said, in a low growl.

Seductively, quietly, she said to me “We have a week. I want you to fucking make me yours. Own me, Jason.”

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