Camilla Ch. 108


Unconscious Camilla was now reliving a memory from about two months before the aquarium incident. It was late July, and her son Eros had turned eighteen a couple of weeks earlier. His incestuous feelings for his mother had now reached a state too intolerable for him to carry on patiently without acting on them: he had to know what it would be like to have sex with her.

So many other young men had enjoyed her sweet body over the years, and Eros was burning with envy from their pleasure they’d obviously had. Though he knew that death was the near-inevitable consequence of fucking Camilla, he had no fear: she wouldn’t be passing any Nigrovum-energy to him that he didn’t already have, for he was half-Nigrovum, half-Camilla. He had no father, and he was proud of it; he was half-alien, half human–half an enigmatic extra-terrestrial being with seemingly limitless psychic powers, and half the untameable sexual desires of his mother.

Though he was jealous of all her other lovers, he never judged her harshly for her promiscuity, for he was hopelessly in love with her. She may have been a whore in other men’s eyes, but to him, she was indistinguishable from the Virgin Mary, or Isis, or any of the mothers of myth who’d miraculously become pregnant. In his eyes, Camilla was a goddess.

As a child, he would love listening to the stories she’d tell him about his extraordinary birth: microscopic, ovoid black alien life forms, all identical to each other in appearance, had been pushed through outer space by the solar winds to the Earth’s orbit; there, they came down to the Earth in the rain, landing on the Vancouver grass. Camilla told him that, as a girl, she had lain, or sat, on the grass, and the ‘tiny black eggs’ slipped into the pores of her skin through the morning dew. (Only later on, when he’d scanned her mind, blocking her so she wouldn’t know of his scanning, did he learn the ‘uncensored story’ of her as a teen masturbating and coming on the grass, and of Nigrovum going into her body through her pussy.)

She’d always called those aliens ‘The Sons of God,’ after the divine beings referred to in Genesis chapter six; the aliens may well have been divine, but Camilla, his mother, was the one he’d always worship. He loved her story about using Nigrovum to create him in her womb, all without the aid of a man impregnating her. Nigrovum may have given her all those amazing powers, but it was her ingenious use of it that made her a genuine goddess in his eyes. She had created a living being inside her body, something only the women and goddesses of myth had ever done. And she was so beautiful, ever preserving her youth by using Nigrovum to slow her ageing–she may have been thirty-seven years old, but she looked only twenty-five. And she loved him completely; for all these reasons was he so in love with her.

He hated how different he felt from everyone else, being half-alien, and gigantic in height–he was now almost eight feet tall, and his short mother came up to just under where his heart was. Though other people regarded him as a freak, she would always love him just the way he was. She, always perfumed, heavily made up, and in sexy, revealing, tight-fitting clothes, regularly hugged and kissed him, and this affection invariably gave him an erotic charge.

She, of course, knew of his desires, and had done everything in her power to restrain him. Her dominant relationship with him made sure that he’d always suppress his so unacceptable feelings for her. Knowing, however, that mere shaming would not be enough to keep him at bay forever, she ensured that her setting up of powerful psychic barriers would keep his own quite formidable powers with Nigrovum from ever getting her naked in front of him, let alone in bed with him.

He had been fighting with his guilt for years, trying to avoid succumbing to temptation and seducing her. He knew he could have dissolved her psychic barriers and enjoyed her years before, but the shame of staining her and himself always stopped him. Now, however, he couldn’t take it anymore: he had to know what her tight, wet vagina–his own place of origin–would feel like hugging his phallus.

In recent years, he’d discovered his mother’s old pornography website, and had obsessively poured over her pictures and video while masturbating, always carefully scrutinizing every millimetre of her sacred body. His subtle use of psychic blocks ensured she’d never suspect anything, even the existence of the blocks.

One time before discovering her old website, so eager had be been to know what his mother looked like naked, he sat on his bed and meditated. Nigrovum gave him a vision of Carl’s first nude painting of Camilla, and Eros obsessively painted a copy, Giresun Escort replicating everything from the original, except for the blonde hair, blue eyes, and peach skin of the then eighteen-year-old model; for Eros wanted to see his mother as she now looked, with her black hair, black eyes, and pale skin, Nigrovum’s gift of the ‘Goth look’ that he also had.

Though he could psychically sense every crevice of her nude body, and mentally know it as if it were his own, he wanted to know her on a human level–physically, like a lover. That’s why he had to fuck her.

Her psychic powers were well-developed enough to detect his plans to seduce her from, as it were, a mile away, so he’d need the aid of something to throw her off her guard–Rohypnol, sometimes used as a date rape drug, though he wanted only to please her sexually. She always called him her ‘baby’; he wanted her to know him as a man.

That night in late July, he set his plan in motion. He was careful not to let his thoughts dwell on sex with her, for fear of her picking up on his psychic signals and thwarting him.

In his bedroom, he sensed her downstairs in the living room watching TV. Exhausted after a long day’s work teaching in Montreal’s McGill University, she’d fixed herself a glass of Jim Beam, in memory of her father’s old habit; though she’d only occasionally drink at night, and have only one, for fear of Eros taking advantage of her while drunk.

He sensed her taking a small sip of her bourbon, then getting up and leaving the living room to use the washroom. This was his cue: he casually got a tablet of Rohypnol from his back-pack and left his room, leaving his mind blank so she wouldn’t suspect him. He went downstairs and into the living room, where her drink was, on a table by her chair. On TV was a broadcast of CBC’s The National, showing a debate between Green Party members and a conspiracy theorist. The conspiracy theorist, actually, was Mr. Pierce, Camilla’s old high school gym teacher.

“More and more of us are on to you Greens,” Pierce said. “We know how you’ve been collaborating with the media, the banks, and the army to turn Canada into a police state.”

Not only did the Greens laugh at his accusation, but so did the host of the debate.

“See?” Pierce continued. “You have the media on your side.”

“Mr. Pierce,” said one of the Greens. “Everyone knows that these wars against Muslim terrorism are perfectly justified and necessary. We have the people’s support.”

“I must agree,” the host of the debate said. “And however unpleasant the new emergency laws’ are, with their restrictions on our freedom, they’re nonetheless indispensable in the fight against terror.”

“Terror that may be going psychic,” said another Green.

“That’s another thing,” Pierce said. “We’ve all heard recent, bizarre stories about naked girls in various parts of the Western world hovering in mid-air over rivers and lakes, orgasming, urinating, and defecating into the water. Nobody as of now knows what’s causing this. The Green Party claims that Muslim terrorists may have acquired psychic and telekinetic powers, gained apparently from communicating with the souls of the dead. I can predict that, in a few months at most, the Greens will present bogus ‘evidence’ that it’s the Muslim terrorists who are causing those girls to hover naked over all the water, when actually it’s been the Green Party’s doing all along–” Pierce was again being interrupted by loud laughter, “–and the Greens will say that the girls have toxic substances psychically put in their urine and faeces. You laugh now, but remember my words in a few months when the media, including The National, accuses the Muslims of doing exactly what I’m saying!”

“I’m sure you conspiracy theorists will have some more ‘interesting stories’ for us in a few months,” said the first Green.

“I’m sure, too,” said the host.

“How much are the Greens paying you to side with them?” Pierce asked the host.

Looking away from the TV and back at Camilla’s drink, Eros dropped the tablet in and casually walked away. The pill quickly dissolved in her drink, so she surely wouldn’t notice anything foreign in it when she returned; he also visualized a psychic ‘screen’, a subtle, imperceptible barrier that kept her from mentally sensing what he’d put in her drink.

Hating the smell of piss on her pussy, Camilla cleaned herself in the shower after getting off the toilet. When she was finished in the bathroom, she returned to the living room, sat down, and took a swig of her bourbon. She relaxed and watched more of the debate on the TV.

“Oh, no more Mr. Pierce,” she said, now that the debate was finished. “It’s so Giresun Escort Bayan sad to see you just as crazy as Dr. Singh.”

Ten minutes later, she began to feel dizzy and disoriented; suspecting that Eros was up to no good, she tried to use Nigrovum to regain control of herself. So powerful was the pill that she was barely able to keep herself awake, hovering somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Eros returned to the living room, having used the shape-shifting powers of Nigrovum to make himself look like Danny, the boy Camilla had fucked fourteen years before, back in Toronto. Eros, with his prodigious skill with Nigrovum, had scanned her memories, and sensed Danny’s psychic energy on her from back then; that’s how Eros was able to clone Danny so accurately, even without having ever met him.

In her still deeply disoriented state, Camilla couldn’t use Nigrovum to counter the effects of the Rohypnol; besides, Eros was subtly blocking her efforts to counter it. He had also caused her to think she was in the burning mansion of her old dreams.

“Hi Camilla,” ‘Danny’ said, standing before her.

“Am I d-dreaming?” she slurred.

“Yes, you are,” he said. “Let’s make love, like old times.”

“B-but you died, sweetie,” she said, blinking in disbelief. “You died ’cause of me. Aren’t you mad at me, like all the other ghosts?”

“Not at all. I forgive you. My death was the masked men’s fault, not yours.”

“Thank you, b-baby. Yeah, let’s m-make love.” She got up and started undressing. In the middle of unbuttoning her blouse, she stopped. “W-wait a minute. I d-don’t dream anymore. I psychically stopped m-my dreaming almost twenty years ago, to stop the g-ghosts from giving me nightmares. I don’t understand.”

“I broke through your barrier,” Eros said in Danny’s voice. “I needed you. I keep thinking about how mean my mom was to me when I was alive, and how awful it is here in hell.” He started crying. “I need you, my second mom.”

“Oh, of course, baby,” Camilla said maternally, opening her arms out wide to give him a hug. “Come see Mamma.” They hugged each other tightly, and since he was now her height, she easily kissed him on the cheek. Then she continued undressing. He subtly used Nigrovum to keep her just awake enough to keep from falling on the floor. He started undressing too.

Her blouse came off, revealing a black lace brassiere, something he was seeing on her for the first time in the flesh. He was breathing heavily as he pulled off his shirt.

She undid and pulled down her dress pants, revealing her black panties. When he pulled down his pants, his erection was poking a big bulge in his briefs.

“You l-look so c-cute in your underwear, sweetie!” she said. He blushed.

Now wearing only her underwear, as he was, she unhooked her bra. He was salivating with anticipation of seeing the beautiful pair he’d seen only in pictures, video, and psychic visions. Her bra came off with a wiggle of her tits and her grinning in her old ‘Kitty’ persona. He was practically drooling at the sight of her erect nipples, turned black by Nigrovum, as his were.

He took off his underwear, and his erection bounced up and down after the elastic of his briefs had pulled down on his dick; then it was perpendicular to his standing body. She pulled down her panties, revealing her black pubic hair. Now she stood naked before him: his beautiful, sexy mother, with her ‘Goth-looking’ black hair and eyes, and her pale skin. He was in awe, and in an ecstasy of lust.

“So, what shall we do first, angel?” she asked him, kept reasonably awake and under his control by his psychic powers.

“Um, can I see you, uh, down there?” he asked shyly, pointing down at her crotch.

“My vagina? Sure, sweetie!” she said with a wide grin. She lay down on the floor on her back and spread her legs. He got down between them to get a close-up look. Her cunt was now purple, another consequence of the Nigrovum in her blood. He could have changed all her body colours back to the original ones she’d had when she was his age, but he preferred her with her ‘Goth’ look, since this way she looked more like him.

She spread her pussy-lips out wide, and he looked inside. Fresh and pretty-smelling: so this is where I came from, he thought, confident that she was too disoriented to scan his thoughts. What’s it like in there, this beautiful inner sanctum? He used Nigrovum to create a tiny dot of light so he could see her vaginal walls: purple, and perfect. It’s so…indescribable! How much of that is her, and how much of it Nigrovum? Where does my humanity end, and alien-nature begin?

He kissed and licked her clitoris, getting Escort Giresun it hard within seconds. He sucked on it for a while, then sucked on her already swollen labia. She was moaning softly in enjoyment of his sensitive lips and tongue. He was moaning twice as loud as she was. His heavy exhalations on her wet cunt got her hotter. He slid his tongue inside, used Nigrovum to lengthen his tongue, then rolled it all over her vaginal walls, leaving no crevices untasted. The tip of his now Gene Simmons-like tongue tapped at her A-spot, bringing her closer to orgasm. She was sighing at higher and higher pitches, louder and louder.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned. “You know how to do it. Oh!”

He pulled out his tongue and shortened it back to the length of Danny’s. Then he crawled on top of her, bringing his face up to her large breasts. Whenever you speak of the old days of breast-feeding me, I get so excited I almost lose control, he thought. Now, finally, I get to do it again.

He licked his lips and wrapped them around her right nipple, hugging it tightly. He sucked gently, but with strong inhalations, causing her to lactate. He was gulping down a generous helping of her milk; then he moved to her left nipple and did the same with that one. She sighed with pleasure.

“Yes, Danny baby,” she moaned. “Suck Mommy’s breast; let me…feed you, my little darling. Oh!”

Eros got up to her face. He was teary-eyed from all the delight he was getting from his mother. He gazed into her eyes and gently pecked her on the lips.

“Wanna make love…with Mommy, Danny?” she asked in sighs.

“Oh, yes!” ‘Danny’ said, panting in anticipation. “I love you so much, Mamma.”

“I love you too, dear,” she cooed, putting her arms around him. He slowly slid his hard-on inside her soaking wet cunt.

“Oh!” they moaned together, her an octave higher than him. He pushed all the way in, and she squealed. She wrapped her legs around his ass.

He shoved his cock in and out of her pussy, which came after the second thrust; he was surprised and thrilled to feel her gushing all over his balls. He couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it was that he was finally fucking his beautiful, sexy, divine mother! He gently fondled her breasts as he poked away inside her, faster and harder, since he knew from watching her porno videos that she liked her sex like that. She squealed and screamed, higher and louder, confirming what he already knew. She came a second time, flooding his cock and balls, and making a pool of come on the living room carpet.

See, Mom? he thought, still ramming. I’m a man, not a baby!

Finally, he came inside her. (In his previous psychic meditations, he’d sensed the sterility of his semen, so he knew he could confidently come inside her without her ever getting pregnant.) He got off her and lay beside her, resting for several minutes and regaining his breath.

“Did you…enjoy that, Mom?” he asked her, still with Danny’s voice.

“Yes, baby,” she sighed. “That was…the best one yet.”

He grinned from ear to ear. See, Mom? he thought. I’ll prove a better lover than all your past lovers combined. We’ll do this lots of times, and eventually, I’ll let you know that it’s been your own son who’s been giving you so much pleasure. You’ve committed incest before; you did with your dad when he was alive, so fucking me shouldn’t be too much of a shock to you. Soon, you won’t need any other men but me, for I know exactly how to get you off. Then I won’t be jealous anymore, and you won’t cause the deaths of any more people. It’s all for the best. And with you obtaining my psychic powers, together we will fight off the masked men one day.

Having finally regained his breath, he put his mouth over the lake of her come on the carpet and began lapping it all up, using Nigrovum to get all of the moisture off the carpet without licking up any of the lint or dirt. After a few minutes of lapping, the carpet was as dry as it had been before her orgasms. Releasing his psychic hold over her, he let his exhausted mother yield to the Rohypnol and lose consciousness. Then he changed back to his original, giant form, and carried her naked body upstairs to her bedroom. He lay her on her bed and pulled the blankets over her. She always slept nude, so he hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on her. He put her clothes in the laundry basket, as she would have done had he not fucked her. All of this would ensure that, the next morning, she wouldn’t suspect that anything strange had happened that night.


The Camilla of two months later relived this memory with a feeling as though her hair had been standing on end. She sensed that his orgasm inside her had given her some of his unique psychic powers, and the hope that this gave her made her reliving of this incestuous horror almost bearable. Now she’d just have to figure out what she could do with those new abilities, and if they would be enough to help her defeat the masked men.

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