Canadian Adventure


I had been abandoned as a child. Perhaps abandoned is too strong a term. My parents dumped me off on my aunt when I was four years old and took off to see the world. They were never heard from again.

My earliest recollections do not include either of my parents; but only of my sweet aunt who took care of my every need. Lisa was twenty three when she took over responsibility for my upbringing. Some time early in my childhood we started an affectionate greeting. She would pat me on the butt and say “Nice Billy”. I would return the pat on her butt and say “Nice Lisa”. This had started so early in my childhood that there was absolutely no sexual connotation to the exchange at all. I had always called her Lisa — never Aunt Lisa. That would have been too formal and there was never anything formal between us. That is not to say that she was not a strict disciplinarian. She insisted that I attend church and Sunday school and was a real task master when it came to school work.

Lisa faithfully attended church and sang in the choir every Sunday. She was always very concerned about appearances and did nothing that might tarnish her reputation. She always lectured me that even one wrong deed could ruin an otherwise spotless record.

Lisa had never married. She was, in my opinion, a very beautiful woman. She was affectionate, always dressed stylishly, and truly cared about people. She had many female friends — most of whom were real knock-outs. As I became more aware of sexuality when I entered my teens I wondered if her preference might be for other women.

Occasionally she would go out on dates with men and sometimes bring them home to share her bed. This would drive me wild as I grew older. However; there were never any of these men invited back for an encore. After thinking back on what I had observed I decided that she was probably bi-sexual.

I had been held back in school after the second grade due to an illness and it was probably the best thing that could have happened. From then on I was more mature and bigger than my classmates. I developed a confidence that would stay with me throughout my school years. By the time I reached my junior year in High School I was already eighteen, a little over six feet tall, playing sports and was very popular. I had developed what I thought was a very masculine body and compared to the other guys in the showers I was above average in penis size. I had several girl friends with whom I had joined in heavy petting sessions but I had never experienced sex.

That year there was a World Exposition being held in Montreal. Lisa thought it would be beneficial for me to see it. She asked if I would be willing to make the fifteen hour drive to see it. She explained that we would spend at least ten days traveling in Canada and then find some route back down to Philadelphia. The thought of spending ten days and nights with Lisa alone got me excited. Lisa was the love of my life. She was the object of my fantasies.

So we began our trip to Montreal in late June of that year. We were in no hurry and stopped frequently that first day to sight-see, to eat and to just enjoy each others company.

We had reservations for the stay in Montreal, but the rest of the journey was totally unplanned. Our plan was to just find a motel wherever we were when we got tired. That first night we were in a sparsely populated area in upstate New York and had not seen a decent place to stay for miles.

We came across a suitable motel shortly after dark. It had a small lounge and dining area and looked clean. At the front desk we were told that the only room available had a single king sized bed. Lisa took me aside and said “I don’t know about sharing a bed. That just wouldn’t be right.” I reminded her that we had shared a bed on numerous occasions during my life and felt there was nothing wrong with it. I also pointed out how few motels we had seen during the past few hours. She relented and we checked in.

I was starved so we walked into the lounge area and ordered sandwiches. While eating our food I drank two beers, while Lisa had several Martini’s. The liquor relaxed her and we started talking about the sights we had seen during the day and laughing about some of the things that had happened. I really loved being with her, and I knew she enjoyed my company as well. We walked to the room with our arms around each other. Lisa was just a little unsteady, but we made it to the room without incident.

It was a very pleasant room with the dominant feature being the huge bed. Lisa commented, “I don’t know why I was worried about sharing a bed. This thing could sleep a half a dozen people.” I could only think about how great it was going to be being in the same bed with my lovely Lisa. Even though I only drank two beers, I was not used to drinking and had a slight buzz on.

I showered and got ready for bed first. Then Lisa went into bathroom and got ready. I normally slept naked and saw no reason to change that habit tonight. I climbed under the sheets of the Hatay Escort over sized bed and awaited my beautiful aunt.

Lisa came out of the bathroom wearing a blue sheer nightie that just came down far enough to cover her gorgeous ass and matching panties. For a thirty seven year old woman she was one tight package. She stood about five feet four with legs that were longer than her height would dictate. Her legs were well formed, probably from the cycling that she did frequently. Lisa’s breasts were her greatest asset. They were slightly larger than what would be considered ideal and the word perky seemed to be the best description. When she would wear a bikini they would stand out proudly with no sag that was perceptible. What I really loved were her hips. Her hips were very curvy and if they were slightly larger she would be considered voluptuous. Her waist was slim and taut with clear but soft definition to her abdominal muscles.

I had seen her dressed in similar outfits many times before. To her, I was not a sexual being and it was not necessary to be modest when she was around me. Lisa loved me as mother loves a son. She got into bed and after turning off the light said, “Goodnight, Sweetie”.

“Goodnight” I responded.

She had no idea how seeing her in that outfit had sparked the lust in me. After a few minutes I said, “Lisa would you mind if I snuggle next to you?”

“Not at all, honey” she replied, “Scoot on over.” She was lying on her right side with her back to me so I quickly moved over and got as close as possible, fitting my body to conform to hers and put my arm around her. I loved the feel of her soft body and gave her a little squeeze. I reached down and patted her firm bottom and said, “Nice Lisa.” I left my hand lingering on her delicious butt for a moment and then put it around her waist. She reached behind to pat me on the butt and realized that I was wearing nothing.

“Billy, are you naked?” she asked.

“I’ve slept naked for years,” I explained.

“Well O.K.” she said, “I’m just not sure it’s right.”

She patted me again on my naked butt and said, “Nice Billy.”

Maybe it was my imagination but I thought her hand had lingered for a moment before returning it to her side.

After several minutes we had both adjusted ourselves to be more comfortable and my dick had found its way to her crotch. Nothing was said. Several more minutes passed and my dick started to get aroused. After a few more adjustments my dick was well between her thighs and rubbing against her panties. Again nothing was said. I pushed aside her long dark curly hair and kissed her between her shoulder blades, just above the neckline of her nightie and moved my left hand so that it was brushing against her left breast and began gently stroking it. I couldn’t believe how soft it felt and yet firm. As my fingers slid across the nipple I was surprised how hard it felt. God, how I wanted to suck on it.

“Just stay on the outside of the material, honey” she said, “Don’t touch the bare skin. That just wouldn’t be right.”

For several minutes we laid there. I was slowly stroking her breast through the filmy material while I started gradually moving my hips back and forth. My dick was sliding between her silky thighs and rubbing the flimsy material of her panties, which I noticed were becoming damp.

“That feels kind of nice,” she said.

I don’t know where I found the nerve, but I blurted out with, “Do you want to know what would really feel good?”

“What?” she asked.

“It would really feel good if you were to take off those panties.”

The two beers I had must have given me some bravado.

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that. That just wouldn’t be right.”

I did not respond. I just continued stroking her breast and sliding my dick between her thighs. I could detect a change in her breathing and I could feel her panties getting wetter. Her morals were wrestling with her emotions and her emotions were winning. I think the Martini’s were on the side of her emotions.

Suddenly she reached down and slid off her panties and returned to the same position. I took advantage of her movement to reach my right arm beneath her neck. I would now have access to both breasts with my right arm.

Sternly, she said, “Make sure that thing doesn’t go inside me. That just wouldn’t be right.”

I was in heaven. My cock was sliding between the very wet lips of her pussy. This was the closest I had ever been to having sex — and it was with the woman who had been my fantasy for years. The sensation I was feeling was more fantastic than anything I ever imagined. If I had died right then I would have died a happy man.

Her breathing was getting heavier. Occasionally I could detect a small gasp and I knew she was enjoying the stimulation very much. I slowly slid my right hand beneath the thin material of her nightie and fondled her naked breast. I met with no resistance. For the first time her hips began to move. She was responding in Hatay Escort Bayan sync with my cock sliding through the swollen lips of her pussy. While my right hand kneaded her breasts and gently pinched her nipples, I gradually moved my left hand down across her flat stomach towards her pussy.

I softly teased her sparse pubic hair and proceeded to the top of her slit. When I reached that objective I began exploring with my fingers and discovered the nub of her clit. I had felt a girl’s clit before during some heavy petting with a former girl friend, but Lisa’s was much larger. It felt like it was the size of a pencil eraser but a little bit longer. I knew that this could be a source of immense pleasure for a woman and started experimenting with different massage techniques. It seemed as long as I kept rubbing it in different ways it kept providing the desired effect. Lisa was emitting little gasps and groans and her hips had begun a slow circular motion that felt exquisite on my cock.

I was being a good boy and made no effort to enter her dripping vagina. I knew that she would eventually invite me in and I was willing to bide my time. As my cock slid back and forth between the swollen lips of her pussy it would catch on the opening to her vagina but I did not succumb to the urge to just shove it in. She had to feel it as my cock would catch momentarily as it passed that opening and it added to the stimulus I was providing as I massaged her breasts and rubbed her clit.

Without warning Lisa reached down and pushed the head of my cock into her smooth canal.

“It won’t hurt to just put the head in” she said, “but don’t go any further. That just wouldn’t be right.”

I had now reached a new level of heaven. I froze and made sure that I made no movement with my hips at all. I allowed Lisa to be in total control. She moved her hips slowly back and forth so that her pussy would slide over the head of my cock and then back off, never allowing more than the head to enter her precious haven.

I continued caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples, and constantly assaulting her clit. My lips were kissing the back of her neck, her shoulders and as far down her back as I could reach. If there was anything else I could do to assist this full out erotic assault I was unable to think of it.

My efforts began to pay off. It began subtly. Her legs closed tightly, she curled up and started to moan and shake noticeably. I realized that this was the onset of an orgasm. Instead of shallow movements of her hips she was bucking gently forcing my cock to go in three or four inches at a time. I kept true to my word and made no effort to penetrate further. All of the additional penetration was caused by her movements. As glorious as the feeling I was experiencing was, I wanted this to proceed at a pace dictated by her.

After the throes of her orgasm had passed, I kissed her neck repeatedly and whispered how much I loved her. I continued to fondle her breasts and stroke her abdomen while slowly shoving my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. I should have cum by now but I had an objective in mind. I wanted to cum while looking into her eyes.

“Lisa, I want to be able to kiss you while we do this” I stated with as much authority as I could muster. “I am going to get on top of you so that we can do this properly.”

“O.K.” she responded, “but don’t put it in any further than it is right now. That just wouldn’t be right.”

As we changed position I reached over and turned on the bed lamp. I wanted to see everything that was going to happen.

As I climbed on top I had a desire to explore her body more thoroughly. Instead of just jumping into the saddle I wanted to prolong this experience for as long as possible. I also needed a few minutes to allow my excitement to diminish. I started with a deep kiss. Our tongues intertwined and we enjoyed a long moment with our lips locked together as our passion grew.

I kissed my way down her neck across both breasts, paying particular attention to each nipple, and slowly worked my way down her stomach to her belly button. For some reason her belly button captivated me. I tongued that crevice and blew into it. She shuddered from the sensation of cold air being blown into it and giggled like a school girl. That action made me realize that really good sex needed to proceed in waves. It is not possible to maintain a sexual high indefinitely. Continually increasing peaks followed by brief respites maximize the total experience. As I continued kissing my way down her lower abdomen she realized my intended destination.

“Oh honey, don’t go there. That just wouldn’t be right.” She pleaded.

There was no conviction in her voice and I knew it was what she really wanted. I licked my way through her pubic hair and finally reached her slit. When I started licking her outer lips she arched her back and exhaled audibly. I knew I had done the right thing.

I had never tasted a woman’s pussy before and did not know Escort Hatay what to expect. The taste was not at all unpleasant and I dove into the task of eating her out with enthusiasm. I eagerly licked the outer lips, the inner lips and finally her vaginal opening. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would reach. The taste here was stronger with a bit of tang to it. The texture was different also. The fluid seemed more viscous with a slicker feel. No wonder my dick had felt so good in there. I moved back up to her clit and stroked it with the full length of my tongue. This brought a perceptible shudder so I kept repeating the motion. I tried nibbling lightly on the distended bit of flesh and it brought and even stronger shivering. I then wrapped my lips around the nub and sucked on it.

Both of her legs clamped on to the sides of my head and squeezed tightly. I lost all sense of hearing but could feel the vibration of her moaning. She pulled me so tight to her pussy that I couldn’t breathe. After about twenty seconds I felt her relax a little and I was able to come up for air. I gave her clit a few more licks and then started a slow kissing journey back up her body. I tried to pay as much attention to all of her parts going up as I had paid going down. As I reached her belly button for the second time I stuck my tongue in as far as I could, sealed my lips around it and blew strongly creating a skin fart. This brought on a serious bout of giggles and brought her down from her climax high.

I needed to spend more time with her breasts. I grabbed one in each hand and mauled them both as vigorously as I thought I could without causing discomfort. I rubbed them over my cheeks, batted them with my nose, bit gently on the nipples and then sucked on them like a starving infant. I didn’t think I would ever tire of playing with those magnificent globes. I continued my kissing journey pausing at her neck. I bit lightly and sucked on both sides of her neck as she threw her head back encouraging me. I chewed lightly along the line of her jaw and then sucked on the point of her chin. When I reached her lips we engaged in another passionate kiss with our tongues battling fiercely.

I broke off the kiss; she looked up at me and said, “Thank you. That felt wonderful. No man has ever done that to me before.” I assured her that there was more to come.

Now it was time for the fulfillment of a life time of fantasies. I leaned up and took my cock in my hand. I placed it at the entrance to a lovelier pussy than my dreams had ever conjured. I slowly pushed it in, watching the lips of her love canal as it expanded to accommodate my girth, going only as far as the limit she had set. I pulled back out and repeated entering her. If I never got to repeat this moment at least I would have the memory of watching what I had dreamed of so often.

I lowered myself to my forearms and elbows and kissed her again and began slow rhythmic strokes in and out, never exceeding the depth I had been told to maintain. I studied her face and watched as her expression changed from contentment to eagerness to lust and back to contentment. She bit her lip several times and seemed to be off in a different world.

I don’t know if the eyes are a window to the soul but Lisa’s eyes were definitely a window to her emotions. Normally her eyes were a color that fell somewhere between blue and green. When she was angry or under distress the color would shift to a very dark green. When she was happy they would take on a more bluish hue. Right now they were a rich blue and they were somewhat dilated.

Her hips were now rolling and she seemed to be trying to make me reach some particular spot that I was not hitting.

“Honey, go ahead and put it in a little bit further.” She pleaded, “But make sure you don’t squirt in me. That just wouldn’t be right.”

I was very happy to comply with this instruction and gradually increased the length of my stroking in and out. Since “a little bit further” is open to interpretation I took this instruction as permission to go as deep as I wanted. I didn’t immediately drive all the way in but made longer and longer strokes, withdrawing almost the whole way and then slowly sliding in until our public hair touched. I could feel both of our bodies building to a crescendo and tried to think of a way to prolong the inevitable. I finally succumbed to the fact that we had to consummate this session. There would be future recurrences of this night. I started to pump harder and harder in to her, knowing that she wanted to reach a final climax.

Sweat started to bead up on her upper lip and there was a definite pinkish glow appearing on her neck and face. Her pupils dilated so far that the blue in her eyes were only thin rings. This was why the missionary position is so popular. Other positions may offer more sensory stimulation, but this is the position where you can share the passion in your partners face. Watching her face expressing what she felt allowed me to feel it too.

I realized that this was not just having sex. This was making love. I was much more concerned with how she was enjoying this experience than I was about satisfying my own lust. What had started out as a greedy desire to live out my fantasy had turned into a shared expression of love.

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