Charlie walked down the steps next to the pier and out onto the white sand. The long shadows of the pier in the early morning shaded the sand, keeping it damp and cool. Later, in the heat of day this sand would be blistering hot.

He walked to the dunes to his right surveying the naked beach as he walked. “Naked,” he thought, “naked is right… there’s not a soul around for miles.” Shaking his head he remembered what it was like last year at this time with the Annual Nude Day Festivities just getting started. “Yeah, the early morning preparations were nice,” he thought picturing the naked bodies busily covering each other in sunscreen.

Walking up the slight hill of the dune he smiled at the swaying grasses on his left and the pink blooms of the vines on his right. It wasn’t until he reached the top of the dune that his smile disappeared. There, about a half a mile down the beach he saw a crowd of people.

Unfortunately, this Nude Day, everyone on the beach was wearing white hazmat clothing as they raked and bagged up the countless tar balls that littered the sand. Further out at the waterline there were large sandbags and floating booms soaking up and containing the oil.

Glancing back down at the beach between the dune and the pier he saw mostly clear sand. That wouldn’t last for long because he could see it, just outside the lines of waves the menacing sheen reflected an array of rainbow colors in the sunlight. The odd allure of the sparkling colors hid the terrible menace just yards away from the beach, Charlie’s beach… no, he didn’t own it, but he did live most of his life within walking distance of this stretch of sand.

Turning away from the water, he headed back down the hill wondering what he would do the rest of the day. All his friends had driven inland to the lake where they were, no doubt, undressing and spreading the sunscreen. “Come on Charlie,” they begged him, “Nude Day is too important to let some oil company ruin it.”

He helped them load up their cars, but ignored their pleas. “Don’t you get it, it’s the whole point of Nude Day, of natural beauty and we simply are going to ignore what’s happening here.”

His friends argued that they wanted to help, but when they went out to work at the beaches they were turned away. Teams under control of either the company or the Coast Guard were the only people allowed to handle the material. They weren’t about to allow a group toting ice chests full of beer and who knows what to take part in this “clean up.”

Charlie knew what happened and was disappointed in his friend’s half-hearted attempt to do something. While they gave up and worked on their Nude Day celebration, he contacted some local conservatory groups and spent the next few days rounding up the Dawn detergent and rags they had begged for before Palmolive showed up with a truck load of their product for the effort. He would have liked to do more but until more of the beaches and wildlife were befouled, they were simply getting ready to respond.

So, there he was, walking down the dune back towards the pier as millions of gallons of dark brown gunk moved closer and closer to ruining his sand, his beach, his life. As he moved back into the shadow of the pier, he noticed some movement up underneath the structure, where the waves were breaking onto the sand. A large bird or seal must have gotten tangled up in the wooden pier and exhausted itself trying to escape.

Charlie quickly headed down under the pier immediately realizing this was no bird or seal, it was a person, a woman!

He ran the last several yards towards her and seeing she was completely exhausted Charlie grabbed her and pulled her up out of the water. She was covered in a sticky, gooey dark brown substance that soaked into his tee shirt and shorts as well as cling to his skin. Preparing to give her mouth to mouth, he laid her out on the sand and then kneeled down beside her. Bending over her he put his ear to her mouth and heard a slight moan. She was breathing.

After confirming she was alive and breathing, he began looking her over more closely to determine if she had any injuries. Running his hands through her oily hair he checked her scalp all over but found no cuts or bumps that would indicate a head injury. He looked down at her neck but she was so covered in the brown gunk that he couldn’t tell much.

Slowly running his hand down behind her head, he worked his fingers up over her throat and then down her chest. Moving his hands out over her breasts he first realized she wasn’t wearing a top. “Damn oil,” he said, grinding his teeth in frustration. He continued his exploration of her body confirming that she did not appear to be injured and she was completely naked.

While the woman seemed uninjured, there was no way she could walk, she was simply too exhausted, so Charlie tried to pick her up. Initially trying to simply lift her into his arms and tote her in like some conquering hero, he simply wasn’t strong enough to lift and carry her like that. Ultimately he was able to get her upright, lean her onto one of the piers Gaziantep Escort jutting up out of the sand and then fold her over his shoulder.

It was some work walking up through the soft sand and then climbing the steps up to the road level, but after pausing a couple of times on the way to catch his breath, he finally had her up off the beach. He leaned on the sign for the pier which was covered with a roughly painted plywood board that said, “Pier Closed due to B Poil.” Shaking his head, he wondered how many people left the pier asking, “Just who this B Poil is and why is he closing our pier?”

Charlie crossed the deserted street and then covered the block and a half to his house. Although he was surrounded by empty rent houses, he was surprised his awkward trip drew no attention. Apparently the few permanent residents and the scant renters had all headed for the lake. Most of the people in this area were younger than him and an escape from the impending, dark brown oozy doom to a lake filled with naked people was simply too inviting for them to stay.

“Can’t really blame them,” he whispered to himself as he walked up the steps onto his porch and kicked off his shoes. Normally he’d grab a towel from the old wooden rocker a few of his neighbors had given him naming him the honorary grandfather of their group. Hell, he was maybe ten, fifteen years older than the youngest of them, but the graying stubble on his face and his slow, laid back demeanor must have reminded the kids of their grandparents. Anyway, the towel on his rocker wasn’t going to clean this gunk off him or his… ah, guest.

He hadn’t bothered locking the door that morning so he didn’t have to fumble with the keys, he simply turned the knob, kicked the door and quickly headed up the stairs to his bathroom. Halfway up he couldn’t help but pause to catch his breath, leaning her against the wall. As he pulled her away to make the last couple of steps up to the bathroom he noticed a big, greasy spot on the wall.

Figuring he’d just have to frame a few more of his photographs to cover up the spot, he stepped into the bathroom, carefully bent over and set her on the edge of the bathtub. Propping her up for a moment, he stood up, stretched his aching back and then eased her over. She slid into the tub leaving a dark streak on the white porcelain.

After listening to her and confirming she was still breathing okay, Charlie backed away and sat down on the toilet to rest a moment. Pondering what to do next he remembered he still had half a box of the Dawn Detergent in the back of his truck. While not entirely what he could do to clean all the oil off this woman, he figured if the green detergent worked for birds and wildlife, it would probably work on her.

Taking a few last breaths, he stood up, headed down the stairs and then went out to his truck. He paused a moment, then unlocked the truck door, reached under his seat and pulled out his camera. Charlie closed the door, walked to the bed of the truck, put his camera in the half empty box of Dawn bottles and then picked it up. Heading back into his house and up the stairs, he worked out his plan.

Putting the box on the floor, Charlie pulled out his camera, opened the case, pulled off the lens cap and quickly took a dozen or so pictures of the woman in the tub. Once satisfied he had documented her condition he turned to the box, pulled out two bottles of the detergent and then groaned. He stood up and ran back downstairs chiding himself, “Get your shit together man.”

Thinking to himself, “This woman is in trouble,” he grabbed his box of rags and headed back into his house. Rushing up the stairs he turned on the water at the tub, making sure the temperature was lukewarm. As the tub filled he dipped a rag into the water, squirted a bit of the green detergent onto it and then carefully began dabbing her face.

Remembering what he had read and the videos he had seen about cleaning oil off of wildlife, he turned off the tub water and continued cleaning the sludge off of her face. Slowly working the rag around her high cheekbones he noticed her open her eyes. Before he could really gaze into the dark brown eyes, she turned her head, grabbed the tub and tried to back away from him.

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m trying to help you. I found you down at the beach, you were unconscious, I wasn’t sure if you were alive.”

She moved her jaw and then opened her mouth but all she could do was moan mournfully.

Charlie patted her hand and spoke softly, “Shhh, don’t try to talk. I need to get this oil off of you, then we can figure out what to do next.” He noticed her grip on the edge of the tub slacken some as she eased herself back down into the water. Dipping the rag back into the water and dabbing on some detergent, he moved the rag back up to her face and then said, “Okay, I am going to wipe this on your face some more. Okay?”

She looked at his lips as he spoke, moving her lips slightly with his. He wondered if perhaps she was deaf. Reaching to her face, he slowly dabbed the Gaziantep Escort Bayan rag on her skin, removing the thick sludge, leaving behind a dark stain on her skin.

Only after he had worked away the oil from about half her face did he notice the dark olive tint to her flesh. He wondered what nationality she was, thinking perhaps some Mediterranean or Middle Eastern country.

Squirting the detergent directly into her hair, he drew a rag through it and immediately tossed the thick mass of goo into the half empty box of detergent. He then pulled the rest of the detergent bottles from the box and returned to her hair. After working most of the thick mass of oil from her long hair, he was able to work the towel in close to her scalp. As he massaged the detergent over her head, she closed her eyes and seemed to relax for the first time since she woke up.

“Yeah, now that’s much better isn’t it?” he asked.

She looked up at him with a vacant expression.

“Do you speak English? Don’t you understand me?”

She continued looking at him, this time almost quizzically. She moved her lips some but no sound emerged.

He guessed she didn’t understand his English. The local college did have a number of foreign students, many there on swimming scholarships, but certainly they’d have to understand some English before being admitted, Charlie figured.

Unstopping the tub, he continued dabbing the oil from her back, shoulders and arms as the water flowed down the drain leaving a thin brown residue where the water had been.

Stopping the tub, he turned on the water again and grabbed another rag. Up until now he had avoided her breasts, instead concentrating on her muscular shoulders and arms. This woman was certainly a swimmer, if not for the local college, certainly somewhere. As fitting for a swimmer, her breasts weren’t too large, perhaps a bit smaller than most women her size. Either way, they were covered in oil.

Feeling his face flush slightly, Charlie slowly began dabbing her skin at the periphery of her breast, slowly working inward toward her nipples. As he continued he felt his cock harden a bit and hoped the trembling in his hands wasn’t too apparent. He did notice her breathing quicken slightly and her nipples were firm and hard by the time he worked the rag over them.

When he finally finished cleaning the oil from both breasts he heard her giggle a bit and he responded with a relieved laugh. They both relaxed as he began working her side and over her stomach. There was some more treacherous territory ahead, but for now Charlie continued cleaning her while wondering, for the first time, about what they would do once she was cleaned up.

He would have liked to call the media and expose this woman’s story, but he really didn’t know her story, besides the fact he found her naked and covered in oil, he knew nothing about her or her situation.

No, Charlie realized he had to leave it up to the woman, let her decide what would happen to her. As he finished cleaning the oil from her stomach, he moved to her back, carefully running the detergent down the firm muscles and then dabbing the oil. As he moved down to her lower back he could see her breathing quicken, as she responded to the sensations. Once again he felt his cock harden some.

Instead of continuing down over her hips he moved to her toes, relieving some of the tension for both of them. She even giggled a bit as he dabbed the oil from between her toes and along the bottom of her feet. It was good to hear her responding, Charlie knew she was exhausted, but he hoped he might somehow figure a way to communicate to her… at least a bit more than the simple hand gestures he had been using while cleaning her.

Draining the tub once again, he watched the murky water disappear down the drain and then stopped it and turned the warm water on. As the water level dropped around the woman she would begin to shiver and act nervously. Only as the water refilled in the tub enveloping her in its warmth did she relax.

Charlie poured the detergent up over shins and then began dabbing her with the rags, letting the cloth slowly draw the oil off of her skin. He gently ran the rag over the back of her leg, feeling her strong calf muscles. “Yeah,” he thought to himself, “she’s definitely a swimmer with this physique.” Running the rag up behind her knees he heard her moan slightly, not so much from pain, but it seemed more relaxed, like she enjoyed it.

Moving onto her thighs he could see her clearly becoming more aroused as she gripped the tub and her breathing quickened once again. Charlie tried to remain focused on cleaning the oil off of her but seeing her respond it was getting more and more difficult.

After getting her to turn a bit, he slowly ran the rag over her firm buttocks, enjoying the procedure far too much. When he finally moved to her inner thighs, she was lifting her hips, hands gripped firmly to the tub and her eyes closed tightly. Moving inward, up over her pussy lips, he slowly began circling Escort Gaziantep her clit, first with the rag and then with just his fingers. Careful not to get the soapy liquid into her, he concentrated on her clit, gently massaging the tiny nub with his slick finger.

Charlie continued massaging her clit as he watched her open her legs as wide as the tub would allow her, lifting her hips, pressing up against his fingers. He considered stopping, trying to cleaning the last of the oil from her body but he was simply too distracted. Instead he tried to be as gentle as possible as she continued to enjoy the sensations.

He felt his cock throbbing and wanted to guide her hand to it but was afraid to, afraid it might shatter the moment he was experiencing rubbing this beautiful woman’s clit, watching her respond to him, lifting her hips rhythmically as she got closer and closer to coming. Suddenly, she lifted her hips high in the air, said something Charlie couldn’t understand and then moaned loudly. Her body then collapsed back into the water and she crossed her legs tightly, pulling away from his hand.

Charlie paused a moment watching her trembling some. He then grabbed his rag again and lightly dabbed it through her pubic hair, cleaning the last of the gooey oil from her. He then unstopped the tub, helped her stand up and then began drying her. He was careful to lightly dab the water from her not wanting to chaff her skin any more than he had cleaning the oil from her. When he finished drying her, he slowly walked her to his bedroom and had her sit on the bed.

Moving over to his closet, he grabbed a terry cloth bathrobe and wrapped it around her before leaning her back onto the bed. He backed away and then sat down in a chair until she quickly fell asleep.

Watching the naked woman sleeping in his bed Charlie had to admit it did turn out to be a very interesting Nude Day after all. He certainly didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

Hearing a truck pull up outside his house, he got up and went downstairs. Opening his door he spotted several of his friends loaded up in their pickup. “You’re back kind of early aren’t you?” “Oh hell man,” his friend Marcus replied, “Damn cops rushed in and shut everything down.”

“Yeah,” one of his other friend’s continued, “Made everyone get dressed, confiscated our beer and threatened to arrest anyone still at the lake at 4 pm. It was nuts.”

“Hey, what did you do Charlie?”

“Oh just walked out along the beach and watched the oil just offshore.”

“Sons of bitches, they ruined it all. This had to be the worst Nude Day ever.”

“Worse than when the Suma Wrestlers were in town?” Charlie asked.

“Well… hell yeah, it was worse than that. And who knows how many more National Nude Days will be canceled because of this oil. I bet we’re still cleaning up oil next year.”

“Well, I better run here,” Charlie said.

“What, you got a date up there or something?” Marcus asked.

“Or something,” Charlie replied smiling.

“Son of a bitch, I tell you he has the most incredible luck,” Marcus said to the others in the truck. “Come on let’s go to the Pelican, at least we can get some beer.”

Charlie watched them head off for the local bar and then quietly climbed the stairs. Walking into his room he paused, looking over the woman still asleep in his bed. She had kicked off the bathrobe he wrapped around her and now, with her sleeping, he let himself simply enjoy her beauty.

Sure, there were a lot of dark spots where all the oil had not come off and her skin was chaffed red in other areas but she was still incredibly beautiful. Gazing at her breasts he remembered how her nipples had hardened as he dabbed and rubbed her breasts, how her breathing had quickened. Moving his gaze down her flat stomach and over her tightly curled pubic hair he looked at her pussy, the lips now closed tight, with just the slightest hint of her clit peeking out at the top.

With this sexy woman in his bed he couldn’t help but get turned on and in no time, his erection had formed a large tent in his shorts. He started to reach down and adjust himself when he noticed her eyes open. She was looking directly at his bulging pants.

Charlie froze and simply watched as she eyed his erection. She apparently didn’t mind the sight because after a few minutes of staring, her eyes moved up his body and as they met Charlie’s eyes, she smiled.

Trying to recover from the uncomfortable situation, he turned a bit, reached down and adjusted himself and said, “I’m sorry.”

She seemed to understand him as she shook her head from side to side. Feeling as if she didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable he stood several steps back from her, not sure what to do.

“Do you understand me?”

She nodded.

“Can you talk?”

She spoke but Charlie didn’t understand what she was saying. He looked at her and shrugged.

Holding up her hand she motioned her finger, asking him to come closer. As he stepped forward, she sat up in the bed and dropped her feet over the edge. She then reached out, placed her hands on his hips and pulled him closer to her. Smiling, she then pulled out the elastic of his shorts and underwear, eased the material over his cock and let them fall to the floor. She then gently wrapped her fingers around his cock and pulled it, drawing him to her mouth.

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