Car Park Love

Big Tits

My mobile phone vibrates in my pocket. I reach in, take it out, thumb the screen and read the message I really need to see you – can we meet? hx I replied Sure, not much time though – nat is expecting me home. Car park by the bridge? 10 minutes. I put the phone away, put on my coat and shout my goodbye, carefully closing the door behind me.

In my car I drive fast, exceeding the speed limit by an average of ten miles an hour at all times. I think back to the last time we met in a third floor hotel room in Portsmouth whilst on a work related business trip. “I wish more men were like you,” she said. I had looked up at her, three fingers knuckle deep in her dripping cunt, matched her eyes with mine and said “adulterous bastards more interested in fucking fat chicks in hotel rooms and lay-bys than their fetish model girlfriend back home? I love your thighs – so soft and full.” I went back to tonguing her clit as she sighed and arched her back Gaziantep Escort as another orgasm rippled over her body.

I pull into the car park, spot her car – a silver Corsa – at the back and pull up next to it. “I don’t have long,” I say as I step out of the car.

“I don’t care,” she says pulling me towards her and kissing me full on the lips, her tongue probing my lips and forcing its way into my mouth. I cup her massive tits in my hands as we kiss and fondle them roughly through her hoody.

“I want to shoot my cum over your fat arse,” I say without a hint of romance.

“You’d better fuck me first them,” she says. She bends over the bonnet of the car, darkness surrounds us – the only light coming from the tiny light on the inside of the passenger side door of her car and the pub across the river. I step behind her as she bends, I run both of my hands over her muffin top, lifting it Gaziantep Escort Bayan and using my right hand to undo the button and fly of her jeans. I yank her trousers down, she reaches a hand behind her and slides my trousers down, pulling my already stiff cock out of my boxers. She puts her hands on the bonnet of her car and I rub my engorged cock up and down her arse crack. I hover over her arse hole, I make like I’m going to stick it up there, she reaches around again and pulls my cock down to her cunt. I push and ease my way inside her.

I thrust, slowly at first, she moans a low moan. I pick up speed and she starts to buck against me. She lets out a loud moan, I hear a cheer of “go on, fuck that fat bitch!” I look up and a group of men have gathered in the pub garden and are staring at us. She waves to them, I pull my cock out of her and wave it at them. I place my hands under her and take hold Escort Gaziantep of her hangover stomach, fingering the soft flesh and push my cock back inside her. I feel my knees begin to weaken, I feel my balls tighten and pick up speed. She bucks harder back into me, my balls feel as though they are about to burst. “Are you ready?” she asks. The group of men on the other side of the river cheer again. I feel myself getting harder and closer to the edge.

“Fuck, yeah,” I say. She reaches behind her again as I pull my cock out of her and she spreads her arse cheeks wide. I jerk my cock fast holding it tight. My body tightens, my balls raise and my cock throbs until I can hold on no longer and shoot five, no six hot loads of cum over that beautiful fat arse. She sighs and releases her hands from her arse and rubs the cum into her arse and round over her cunt. She turns around and slowly licks the cum from her hands, fixing me with her eyes.

“Feel better?”

“Oh yeah. See you again soon?” I ask.

“My place on Friday morning,everyone is out, I’ll make you scream. Nice and early, tell Nat you have a meeting.”

I put my softening cock away, get back in the car and drive home, my mind races with thoughts of fucking her again.

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