Carly Takes Charge


Thanks to Allaboutne for editing.


I’m sitting in my big comfy chair when my little girl Carly, gets home from work. One look at my expression and she knows I’m not happy and she knows why.

“Hi, daddy! I’m home! Miss me?” Carly says as she approaches.

“You were a naughty girl at work tonight,” I respond watching her intently.

Carly looks at the floor avoiding eye contact with me and begins to rock from side to side. Shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She knows where this is headed.

Carly had been having problems with Pam, one of the waitresses at the restaurant lounge where she tends bar. Her boss called me before Carly came home to tell me about how things came to a boil tonight. Despite my warnings, Carly escalated the tension between her and the dumb cunt, as Carly referred to her antagonist. The end result was that Carly was given a written reprimand and warned that if she and the other girl couldn’t get along that both of them would be terminated.

“You continued to trip Pam even after I told you not to, didn’t you?” I admonish.

“Uh huh” Carly replies in a tiny whisper.

“I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me, didn’t I?” I continue.

Carly began to plead her case. “But Daaaddddyyy, she’s mean and stupid and I don’t like her. She’s dumb and she’s a cunt and.. And…” With the slightest wave of my hand I cut her off.

“Enough, Carly,” I say sternly, “I warned you. Now assume the position.”

“But Daddy…” Carly whimpers.

She looks at me and realizes pleading is getting her nowhere. So, without any further protest, Carly pulls her pants down followed by her panties and bends over my lap. I caress her golden soft hair with one hand and rest my other hand on her firm butt.

Quietly, I say, “You know I love you Kitten, but you intentionally disobeyed me. You have to learn self-control and you cannot have self-control without discipline. Your actions will always have consequences, some good some not so good.”

Without another word I raise my hand and smack Carly’s firm pale butt cheek. She flinches, it stings and leaves a red impression of my hand on her butt cheek. I move my hand from Carly’s hair to the small of her back, raise my hand and let go with a quick sharp smack on the other butt cheek. Again she flinches. Carly now has two large hand prints on her now pink ass. Smack! Smack! I give her two smacks in quick succession!

I slide my free hand from the small of her back to caress Carly’s stinging ass. Lightly, I run the tips of my fingers around the curves of her ass. My right-hand reaches down to the back of her knees and slides along the smooth soft skin of the inside of her thigh. I stop just as I reach Carly’s little girl bits and she shifts across my lap to spread her legs slightly allowing me easier access to her increasingly wet pussy.

“No more tripping or arguing with Pam, Kitten. Right?” I say while stroking the folds of her moist slit.

“No more tripping, Daddy. I promise.” is Carly’s reply. “From now on I’ll flatten the dumb cunt’s tires,” Carly says under her breath.

Still Isparta Escort massaging her pink, stinging ass, I say, “What was that? Did you say something, Kitten?”

“No Daddy,” Carly whispered trying to conceal an impish grin.

“It’s bedtime, Kitten. Go take your bath and put on your nightie. I’ll tuck you in when you’re in bed.” I say.

Getting up from my lap Carly says, “I want a bedtime story first!”

“Not tonight, Kitten. It’s late.” is my response.

Not to be denied Carly stands in front of me and peels off her clothes. Now fully naked and standing in her best little girl innocent pose with one finger on her lip she purrs, “Plllleeeease daddy. Just a short story. Plllleeease.”

Carly is standing with her weight on one long slender leg, the other slightly bent, resting on her toes. Her hands are on her hips, shoulders scrunched, her perfect tear drop breasts and erect pink nipples begging to be kissed. My resolve melts like an ice cube in on a sidewalk in August. She knows very well I can’t say no to nude little Carly. I am clearly being played and I don’t care.

With a sigh I agree, “But just one short story. Then it’s a bath and bed, baby girl.”

“Oh thank you, Daddy!” Carly squeals. With that, she flops her sweet naked ass on my lap. But instead of wrapping her arms around my neck like she normally does Carly sits with her back to me, with her hands on my knees.

“Once upon a time there was a lonely daddy and he went to a social website looking for someone to chat with.” I begin.

“I like this story, Daddy!” Carly exclaims. I’ve told this story before. It’s one of Carly’s favorites as the story recounts how we met. But then she does something unexpected. Carly begins to wiggle her tight naked little bum in my lap.

“Then quite by chance and as luck would have it, the lonely daddy saw a post from a lonely little girl looking for a daddy.” I continue trying to ignore Carly’s gyrating tushy on my lap.

But parts of me cannot and will not ignore a firm young ass pressing on them. “Don’t stop Daddy! What happens next?” Carly says with an impish grin knowing how the story goes.

“Uh…the lonely daddy sent a message to the lonely little… Carly, I can’t concentrate with you doing that!” I protest.

“Carly thinks Daddy has too many clothes on for story time.” is her coquettish response.

In one fluid motion, she is off my lap and tugging at my belt and zipper, pulling my pants off. I don’t resist. Next go my boxers. Now I’m naked from the waist down my manhood showing signs of arousal.

The impish grin has not left her face as she looks first at my growing erection and then to my face. “Go on Daddy, what’s next?” Carly says teasingly, her bright green eyes sparkle. It is obvious that she is enjoying her little game to extend bedtime.

Before I can compose myself and continue with the story Carly sits on my lap with her back to me again. Positioning my cock, now fully erect, between her legs. She leans back against my chest and puts her head next to mine.

“Kitten…” I begin.

Carly reaches down to stroke my Isparta Escort Bayan throbbing cock forcing it to rest between her labia. I begin to nuzzle and kiss her neck as my hands find Carly’s firm pert breasts so I can pinch, rub and tug her stiff pink nipples.


“Yes, Kitten?”

“Daddy, do you love me forever?”

“Forever and a day, Kitten”

With that Carly rises up slightly and slips my stiff rod into her tight wet pussy and slides down until I am fully inside her. Instead of pumping me up and down, in and out, she makes small back and forth motions with her hips. Carly rolls her head and presses against my ear to whisper,

“Daddy can’t come until Carly does.”

“What?” I say somewhat dumbfounded. This is new and unexpected behavior.

“I want to make you feel the way you make me feel.” Is her response. My little girl is gaining confidence. I couldn’t be prouder!

I am no longer in charge. I have been temporarily relieved of my daddy duties. Big girl Carly is in total control.

Rocking back in forth I can feel her vaginal muscles squeezing my throbbing manhood. Leaning forward, she places both hands on my knees. Slowly Carly rides up the length of my cock. Just as the tip is about to exit it’s new found home she stops and, God I have no idea how she does it, Carly manages to squeeze the head with her amazing pussy!

Sliding down part way, she goes back up but rocking back and forth like before. It’s as if she is twerking, but on my dick. Oh fuck me, I feel like I’m about to explode! Sensing my impending climax Carly stops, stands, pirouettes and gently lowers to kneel at my feet. This gives me enough time to compose myself, staving off the impending climax.

Taking my pulsating cock in her delicate hands, she brings her lips to the head and hesitates. I can feel Carly’s breath against the bulging glans slick from both of our juices. Looking up at me Carly smiles a wicked sexy smile and with just the tip of her tongue licks the underside of my cock from the base to the top.

Enveloping just the head in her mouth Carly sucks hard pulling back and simultaneously rolling her tongue around my ever straining erection. Easing up, she slides down the shaft until my entire cock is in her mouth. Then, just as she did with her pussy, she holds me there and makes small circular motions with her tongue and mouth all while massaging my balls with her hands.

My head rolls back against the chair as my breathing quickens. I’ve never had head this great, ever! I just want to cum. I want to blow my hot sticky load of sperm into the back of her throat so bad right now. Instinctively I grab Carly’s head and begin to fuck her mouth. Carly takes my hands and removes them from her head. Releasing my cock from her soft wet mouth, she looks up at me and says with her little girl smile, “Not yet, Daddy.”

Getting up, Carly straddles my lap facing me and once again, as in the beginning, snuggles my rod between her labia not allowing me entry into her obviously ravenous snatch. Sliding back and forth and grinding hard Carly takes my hands and Escort Isparta places them on her ass. Leaning into me she whispers in my ear, her voice is like warm honey, “Spank me Daddy. I’ve been a naughty girl.” Her breath is warm on my ear and has a faint musky scent from having her lips wrapped around my manhood. I swear I get even harder.

Carly kisses me, hard, deep, passionately. Her tongue working its way in and out of my mouth. I can taste my pre-cum on her lips. Just as I raise my hands off of Carly’s firm ass to smack her cheeks she slips my cock into her incredibly tight slippery pussy. SMACK! SMACK!! Both hands come down at the same time, hard. Carly tensed, her pussy tightens its delightful grip on my pounding piston.

Sliding halfway up my shaft and just as I’m about to slide out of her… SMACK! SMACK!! Another double spank of Carly’s cherry red ass cheeks. Again she tenses, again her pussy tightens its grip on my aching cock.

Faster and faster! Harder and harder! Up and down! Smack! In and out! Smack! Our lips are locked together. She breathes out as I breathe in. I breathe out as she breathes in. We are one, we are in total synchronicity!! Nothing exists but my little girl and I in this one perfect moment.

I can’t take much more! Pulling away from her fantastic lips I plead, “Please Kitten, now?” Carly grins a devilish grin and replies, “Soon Daddy, very soon!”

My heels firmly planted on the floor and my shoulders pushing into the back of the big comfy chair I raise my ass up off of the cushion bringing Carly with me. Her knees aren’t on the chair anymore. Her legs are flailing on either side of me as I continue to thrust harder and harder.

Carly is holding on to my shoulders doing her best to keep from falling off. It’s as though she riding a wild mustang. Her ass bouncing off my balls makes a slapping sound in between the sound my hands make each time I spank her increasingly crimson ass! We’re both breathing hard and fast, sweat rolling off our brows.

Finally, with one powerful thrust, Carly comes down hard on my cock squeezing and screaming, “NOW, DADDY, NOW!!” As I start to fill her pussy with a stream of hot thick cum I can feel the contractions through her vaginal wall coming in wave after wave sucking me in deeper and deeper squeezing every last drop of seed out of my aching balls!

Spent, exhausted, we collapse. With my softening penis still in her, the aftermath of our combined orgasm dripping down her thighs and onto mine creating a small puddle on the floor we hold one another close. Sweat glistening on our bodies. Carly rests her head on my shoulder, her breath is cool on my slick skin. Nothing could be more perfect than this moment right now as we bask in our post coital bliss.

Carly kisses my neck as I say, “I am the luckiest daddy in the whole world to have a great little girl like you. Carly, I love you. Forever, for always, for you.” Carly doesn’t say anything, instead, she’s starts crying. Softly, but crying all the same. “What’s wrong, Kitten?” I ask, brushing the hair away from her teary eyes.

“I’m so happy right now, Daddy. I’m afraid I will never be this happy ever again. I love you so much it hurts.”

“Shhhh, don’t cry, Kitten. Everything will be alright.” I whisper as I wipe the tears from her cheek, “Let me tell you the rest of the story about how a lonely daddy met a lonely little girl looking for a daddy…”

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