Casanova Redux Ch. 14

Big Tits

I was not sure that I wanted to be alive after having seven loads of semen pumped in to my belly, especially not after seeing the look in Withers’ eyes. I knew that his heart was broken, that he could no longer look at me as a clean, white plate; now, I was dirty and soon to be chipped and ignored. And he would ignore me. I had lost something more important than my reputation but still, I held out hope. There was nothing that I could offer the Prince that he couldn’t already take but there was something else I could offer.

Before this, I had thought that becoming a woman in Withers’ arms was going to be the hardest thing that I’d ever faced but I was wrong. The man wearing the crown was not the benevolent regent of storybooks and fairy tales. His proclivities were well-known and his lust for fresh flesh like mine was legendary. If I had the chance to speak to him, I knew that I could win our freedom. If I had the chance to speak …

* * * * *

Patch and Ramer jerked Cassia to her feet before the Prince had a chance to reply to her request and she vomited twice more before she reached the clear, fresh water.

“Clean yourself.” Ramer barked, leaving Patch to supervise her and returning to straighten Shakey’s tent. Cassia welcomed the cleansing hand of the water on her soiled flesh and used her hands to scrub every bit Isparta Escort of slime away, not only from her skin but from her mouth. She pushed a finger down her throat and endured gush after gush of semen-laced stomach acid, stopping only when the bitter yellow bile was the only thing that came up. She rinsed her mouth again, slowly drank down some of the fresh water and readied herself for meeting the prince.

Shakey’s tent had been broomed and a clean sheet covered the leader’s favorite chair, making a place for Prince Brenton to sit. A slightly chipped crystal glass filled with some brandy that Shakey kept hidden away was offered and the prince accepted it, hiding his slight grimace.

“Sorry we don’t have something better for you, your kingship.” Shakey sat down across from the prince, grinning like an idiot. “I hope the brandy’s good enough.”

“It’ll do.” Brenton looked at his nails, his expression bored. “Where’s the girl?”

The tent flap opened and a shivering Cassia was shoved in, her wet hair hanging limply in front of her face. “Here she is, sire.”

Brenton stood, handing the glass to one of Shakey’s minions and walked around the girl, eyeing her wares. His hand reached out and grasped her ass, squeezing the firm muscle and pinched a nipple of one of her heavy breasts. “Nice.” Brenton Isparta Escort Bayan tipped her head up, pushing the wet hair out of her face and nearly gasped at her beauty. His expression was noticed by Shakey and the man smiled. “What are you asking?”

“What are you offering, Prince? She’s a prime piece.”

“Prince Brenton, may I speak to you?”

“Shut up, you piece of shit!” Joff’s slap sent her reeling and she crashed to the earth. Shakey stepped forward, unsheathed a short dagger and plunged it into Joff’s belly. The man sank to the ground, staring in disbelief at his leader before crumpling into a ball.

Shakey cleaned his knife on Joff’s shirt and replaced the blade, turning back to the prince. “I apologize for him, sire.”

“No need.” Brenton returned his attention to the girl, scrutinizing her with narrowed eyes. “You wish to speak with me?”

“Yes, sire.”

“You know what the punishment is for speaking to a member of the Royal Family without permission?”

Death. “Yes, sire.”

Brenton approached her, daring her to look away and surprised that she did not. She was not afraid to die. “Leave us.” Ramer and Patch glanced at each other, quickly leaving when Shakey gave them the nod. “You as well.”

Shakey’s face paled and he threw an angry glare at Cassia. Escort Isparta “Are you sure that that’s wise, your kingship? She might be dangerous.”

“I doubt that.” Brenton turned to Shakey. “Are you questioning my judgment?”

“Uh, no, sire.” Shakey hastily left, growling under his breath.

Prince Brenton gestured for Cassia to sit and she did so, nervously looking away. “You’re Arthur’s girl, aren’t you?”

“You know my father?”

“My family is in his debt. Arthur saved my life some years ago.” Cassia nodded, her heart lifting in her chest. “So as a favor to Arthur, you are free to go.”

“Thank you, sire. Withers and I can make it home from here, I think.”

“I did not say Withers was free to go.” His words drove a knife through her heart and at once, his true purpose came to light. Somehow, she knew that he would not have granted her her freedom without having another card in his sleeve. He came nearer, searching for a hint of fear in her eyes. “Do you have something you wish to offer me for his release?”

Cassia thought hard, trying to match wits with those of the hard man in front of her. “If you are asking for my virginity, it is not mine to give.”

“Not yours?”

“No. It belongs to someone else.”

“I see.”

Prince Brenton spun away and was sliding his gloves on when her slight voice stopped him at the tent door. “Wait.” He slowly turned, astounded at the sight that was awaiting his eyes. Cassia had removed what was left of her nightgown and her lovely body was naked, her creamy ass pointing toward him. “I can offer you virginity of a different sort.”

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