Catching Fish Ch. 02


Author’s note – This is a continuation of CATCHING FISH, pt 1. Coach Fish has just left his student Kylie’s house, where they have made love for the first time.


My thoughts were bouncing all over the place as I cut across Kylie’s back yard. Passing a few trees, I got in my car…visions of recent events playing on a loop in my head. That was the most amazing sexual experience I had ever had, but it’s memory was tinged with worry. Had I just taken advantage of one of my students, forcing her into something she didn’t want to do? I didn’t think so, she certainly seemed to enjoy herself…maybe more than I had. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any guilt about cheating on my wife – as long as she didn’t find out, it wouldn’t hurt her.

As I started the car, I suddenly froze. I was supposed to be here to protect her, and I hadn’t even checked the street. Easiest way would be to cut back through Kylie’s side yard on foot, quick check out front, then back to my car. I turned the car off, and walked through her large yard towards the street. Not wanting to bother the tired girl, I walked quietly past her window…noticing she had opened the glass, but left the drapes closed. Across the front, and out onto the street. It was around 5:30 or 6, so there were more cars in front of the houses…but no green truck. Double check up and down, then back across the side yard to my car. As I passed her window, I heard her voice from her bedroom:

“Hi Shana”. WHAT? She must be talking on her phone, but, dang…weird timing. Her next words froze me in my tracks:

“Uh huh, yeah. He just left.”

HOLY CRAP! They’re talking about me – and Shannon somehow knows I was here! This could be bad, real bad. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but I had to hear what she was going to say. I lean on the wall past her window, and listen to this one sided conversation:

“Yep. We did it! And you were right – he’s big there too!” I think I can hear faint screaming coming from the speaker on her phone.

“Three times! And the last one…whoa!”

“He was amazing. Slow, soft, crazy patient…I felt like I was a violin and he was playing me.”

“No…he knew more about my body than I did. He wouldn’t let me go down on him – said it was ‘my day’. He was really sweet.”

“Gawd yes, for like and hour or something! Isparta Escort All over my whole body, plenty of time on my boobies – shut up! – then a LONG time on my vag.”

“The first one was when I sat on his leg, and used it like a pillow. It was nice, a lot like my normal ones – just more exciting ’cause it was Coach Fish.”

“No, he loved it! Helped me along, talked sweet…really into it. I tried to sit on his thing right away, but he stopped me to ask if I was sure I wanted to. Poor dumb men…he has no idea.”

“I just asked him. Told him I was scared of Jake, and he said yeah. He was real nervous when he first came in.”

“I made him sit on that couch that faces the hallway, told him I’d get him a drink. Then I went into my room and changed into my nightie shirt in front of the mirror.”

“Yeah, I think so. He wasn’t looking when I came out, but he looked pretty shookup. I think he saw part of it.”

“Totally slutty!” she laughs. “My nipples were sticking out already just walking towards him!”

“No, I had him as soon as he saw me. We talked about clothes, and I teased him about him looking up my skirt. He fessed up…well, sort of.”

She laughs at something Shannon says, then answers, “I showed him my panties and asked if he liked blue. He said it was his favorite, and I sat on his leg and started kissing him.”

“I told you! Total slut! But I had to, ’cause he couldn’t make any moves. Once we were making out, he was full-on into it.”

“He was in shorts, so I could feel his skin right up my legs. He played with my boobies and it didn’t take me long. Like I said…I was with Coach Fish!”

“Uh huh.”

“I don’t know.”

“Wellllll…maybe. Let me think about it.”

What the heck does she have to think about? I wish I could hear both sides of this conversation. One thing was for sure – I didn’t have to worry about taking advantage of Kylie…more likely the other way around. And this play by play to her friend was scaring me to death – and, a little – turning me on.

“No, he stopped me. It wouldn’t have worked anyway – he’s big, and it took a long time for me to loosen up enough. He said we should do it right, then he carried me to my room. Thanks for the old quilt – we made a mess of it!”

“He pushed me down…”

“No! Isparta Escort Bayan Really gentle. He was just so into my body…it’s like he was worshipping it. Talk about a turn on!”

“Ohhh, shut up. Who’s slutty now?”

“So, he kissed and nuzzled all over my body for like a half an hour…all over except my boobies and muffin…it was driving me crazy! He finally got to my breasts, and then down to my vag.”

“Amazing. Really, amazing. For like another half an hour, and he used his finger, too. I came again, really hard, while he was eating me. You were right there too, it’s awesome!”

“I told him. I grabbed his thing and pulled it to me, and told him to fuck me…”


“About 7 inches…but really thick.”

“We tried for a little bit, but I was still too small. He stopped trying, and started sliding up and down on the outside. We both started moving and wiggling, and it felt like we were boning right there!”

“Yeah, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed him and put it in…but just a little bit! It felt like he was going to split me open!”

“No! He didn’t move at all! He just kept kissing my neck and stroking my breasts, talking sweet and encouraging. I did all the moving. It took a long time, ’cause we went really slow…but I finally took his whole thing in me!”

“He stayed on top the whole time. I was open and really wet, and he started this little-little-little-DEEP move thing…and it was driving me crazy! Pretty soon we were just boning each other all the way. Now I get what you were talking about.”

“No, he was still careful, but I’m sore anyway! We were really smacking it. That’s when I came so hard I thought I died.”

“No, I can’t explain it. It was huge, and overwhelming, and I lost control for a long time. I don’t know…you’d have to experience it.”

She laughs at something she hears, then says “Maybe!”

“Yeah, he came right after me…and I think he liked it just as much. He went REAL deep into me when he shot off…I was like pinned to the mattress, couldn’t move if I wanted to. I think I liked his orgasm as much as mine.”

“Well, you’d have to have been there.”

“Shana…you are SO bad!”

“No, that was the surprising part. We cuddled for a while, then he got up Escort Isparta and brought me a drink and warm towel. He cleaned me up while I sat and caught my breath. Even held my while I napped. It was sweetest thing!”

“Well, sure…if he wants to. I want to feel that again. Plus, I’ve got some stuff I want to try on him.”

“Yeah, let’s just keep it going – he’ll be at my house every Tuesday and Thursday as long as he doesn’t find out – and he’s really into me. He won’t be able to resist for long. AS LONG AS HE DOESN’T FIND OUT.”

“Of course he’d be pissed. Heck, he’d be pissed if he found out you were in on this! Things are fine the way they are now, we just gotta be careful.”

“No, I owe you. Most of these ideas were yours, and I’m the one who got paid off. REALLY paid off!”

“OK, I’ve got to go wash that quilt and hobble over to take a shower. I’m going to bed earl…going to SLEEP early tonight. Love you love you ShanaBana.”

I stand paralyzed by the wall, my mind racing through the possible implications of what I’ve just heard. The first thing is that I have apparently been seduced by these two girls, and they’ve both been in on it from the beginning. That’s terrifying – how many more people know about this? What’s going to happen when it gets out? Damn.

Second, it seems there is something else I don’t know about that would make me even angrier than this. What the hell could be worse? Damn damn damn.

The sound of the shower starting in the house broke me out of my thoughts, and I quietly walked over to the trees and got into my car. Driving away, I tried to make sense of the turmoil I was feeling. I’d just had the sexual experience of my life, and the girl I had done it with really liked it and seems to want to do it again. And, weirdly, the fact that they had picked me out to spring this trap on both made me proud, and turned me on a little.

On the other hand, they tricked me, fooled me, lied to me. I didn’t know who knew, or what the final purpose of their plan was. I needed to talk to them, both of them…and I had to do it fast. Tomorrow was Wednesday, I would see Kylie in class, and talk to her at lunch. I won’t confront her, just say the three of us have to talk, and we should do it at her house. Shannon’s turn to escort Kylie home, I’ll just tag along. Then we’ll hash this thing out.

What a pain in the ass, what a nest of dangers I had fallen into. And driving up to my house, as I turned into my driveway and turned the car off, I sat for a moment, and realized the great truth in this situation.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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