My Dad died when I was little. He left a chunk of money for us but Mom refused to touch it after paying off the mortgage. Instead she set it aside for college and went to work. She worked hard, sometimes holding two jobs, but never complained. She only let me work summers so that my grades wouldn’t suffer. Then she got lucky and landed a job in a really nice lingerie shop. The manager/owner liked her and she earned good money. She often worked late, getting new displays up and stuff, but she seemed happy. I graduated High School in the top 2% and got accepted to State. I worked that summer to have a little spending money and went off to school that fall. I had a blast. I was always a bit nerdy and avoided the party crowd. I finished my first semester with all A’s, enjoyed Christmas break at home, and was smoothly cruising through the spring when my life changed forever. It was like one moment I was on the salt flats setting a land speed record when suddenly there was a Daytona style high bank curve shooting me off to the side.

My friends included one rich and somewhat privileged kid named Brian. Brian was the youngest of, I shit you not, six brothers. His Dad paid them little attention and his brothers decided to rent a house nearby and throw a party for him. The even hired prostitutes to pop his cherry, and ours. I hadn’t expected this but damn if I was gonna pass it up. It was on a Friday night so we would have the whole weekend to recover. We went and the place was dimly lit, there were his brothers and some of their girlfriends, our gang of four misfits, a stereo playing music, and lots of pizza, and beer. Then the women arrived. I was in the bathroom taking a piss when they got there and came out to see they had already started. Two of my buddies were getting blow jobs while Brian was plowing this one chick from behind. Another gal came up and started on me. She looked to be mixed race, possibly some asian, some black, some european… Anyway, she was only about 5’4″ and very attractive. Soon I was dumping my first load down her throat. She swallowed, smiled and led me to a bedroom. Now they only had mattresses on the floors but she didn’t mind. She dropped her dress and I saw that she had nice round tits with big erect nipples, and since I’ve always loved tits, I went straight for them. She laughed and encouraged me. Soon she was on her back and I had my first fuck. God, it felt so good! I guess we were in there quite a while. We fucked several different ways and finally I was exhausted and unable to continue. She smiled, said I was great, kissed me and scooped up her dress before leaving.

Now I gotta say that these were not girls our age. They were MILFs, the kind nerdy guys like us fantasized about. Women in their late 20’s or early 30’s who knew what they were doing. I stumbled into the bathroom and pissed, pulled my pants on and went back out. Brian was sitting on the sofa and the gal I had fucked was riding him. I noticed that Jeremy was missing.

“Oh, he’s in a room with the redhead.” they said.

Okay that must’ve been the one Brian did first. I grabbed a beer and another slice of pizza. Brian’s brothers were smoking so I stood in the kitchen and ate. Another of the gals strolled in to grab a beer. She smiled and started in on me. She was a little older and a little rounder than you might expect to find working college parties, but she was attractive. She was a brunette with long wavy hair, startling blue eyes and stood around 5’7″ or so. She too had nice big tits in a stretchy sports bra thing and she tugged it down and showed them to me. I started on them and soon slid my hand down and under her skirt. I played with her pussy as I sucked on her tits. Then she turned and leaned on the counter as I fucked her from behind. I was nervous at first, hell, anyone could see us, but it was sex with a real, live, woman so I did it. Still, the awkwardness made it difficult and I called it quits after a few minutes. We continued to kiss and fondle each other. She had her hand down my pants and I prayed she wouldn’t want to do me on the sofa in front of everyone. Still it was great.

Now everyone was talking about the hot redhead and I always fancied them, but she was still in another room. Finally the plump gal took me by the hand and led me in there. There was only a little ambient light coming in the windows, and she was riding Nick, with her back to me. The plump gal knelt and sucked on my cock for a minute.

“Well, you’ve had your first blow job, your first fuck, now it’s time to get your first piece of ass. How’s that sound? You ready to fuck her ass?”

I nodded and stared at the redhead’s round, full hips and mumbled some sort of assent. My cock was stiff again and the gal squirted some lube on it and spread it around. I knelt behind the redhead and the plumper guided my cock to the target. Good thing too, I was unable to see well enough. I felt her asshole and pushed.

It was tight and resisted for only a moment, then I popped in. She Isparta Escort moaned and I started fucking her. I held her hips and thrust in and out slowly at first. Then I picked up the pace. It was great! She rocked forward onto her knees, her big tits hanging in Nick’s face where he sucked noisily on them. Her ass felt fantastic, so tight, and I loved watching her flesh bounce as we slammed together. Nick started pounding her from below and we set a nice counterpoint rhythm, me thrusting in as he was pulling out. After about a minute of this the redhead started moaning louder and then she started speaking.

“Oh god! Oh yes! Fuck my ass! Oh fuck, it feels so good! Oh yes, keep it up! Don’t stop! Fuck my ass!”

I heard that voice and almost froze. But my body was on autopilot and I continued to hump her. A passing car’s headlights illuminated the room a little and I recognized her hair, though it was now pulled up in a ponytail. Damn! I was fucking my Mom! My Mom was a whore! My mind reeled with the recognition. Now she seemed so familiar, her voice was the cincher though. I didn’t dare say anything, oh hell no. But I wondered if I should stop. I mean, hell, this was my Mom for fuck’s sake. But I’d never have another chance if I left now, and damn, it felt good. I kept my mouth shut and continued to fuck her ass. I wondered how the hell I was going to get out of this without being recognized. I could cum and leave before she saw me… I definitely was going to cum in her ass. Then hide in another room until they left. Could I do that? What if my friends came to get me? I couldn’t leave, I wasn’t driving, I’d ridden in with the guys. I could duck out and walk but I really had no idea where we were.

Then I realized that if the guys discovered she was my Mom, it would be a disaster. God, I had to protect her identity somehow. The more I thought about it, the more clear it became that I had to stay and I had to confront her. I had to get her to play along, but how the hell was I going to do that? What if the moment she recognized me, she freaked out? Or said something? We had to be alone. Somehow…

Nick finally came and stopped. The plumper was still there, rubbing her tits in my back and caressing me. I reached for her, kissed her and whispered in her ear.

“Get Nick out of here, I want some alone time with her.”

She giggled, “Sure thing, Hon.” and began to help Nick pull his pants up.

I kept my dick in Mom’s ass, stroking slowly. I lowered my voice and grunted.

“Not done yet, a little longer.”

“Oh baby, go ahead, fuck my ass all you want. Your cock feels so good.”

She lowered her head to the mattress and moaned. I waited until Nick and the plumper had left, then decided that I wanted to cum before Mom discovered who I was. I picked up the pace and was soon fucking her hard and fast. Mom was whimpering and moaning and I knew what I wanted to do. I squeezed her hips as I came, blasting my load deep in her ass. I grunted as she clinched, squeezing me with her sphincter. My load struggled to escape and the sensation was incredible! I finally finished and just stayed there for a moment as the feeling of exhilaration eased.

“Oh god, that was a lot of cum!” she said. “I love the feeling of an assful of hot cum! You’re a good fuck…”

I pulled out and she turned around.

“So are you Mom.”

She froze, staring at me, her mouth hanging open. Before she could say anything or start crying, I held up my hand.

“No one knows, and we can’t let them know. No way. Can you do it? Can you pretend you don’t know me?”

She didn’t answer at first, when she did she ignored my question entirely.

“Jason… You fucked me! You fucked me in the ass! I’m your Mother for god’s sake!”

“Yeah, well I had no idea who you were when I started fucking you, I’ve never seen your bare ass before and by the way, you are a great fuck yourself.” Mom blushed. “Did you mean it when you said I was a good fuck? Or is that just something you always say?”

“Listen Jason, I-I see we need to talk about this… but this isn’t the right place or time.”

“Yeah, I get it.” I said.

We sat there a moment in silence. I gazed at her with a fresh appreciation. Mom was wearing only a tank top which had been pushed down to her waist, a mini skirt which had been pushed up to her waist, and a garter belt and stockings. Her tits were big. I used to do her laundry and had seen the tags, her bras were 38 E or F cups. Her breasts sagged and were heavy but her areola were gigantic and a pale pink. Her nipples were thick but stubby and I suddenly wanted to kiss and suck them. She saw me staring and started to pull her top up. I reached out and stopped her.

“No, don’t you think they would be suspicious if they came in and found you covered up and suddenly shy?”

“Well what am I supposed to do?” she asked.

I grew bolder. “Do what you were paid to do.”

“You mean fuck you?”

“Or go Isparta Escort Bayan out there and fuck someone else… Your choice.”

“How am I supposed to go fuck one of my son’s friends, knowing he’s in here and pretend it’s normal?”

“Oh I won’t be in here.” I said casually. “I’m gonna watch.”


“Yeah, you are so hot! Damn Mom, I’d love to watch you fuck every guy here, and the girls too, almost as much as I wanna fuck you.”

“You want to fuck me? But I’m your Mother!”

“Yeah, well we’ve already broken that rule so why not?”

“But Jason…”

At that moment we heard someone stumble in the hall and fumble with the doorknob. I lunged forward and pinned her to the mattress. To keep her from saying anything I kissed her. I shoved my hand between her legs and started fingering her wet pussy. Nick stumbled in, apologizing, grabbed his shoes and sat there watching for a bit. Mom was stiff for a moment at first but then as my fingers began to thrust in and out she inadvertently gasped and a moan escaped her throat. I paused a moment and looked at him.

“Go the fuck away, Nick. You had your turn.”

He grinned and stumbled out, closing the door behind him. But I didn’t stop. I continued to finger her and now my kisses drifted down to her tits. Mom squeezed her legs tight, pinning my hand. She pushed against my head.

“No, Jason.” she said. “I can’t do this!”

“But you already did. You already fucked your son.”

“That’s not what I meant.” she said. “Your dick’s been in my ass. You gotta clean it off or I could get an infection. Here.” She reached for her purse and fumbled a moment then handed me a wet-wipe. I was washing my cock off when it dawned on me.

“So, you’re gonna fuck me?”

She sighed. “Yes. What else can I do? I won’t deny it’s wrong… but somehow, it’s exciting too.”

She laid back and I knelt between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her slit a few times, then pushed it in. I short stroked a few times to spread her wetness and then shoved it in deep. Mom gasped and raised her legs to let me in even deeper. Her hands held my head as she stared at my face.

“God will damn me for this, I know, but it feels so good.”

We fucked slowly at first for what seemed like an eternity. We kissed, open mouthed and hungrily. She lifted her tits to my face and I sucked on them. She moaned and groaned loudly and her hands caressed my back from my shoulders down to my hips. It felt amazing. Taboo or not it felt so good, so natural, so… right. She was the perfect lover. Her luscious, full figure, big tits, thick waist, round full hips, and lovely, shapely legs were the elements of my ideal woman. And strangely I had never noticed that my Mom had all of these wonderful, desirable features herself. Now we were lost in passion, fucking, not with the intent of cumming, but to discover each other, and to savor the bliss, the joy and the ecstacy of our union. I knew this was possibly the only time we would fuck. Tomorrow she could get cold feet and deny me. So I wanted to make it last. I took my time, refusing to hurry, resisting the urge to pound her and cum.

Mom seemed lost in the passion as well. She didn’t speak, only moaned and sighed. Her hands had touched me a million times, but never like this. Her legs rose and fell as she stroked my hips with her soft inner thighs. Her kisses were those of a lover, not a mother, and I cursed the dark room for denying me the opportunity to gaze in her hazel eyes. Her breasts, beautiful pillows of soft, warm flesh where I had rested my head countless times when clothed, now received my kisses freely. I loved watching them bounce as I thrust into her hot, wet pussy. She whispered softly.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this… Fuck! Why am I doing this? It’s sick, it’s wrong, it’s incest and dammit, it’s so fucking good!”

At that moment, the door opened, light from the hallway spilled across her face. My friends were watching, even some of the girls. I gazed into her eyes looking for a sign.

“Fuck me, Baby. I want to cum again.” She said loud enough for everyone to hear.

I picked up the pace and fucked her faster and harder, all the time staring in her eyes. She stared back and bit her lip, moaning until she suddenly threw her head back and shouted.

“FUCK! YES! I’M CUMMING! I’m cumming again! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, YES!”

As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, I came too. I filled her pussy with cum until I was empty and practically collapsed on top of her. She kissed me, then sighed.

“Damn you’re good!”

As I sat up she smiled at the crowd. “Sorry guys, I’m done. I can’t go on.”

“That’s okay, Nick is throwing up in the bathroom and Brian is passed out.” Jeremy said. “These girls have worn me out too, I can’t get it up.”

One of the two giggled.

“Anyways, we think one of the neighbors is suspicious and might have called the cops. It’s time to leave.”

Everyone Escort Isparta grabbed their things and in five minutes we were out the door.

That night, I could hardly sleep. Saturday morning came and I got up,packed a small bag and drove home before nine. I pulled in our driveway at 11:30 and entered the house to find Mom sitting at the kitchen table wrapped in a big, fuzzy, pink bathrobe with a coffee mug in her hand. She waved at the chair across from her.

“Right on time.”

“You were expecting me?” I asked.

“Of course.” she replied, getting up and stepping over to the counter. She returned with a bowl of boiled eggs. Already peeled and chilled, a favorite snack of mine since childhood.

“So where do we begin?” I asked, then bit into an egg.

“Last night?” Mom said, shrugging. “It was wrong, very wrong. I don’t care how good it felt at the time. We can’t go down that road.”

I had expected her to get cold feet, but still felt disappointment at her decision. “Yeah, I expected that. But I have a bigger question, are you going to continue turning tricks?”

Mom’s head snapped up and there was a fire in her eyes. “I’m not a common whore Jason!”

“Well that’s what you were last night. How else am I supposed to see it? How long have you been doing it?”

Mom slumped down a bit and stared at her mug. “This isn’t coffee, you know. It’s coffee flavored booze. I was unable to sleep and trying to figure out what to say to you.” She sighed heavily. “I actually met Beverly, the owner of the lingerie shop at a bar. I was depressed about money and the lack of a sex life. She figured it out, we talked and drank. Then she offered me a job. The shop is legitimate, but she runs girls on the side. Well, not girls, women. What you guys call MILFs. Usually we each do two or three dates a week. The money is good, even though she gets 40% of our take. See, she has an exclusive clientele, rich guys, Businessmen who need an escort for events, dinners weekend getaways. Anyway, some of the women work the weekend stuff, some the evening stuff, me? I mostly worked the lunch dates.”

“Wow, that’s what… five… six years? I had no idea.”

“Yeah, you weren’t supposed to ever find out. The thing last night was a one-off. Seems their Dad had used our services before.”

She sat quietly for a minute, organizing her thoughts perhaps.

“Lunch dates?”

She smiled. “Yeah. Monday through Friday I meet at a hotel we use. Usually around 11:30 and we… well we fuck until about one. Sometimes more, often less. I shower and return to the shop with a grand in my pocket. That’s why we can live like this.” She said. “Look Jason I didn’t expect it to go on this long, and I didn’t expect you to find out. I thought I’d do it for a little while, to make ends meet. But then I discovered that I-I liked it. I’m sorry, but I like my customers. They’re good guys, nice, clean, sweet, attentive. They just aren’t getting the sex they need and I fill that need. I’m not a common whore. Last night was the very first time I’ve done anything like that! You have to believe me!”

She was almost crying. I reached across the table and held her hands.

“I do believe you. And I don’t blame you for hiding it, or doing it at all, or even enjoying it. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You needed sex, you deserve good sex, and this does sound like a good situation. You’re getting your needs met while pleasing them and making good money on the side. Sounds like a sweet deal.”

“Yeah, well, I’m lucky. The women who work the getaways get to travel around the country or overseas, but they usually fuck more and come back worn out and sore. But the shopping is supposed to be worth it.” She said smiling. “The ones who work the dinner, evening and overnights have it the worst. Some of those guys expect you to perform all night long. I did only one of those. Thankfully, Beverly lets me avoid those. She’s a good boss, fair, and protective. No weird requests, no one hurts us, everyone is clean and healthy. She even goes on dates too.”

“Sounds like someone I’d like to meet.” I said.

“Oh you did. She was the plump brunette last night.”

“Holy fuck!” I said. “She was great! It was awkward in the kitchen, I wish I could’ve taken her to bed.”

“So… was she your first fuck?” Mom asked and I saw a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah, the other girl started with my first blow job and then she was my first fuck. I saw you fucking Brian on the sofa but thank god I didn’t recognize you.”

“Yeah, no shit.” Mom said.

We sat there for a moment, each of us recalling the previous night. Mom sipped her drink and I recalled how weird and wonderful it had been. What a crazy way to lose your V-card.



“Last night, you said I was a good fuck. Did you mean it or is it just something you say?”

“Oh Jason! Really?”


She sighed again then smiled. “Well it is something I always say, or often say. You have to make them feel good, feel appreciated. You build up their ego and they tip well. But honestly, you were good. Too many guys try to rush it. Even with lots of good lube, anal can be painful, especially with a big cock like yours.” She grinned and I felt myself blushing.

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