Cheating: Keeping It In The Family


“Hi Honey, How was your day.” My wife, Lisa said as I came home from work.

“Good.” I said.

“By the way mama wants you to go over to her house after supper. I think she wants you to look at her car. She thinks it might be skipping or something.” Lisa said.

I knew there was nothing wrong with her mama’s car. She just wants me to come over and fuck her again. I had made a mistake and fucked the hot bitch at her house. Lisa and I had attended a family get together on a Friday night and we had arrived early. Her mama had to go back home and get some tables and she wanted me to go with her. When we got to her house and had loaded the tables in my truck, she said for me to come into the house with her. After we had entered the house, Margie closed the door and locked it.

“I know you are my son in law, but I want you to fuck me.” She said.

I had stood there in shock. I knew the bitch was hot and I had even heard that she would let other men fuck her. I never thought that I would be one of them. She came over to me and kissed me, felt of my dick and took it out of my pants.

“Lisa said you had a long and thick dick. I have been wanting your dick in me every since I first was introduced to you by Lisa. . Now get your clothes off and take me to the bedroom and fuck me.” She said as she removed her blouse and bra.

” I don’t know about that. We don’t have enough time to fuck. I usually try to satisfy a woman and make her have several orgasms. I have never like a quickie.” I said as my dick began to get hard in her hand.

“It don’t take long to fuck. We can be finished in less than twenty minutes. Come on now and fuck me. Lisa is right you do have ten inches of hard dick. I want to feel all of it in me right now. Don’t worry about making me have an orgasm, we can fuck some other time and I can have some. Right now I just want your hard dick in my pussy.

All logic and good sense had gone out the window. As soon as she knelt down on the floor and put my dick in her mouth. Margie sure knew what to do with a hard dick in her mouth. She sucked the slit and taste the pre cum. She slowly began to move down on my dick and I could feel her taking more into her mouth. I looked down and she had all of it in her mouth. Grabbing her behind her head, I began to fuck her face until she worked loose and took my dick out of her mouth.

“I don’t want you to fuck my face, all I want you to is stand there and let me suck it some more. Don’t cum in my mouth, I want your cum in my pussy.” She said.

She went back to giving me one of the best blow job I have ever had. If she kept this up much longer I would feel her mouth with cum. She stopped and removed my dick from her mouth.

“Margie, I don’t have a condom. Lisa is on the pill and we don’t use condoms.

“David, I can’t get pregnant, so don’t worry about not having one. It would be a good idea to buy you some and keep one in your billfold. This family you have married into, including my daughters and me, likes a hard dick and we love to fuck. I haven’t found anything better than sex.” She said.

“I sure wouldn’t want Lisa to find out that I had sex with her mother.” I said.

“Don’t worry about that, she will never find out. Anyway, she keeps herself busy on the farm and she doesn’t come around to much. So what about it, let’s go to my bedroom and fuck.” She said.

“I will fuck you, but just this once. I don’t want to make it a habit of fucking you all the time. You sure have a nice body. Not many mothers like you have a big set of tits, slim waist, and nice ass.” I said.

“Maybe I will let you fuck my ass another time. I like dick in my ass as much as I like it in my mouth and pussy. Hush now and let’s fuck.” she said.

She told me to get on the bed and lie down on my back. I felt her hand on my dick as she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue explored my mouth and I kissed her back. She soon had my dick hard again. She got on top of me and lowered her pussy down over my dick.

“I wanted to be on top this time. I will have to get use to the size of your dick before I take all of it.” She said as she went down on my dick.

“Hmmn, that feels good. I like long thick dicks. Let me go down a little more. I am almost there. Damn I am going to enjoy having you fuck me a lot. I”m all the way down now. Aaaarrggghhh that feels good. That’s right play with my tits while I ride your dick. Your hands feel good on them.” She said as she lifted up and went down again.

Up and down she went on my dick. She even picked up the pace. Every time she went down, she went all the way. I soon heard her moaning as she rode my dick.

“Aarrgghhhh I am cumming!!!!!! Fuck, fuck, that feels good. Damn what a dick you have…. Fuck me back David!!!!!!!! I can feel you cumming in meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

She was all the way down on my dick and she held herself there for a few minutes. She lifted off of me and stood on the floor.

“You are the first man to make me have an orgasm Kars Escort so quick. What a load of cum you put in me. Big dick and a big load of cum. I guess you know we have got to fuck again. Not now, but later. I want you on top next time. C”mon let’s get cleaned up and dressed. We have to get back to the party.

On the way back I asked her what she meant when she said that I had married into a family that likes to fuck.

“David as you know now, I like to fuck. You are my son in law, but I still want some more of your dick. My other two daughters, Becky and April have been fucking every since I took them to the doctor and he put them on the pill. Becky is married to a man name Johnny. April is still single. They both like to fuck, both of them have been in a gang bang. I haven’t had that chance yet, but I wouldn’t back down from being in one.” She said as she stared out the right window of the truck.

“I have already met them. They are built like you are. Big tits, slim waist, and nice ass. They take after you. You have a nice body as well.” I said.

“Yes, they take after me in more ways than one. They like to fuck just like their mama. You want have to worry about Lisa fucking around on you. She’s the smart one, I guess. From what she tells me, she doesn’t like sex all that much. But I guess you know that already.” Margie said.

“Yes, I know.” I said not wanting to tell her mama about our sex life.

I drove on and thought about what Bill, Margie’s live in lover had already warned me about. That Margie would probably try to get me to fuck her.

” Come on and ride with me David. Since you now are part of the family you need to know what to expect. So you and Lisa went and tied the knot. Here’s a beer sit back and let me tell you about this family.” Bill said.

“Ok Bill tell me about this family. Sure I will drink a few beers with you.” I said.

” First thing you need to know is that Margie and I aren’t married. We live together and share with the expenses. Margie was married and out of that marriage Lisa, Becky, and April were born. Nobody knows for sure what happened to Margie’s husband. He just left they say. Me, I have my ideas about that. Margie came home one day and found him fucking Lisa. She beat his ass something furious. Lisa told her mama that her daddy had been fucking her for about two years. Lisa was eighteen at the time. ” Bill said.

” Lisa told me something about that. Maybe that’s the reason she doesn’t like to fuck ” I said.

“Could be, but anyway Lisa moved in with her grandfather. Her grandfather was a mean son of a bitch. He loved those girls and Lisa was his favorite. I still believe that the old man knows what happen to Margie’s husband. Anyway Lisa never did come back home to live. She stayed with her grandfather. After his death and his will was read, Lisa had inherited the farm with one hundred acres of land. Along with that he left her a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Margie and the other two girls got fifty thousand dollars each.” Bill said.

“I sure didn’t know Lisa had that much money.” I told Bill.

” Oh yes. Margie and the girls went through their money fast. Now, Margie, like I said loves to fuck. She is forty two years old and still looks good. She loves to show off her tits. That’s why when you see her, she is wearing those sexy tops that show a lot of her tits. One man can’t keep Margie fucked like she wants to. That’s one of the reasons we never have married. Two or three times a week fucking her is plenty for me. We just agreed to live together and we could fuck someone else anytime we wanted to.” Bill said.

“Those sisters of Lisa are hot to.” I said.

Becky is twenty three years old. I don’t know if you have met her husband Johnny. Johnny if you see him now, always has a beer in his hand. He gets off from work and buys a six pack and drinks it before he goes to sleep. On Friday’s he buys a case of beer and drinks most of that on Friday night. Becky for the last year or so has been going to a club on Friday and Saturday nights. She goes out and usually its two or three o’clock before she gets back home the next morning.. Johnny stays home and drinks and looks after the kids. The kids pretty much look after their selves. Becky isn’t going out to the clubs to just dance and have a good time. She is going to meet men and to fuck. She is just like her mama. She has a body and she also likes to dress and show off her tits. You need to keep your eye out for Becky. If Becky wants you to fuck her, she will ask you. She doesn’t care if you are married to her sister or not. She has even asked me to fuck her.” Bill said.

“Well did you fuck her Bill.” I asked.

“Just between you and me, she know what to do with a hard dick. She doesn’t want you to wear a condom either. She says she likes to feel when a man cums in her. Yes, I have fucked her. One thing about Becky, when you have finished fucking her, she wants more dick. She will drain your dick dry. I don’t know if its true or not, but Kars Escort Bayan I heard she took on the football team one night. It was the state championship game. The winner would be champs of their area. They say she walked right in the locker room and told the team that if they won the game, she would let the entire team fuck her. All during the game, she sat right behind the team urges them on. They won and she went with the team out to the park at the river. Rumor is she let every member of that team including the coaches fuck her. I even asked her about it and she says that it is true.” Bill said.

“She had to take a lot of dick that night. I sure would have to wear a condom if I ever fucked her.” I said.

” Becky will be asking you to fuck, so don’t be surprised when she asks you. She is like her mama, if she wants your dick, she will ask you to fuck her. I don’t really know why Johnny puts up with her going out and fucking every Friday and Saturday night. He has got to know that she is getting fucked. That’s their business, I do know a lot of men are fucking his wife. Those nights aren’t the only time she is getting some dick either, she is getting dick all during the week. She is a stay at home mom, and she is getting dick during the day too.” Bill said.

“What about April, is she also like Becky?” I asked.

“I was out in the yard one night when April’s date brought her home. He parked his truck off of the driveway and under the big pecan tree. They didn’t see me and I watched as the truck started rocking. I went up to the truck and with the moonlight and the lights from the house, her date was fucking her. She had one leg on top of the seat and one leg on the dash. They had the windows down and I could hear every sound they made. She was telling him to fuck her hard. I kind of laughed when I heard the man tell April that this was the third time that night that he had fucked her.” Bill said.

“So she is a slut like her sister?” I asked.

“Yes she is. She is also like Becky. If she wants you to fuck her, she want care if you are married to her sister or not. I haven’t fucked her and don’t really want to. She likes the dark meat in her. She came in one night, fucked down, if a woman can be fucked down. She had taken so much black dick that she could hardly walk. They had fucked her ass about as much as they had fucked her pussy. Becky told me that April had gone to a black club, and she thought every black man in there had either cummed in her mouth, ass, or pussy.” Bill said.

“I knew that there was women who could pull a train of men like that, but I didn’t know that April had. Do you think that Becky and April are trying to see which one can fuck the most. Becky took on a football team, and April went to a black club knowing she would be fucked before she left there?” I said.

“Could be. April is built just like her mama and sister. Each one of them is blessed with big tits, small waist, and nice ass. Each one of them likes to fuck and they will fuck until the man can’t fuck anymore. You want have to worry about Lisa, she isn’t like her younger sisters and mama. I haven’t hear anything on her.” Bill said.

” I know she wouldn’t let me fuck her until I had asked her to marry me. We went together six months and I fucked her three times. She told me the other day not to expect to fuck her but on Saturday nights. Shit I have to fuck more than one night a week.” I said.

“In this family if you need to fuck it want be hard to find a willing partner. Margie, Becky, and April will make sure you get plenty of pussy if they find out that Lisa don’t want to fuck but one night a week. Watch what I say, when they find out, they will be asking you to fuck them. They may even ask you to fuck to welcome you into the family.” Bill said.

“I have seen both sisters and my first impression of them was that I surely would fucked them if I get the chance. I know I have to have more than just a Saturday night fuck. Fucking is a lot better than jacking your dick and cumming in some toilet tissue.” I said.

“Those sisters probably would like to get you alone and you could fuck them both. Margie knows that Becky and April are sluts. She even said that she thought that they liked to fuck more than she did. Margie told me about Becky and the football team and about April and her gang fuck at the black club. She said that she asked both of them about it and that they said it was true. I kind of get the feeling that Margie wants to have the same gang fuck experience as they have. She told me she took on five one night, but it wasn’t like taking on as many as they did.” Bill said.

“What makes a woman want to fuck so many men at one time, Bill?” I asked.

“I don’t really know. You take Lisa, she doesn’t care about getting dick like her mama and sisters. Then you have Margie fucking every chance she gets. Becky and April being fucked and gang-fucked. I don’t know, some women love dick more than others. My exwife didn’t like to fuck but one or two nights Escort Kars a week. But there are single men and married men out there will fuck them. Some of these men have wives that want fuck and they have to get pussy from the women that will fuck. It will always be like that. The women that you don’t think will fuck or the ones getting a lot of dick, and the women that you think will fuck aren’t getting any dick.” Bill said.

” If Margie asks you to fuck, you can fuck her if you want to. That why I drive an eighteen wheeler across country, if I was home she would want me to fuck her every night. This way I am only home every Friday and Saturday night. There are women I fuck at the truck stops. Its not the same one every time either. I know Margie is letting other men fuck her, she just can’t get enough dick. Becky and April are following in her footsteps, those two know what to do with a hard dick. Might be a good idea to buy you some condoms and keep one in your billfold.” Bill said as we drove around drinking beer and talking.


Lisa and I had been married about three months at the time that I fucked her mother. That was on a Friday evening, this was the next Tuesday evening as I was driving over to Margie’s house. I knew her car was alright, it wasn’t skipping or cutting out. That was Margie’s way of getting me to come over to her house again to fuck her. She had used Lisa to tell me to come. I had to go because Lisa would want to know why I didn’t want to go. I drove into her yard and knocked on the door.

“Its open, come in David.” She said.

“Lisa says you have car troubles.” I said.

“No. I just need to talk to you. By the way, I enjoyed the fuck we had Friday evening. Right now I have something I want you to see.” She said.

I watched as she turned the television and VCR on. There on the screen was me fucking Becky. I wished that I could walk out the door. I had been caught on tape fucking one of Lisa sisters and Margie’s daughters. What made it worse I had fucked Becky on Margie’s bed this past Saturday afternoon. Margie had a camera in the bedroom and it had taped the whole scene. It showed Becky sucking my dick. Me taking her in the ass as well as me fucking her pussy and all without a condom.

“I got the camera installed because I thought Bill was bringing women to the house to fuck in our bed. So what do I see when I find that the camera has videoed something. I find you here in my house, in my bed fucking Becky. You and Becky knew I wouldn’t be here when you brought the tables back Saturday afternoon and Becky must have met you here. That bed is for me to fuck in, not anyone else. I have also called Becky, she is on her way now. You told Lisa that you have never had a woman to slap you across the face. It will be my pleasure to slap the shit out of you.” she said.

I was sitting on the couch when she got up and came over to me. She slapped my face not once but twice. Both sides of my face was slapped by her. It was hard slaps and I knew her hand print had to be on my face. I heard the door open as Becky came in.

“Sit your fucking ass on the couch beside of David.” Margie told Becky.

Margie slapped both sides of Becky face like she had mine.

“Mama what did you do that for?” Becky asked.

“Look at the television screen. Who is that fucking David on my bed? It you Becky, you and David fucking on my bed this past Saturday afternoon. So how do you explain this? Margie asked.

“I am sorry mama. I came here and I remembered that you would be gone the afternoon. David came over with the tables and I helped him to unload them. When we finished unloading the tables, I came in to fix us a glass of tea. David came in and used the bathroom. We sat on the couch and before we knew it I was kissing him and him me. One thing led to another as he massaged my tits and sucked them. I asked him if he would like to fuck me. Davis said that he would like to, but didn’t know where to take me. So I told him that we could fuck on your bed. I didn’t know that you had a camera in your bedroom. We want fuck again on your bed.” Becky said.

“Want fuck again on my bed, but you and David will fuck again? Right?” Margie said.

“Yes mama. I think David and I will fuck again.” Becky said.

“You know he is your sister’s husband. Lisa would have a fit if she knew you and David have fucked.” Margie said.

“She would have an even bigger fit if she knew her mama has let David fuck her.” Becky said.

“What the fuck are you talking about Becky?

“You and David was gone a long time Friday night to get those tables. A lot longer than it takes to load three folding tables. You was gone for over an hour. It don’t take but twenty minutes to drive to my house and back. So I think you asked David to fuck you and he did. If this is on the tape, I just bet what happened Friday evening is also on there. Let me rewind the tape and we all will see.” She said.

Becky got up an backed the tape up to the beginning. She sit back down next to me on the couch as the tape started. Sure enough there was Margie and me on her bed fucking. No one moved or said anything as the tape played from start to finish. It showed Margie and me fucking and Becky and me fucking on the bed.

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