Christmas Candy


We’d fought about it last night. Her Christmas gifts to me were always so calculated, ordinary, useful, unexciting. Many times, I was sure she’d chosen something that actually served her purpose more than it served mine such as the time she bought me the snow blower after complaining that I never shoveled the drive. Over the years, I began to dread the holidays because of how her gifts made me feel, and I made my feelings known last night when I declared in a fit of rage that I was going to toss the gift I had gotten her into the waste basket.

“That’s it!” I yelled, when she laughed at me for bringing it up. “It might be silly to you, but I’m tired of feeling like your personal handyman every Christmas. Clearly, you have no idea about the concept of giving and I don’t want to do this anymore. This is officially my last Christmas and you can take that however you like.”

I’d stormed off to the bedroom, knowing I was being childish, yet unable to make myself apologize. It was more than the gifts; it was that she never gave me anything that mattered. Especially herself.

I fell asleep before she came to bed and when she woke me the next day by sinking her body onto my morning erection, I’d put the matter from my mind and laughed at my stupid behavior. As usual, the feel of her silky insides had changed my mood considerably. I even told her I was sorry afterwards.

She met me at the door when I was dressed.

“Come home early if you can, Mick; I have a special present for you. I want to give it to you tonight and I think you’ll like it very much,” she’d whispered.

I stood there for a moment, watching her – a vision in a white satin camisole and French cut bikini panties. After a reluctant leave, I’d thought of her words all day; words she’d whispered in a voice so seductive it resonated through my body. Christmas Eve and my favorite Jerzey at home, warm and soft, ready to envelop me. I hurried as best I could; Christmas gifts the last thing on my mind.


Now, here I am, lying on the carpet in our sitting room wearing silk boxers, and Jerzey is leaning over me, her breasts nearly slipping from a slight satin garment as she offers me wine. I accept, allowing her to tilt the glass until my parched lips meet merlot, and I note the sparkle in her eyes. Jerzey always glitters, but her eyes tonight are emerald chips – ice and fire married behind shadow-dusted lids.

Sleek black hair draping over a bare shoulder, she lifts a piece of fruit, intent on feeding me, but I shake my head and reach for her. She’s sly and evades my grasp, slithering away a scant few inches. But the satin slides high and reveals her tanned hip. I groan and my erection grows another inch.

“Lie down all the way,” she nearly sighs, and I recognize that husky sound. My Jerzey wants me, and I’ll do what she asks. Shifting slightly, I slip to my back and feel her cool fingers tug at the waistband of my boxers. I lift my hips, and Jerzey unwraps me, her movements slow and agonizing.

The sky through our bay window is midnight blue kissed by azure as across the apparent horizon, evening descends. In the corner, the only illumination, a small Christmas tree, blinks its lights at me and I hear my breaths deepen. Jerzey strokes my chest, and I focus on the North Star through the window, my head swimming. Soon her lips join her fingers, and I feel the startling warmth of her wet mouth as she suckles a nipple. I’m sinking fast, and I still haven’t gotten my gift.

Or…perhaps I have. If so, it is already more than I dreamed of.

She’s impatient, her hunger strong. With amazing agility, she tugs at my hands until she has me in the perfect position. With a smile, she pulls one creamy thigh up high, its softness grazing my cheek before she settles it by my side. In an agonizing instant, she straddles me.

“Don’t touch me,” she whispers, and I drop the hands that had seconds before sought to caress her thighs.

Her grin shows her approval and I comfort myself with the feel of her warmth surrounding my lower body.

Jerzey, my angel, begins to move. Her head drops to my chest and she slides her satin shrouded body against mine, her hard nipples sending fire through my belly. The feel of her hair on my shoulders is merely an antecedent to the exquisite softness of her skin. I yearn for her and she knows it, and remains elusive.

“Honey, please,” I gasp, but she only laughs a little and tosses her hair, its scent following the movement and arousing me fresh.

She reaches for a slice of chilled melon and eases it between my lips, her own mouth forming a small “O” of encouragement, but my hunger is only for her. A shake of her head has me opening, but before I can chew, she is upon me, her lips wrapping the other end of the fruit, her breath in my ear. She sucks softly and I hear her throat swallow, riding a soft sigh. Hungrily, she eats, she devours this flesh, she consumes every morsel. As her lips approach mine, she raises her eyes and locks onto me while she Kıbrıs Escort works the last remaining bit from my mouth to hers.

I tremble.

Although she has yet to touch me intimately, I am aroused watching her eat. A small trickle of juice runs down her chin, reminding me of how she looks with my seed on her lips. I hear a groan and understand somehow that the sound is mine, and then Jerzey kisses me.

Together we move, her lips tugging at mine, her teeth digging for the fruit and I yield completely as from somewhere “Silent Night” drifts into the room. It is Christmas and my wife is devouring my mouth while carolers serenade us with the sound of the holidays. Just one step closer to the window and they will see our love. I’m nearly bursting with pride.

Without warning, she moans and speeds her movements, catching my lower lip between her teeth and tugging hard. I give in, amazed, enchanted, and filled with a want to give her whatever she yearns for. She takes my hands and brings them above my head, her hair a sweet-smelling curtain of night that blocks the twinkling lights.

Jerzey pauses. She lifts her head and stares at me. I’ve never seen her like this: so sexy, so intent, so turned on. Gone is the playful gleam in her eyes, replaced now with a deep need that I cannot fathom. Holding my hands tight in one small fist, she lowers her head and traces the outline of my lips with her tongue. She feeds on them gently until her fervor overcomes her and she plunges into my mouth, hot and urgent.

Caught off guard, I gasp around her tongue. She’s alive and her body is so hot. She can’t get enough of my lips, my tongue, my saliva. Her gown slips high and my most sensitive appendage is instantly encased in warm, damp silk as she grinds herself against me. Again, I yield, and allow her the control she craves because we both know that I could easily extract my hands from her grip, lay her on her back, and slide deep inside her.

My baby has outdone herself; this is the best gift in the world.

Jerzey kisses me, and in so doing she drinks my soul, happily given in exchange for witnessing this need in her. She signals quietly and I roll to my stomach just as I feel her touch. She kneads my buttocks, slipping her hands between my cheeks and pulling me open just a little bit. Dizzy, I remind myself to breathe.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she asks. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” I answer, though my word is little more than a choked syllable.

Leaning down, she tugs at my earlobe with her teeth before breathing, “I will. And for Christmas this year…all you get is candy.”

I wonder what she means, but I find I really don’t care.

Jerzey moves. She rises to her knees and presses her crotch against my bottom. I feel her desperately flex and relax, grinding hard to find satisfaction that she knows she will not get. It is the dance that amuses her, the hunt that thrills her. It is this way tonight. She coos to me, inciting my senses with her soft whispers as her hands move across my skin.

She pulls. She places her hands on my hips and tugs me to my knees. My shaft is full, needy. It throbs between my legs. Jerzey touches me. She takes me, from behind and under, into a delicate hand and creates a fist to cradle me. I moan and try to thrust but her shush stills me. Holding me, she begins a cautious movement, sweeping her palm up my length to capture the moisture that has crept from my slit. She breathes a deep sigh of satisfaction and massages the liquid into my skin. Every nerve ending I possess screams and I feel myself grow harder still.

“So hard,” she coos, “so hot and so, so hard. You’re bursting to cum, aren’t you, darling. Your balls are tight and aching. You want me to touch them?”

At her pause, I only groan and press against her fist.

“Yes, I know you do, but baby mustn’t move. You must let me have you, Mick. All of you.” As if to punctuate her words, she eases her other hand down and grasps me at the base of my shaft. She squeezes hard, very hard, and slides her fist up until another drop slips into her waiting palm, which she quickly smears along the cut of my cockhead.

Her body trembles and she whispers, “God, I need this.”

Just as suddenly as she’d begun, she deserts me, telling me to stay as I am. The thought of defying her never enters my mind. I only wait, hunched on all fours and trembling from head to toe. A second later she appears in front of me and perches on the edge of the sofa. Tilting my head with her hand, she allows me the merest freedom of movement so that I may gaze at her and I see that her panties are wet, so wet that they cling to her sex like dew clings to the grass at dawn.

She pulls my head closer. I’m so close that her scent engulfs me and I nearly faint from wanting. Making sure that I’m watching, she pulls the leg elastic of her panties to one side and my eyes fall on her pussy. It’s smooth and bare, her juices coating it completely. A growl rises Kıbrıs Escort Bayan from my chest and I strain to inhale more of her, struggling to retain my position when what I really want is to toss her on her back and take her like a savage.

I hear her soft chuckle and I’m aware that she knows the thoughts that are swimming through my mind. My body is tight, poised to pounce at her suggestion, yet steeled to the knowledge that I must wait. It is a dance, and she leads tonight.

Jerzey sighs and it soothes me. She slips her free hand down and dips a finger into her pussy. It slides in slowly, and she gives it a twist.

“Mmmmm,” she groans, “feels good, baby.”

I swallow, my throat a desert, her pussy a fountain. Perhaps even a mirage, but I thirst all the same. For my Jerzey, my lovely, sexy gift.

Her finger moves out, and then she swallows it again. Faster…much harder…so much deeper. I risk a glance up and witness the purest face of pleasure that I have ever seen. Her finger is wet; there are strings of fluid that connect her pussy to her knuckles as her fucking increases. She flushes.

My erection is painful now, throbbing, pulsing, aching. I begin to encourage her, praying for her to release herself before my eyes. She shushes me and picks up…candy, a pink and white candy cane. It’s one of the large ones, thick, long, and round. Her hand barely encircles it. It’s a novelty, something to give the excellent students, or the efficient secretary, or…the obedient husband.

It is, apparently, my present. My heart nearly stops as I wonder if this terrible pleasure is about to end.

She’s never placed me here before. It’s always me who is in control, my will that we explore. I shudder.

She’s moving again, raising her hips, bringing her pussy close to me. My mouth waters and I groan.

“Take off my panties.”

I move to comply, but her wicked expression stops me. I’m befuddled, confused, drowning in sensory overload. And I ache for her.

“With your teeth,” she whispers.

Her smile is dark, and I feel a vibration in her body that matches mine. Salivating heavily, I slip my tongue under the leg elastic, settle my teeth, and begin to tug. A low, husky moan trails from her lips. But her scent is maddening, and her heat distracting, and oh, dear God, I can taste her. She confounds my attempts by closing her thighs.

I feel a surge of something hot and primal. With a loud, harsh groan, I pull hard and watch as the tiny bit of silk disintegrates in slow motion, its ripping sounds a background to the terrible thud of my heart. The panties fall from my mouth as she closes in.

“Yes!” she hisses and rubs her soaked pussy against my mouth. Greedily, I lap. Hungrily, I eat, pushing my tongue through the folds of her soft sex and probe. I am an animal, and so is she.

But, Jerzey stops. She places her hand on my head and shoves me away from her. Hard. Settling back against the sofa, she lifts one leg and places her foot beside her on the seat. What this does to her pussy is amazing. A little at a time, it opens in front of me, and her hand is moving. It is descending, the candy enclosed, it touches her. Her hot, wet, pussy.

“Oh my god,” I whisper and reach for my cock.

“Touch it and you will cum alone tonight.”

It is not a threat; it is a simple statement. I stop, still perched on hands and knees, aware that my tongue hangs from my lips like a dog scenting the heat of his bitch. I pant.

Her hands shake as she parts her lips, the cane pointed home. Slowly, so slowly, she inserts the tip. I see her open for it, I hear her sigh, I feel her quiver.

And then, it is in. She is pressing. Pressing, oh…so…hard. My head throbs. It pounds, and my cock releases a massive drop of precum. It falls to the carpet, extending for some seconds before the connection breaks. I want her. I want her so badly; yet, I want to see her pleasure, too.

She starts to fuck: her hips lifting, her foot finding purchase, her chest heaving. Jerzey closes her eyes and surrenders, her beautiful black hair flying, her eyes closed. She fucks herself brutally and the room is filled with peppermint and pussy. I see her pink hood slip back and her clitoris emerge. I’ll faint if I cannot lick it. She reads my mind, but denies me, placing her finger where my tongue should be.

“Oh,” she moans, “oh, yes.”

I whimper and begin to inch forward. She lifts her leg and gently pushes me back.

“You want this candy, darling? Your Christmas candy?”

“Yes,” I moan, only wanting her much more.

“You can have it. Soon. When I’m done with it,” her hesitation is painful, “and when I’m done with you.”

“Yes,” I repeat, my voice lost in a groan.

Returning her attention to herself, she pulls the candy free of her pussy and brings it to her lips. I can see that the spiraling of pink and white have started to melted away from the heat of her sex. She extends her tongue and licks its length, murmuring Escort Kıbrıs under her breath. I watch, but I’m torn. I want to watch her suck the candy, but her fingers are touching her clit, and I want to see that too. Another whimper slips from my throat as she almost swallows the candy cane.

“I’m going to cum now, darling. Watch,” Jerzey whispers.

Just her words reduce me to the animal again. Nearly growling, I lick my dry lips and stare as she lowers the candy once more. Her hands work together now. She peels her lips back, inserts the cane and begins to bear down on it with all of her strength. At the same time, she forms her fingers into a V and strokes along both sides of her clit. I know my Jerzey well; this means she is far too close to orgasm and wishes to delay things a moment longer, perhaps for my benefit, but more likely for hers. Although this is supposed to be my night…my gift. I know that it is really hers. I hold my breath and watch, hungry.

It is compelling, the feelings that rush through me as I watch my wife fuck herself. I see the skin that I know to be so soft being sucked up into her body as she slides the candy inside; I see it stretched out tight as she removes it. I know how it feels held snug within her, to be drawn inside, released, to fill her pussy, to flood it. She’s rough now, twisting the cane on the instroke, pulling it nearly free, then driving it back inside. And all the while, that soft skin follows the thrusting and molds itself to candy.

Compelling, yes, because I want to tear the cane from her fingers and suck her sweet pussy, then I want to fill her body with every inch of my hard cock. Mesmerized, I just watch instead. In… then out… in…then out, and all the while her fingers creep closer to her clit. It fascinates me, it delights me, and it drives me insane.

“Yes,” she moans, and I tense immediately for the moment is come.

“Oh, fuck yes,”

Her head flies back, she arches her back, and as the waves begin, she drives the cane deeply. She holds it there, her hips doing the work now while she moves in on her clitoris. Attacking it with a vengeance, she rubs the stiff morsel of flesh with one finger so that I can see her movements well. Up and down her wet finger moves, her inner muscles pulling the cane in deep and clamping down on it. I see its movement as it bobs a little, and I see her movements as well: the twitching at the lowest part of her belly, the large thigh muscles working so hard, her biceps straining. She switches finally to two fingers, moving them urgently across her clit, spreading her pussy juice.

Jerzey begins to cum. She calls out my name, clenches her thighs and cums hard. I moan as I watch her cum ooze from around the candy, and I fight the urge to pump my cock. It will be my turn soon. My darling’s precious gift.

“Oh, baby. Oh, Jerzey. I love you so much. Cum for me, darling,” I coax, even though my softest Jerzey needs no coaxing.

Her comedown is sweet. She stares at me with dark green eyes as her chest heaves prettily. Foggy eyes, no, glittering eyes that pull at my heart and my cock as though they are tethered to one another, and then she slides from the sofa, places the cane on the fruit tray and takes my mouth. Her kiss is deep and wet, her body still hungry, and I know that before the night is through, she will cum again.

Breaking our kiss, she moves behind me. Her skin is hot as she lays her cheek against my ass. I don’t know how, but I’ve retained the position in which she placed me. I feel her soft tongue lick me, coating my flesh with saliva. Underneath us, my cock is in agony, as is the body that it’s attached to.

On her knees again, she spreads my cheeks. I can almost sense her staring at me and I feel something like shame mixed with excitement. My face burns; my heart pounds. Jerzey has never looked at my asshole quite so intently before.

“I want this,” she whispers.

As I wait, I focus my eyes on the packages that lay under the Christmas tree, hoping that my gift to her will measure up to this night that she is giving me, for she has truly outdone me this time and it was worth all the years it took to get here. My senses have never felt so alive, so vibrant. I crave her touch in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’m open and vulnerable. She could crush me at this moment. And I love it all.

Her breath is cool on my wet skin. She moves closer…I hear her sigh… closer…I smell her perfume…closer…her breath, my ass, her scent, my hole, her mouth…oh God, her tongue.

“Oh, Jerzey,” I say, but she does not answer.

Touch me, my mind screams. Touch me…now.

Then I feel it, and I stop breathing, unsure, confused, aroused. But, there it is again, the barest sensation, the faintest movement, Jerzey’s tongue on my asshole. A hot rush of sweetness fills my limbs and I lurch. Again, she probes. Harder now, stroking firmly. Licking my asshole, opening me.

“Oh my God,” I wheeze, swimming through another wave of dizziness.

Testing, she points her tongue and presses.

“Oh my God,” I repeat, sizzling inside.

Harder. Almost. Almost entering me, yet not quite. I flex, feeling the muscles in my legs strain to stay still. Jerzey sighs, softens her tongue and begins to lick.

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