Church Back Room Bang

Double Penetration

It was a regular early Sunday morning at the Baptist church as Jack sat in the back row of the empty sanctuary with his girlfriend Cassie. The other members of the congregation were currently in the rooms in the back of the building, attending the various Sunday School classes that were held every week before service. Jack and Cassie had chosen to skip out on that since he never attended any of them anyway and Cassie wasn’t about to join that if he wasn’t there. She had only come along with Jack because his folks were planning to go out afterwards and he had invited her to come along. Being stuck joining them at church was an unfortunate side effect for her.

Jack glanced up from the game he was playing on his phone to look over at Cassie. She was busy looking down at the phone in her own hand, her crystal blue eyes locked on her Tumblr feed. Her long blonde hair was tied into a ponytail and sat draped over her left shoulder. She had gone with a denim heavy look today by wearing a navy denim jacket and knee length skirt, a plain red t-shirt completing her look.

Jack smiled as he switched out of his game over to his photo app, snapping a quick photo of her sitting like that. She looked up at him, her eyebrow raised questioningly when she heard the sound of the photo being taken. Jack just smiled and then switched over to Facebook and posted it, tagging her in the photo.

“Sitting around with an angel waiting for service to start.” He wrote as the caption on the picture.

Cassie’s phone bleeped from the notification of her being tagged as she looked at her Facebook for a moment, seeing what he wrote as she rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him again. He laughed softly when she did that, as he winked at her before going back to his game. Cassie just resumed looking at her Tumblr, though there was a wide smile on her lips and a small hint of red on her cheeks.

“And there’s another dick,” Cassie said rather casually a couple minutes later as she scrolled through her Tumblr, though she made sure to keep her voice down.

Her comment made Jack look up from his screen to glance at her phone to see a picture of a penis displayed on the screen.

“We’re in church hun. I know this really isn’t your thing, but can you not look at porn please?” Jack asked as he frowned a little, the distraction having caused him to lose his game.

Cassie giggled when she saw his frown as she leaned close to him, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek before whispering into his ear.

“That’s funny coming from the guy who has sexy pictures of his girlfriend hidden on his phone so he can jerk off to them in the basement bathroom.”

“Only because it’s more fun thinking about my girlfriend in her underwear than it is to be sitting around, getting bored out of my skull.” Jack whispered back as he growled into her ear before biting it softly for a brief moment. He smirked when he saw her shudder slightly from his growl and the nip to her ear as she lightly shoved him away.

“Down you horny dog,” She said quietly as she rolled her eyes. “Don’t even think about trying to pull something with me here.”

“Me? Try to pull something with you in church? Why would I do that?” Jack said with a chuckle. He laughed a little when he saw Cassie roll her eyes again. He then whispered into her ear softly. “A little late on that one though. I’ve already thought about it a couple times.” He smirked when she shuddered again and then pulled back from her, noticing her squeezing her legs together a little bit.

The sound of a loud buzzer made them both jump a little bit in surprise, the buzzer being used to signal the end of Sunday School and that service was going to start soon. The two of them resumed playing on their phones once more when they saw people start to file in from the back rooms, doing their best to just look normal as possible. Jack introduced her to the few people who walked past them that stopped to say hello and things progressed as they usually did.

After a few minutes, the service was underway and Jack decided to have a little bit of fun with Cassie and started to tease her. During most of the opening announcements, Jack’s hand had slipped onto Cassie’s thigh, just slowly moving back and over it. His fingertips caressed her skin and he saw her glaring at him but she also bit her lip, a red flush on her face once again. A few minutes later, while the congregation was singing worship songs, Jack grabbed Cassie’s ass, squeezing it through her skirt. She squeaked in surprise when he did that but thankfully the music was loud enough that no one heard her. She glared at Jack some more but he just shrugged and kept his hand Kıbrıs Escort where it was, only removing it when the occasional late comer walked in through the front doors.

A few minutes later, after the pastor had just started his sermon, Jack glanced over at Cassie, who was once again engrossed in looking at her phone. He smirked softly to himself as he pulled out his own phone and typed out a quick message to her.

“I’m bored baby.”

“Me too.” She texted back.

“We should do something.”

“Like what?”

“We could hang out in the youth room. At least it’ll be quiet there and we can talk instead of being bored.”

“Is that the only thing you have in mind?”

“How about you and I go back there and you’ll find out?”

“Why do I have a feeling you have something dirty on that pervy brain of yours?.. But okay, let’s do it.”

“That’s kind of what I’m hoping for” Jack thought to himself with a smirk on his face.

A couple minutes later, the pastor called for a congregational prayer, and everyone else in the room lowered their heads and closed their eyes. Jack and Cassie slowly stood up and then quietly slipped out of the sanctuary by walking into the small foyer and then out the front doors. Jack smiled at her as he took her hand in his, holding it gently as they walked quietly and quickly around the building over to the one side door that was always unlocked. They entered through it and into the main fellowship hall which was where the eating and adult Sunday School classes were held. They then moved through the building to the youth room and slipped into the room, closing and locking the door behind them.

The youth room was a medium sized room which always felt smaller to Jack due to all the stuff in it. Two old couches sat against two of the walls and an old piano sat against another one. A fold up table and some folding chairs sat in the middle of the room on top of a single square of carpet which covered only a quarter of the floor.

“You know, when you say to me “youth room” this doesn’t exactly come to mind,” Cassie said as she looked around. “I was expecting more fun things in here. Like games or something.”

“There used to be stuff like a mini pool set and table soccer in here but those are in the basement now since those are incomplete. No clue why they won’t get rid of them. These days we just play cards of some kind. And its mainly called that since this is where the teens hang out after service most of the time.”

“So what are we supposed to do in here?” Cassie asked with her eyebrow raised curiously towards Jack. “Just sit in the quiet looking at our phones or something? It’s not like there is much for us to do in here.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of something like this,” Jack said with a smirk as he took her hand.

Cassie looked at him with her eyebrow still raised as he pulled her over to the couch that sat against the same wall the door was on. This meant that no one would see them if anyone happened to be walking around and peeked into the room. He sat down on the couch and he gently pulled her down on top of him, her legs ending up on both sides of him.

Cassie blinked as she looked down at Jack and he just smirked before pressing his lips against hers. His hands moved to rest on the small of her back, pushing on it to press her body tighter against his, her C-cup breasts being crushed against his chest in the process.

Cassie’s eyes widened from the shock of his sudden kiss, the shock wearing off quickly as she pressed her lips back against his. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers entangling themselves in his messy dark hair.

The two of them just stayed like that, their lips locked together for a few minutes, getting lost in each other. Cassie was the first to pull away, panting softly. Her nipples had grown hard and Jack could see them outlined by her shirt, as he playfully poked one of them with his nose.

“Someone forgot to wear a bra today I see,” Jack said with a smirk, bumping his nose on the outline of her nipple once more.

“S-shut u-up… I was in a hurry… Not my fault your church service requires you get up so damn early and punish you for enjoying sleep…” A pout crossed her lips as she looked down at him. “Now kn-knock it off… y-you know we c-can’t do that stuff in here. W-what if we get caught?” She whispered softly as she tried to push his head away from her chest. She gasped suddenly when Jack’s hands moved to grip her ass through the denim skirt she was wearing, which had been at his request. She shuddered when she heard him growl into her ear, her fingers moving to grip his Kıbrıs Escort Bayan shirt.

“There’s a reason I asked you to wear that skirt today,” Jack whispered into her ear. “So glad you went along with that my dear.” He chuckled softly as he moved his tongue up along the back of her ear. “The risk just makes this all the more fun my dear.”

Cassie blushed and then she bit her lip as she felt one of Jack’s hands moving from her ass to the front of her skirt. His fingers toyed slightly with the snap on the front before moving downwards and slipping underneath the dark blue fabric. His fingers soon found themselves against her crotch as he looked up at her with a smirk.

“What was that about not being able to do much?” Jack asked as he pressed his fingers against her clit, rubbing it through the soft material of her underwear.

Cassie bit her lip as she felt his fingers on her clit, doing her best to suppress her moan. His fingers shifted again as he began to rub up and down along her panty covered slit while his thumb stayed in contact with her little button of nerves.

“S-stop t-teasing me,” She whimpered as her hips began to move, grinding herself against his fingers. “W-we don’t h-have time for t-that.”

“Too true my dear. We are on a time limit.” Jack said as he looked at her while his fingers continued to tease her womanhood. He then whispered into her ear. “That’s what makes it more thrilling. The pressure of the time limit and the risk of getting caught.”

“You’re such a f-freak…” She said with a small moan.

Jack chuckled as he pulled his hand out from under her skirt. He then shifted her slightly so he could access the fly of his jeans, popping open the button and pulling his zipper down. His hand then moved to take hold of his cock which had grown hard from the situation and pulled it out, freeing it of the confines of his underwear. His hand reached under her skirt once more to push the crotch of her underwear aside, giving her clit another teasing rub in the process.

Cassie bit her lip harder as she moaned again, her hips moving to position herself over his cock. She let out a soft gasp as she felt the tip of his dick touch her clit. Her hips moved a little to rub her clit on his tip for a few seconds before she shifted forward a little and dropped herself onto him. A long low moan escaped her lips as she felt her tunnel sliding down his hard shaft, surrounding him with her hot wetness. Her skirt hiked itself up as she lowered herself, her round ass now being exposed due to it and also from her choice of wearing a black and white thong.

“M-mm.. Having sex w-while at c-church” Cassie said as she held still, letting herself adjust. “Not exactly a very good boy, now are you?”

“Heh, when did I ever say I was a good boy?” Jack said with a small growl as he then picked her up only to lay her on the couch, laying on top of her as he looked down at her, his cock still buried inside of her. “Besides, it’s more fun to be bad than good.”

Cassie giggled softly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her fingers played with his dark locks. She began to move her hips a little when Jack didn’t start moving, as she pouted up at him.

“Are you going to just look at me like this or are you going to fuck me?” She whispered into his ear before growling, giving him a slight kick in the ass with the heel of her shoe.

“Hmm tough choice,” Jack said playfully as he looked down at her. “Does my girlfriend want me to fuck her right here right now?”

“F-fuck me… Please…” Cassie moaned as she moved her hips more. “C-come on… M-move!”

“Well since you seem to want it so badly,” Jack growled into her ear. “Your wish is my command.”

Jack looked down at her, a look of lust and love for her in his eyes, as he saw it reflected in her own crystal blue eyes. He pulled himself back till just his tip was inside of her, as he then thrusted back into her, filling her fully with one motion which made her moan out again. He let out a soft grunt when he felt her warm wet tunnel surrounding his shaft again. He then began to move his hips slowly, his cock sliding back and forth inside of her ever so slightly.

Cassie bit her lip as she felt him moving inside of her. Her fingers gripped his hair even more as her legs tightened around him. She moaned out through her teeth before whining softly at his choice of a slower pace. She gave him another kick in the ass with the heel of her foot as she looked up at him.

“F-faster” She whimpered as she pulled on his hair a little. “C-come o-on… we don’t h-have all d-day..”

Jack growled playfully as he heard her Escort Kıbrıs begging for him, his thrusts increasing in their speed and roughness. His hands meanwhile slid down to the bottom of her shirt, taking hold of it as he pulled it up to uncover her breasts.

Cassie blushed as she felt her breasts being exposed to the cool air in the room. She let out a soft gasp as Jack’s hands took hold of her soft orbs and began to massage them, his thumbs running over to press down on her nipples.

“F-fuck!” She moaned out a little loudly and she quickly bit her lip to silence herself.

“Careful hun, you might give us away if you get too loud,” Jack said as he chuckled softly before leaning his head down to take hold of her right nipple with his lips, giving it a nice long suck before flicking it with his tongue.

“I-it’s your fault.. f-for making me m-moan so loudly,” She said in between several moans as he kept pumping his cock into her. Her hands found his head once again and her fingers gripped his dark hair and she tugged on it lightly as well.

Jack let out a soft growl when he felt her tug on his hair, as he gave her nipple a light bite with his teeth, hearing her whimper slightly from light jolts of pain from the bite. He then smirked as he pulled out of her, his smirk growing when he saw the disappointed look on her face. He moved up onto his knees before grabbing hold of her hips, turning her over onto her hands and knees. His fingers moved to the snap of her skirt, popping it open as he pulled it down around her knees now.

Cassie looked back at him questioningly as she felt him tug her skirt down. She then let out another yelp when she felt his hand smack against her rear. She buried her head into her arm to suppress her noises, as she felt him slide back into her and resume his thrusting. His hands took hold of her hips and she lowered her upper body onto the couch, letting him get deeper into her. Her nipples began to rub against the fabric on the couch and the added friction sent more shocks of pleasure coursing through her.

“H-harder…” She moaned out. “M-make me sore…” Her hand slid down to her clit, as she began to rub it, the added stimuli sending extra bolts of pleasure coursing through her body.

Jack’s smirk grew when he heard her words, as he gave her ass another smack. His fingers hooked into her hips as he sped up his thrusts, pumping into her tunnel more. His hips smacked against her ass with each thrust forward into her. He felt like he was in heaven, between the feeling of being buried inside of his girlfriend, hearing her trying to contain her moans and gasps of pleasure and seeing her in this position. The fact they were fucking on the couch in a church room he had spent many afternoons in was just icing on this cake.

Cassie glanced back at Jack, seeing the smirk on his face. She smiled up at him as she kept working her fingers over her clit. His cock was pressing on every inch of her walls and her tunnel keep tightening around him, squeezing even more. The pleasure quickly built up in her core and she began to pant in between moans.

“F-fuck… I’m going to cum baby…” She moaned out. “I’m so c-close… D-don’t stop…”

Her words drove Jack on as his thrusts became harder and faster. His cock tip hit on the top of her tunnel each time, making her cry out softly. He groaned when he suddenly felt her pussy clamp down tight around his cock, tighter than before. He felt her body go rigid around him and he looked down at her, seeing her burying her face into the cushion of the couch, a muffled scream coming from her mouth.

A few moments later, Cassie moved her head up and pulled herself off of his cock, turning around and her mouth suddenly enveloped him. He groaned out as he felt her tongue rubbing along his shaft along with her tight suction. His cock pulsed in her mouth and she soon had him over his peak. He gripped her golden locks with his hand as he came, his cock shooting several thick hot ropes of cum into his girlfriend’s mouth. He panted as he looked at her, hearing her swallow every drop before licking him clean and releasing him from her mouth. He smiled down at her and pulled her head up to his, kissing her deeply. She giggled as she kissed him back.

The sounds of muffled singing brought them out of their orgasmic high, Jack chuckling softly as he looked at her.

“Sounds like they’re almost done,” He said as he got up off the couch and began to fix his clothing.

“Good timing for us then,” Cassie giggled as she pulled her shirt back down and pulled her skirt back into place.

The two of them just smiled at each other as they made themselves seem semi presentable before kissing each other once more. Jack took her hand in his and they walked out of the room together, ready to face whatever the rest of the day had in store for them and hoping no one would notice the smell of sex in the room they had just left.

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