Claiming Lucille Ch. 01


The adult group met weekly to have ‘stimulating discussions of topics of interest’ as defined by those who attended. A dozen or so people would sit around and ask each other questions, which as the host or hostess would remind them should be ‘interesting’ and that the person had a choice when answering: not answer, lie or tell the truth. Usually the questions centered on relationships and sex.

This evening’s group was a mix of new and old participants. Casually dressed and some sat on pillows on the floor, others on the small sofa, and a few in low slung beach chairs in a cozy living room of a two story townhouse condo. Behind the host were a faux fireplace and an open door onto a wooden deck overlooking a private walled courtyard, the centerpiece was a hot tub. Shoes were all piled up by the front door, bare feet tucked under butts or rubbing nervously on the area rug.

The hosts, Kent and Nan, were a portly couple in their late forties whose most obvious passion was eating. They sat across the room from each other in low overstuffed upholstered armchairs, guiding and encouraging the Q&A. Their oversized bodies loosely clothed in soft cotton peasant clothes recently bought at a Native American adventure in northern Guatemala. The loose tunic tops were decorated with Aztec designs in muted browns. The fabric was thin enough to see the size and shape of Nan’s nipples and the dark shadow between her legs. The soft pants had elastic waistbands and barely reached mid calf. Nan wore a pair of soft leather-fringed Indian anklets with small bells attached that jingled when she walked.

A thirty-something couple who lived together sat on straight backed upholstered dining chairs at either side of the hostess, who was their mutual connection and source of the beginning of their relationship. Tim was dressed in casual business slacks and a polo shirt that showed off the results of his regular workouts. His lover, Karen, wore a one piece button-front cotton dress out of Lands End catalog that hid more of her athletic curves than it revealed, but it was unbuttoned above mid thigh and showed off most of her shapely legs which were stretched out in front of her, her ankles crossed. One bare foot casually brushed the hostess’s closest foot then retreated as if she were testing the temperature of the water.

Two male newcomers sat quietly at opposite ends of the sofa observing the interaction of the two girls who had walked in together holding hands, but sat on low folding chairs at either side of the host like sensual bookends. One frequent visitor, a Goth chick about 25 with a pink spike in her died black hair sat between the two new guys. She wore rainbow-striped knee-high socks, a cotton black wrap-around skirt and long sleeved tee shirt. Her feet were pulled tightly against her butt. Her skirt had bunched up at her waist and the backs of her legs were exposed. A series of pale red lines were visible across the backs of her thighs.

The conversation had slowed after general introductions and questions about the week’s events.

“So, Lucille,” the hostess addressed the Goth chick. “We haven’t seen you in a few weeks, what have you been up to?”

The girl squirmed a bit, wrapped her hands around her toes and pulled her knees tightly against her chest, “Camping.”

The host laughed and pulled his arms tightly around the two girls on either side, one slender, one curvy. “We would like to hear more about your camping trip. Where did you go? What did you do? Who did you go camping with?” he prompted her.

Lucille cleared her throat glanced around and focused her attention on the female half of the couple sitting beside the hostess. The athletic woman had a mane of light brown hair and bright tiger-brown eyes. She had one leg casually crossed like a man with her ankle on her knee, her loose fitting dress exposed most of one leg and Lucille had slid down to see if she could catch a glimpse of anything exciting. She straightened up a bit and answered. “Like Colonel, there,” she paused and made a mock salute to the other woman, “I like to be outdoors, so whenever I get a few days I like to go hiking. My room mate and I went up into the North Georgia mountains near the Carolinas and spent ten days backpacking. It was, well, interesting for sure.”

Karen, shook her head. “Lucille, my last name is Kern. My lover,” she reached around the ample bosom of her hostess and patted her man on his thigh, “calls me Kernel, with a K, a crude reference to his description of my clit which he says looks like a piece of candy corn when I’m aroused. I think you’ve mistaken it for the military rank spelled differently but which sounds the same.” She moved her hand from her boyfriend’s thigh, brushed it firmly across the hostess’s full chest, then winked and smiled at the Goth. “Are you a military brat?”

Goth nodded affirmatively and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I guess maybe I was projecting.” She lowered her hands and let her legs fall open Kıbrıs Escort cradled in her arms, the bare knees brushing the thighs of the guys on either side of her. She smiled when Karen’s glance dropped to the gap between her legs. She thrust out her chest and her soft black tee shirt showed half-erect nipples protruding atop her compact breasts. She looked directly at Karen and pursed her lips in a kiss. “I grew up following orders,” she teased and immediately snapped her legs back together.

The host nodded at his wife who leaned down and whispered something in Karen’s ear. Karen nodded.

“Did you get to do any skinny dipping in the rivers and steams?” Karen asked with a grin. “I love getting naked in the woods,” she teased.

“K is a landscape architect, folks, so I guess she gets to spend time in the woods a lot?” the host interjected with a belly laugh. “Gives a whole new meaning to her business card slogan of ‘naturalist designs’ doesn’t it?”

Lucille’s eyes lit up and she grinned and nodded her head. “We were naked for days,” she replied. “Most of the time I didn’t even wear shoes.” She paused and her mind flashed back to the days in the wilderness. “It got pretty wild at times.”

“I’ve hiked in those mountains, and it gets cold at night.” One of the new guys said turning to look closer at the strange looking chick next to him and diverting his glance away from the shadow between the new girls’ legs that he’d been staring at for some time.

The host interrupted with a smile. “Make that a question, Greg.”

“So how did y’all stay warm?” Greg asked as he pulled his bare feet up against his butt to hide the swelling between his legs and held onto his toes, mimicking the Goth girl’s pose.

“We only packed one sleeping bag,” Lucille winked and lowered her eyes. “My room mate is really hot.”

There was a sudden rise in the heat and sexual energy in the room. The two girls next to the host leaned close to him, pressing their soft breasts into his thighs but behind him they squeezed each other’s hands. The two girls nodded in the direction of the new guy’s crotch and the soft bulge between his legs. One licked her lips. The other shook her head and pouted.

Lucille looked right at Karen and asked, “You ever hike naked?”

“When I was younger…” Karen felt her face redden. “But the last time I got caught …” her voice trailed off.

The hostess looked at her husband and smiled. “I think on that hot note, we’ll take a short break for a chance to stretch your legs, and maybe think of some interesting questions to ask. The snacks and soft drinks are compliments of Tim and Karen tonight.” She stood up, smoothed her thin gauze top over her large breasts and squeezed her half erect nipples, then tugged the hem down to mid thigh and wriggled her painted toes in the soft beige carpet. “If you go outside, please remember to take off your shoes when you come back in.”

Tim and Karen talked quietly to the host for a few minutes, then Tim went out to his car and Karen stepped out onto the back deck to chat with the two new girls. The hostess went over to the two new guys and led them by the hand out back and down the wooden steps onto the small grassy area where they shared a joint sitting on the edge of the secluded hot tub. The host went into the kitchen and found Karen standing staring out the kitchen window.

“You okay?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around the girl from behind, pressed his hips into her taut behind and pulled her back against him. “You’re a bit quiet tonight.”

She grimaced but cuddled and rested her head on his large shoulder. “I’m a bit sore,” she whispered. “My room mate has been a bitch lately,” she let out a long slow breath. “Is Karen really that good at massage? Your wife told me I should ask her to ‘do me’. Is that what she meant?”

Kent chuckled and wriggled his growing erection into the crevice of Lucille’s taut butt. “Not really. She does have wonderful hands, though. She’s the one who taught my wife how to give a decent hand job.” In the thin pants, his almost fully erect cock was straining and leaving a wet spot.

“I really prefer the taste of a woman, but if I’m with a man, I love to give blow jobs. I just love the feel of a cock getting hard in my mouth.” Lucille turned and found Karen staring at them. “It makes me hot thinking that I made it hard and could, well, either make them very happy or very unhappy.” She smiled at Karen and winked as she dry humped the host then reached down and pushed his fully erect cock up flat against his round belly. “Give that to your wife,” she said as she squeezed his cock then slapped at his balls and slipped out of his embrace.

He grunted and sat down at the small round table in front of the window. “If you can get her away from the two studs in the back yard,” he shook his head and wiped the drop of pre-cum off the tip of his cock. He licked it off his fingers then flipped the Kıbrıs Escort Bayan tail of his tunic over the exposed tip of his cock.

Karen and Lucille walked out onto the front steps and stood quietly in the dark enjoying the cool night air and wondering what to say or do about their mutual attraction. Across the parking lot Tim was rearranging something in the back of his Saab turbo. Lucille reached out and picked up Karen’s hands. “Our horny host says you have great hands,” she turned Karen’s hands over and studied them. She took one hand and pressed it against her right breast.

Karen stared at the younger woman and slowly closed her palm. She firmly squeezed and pressed the soft flesh. She smiled as the nipple hardened under the pressure. “Are you pierced?” she asked. Lucille nodded. “Anyplace else?” she asked as her hand moved and she ran her fingertips over the shape of the barbell piercing.

Lucille smiled and shrugged. “You want to find out?”

“Okay ladies, no sex on the front porch,” Tim interrupted them. He wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and kissed the sexy Goth on the cheek. He steered them towards the front door. “You need a ride home tonight, L?”

She paused and squeezed Karen’s hand over her breast, “Only if I get to sit in her lap.”

The rest of the evening was dominated by the hostess, who had removed her pants and anklets to dangle her feet in the hot tub. The sound of a tiny bell chimed as she walked back to her chair and sat yoga-style with her legs crossed and her feet on her thighs. She liked asking some very direct and often embarrassing questions of the new guests. Anything from their favorite positions to how they liked the taste of pussy was fair game to the large horny woman.

For a while she focused her questions on the two new girls. Since none of the other women were wearing bras, they had both slipped into the bathroom and removed their bras during the break. The curvy girl’s breasts shifted noticeably as she moved. Nan asked what they were wearing, and the slender girl replied, “What you see.” The curvy girl just smiled nervously and nodded her head. Even though they looked embarrassed, the two girls seemed to really enjoy disclosing their preferences. It was if they had a chance to tell each other what they really wanted, with the added excitement of an audience. Their excitement was as obvious. The slender girl’s nipples were soon as erect as the hostess’. The curvy girl constantly squeezed her thighs together and kept glancing up between the hostess’ legs.

Nan turned her attention and the questions to the new men. One of them was very open about his sexual preferences, oral and anal and being bisexual. He smiled at his friend who seemed surprised at the disclosures. An avid voyeur, he kept trying to get a glimpse between the legs of all the ladies in the room. The slender girl and the hostess were aware of it and did nothing to block his view. His friend seemed embarrassed and gave mostly short answers to direct questions and asked nothing of anyone else.

An hour later the group broke up. The hostess held back the two new guys and tried to seduce them into a group hot tub, but they asked for a rain check. The slender new girl was hovering by the hot tub asking if anyone wanted to get wet. Her curvy girlfriend was standing on the deck glaring down at her while the host stood behind her, pressing his insistent cock between the cheeks of her ass. The slender girl below peeled off her dress in one quick move and posed naked with one arm over her head, the other cupping a B cup pear shaped breast, the strawberry pink nipple swollen and dark like the pink lips between her legs. Her friend spun around squeezed the host’s cock and balls until he groaned in pain, then she calmly leaned down, kissed the wet spot on the front of his pants and walked out of the house to her car, leaving her girlfriend to deal with the horny older couple.

Tim and Karen were down by the hot tub watching the young girl strip and strut and nudged each other as the resignation registered on her face that it was going to be the fat hosts who ended up between her legs. They hugged the hostess, both of them kissed her deeply then they headed around the side of the townhouse and out of the gate to the parking lot. Lucille was standing in her stocking feet, her black combat boots draped over her shoulders.

When Tim unlocked the car Karen opened her door and saw that he’d put down the back seat and had a couple of boxes up behind the leather bucket seats. “I guess you’ll have to sit on my lap, Lucille” she teased.

“Please call me, L,” she said as she waited for Karen to settle into the comfortable tan leather bucket seat. She tossed her boots into the back and wriggled herself into Karen’s lap as Tim pulled the sleek black sports sedan out of the parking area and wound the powerful turbo-charged engine up through the gears racing up onto the nearby expressway. L Escort Kıbrıs reached over and pressed the button to open the moon roof and let the cool evening air into the cockpit. She propped her feet on the dash and leaned back against Karen’s full athletic body.

“Hey, L, the dirty socks?” Tim asked.

“Sorry, sir,” L replied and pulled the colorful socks off and tossed them over her shoulder into the back. She wiped her hands over the damp footprints on the glossy leather covered dash. “Is that better?” she asked as she put her bare feet back up.

He nodded and smiled. The girl had high arches and sexy toes and had rings on both long second toes. Tim had been fantasizing about a foot job from the Goth since the night she sat in his lap in the narrow confines of the host’s two-seater sports convertible, her bare feet on the windshield and her ass wriggling in excitement on his responsive erection. “Karen thinks you have big feet.”

“Well, put them up here and let’s compare.” L reached down and grabbed both of Karen’s legs behind the knees and lifted them. She pulled off Karen’s leather sandals and tossed them into the back.

Karen rested her bare feet on the dash, her knees bent and her breasts pressing into L’s back, her nipples stiffening at the intimacy. She felt the heat growing between her legs as the girl rubbed her feet against hers. L’s were slightly longer, but Karen’s were wider and thicker. Their bodies were mirrored in their feet. L was tall and slender. Karen was sturdy and athletic.

“Looks like a draw to me,” Karen said. “I guess those boots just made me think you had big feet.”

The two girls snuggled and Tim tried to concentrate on driving but his eyes kept glancing over at the four feet that were rubbing and caressing each other in the moonlight. His girlfriend loved to have her feet rubbed and he had disclosed that fact to L one night after she admitted to having something of a foot fetish. The sexual energy in the car was rising fast. What he couldn’t see was that L had reached down between her legs and was caressing Karen’s thighs.

Tim pulled the sedan off the freeway, negotiated the narrow tree-lined streets in one of the older inner city neighborhoods undergoing gentrification and pulled up in the driveway of a restored old Victorian home.

L leaned over and kissed Tim then reached down and squeezed his cock. “Thanks for the lift, Sir. May I borrow your girlfriend some time?” she asked as she twisted around and knelt hovering over Karen’s lap, whose skirt had been pushed up to her hips. Her sex was exposed and glistening.

“Only if I get to watch,” Tim replied realizing that L had been playing with Karen already. “What are you doing right now?” he asked.

L shook her head as a light snapped on in a second story window. She nodded at the house, “My room mate is waiting up.” She leaned down and kissed Karen on the lips then slipped barefoot out of the car.

“Wait…” Karen reached out and held L’s hand. “Can’t you just tell her you’re coming home with us? Tell her I need something. What ever…” Her sex was pulsing and hot and she wanted to get naked with this unusual girl.

“Tell her yourself. She won’t listen to me.” L leaned over Karen, pressing her breasts against Karen’s head as she fished around for her boots and socks in the area behind the seats. L squatted down outside the car, pulled her skirt up to her waist and exposed her shaved pussy to Karen. There was a small wolf tattoo just above the folds of her labia. The clitoral hood had a small ring through it. L reached into her pocket, pulled a short leather leash out and snapped the end of it to the ring between her legs. She held the other end out to Karen. “If she thinks you’ve claimed me, she’ll negotiate.” L slowly stood up adjusted her skirt so that the slit up one leg was in the middle, the leather disappearing between her legs. She waited.

L leaned in, lay across Karen’s lap and pressed her lips to the growing bulge between Tim’s legs. She lifted her head and smiled as she wriggled back out of the car. “Please?” she asked.

Karen turned to look at Tim. He smiled and nodded. “I’ll wait in the car, L tells me her room mate hates men.” He reached behind the seat and handed Karen her sandals. “It’s up to you, Kernel.” He glanced at the swollen button between her legs. “Or should I call you Cranberry?” he teased. Karen’s clit was fully exposed and bright pink. “Use some of that military bearing and take command if you want her.”

Tim sat silently as the two women walked up the walkway and into the house. There was movement behind the drapes of the second floor window. A few moments later there was some loud voices then silence. Ten minutes later, Tim was about to get out of the car and go into the house when L stepped into the doorway, naked. She waved at Tim and closed the door. He sat wondering what the hell was going on and another ten minutes later his cell phone rang. It was Karen.

“Honey, please …” she hesitated. “Things are well, complicated, but I don’t want to just leave L here tonight. Can you wait another half hour or so? Maybe go get us something real cold to taste, okay? I think it would be better if she knew you weren’t sitting outside waiting.”

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