Closing the Sale Pt. 04

Handjob Mom

It’s been a while since I picked this story up. I planned on two more chapters as Linda’s commitment to her job caused her to step over the line. Sometimes when you try to reestablish the line it gets stomped on. I apologize for the long gap between submissions,

“I’m surprised you, well, you know. You said that was it between us and I was, I guess, really sad about that,” Cal stroked Linda’s cheek. He looked again at her perfect breasts still rising and falling from her third or fourth orgasm. He’d been with dozens, maybe hundreds of women, but none ever were as enthusiastic and willing as Linda and definitely, none was anything close to being as beautiful. Cursed fate had promised her to another and she seemed unswayable. Last night he’d gone back to his room feeling like he’d drink himself into oblivion but for no logical reason decided to go back and apologize for pressuring her. He worried he’d become a stalker as her hesitated knocking on her door. He was incredibly shocked yet pleased when she pulled him into her room. She was the aggressor this time, begging him to fuck her harder and in all her holes. He slid his hand down cupping a tit, his thumb circling her nipple.

Linda felt the waves subside still feeling light-headed and dizzy. Perhaps Bryan’s aggressive fucking and then Cal taking her every which way left her totally spent. She glanced at the clock and saw it was 4:30 AM and groaned. At best she’d get 2 hours of sleep. She looked over at the boy, the man who seemed to own her, “I’m sorry. I meant what I said. I cannot get emotionally involved with you. I do love my boyfriend, my fiancé.” She turned to face him, “You might be the greatest lover I’ve ever had, but can’t you just be happy with periodically having me under you?”

Cal sighed, “I can. It will be torture for me and if I had a brain I’d get up, say goodbye and leave.” He looked at those lips, her eyes and perfect nose, “I will abide by your wishes though, but I’ll say it one last time. I love you. You can dismiss it or accept it but you can trust me when I tell you I’ve never said those words to any girl or woman before.” He leaned over to kiss her, “Don’t say anything. I’m going to get back to my room so you can get some sleep.”

Linda felt like crying. All of this was a mistake, flirting to make sales, sleeping with clients. Christ, the only clients she’d slept with had to be working for the same company as Bill! How did she ever make that mistake? She watched him leave feeling a pain in her chest, ‘Oh fuck! Am I falling in love with this boy also?’ She reached for her phone, “I’m sorry. I needed to hear your voice…” Linda tried to say more but quietly began sobbing. She heard Bill’s voice on the other end sounding concerned and she was finally able to get herself under control, “I…Cal just left. I told him we couldn’t…you know, anymore but Bryan was…he used me and threw me out of his room and then Cal knocked to apologize…” she started sobbing again.

“I know. You did tell me so and I’m going to straighten it out, really.

I never wanted any of this to happen… You did and you were right… Yes, you were right about that., too…He told me…He told me he’d never said that to…Christ, what should I do?” she listened, “Ok, I can do that. I do love you, I really do. I’ll see you Friday…Love you, bye.”

The rest of the week was busy and Linda got very little sleep. Cal spent every night with her but was told she’d make herself available to do as he pleased, as often as he pleased, but she was not going to fall in love with him. Then after Reno, they’d have nothing but a professional relationship. The last morning as they lay panting from another incredible orgasmic session, she looked at him and said softly, “So, this is it, ok? We were able to get this out of our systems, but it’s back to the real world.” She suggested they stay friends, but Cal shook his head.

“Sorry. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to just be friends. I’d be thinking of ways to get you into my bed.” He stroked her naked body trying to memorize it. Would this be the last time he’d be seeing her naked? He felt his softening cock inside her ass and when he pulled out, would that be the last time he’d be inside her? His thumb circled her nipple and he looked from there to her eyes, “I won’t ever forget what we’ve been able to have. It’s more than most guys could ever dream of,” he said softly. He grinned suddenly, “Fuck! I’ll have better memories than just about every guy has fantasies!”

After showering and they were fully dressed, Cal put out his hand, “Miss Franks. It has been great doing business with you. I hope sometime in the future we can get together, but for now, I have to get back and write up orders.”

Linda took his hand and shook it, “Mr. Ripkin, it’s been a pleasure, a lot of pleasure doing business with you. Let me know if you need quotes or any specs.” she stepped back before pulling him into a hug, “Christ! I wish life weren’t Kocaeli Escort so complicated. You really are a great guy and you might never find the one girl I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lot of great girls who will enjoy you while searching.”


“Hey guys, “Eric said standing up, “Are you on the same flight?” He looked at the Nuxaware team coming into the gate waiting area. He looked over as Cal was coming back with a couple of sandwiches then moved their bags to the floor.

Cal came over and shook hands with the group that had joined them. He acted like Linda was merely an acquaintance and asked Jim how sales went. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Linda was studying him but decided to play it cool.

“It was great, actually. Exceeded expectations.” Jim looked at the two men, “I assume Linda went over the Security Suite?” He looked at the blonde questioningly.

“Yes, we did. They have all the information they need. We have an appointment next Thursday,” she said nodding at the two men, “I’m hoping to at least get our foot in the door. Once you’ve seen how seamlessly we can transition to the new suite I expect they’ll be calling me for an expanded presence,” she said as she hoped she’d not ruined any chance of their business.

Call nodded, “We’ll look it over. We need to talk it over with Bill Lincroft since ultimately he’ll need to sign off on anything of this magnitude.” He added, “But he’s been good about staying on top of the latest technology so it shouldn’t be an issue,” he looked at Linda, “I might invite him over Thursday. You remember him, you guys met a couple of times.”

Linda tried not to blush, but with her creamy complexion, she couldn’t help it, “Yes. I liked him. He dove into the spec sheets enthusiastically and absorbed all the information very quickly. I’ll make sure we get the file over to him.”

They picked each other’s brains over what they saw at the show and what their future plans were when they were called to board. Eric came over to Linda, “You’re back in Business Class, Cal and I are in First Class and he suggested I switch with you.” He looked unhappy but shrugged, “I get the penthouse next weekend,” he smiled at Linda, “I met the most amazing girl.”

By the time the plane landed, Linda felt a lot better about the potential future sales with LMT. Cal seemed totally over his rejection and the joked and laughed and just enjoyed each others’ company during the flight. Not once did he put a hand on her, or suggest anything.

As they rolled their bags out of the terminal, Cal looked at the Nuxaware group, “Does anyone need a ride to the south side? Eric lives out west, I’m south, Linda?”

Jim nodded, “Linda is south. Al, Bryan, Sherry, and I are pretty much central. Linda, why don’t you grab a ride with Cal, if that’s alright.”

Linda looked startled, no way could Cal see where she lived, with whom she lived, she paused, “I’ll just grab an Uber, it’s fine. Anyhow, I wanted to stop by at the office and get settled before I go home.” She pulled out her cell.

Cal put a hand over her phone thinking this would finally allow him to see where she lived. She was unlisted and refused to tell him, explaining she and her fiancé were slumming it and it was not worth seeing. “Come on. I’ll hang around while you to what you need to do. I drive right by your office, it’s right off the highway.” He leaned closer, “I’ll try not to put any moves on you.”

Linda had an idea that should work and nodded at Cal, “Sure, that would be great. I shouldn’t be long.”

“Nice car,” Linda said, “though I took you to be more of a 911 kind of guy,” she chuckled. She put her bag in the back of the Cayenne and climbed into the bucket seats. “I’ll bet it’s great for trips,” she said looking around.

Cal laughed, “I had a 911 Turbo. I got tired of buying tires for it, plus I prefer entertaining the ladies in the back of this,” he looked suggestively over at the blonde.

“Christ, I should have been so lucky,” she looked in the back, “I think it’s been 10 years since I’ve been fucked in the back seat of a car though this is a bit more upscale than what I was in, actually a car rather than a pickup.” She looked at the floor behind her, “Yep, no empty Lone Star beer cans.”

“Who the hell were you dating?” Cal asked, “the Dukes of Hazzard? I’ll bet you looked great in those Daisy Dukes.”

“Why Cal, aren’t you the sweetest thing,” she drawled, “I always tried to look my best for the boys.” She looked over, “I was born and raised in Texas. It took a long time to lose the Texas twang, but it comes back when I drink a bit too much.” She looked over and smiled, “And yes, I did look great in my Daisy Dukes, if what I was told was true.”

Cal shook his head, “I’m getting hard imagining, please don’t tell me you cut those shorts so short your ass cheeks were exposed.” He groaned as he looked Kocaeli Escort Bayan over and saw her nod her head.

She spaced her thumb and forefinger about 4 inches apart by her hip, “About that much demin left. My parents had a fit the first time I left the house wearing those, but eventually, they just shrugged their shoulders and sighed. I suppose it will make it hard to focus on driving if I told you I wore bandana tops and tees cut off right about here,” she indicated her underboobs. “I liked teasing the boys, um and also the men, and I found they were a lot more receptive if I forgot the bra,” she sighed. She looked up. “Oh, we’re here.”

They got out and after Linda badged in she had to fill out the paperwork for Cal to get a guest badge. She chatted with the security guard briefly before going up. She like all of them and Jerry was always joking with her, making her laugh. They went up to her office and she pointed to a waiting area, “I’ll be no more than 15 minutes. Want anything? Water?”

Linda went into her office letting the door automatically close behind her. She sat at her desk looking out at Cal making a call. She picked up her phone, “Sarah, hey…I know, but I need a favor, huge favor. Can you leave a key under the right-hand pot…yes the geranium? I need to crash there tonight…no, no we’re great. Long story and I’m at the office…sure, Oh, I owe you. Thanks.” She opened her IM and texted Bill, “Something came up and I need to crash at Sarah’s. Be home in the AM. If you need me, call me there.” She hoped Bill wouldn’t assume she was going to spend the night with Cal but didn’t want to express that. She got up and put her paperwork away, made some notes on her laptop, and looked around to make sure she had everything.

Cal looked up, “That was quick, do you have another set of specs for the Security Suite?” He took the folder when she came back out, “Great, there’s just one stop before I take you home…at least drop you off,” he sighed. “I assume you’re not going to ask me in,” he looked out the window at the distant lightning flashes, “It might be dangerous for me to drive.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just not ready to be involved with two men at the same time. You’re incredible and not to give you a swelled head but you’re the best lover I’ve ever been with and it’s most likely I’ll tap into the memories of the fun we had from time to time.” She hugged him briefly, “Can you be happy with that?”

Cal nodded, “Unhappily yes…if that makes sense. I do need to keep up my image of being a studly guy, I don’t suppose you’ll give me five stars on Yelp,” he chuckled. “I would like to kiss you every once in a while, I think I’ll miss your lips on mine most of all,” he said sadly.

Linda looked at him, “Seriously? From you, I’d have thought my tight cunt or ass or lips somewhere else on your body.” She shook her head, “You constantly surprise me,” she sighed. “But yes, you are a really good kisser.”

Linda picked up her bag and turned as Cal pulled her face to his, ‘He is a great kisser,’ she thought as she opened her mouth. Her juices began flowing again so she broke the kiss and stepped back, “Ok, yes. I think you can do that when no one is around,” she said a bit more huskily that she’d wanted.

When they got to the car he started to open the passenger door, “Wait, come here,” he said opening the back door, holding as if suggesting she climb in.

Linda stepped back, “Seriously? You want to make out in the back seat?”

Cal nodded, “Yes, I might not see you again, at least alone, for weeks or months and I’d like to just kiss you,” he urged. “Plus the thought of you in the back seat in your Daisy Dukes, braless…Christ!”

Linda looked back at the entrance and saw the car was not under a light so Jerry would not be able to see what they were doing. She shrugged, ‘Ok, maybe it would be fun,’ she thought. On the other hand, she couldn’t remember ever getting into the back seat with a boy where she didn’t get her pussy filled with cock. This time would be different. “Ok, but just making out,” she reached under her shirt, undid the bra and pulled it out of her armholes, “There, will this help your fantasy?” she asked. She looked at her chest, “This is the last time I’ll do this for you,” she said sternly.

Cal grinned widely. He didn’t know if she’d allow him to touch her breasts again, but perhaps she liked that and wanted it as much as he did.

She scooted over as the man climbed in. She felt her nipples get hard anticipating what Cal would try to do and wondering if she had the will-power to resist. His lips were on hers, his tongue in her mouth as soon as he’d closed the door. It had been years since she’d been in the back seat making out and she put her arms around his neck while leaning against him.

Cal felt his cock grow as the blonde responded. He fought the urge to explore her body, instead savored the taste of her mouth, her body pressing Escort Kocaeli eagerly against his. He stroked her back, her hair and neck really wanting to feel those breasts, slide his hand down her pants but he told her it was just to make out.

Linda felt her arousal grow, especially as Cal wasn’t groping her. At first, she was prepared to push his hand away and sternly remind him of their agreement, but as she felt herself getting wet she felt a need for more. She’ll stop before it goes too far. She climbed onto his lap, groaning in pleasure when she felt his hard cock against her crotch. She pressed against him, her mouth opened wider, their tongues more aggressively attacking each other.

Cal moaned and humped back against the girl. He hated feeling blue jeans between him and a nice pussy but could feel her heat even through the thick cloth. He started stroking her sides, his hands moving closer to her front with each stroke. As he massaged the bulging flesh on her upper ribcage he thought she was going to stop him when she broke the kiss.

Linda looked at the man, “I’m not getting naked and we can’t fuck but this is nice,” she said as she pulled his hands onto her tits, “there, I know you’ve been really good at not grabbing my breasts but I don’t mind if you do,” she sighed as she leaned back to kiss him again. She arched her back as his hands explored her chest, his palms brushing against her nipples. “Mmmmmmm, mmmm,” she moaned, now grinding harder against his hard cock.

She remembered back in high school being in the same position, the boys grabbing her tits, though not even close to Cal’s gentleness and attention to her nipples. It always ended the same way, with Linda naked on her back, or on her hands and knees, the boy fumbling with the rubber before shoving his cock into her. Then the next day, the other boys would leer at her knowingly even though each promised never tell a soul. At least she never had an issue getting date, they just never amounted to more than a drive-in movie and a wet pussy.

Linda felt his hands go down to her waist, hands fumbling with her jeans and a release of pressure as they were undone. She lifted her hips allowing his hand to slide inside, “Ohhh, fuck!” she groaned as welcome attention was paid to her aroused clit. She could feel how wet she was and considered how much better being fucked on this nice leather would be over the crappy cloth seats, but she couldn’t. She decided as long as she kept her panties on, he could take off her pants. She lifted her ass up as Cal pulled down her jeans.

“I need to feel you. I promised we wouldn’t fuck, but I need to feel you against me, at least your nice panties.” He pulled the tight jeans off her legs, then pulled up on her tee-shirt. When she looked at him then raised her arms over her head, he pulled it off her. Undoing his pants and sliding them down he pulled her panty-covered cunt onto his bare cock. He wished he’d pulled off his shirt also to feel her bare breasts press against him but as she passionately kissed and rubbed against him he did not want to stop. He felt close to cumming as she ground up and down the length of his shaft, his hand cupping those huge breasts and her rapid breathing into his mouth. He felt her try to push his cock inside her, even with her panties blocking him.

Linda was close to pulling her panties to the side after pressing her pussy up to the head and actually feeling him stretch the crotch of her panties inside her. She had the thought that he was so hard he’d rip a hole and plunge all the way in…she hoped that would happen so she could say it was an accident they fucked. His thumbs were driving her nuts as they flicked across her erect nipples. She couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out, “Oh God, Cal, Fuck me…Oh Shit!” she tried to scramble off his lap seeing the headlights. She frantically tried to find her shirt and pants bu they froze as a flashlight shone inside the back of the car.

“Please open the door and step out. This is a private lot,” the guard ordered. He saw the door open and a man step out looking sheepish as he pulled up his pants. He looked in and saw a naked blonde trying to find her clothes. “Miss, please get dressed and step out of the car.” The woman’s arms were over her head as she was struggling with the tight tee-shirt, her magnificent breasts on full display, her open legs exposing her obviously damp pussy. As she exposed her face he stepped back recognizing her. “Oh crap, I’m sorry!” he blurted.

Linda pulled on her shirt, picked up her pants, and climbed out, “Hi Dave, Jim.” She stepped into her jeans and buttoned them up, “I feel really stupid. This is my friend Cal and we, I should have known better.”

“Ms. Franks, If I’d known it was you, or it was your car…” he turned off his flashlight he’d been shining on her as if suddenly realizing he’d been shining it right on her body, “You might want to get home. There’s supposed to be a big storm coming.” He turned to go back to his car, stopped, “Um, I, we won’t say anything about this. We’ll write it up as a couple making out in the parking lot. Your secret is secure, right Jim?” He turned to go back to the car, the image of the breasts he’d fantasized about imprinted in his brain.

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