Coach vs. Cheerleader


The Coach was in an ambivalent state of mind. They’d played a friendly match with a team from another school, a team from a higher grade than his. His team had lost and that was not unexpected. What had been unexpected was that his boys had near as damn pulled off an upset win. If the game had lasted another five minutes they’d have done it.

Now he was pleased at their performance but disappointed at just missing out. He couldn’t help but wonder what he might have done differently that would have clinched the win. He wasn’t actually brooding over the problem but still, you couldn’t help but think of that win that got away. Alright, he conceded, he was brooding over it. That was why he was sitting in his office reviewing the game in his mind instead of being in the gym enjoying the after game party. Both teams were there enjoying themselves, it being a friendly game, after all, and a very close result.

The Coach sighed. He supposed he should wander around to the gym and be seen. He’d been there earlier. He briefly wondered if that would suffice. Deciding it was either join the party and have a drink or go home he opted for the drink.

“What I need,” he announced to his empty office, “Is to get laid.”

Reaching the door of his office, hand out ready to turn off the light, he heard footsteps in the corridor outside. Curious, he stepped out into the corridor to see who was wandering the halls instead of being at the party.

Walking down the corridor towards him was a pretty young cheerleader, looking slightly lost. Part of the reason for the lost feeling, Coach surmised, was the fact that she wasn’t one of the local cheerleaders. Rather, with that uniform, she was cheering for the other side.

“You’re looking a little lost, kid,” he said cheerfully.

She looked at the large figure suddenly standing in front of her, feeling slightly indignant. Kid, indeed?

“I am somewhat,” she admitted. “I went out to my car to get something and thought I’d return via the nearest door instead of having to walk all the way around the school again. I guess I took a wrong turn. And I’m not a kid.”

“Not that far wrong,” Coach said. “I’m heading back to the gym myself. Just follow me. And as far as I’m concerned if you’re not a teacher you’re a kid. Don’t be so touchy.”

“As far as I’m concerned, if you’re an adult you should be treated as an adult. That’s what they teach at our school.”

“Maybe, but you’re not at your school. You’re at mine and my rules win. How old are you, anyway.”

“That’s really none of your business, sir.”

“My, Kocaeli Escort my. Rude and polite at the same time. Not bad going for a kid. Am I allowed to know your name?”

“I’m Suzanna. They call me Sue. I’m eighteen, if you must know. Not a child.”

“Fair enough. You’re an adult, so I can have an adult conversation with you?”

“Just treat me as an adult. That’s all I ask.”

Coach nodded thoughtfully.

“Well, in that case – just before you turned up I was telling myself that I should get laid. Now that you’re here it would seem the gods of horny men have answered me. Why not step into my office for a short while so I can lift up your dress and fuck the bejesus out of you?”

“Excuse me? You have got to be kidding.”

“Why? You just pointed out that you’re an adult. You’re not one of my students so you’re not off limits. All you have to do is step into my office. I’ll do the rest, although you may find I’m a little short on foreplay. I’ll be skipping that and going directly to the fucking part.”

Suzanna felt distinctly odd. Not scared, as she didn’t think he was violent. The casual way he put it suggested he wasn’t. If he’d made a grab she might have been concerned but he was just asking, seemingly genuinely interested in her answer.

“Do you really think I’m going to walk in there and let you lift up my dress and, ah, fuck me, as you so crudely put it?”

“Well, I don’t know, do I? If I thought you were susceptible to the domineering type I’d just have ordered you in and had my wicked way. Is wicked way a more politically correct way of saying what I want to do? But, as I was saying, you seem to be a woman with a mind of her own. That being the case the best thing to do is just ask you and you can decide. Now, how about it?”

“Who on earth would use the term wicked way? That’s straight out of a bodice-ripper tale from the Regency period.”

“You’re evading the question. I’m sure you don’t really need half the night to decide.”

“You’re not even trying to make it sound appealing,” Suzanna protested.

“Appealing, maybe not. Energetic, definitely. Stop stalling. You know you want to say yes. Stop trying to think of reasons not to.”

“You arrogant. . . What makes you think I want to say yes? Why would I?”

“If you didn’t want to say yes you’d have said no very quickly, probably acting extremely offended. Why you would agree is, quite frankly, beyond me, but maybe you’re curious, wondering what it would be like to have a man just lift your dress and take you.”

Suzanna stared at Kocaeli Escort Bayan Coach, not knowing what to say. Coach just smiled benignly back at her.

“Although women don’t like to admit it, they like sex just as much as men do. For some reason they just think it’s wrong to admit it, especially at your age.”

Coach stepped a little away from his office door, making a slight bow and bringing his arm across his body in an after you gesture. Suzanna found herself walking into his office, even while a little voice was screaming ‘you idiot’.

Suzanna turned to face Coach, wondering just how literally he meant lifting her dress and taking her. Quite literally, she found. As soon as she was facing him he was lifting her dress. Being in a cheerleader costume it didn’t require much in the way of lifting. Almost as soon as he’d lifted her dress he had hold of her panties and they were going down.

She was still gasping at the audacity of the man when she found herself being picked up and sat on the desk, with Coach pushing her knees apart and standing between them. As he was wearing a tracksuit it was the work of a moment for him to push his trousers and undershorts down, showing just how badly he needed to get laid.

Suzanna now found herself with her legs spread and her pussy under threat. Coach’s erection was standing proud and already approaching her cleft flesh. Despite what Coach had said she’d been expecting some foreplay but Coach didn’t seem interested. Even as she watched his cock was pressing against her, demanding entry.

This isn’t to say that Coach was being rough, just determined. He’d told Suzanna what to expect and now he was fulfilling his promise. His cock pushed past her lips, heading steadily to where it wanted to be. He did allow some leeway, entering her fairly slowly and giving her a chance to adjust to his intrusion.

Suzanna found herself taking him, her body automatically adjusting, wetting her, allowing Coach an easier entry. She gave a startled shriek as he took her, but offered no resistance. Coach was home, fully buried in her. He paused for a moment at that point with a sigh of relief.

“I-I can’t believe you did that,” muttered Suzanna, looking down at where his shaft was deep inside her.

“Why not?” asked Coach, puzzled. “I told you that this was what I was going to do.”

“Well, yes, but. . . Oh, never mind.”

He shrugged, perplexed. Women were funny creatures. Why was she surprised to find that he did what he said he was going to do? Did she think he was just going to stand Escort Kocaeli there and admire her?

Coach started moving with authority, pulling back and driving in again with the proper vim and vigour. He didn’t muck about with nice slow starter strokes, going straight to a good old-fashioned screwing right from the word go.

Suzanna gasped at that first stroke. She would have gasped again at the speed with which the second one followed but hadn’t had a chance to catch her breath. She hastily started pushing firmly against him as he drove into her – hastily because she had to get a move on to match his rather dynamic action.

Her legs wrapped themselves around his, her panties now dangling from one ankle. Not satisfied and wanting him deeper she lifted them higher, finally circling his waist, flexing her muscles to help draw him in deeper and faster. Coach, on the other hand, had his big hands firmly clasped on her bottom, using this grip to help draw her onto him even as he was thrusting into her.

Suzanna was gasping and muttering to herself. Exactly what she was saying Coach couldn’t work out, not that he gave a damn. Her body was speaking a language he knew perfectly well and he was replying as well as he was able. Their ‘body language’ continued for quite a while, certainly longer than Suzanna had expected. The way Coach had started off she wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d shot his load in no time flat. As it was he had aroused her to a state of great excitement, and she was clinging tightly to him as they moved, wanting more.

Suzanna was taken by surprise when the Coach started his end run. She hadn’t thought it possible for him to move faster than he was currently doing, his cock already plunging into her at an excessive rate. Now he seemed to become demented, losing all restraint as he took her. She couldn’t, she found, keep up with him, her body surrendering to a climax, shaking her and leaving her trembling from the force of it.

“Well,” murmured Coach, as they both came slowly down from their respective highs. “That was interesting. I must arrange for your school to play ours more often.”

“Forget it,” replied Suzanna, still breathing hard. “Whatever you’re thinking, it isn’t going to happen.”

“I was thinking that we should join the party in the gym,” Coach said, tongue in cheek. “If you want to visit a bathroom first there’s one just down the hall. I’ll wait while you tidy yourself up and escort you to the gym.”

“That might be an idea,” agreed Suzanna. “You never know who you might find lurking in the halls. It could be dangerous for an innocent young thing like me.”

Coach sat back and waited, contemplating the situation. The team had only needed one more score to win the match. If he counted this as scoring then he could consider his team as having won the day. He could live with that.

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